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Let’s Talk About Sheed, Baby


When the news first came out regarding Rasheed Wallace’s likely retirement I really felt the Celtics had just gone up Sheed’s creek without a paddle.  A few days before his unofficial announcement, Kendrick Perkins had torn up his knee bad enough to be unavailable for the start of the season.  This injury coupled with Wallace’s retirement decimated the Celtics once stalwart front line.  Also, I highly doubted Wallace would leave 13 million dollars on the table giving the Celtics an awful cap hit for the next two seasons for a guy who’s not even on the court. All signs pointed to things being really over for the C’s.

This was all before the idea of trading Wallace’s contract and having his new team buy him out. This led me to dig. Whenever I hear about potential happenings with personnel, I like to poke around the interwebs and see if, with enough finagling, I can pull off some imaginary trade and be able to justify it. I believe I have succeeded to some extent with the following list of people the Celtics could land primarily using Wallace’s contract and subsequent buy-out as the draw. Whether or not the Celtics want any of these players is up for discussion:

Andris Biedrins

According to Yahoo! Sports (via ProSportsDailey.com), the Warriors are shopping Biedrins around in order to get his remaining 4 years and 36 million dollars off the books. Not a bad idea considering the Warriors have a plethora of young, inexpensive Bigs and the Warriors have already dealt Corey Maggette to the Bucks in a salary dump. Biedrins makes 9 million next year so the Celtics would have to be willing to part with Rasheed Wallace and Glen “Big Baby” Davis. It would be tough to see Davis leave but with Danny Ainge’s propensity for drafting or acquiring guys with Davis’ skill set (Luke Harangody, Marcus Landry, Leon Powe, Ryan Gomes), it seems that Davis’ production could be replaced though Free Agency and subsequent drafts (or possibly with Harangody).

With Biedrins, the Celtics would be getting a guy who is one year removed from averaging a double-double (12 points, 10 rebounds). Last year, Biedrins suffered through a lingering back injury as well as groin and abdomen issues. All of which definitely raise red flags when committing the next four years and 36 million dollars of the salary cap. The upside is that he is only 24 and began averaging a double-double when he was 22.

Francisco Garcia

With Michael Finley and Marquis Daniels relative ineffectiveness, the Celtics were painfully thin at the wing this post season. Garcia was a productive player for the Kings two years ago. On the flip side, with Andres Nocioni gone the Kings have virtually no incentive to trade their only wing on the roster (unless you count Donte Green as a small forward, which I am not ready to do yet).

Michael Beasley

Productive but with poor shot selection. This guy was a monster in college but if playing with Dwyane Wade and under Pat Riley was not enough to keep Beasley out of trouble I doubt Boston will be able to do anything to rein him in. Thanks, but no thanks.

Jason Maxiell and Chris Wilcox

 The Celtics are desperate for size right now but I don’t think they are that desperate. Perhaps if you change “Chris Wilcox” to “Rodney Stuckey” you would have a deal. Still, that might not even be enough. The Celtics drafted a player a lot like Stuckey in Avery Bradley.

Yi Jianlian

Yi was a Danny Ainge favorite back during the 2007 Draft and the Nets would love to move him for more cap space. Yi’s days as a starter appear to be numbered anyway with the drafting of Derek Favors. This idea is downright frightening and is not something I would consider in a million years.

* * *

At some point, the Celtics are going to have to go all-in or rip it up and start over. Some teams may be looking to blow it up after it’s clear that they are no longer in the running for one of the big name Free Agents. Does a team like the Cavaliers give up Anderson Varejao and/or JJ Hickson in a salary dump? Have I missed any other possibilities? If ya’ll had your druthers, who would you like to see come in for Wallace’s potential buyout?

  • Rich

    Cavs fan here. Makes no sense to give up a cheap, young prospect to dump salary in Hickson. Varejao, maybe, but Hickson would be just like the Warriors moving Brandan Wright instead of Biedrins when trying to dump salary. Makes no sense.

    Now, if you feel like also taking on Jamison’s contract, get back with me.

