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Given the C’s tight cap situation, it is more likely that they will use the bulk of their cap exceptions, including their mid-level exception, on big men and fill some of the open spaces on the wings by re-signing one of their own free agents (Tony Allen) using Bird Rights.

Still: That cap situation could change, and the C’s will be looking for depth on the wing even if Paul Pierce and Ray Allen both re-sign (as is likely). There are far more available swing men than big guys, so we’ll be profiling them in groups.

Today: A look at the sexier names that could be available for the full mid-level (around $6 million per season) or less.

Mike Miller. Probably the name that has been mentioned most in the comments. Miller is likely worth more than the mid-level, but he has expressed a desire to play for a contender, and he may have to take less money to make that happen.

Miller has had a very strange couple of seasons. He attempted fewer shots combined in 2010 and 2009 than he did in 2007, and no one is quite sure why Miller stopped shooting even as he toiled for awful teams (Minny in ’09, the Wiz last season) and his shooting percentage stuck at around 50 percent. Miller is a great shooter. He’s hit at least 48 percent from the floor in each of last three seasons, and he’s a 40.5 percent career shooter from deep.

According to plus/minus numbers at Basketball Value and 82games, Miller’s teams have scored more efficiently with him on the floor versus with him on the bench in all but one season since ’03.

His defensive numbers are neutral to slightly negative, but we’ve seen a bunch of supposedly mediocre defensive players hold their own in Boston. Defense can be as much about coaching and systems as it is about individual talent.

If Perk were healthy and Shelden Williams had proven worthy of a small rotation role, pursuing Miller with the mid-level would be a