  • Evan

    It’s got to be Beasley. An article was written on how he is bad when playing the 3 but actually quite good playing the 4. http://blogs.sun-sentinel.com/sports_basketball_heat/2010/06/ask-ira-cant-a-compelling-case-be-made-for-beasley.html.

    Beasley would benefit playing with a point guard the level of Rajon Rondo. Picture him catching Alley Oops just like KG in the olden days. He is athletic can run the floor and shoot just what you need to pair Rondo with for the future.

  • Jeff

    I’d give Sheed, Davis and Luke (with an ungauranteed contract that can be waived just to make the #’s work) for Al Jefferson.

    Or you can do Sheed + Davis for Deng to CHI.

    Other options:
    Sheed – Beasley and J O’Neal in sign and trade (the max take back on Sheed’s deal is $7.9 mil)
    The C’s would be dumb to not take back the most they can for Sheed’s contract because they’re going to be over the cap and won’t be able to get anything more so why take only 1 piece when you could swing 2 for the same contract?

    Other possibilities:
    Sheed + Davis = Monta Ellis: if Ray isn’t back this must get serious consideration
    Sheed + Davis = Kevin Martin: Danny looked at Ray for Martin at the deadline last year and HOU may want more cap space.

    POR frontcourt is overloaded now too and they want to dump Rudy I heard.
    Sheed = Rudy and Oden or Priz.
    Both can rebound and play D, but I doubt they’d give up on Oden yet.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    I will climb out on the ledge if Danny goes after Yi….Every time I’ve watched him play I’ve thought one word, “soft” fg%=40% for a 7′ !!!! C’mon man

    Maxiell is 6’7!!!

    Here is a trade & then they can buy Sheed out … http://games.espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine

  • Mike

    If we’re keeping Ray and Pierce, we need a wing and we need a big.

    We’ve got 2 chips to fill those holes:

    A Baby/Sheed $10 million chip and the MLE

    Using the Baby/Sheed trade chip, I’m gunning for Tayshaun Prince (wing) or Troy Murphy (big).

    If we get Prince, the full MLE goes for a big (starting with Haslem in Miami)

    If we get Murphy, the full MLE goes for a wing (Shannon Brown to add some athleticism or Mike Miller).

    Resign TA and fill in the rest of the roster with some extra bigs via veteran’s min (Ben Wallace and/or Hakim Warrick).

  • al

    couldn’t the c’s trade lafayette and that other guy with sheed’s contract(plus trade kicker) for biedrins? Both are minimum salaries and should come within 25% of 9 million of biedrins. I’d make the move if BBD wasn’t involved.

  • Cptn Bubbles
  • Mike

    Also: Yi may be off the table. Was just traded to DC: http://www.nj.com/nets/index.ssf/2010/06/nj_nets_yi_on_his_way_to_dc.html

  • Cptn Bubbles

    Beas is young & can run the floor with Rajon. Should be lots of ez buckets

  • Cptn Bubbles

    @Mike Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

  • Coolin

    Beasley would be HUGE now and in the future. Ainge lets get this deal done already.

  • Zack

    Does everyone forget how awesome Baby is in the post season, when stuff really matters? I am all for cutting dead wood now that Sheed has retired but Baby has been consistent and has done everything we have asked of him and more. Do you think Shelden will come in and save the day? I love Danny but are we expecting Luke Haringoty (god thats hard to spell) to be another Big Baby Davis? How many times can Danny hit it big with 2nd round picks? Baby is doing well, please don’t mess with that. He is maturing and paying off.
    Sheed for Beasly would be nice if it works.

  • http://CelticsHub.com Zach Lowe

    Yi is now on his way to the Wizards.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    i like the biedrins angle. randolph is cheaper and needs more PT so it makes sense that GS would try to dumpb biedrins. if you could get him for baby (+ sheed’s buyout), i think you would have to…..it would make the Cs better immediately.

    also, if the Cs are planning to extend perk after this year, they need a PF who can score or it just won’t work. problem is bigs who can rebound, D, score, etc are the most precious assets in the league and defnitely not available for the MLE.

    beaz would be cheaper but is a much bigger risk. but if you could get him for sheeds contract, why not.

    so many moving pieces. danny is working for his paycheque this summer.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    yi is useless. he is only in the league cause teams want to make money in china.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    btw: like the sidedrama a beasley for sheed deal would entail. riley is one of the few (maybe only) guys that has the cojones to dump his prized pick to a major conference rival – with the real risk that it blows up in his face. and beaz would have a chance to get back at the guys who discarded him right away….i can just imagine KGs pregame peptalk to him.

  • Tom

    I would love to see Biedrins, he can become a solid rebounder that we lacked last year.

    I love how the dream trades that don’t require the Celtics to give up anything or getting great players for nothing.

  • Jeff

    If you move Sheed and Davis I think it has to be for a BIG impact type guy.

    I can’t see the value of a guy who can only play D and rebound but can’t score. Perk does that well enough for everyone.

    Davis is AWESOME and I’d hate to see him go but he has been inconsistent. If you can get a guy who’s a legitimate post threat for scoring, rebounding, and D for the next 5 years like Al…then you include Davis but not unless you’re getting someone like that.

    I found it amazing to know from that article on the Heat’s blog that Beasley is a 20-10 guy, at the PF position, over the last 2 years when Haslem is either out of the game or hit with foul trouble.

    I knew he was good but not 20-10 good. If he were to be taken and molded by the leadership on a team that knows what it takes to win and each player is treated equally, he could be really good in a couple years. A guy to take the torch for KG!

  • Zack

    Baby stays, He won a game in the finals and is good in the post season when we care! Listen, We all thought that Marquis could come in and produce but he didn’t, we have to realize that proven commodities like Baby matter more than pie in the sky ideals. We can’t just pencil Beasly in as a KG replacement. I don’t think anyone can replace everything KG does.
    Who else would love this trade? Pure salary dump for Cleveland

  • Cptn Bubbles

    @koolaid The Heat leads the nba in cap space, but they are a little short for 3 max. (1 max could be Amare instead of Lebron etc). Right now, would be the time for the call if Danny is thinking about Beas.

    According to Chad Ford, “Miami has $43.7 million to sign free agents. Need $49.5 million to sign Wade, Bosh and & Bron to max. Losing Beasley ($4.9) gets them close”

    D Wade might give them a home town discount if he could get 2 max guys. Soooooooooooooo, will Pat go ALL IN?????

  • Chris

    Sheed + (sign and trade) Marquis Daniels & Shelden Williams

    to Minnesota for Al Jefferson

    totally lopsided, but Kahn would do it.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    @Zack Nice! That is pretty wild! Do the Cavs have any $ to put with a Sheed buy out for a max??? Times a wasting….

  • Cptn Bubbles

    After all these gutty moves to free space I can’t believe that a Sheed trade buy out is not being more heavily pursued by the Lebron or Die camps! This is the “all in” moment for Lebron. Come on you cap hustlers! Talk to Danny!!!

  • Cptn Bubbles

    Maybe each one of us should go over to the lebron contenders internet sites & stir up some hype about trading for Sheed’s buy out. You just know that Chi town, South Beach, Clev., & the Big Apple are sweating bullets with each passing hour……..

  • Zack

    I’ve got “By The Horns”

  • Buckets

    I’d do the Beasley for Sheed’s contract in a heartbeat. We have to pull the trigger on this! There’d be more upside than downside with KG, Doc, Danny and all the vets around. Also he’d compliment Perk nicely as he develops later on down the road with his ability to score. Let’s do it!!!

  • Perry


    You’re on the money by sticking with Davis. When the spotlight is shinning this kid shines brightest. Let’s face it. If were not for him and Nate there might not have been a game 7. Let’s also remember he came up huge when Kevin went down, and despite his immaturity at the start of the season he’s developed into a mentality sound player…unless of course he’s pump faking under the basket.

    I also disagree with Brendan about replacing him. It’s a much harder chore to find guys who can step into the Celt’s defensive schemes right away, and Davis is primo at taking charges.

    However, I made reference to GS parting with Biedrins yesterday. They are in a salary dump mode. Perhaps a combination of Sheed’s contract and a sign and trade of Nate would suffice. Nate would flourish under Nellie’s system.

    Here’s a thought. Sheed’s 6m (assuming no buyout), Nate’s $5m (Celts can pay him up to 120% of his pervious salary) for Biedrins and Morrow (restricted – $725k). Morrow gets a $1.25m raise and becomes the SG who can score off the dribble. Good insurance if some team like the Knicks dangles major $$ to Ray Allen. Sounds like a steal akin to Parish, but consider Biedrins 4 year, 36m contract to Sheed’s 2yr, 12m contract and Nate’s possible 2 yr, 10m deal.

    Remember now, the Hornets are in a franchise sale transition. Okafor’s contract could be dumped as well as CP3. Landing Okafor would enable Kevin to roam the perimeter.

  • I love Green

    @Brendan- If you’re suggesting KG, Pierce, Doc, Perk, and Rondo can’t stop Beasley from taking dumb jumpers you’re out of your mind. Kevin Garnett not being able to control another guy on his team is just nutsy.

    Sheed for Beasley= We get more athletic, we get more rebounds (I think he averaged 9 rpg last year?) and Rondo can run the break with him a lottttttt.

  • Jay P

    Okafor’s contract is acidic, I wouldn’t touch it with a metal pole. Please stop any talk involving that name.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    I just asked about the value of Sheed’s contract on TrueHoop live with another smart Zach, Harper as moderator:

    [Comment From Gweedo: ]
    Is Sheed’s contract for trade & buy out of any worth to the cap hustlers?
    Tuesday June 29, 2010 5:46 Gweedo

    Zach Harper (Hardwood Paroxysm/TrueHoop Network):
    Yes. Definitely. As long as it happens before he files the paperwork, he can be traded. But will he do the equivalent of his TPS reports any time soon?

    So, Smart People of Celtics Hub, Will Sheed be traded before the paperwork??? Will Sheed do his TPS reports any time soon????? We got needs here!

  • dslack

    There’s no rush for Sheed to file papers.

    I’m not sure Beasley for Sheed is an option. The Heat wouldn’t trade him for Gomes (who offered similar cap relief). I think they’ll hold off on trading Beas until they have a commitment from 3 max-worthy guys (Wade, LeBron, Bosh) that they’d come if the salary space were available. No point in dumping a $4M Beasley so you can spend $16.5M on Joe Johnson.

  • Idaho

    You can’t part with production and that is what Baby is. You also shouldn’t mess with chemistry and that is why Robinson was a huge let down.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    @dslack It’s not just about Beas. Isn’t there a sort of frenzy out there over lebron? With teams looking to 1up each other for more cap space? Could there be something of a battle between these desperately competitive teams for it? Giving us better & better options for a nice trade BEFORE lebron signs?

  • Perry


    True, it’s a $63m contract, but he’s only 27 and has been averaging a double/double playing for sub par teams over his 6 year career.

    Celts need an effective post player, shot blocker and rebounder. His 10.4ppg would likely rise playing off Rondo. Case in point; pre all-star 11.0ppg. Without CP he averaged only single digits.

    For the past three seasons he’s played in all 82 games. The guy is a work horse and worth the $$. Locking him up for the next 4 years isn’t much of a gamble when you consider Perk’s aliments and Kevin’s longevity.

  • r_po

    Sheed for the last year of Nazr Mohammed’s mle deal. The Bobcats are right up at the cap (if Chandler doesn’t opt out) and Nazr is a great clubhouse guy. He’d be much better for the minimum, but his expiring contract is a trade asset, and it’s always good to have heady guy’s at the end of the bench regardless.

  • dslack


    I didn’t follow your question. My point is I think the Heat would rather hold onto Beasley for $4M than dump him for nothing so that they can overpay Joe Johnson or Boozer for $16.5M. What were you saying?

  • Cptn Bubbles

    @dslack Yes, I agree with the Heat analogy you just referenced. I was thinking that many teams are going overboard for cap space right now seeing it as necessary for the lebron chase. If Sheed’s contract & buy out would give more valuable cap space then it looks like it would be more attractive to teams BEFORE lebron makes his decision as opposed to afterward.

  • Fitz

    I would argue that trading Baby for Biedrens straight up would prove regrettable – have you watched the Warriors play? He’s nearly invisible playing for them – which means he barely scores for a team that makes scoring simple and has never had to play a minute of defense in his career.

    Why trade your all-hustle 6th man for that? Davis works here – he plays good defense, he gets tough rebounds, he has stretches where he cannot be kept out of the lane; he’s making no money and proved, time and again, how valuable he was in the playoffs.

    This free-agency period is making people crazy – how many of the people on this list do you want on the Celtics, actually? None. Why trade for people you’d never, ever sign?

  • http://celticshub idunno

    @ fFitz
    your completely wrong about biedrins man. He is an incredible rebounder and shotblocker. makes great rotations. However, he does score his points off of offensive rebounds and pick and rolls resulting in layups. He moves well without the ball. Last year, he was battling inuries and the team was going through major changes. But dont knock the guy’s D. He can play, hes gotten over ten blocks in a game before. I question his ability to stay healthy, and he and Perk couldnt play together

  • http://celticshub idunno

    Also, I love Andray Blatche of the Wizards, the guy was a beast last year, after all of the Wiz’s trades. Thats why I dont think its possible. But when looking at the Wiz bigs, they curren tly have Blatche, McgGee, Jianilin, Howard, Oberto, and Singleton. Thats six guys, its possible but unlikely we could acqurie Blatche. It might take giving up Bradley though, so im not sure if id be willing.

  • http://www.truecloud.com Dave

    Riley already said he isn’t interested in moving Beasley.

    Lebron’s not going to Miami anyway to play second fiddle to Dwayne. It’s not going to happen.

  • I love Green

    I’d love for us to split the MLE between Josh Howard and JO. Then trade Sheed for another big, hopefully Beasley.

    And I’m not trading Big Baby. He fits so perfectly with this team, because of how all of them step it up in the playoffs.

  • Shooter

    NO NO NO to Beasley,guy is a ticking time bomb on and off the court…….NO WAY.
    Biedrins…..hell yes for Baby and Sheed i would make that trade.He can run the floor,he’s athletic i mean he’s about as productive as Baby and Sheed put together.Difference is he’s “consistent”,he brings it every night unlike Sheed and Baby on occasion.
    If we could get Miller with the MLE and Biedrins thru trade……………i like our chances in the finals.

  • PR.Dizzle

    I have no clue what will happen. I know that Baby is a huge asset to us. I am just going to list players I would love to see on our bench & who would be best at helping us out.

    Rudy Gay, if Ray leaves. JJ. Reddick/Matt Barnes would be lovely to have. Would be really great to some how aquire Mo Willams but that is asking too too much. Travis Outlaw is another that would be great for our bench.

    As in bigs:
    If the whole Sheed thing could work & we get that money, Brendan Haywood. Ian Mahinmi would be a good tester. Aaron Gray does not have the high numbers but for his youth & height, I think he would do a lot with the Celtics. Especially with Kendrick injured right now.

  • al
  • bob

    @idaho..are you kidding me?
    nate wasnt a let down. how many times did he come in off the bench and provide much needed energy
    c’s have got to sign him back

  • Idaho

    No bob, not kidding. He had one good game in the post season.

    I like his energy but he was on an island and did not have a role with this team. He did not replace what House brought to this team despite having a much better skill set.

  • Idaho

    No bob, I am not kidding. He had one good game in the post season.

    I like his energy but he was on an island and did not have a role with this team. He did not replace what House brought to this team despite having a much better skill set

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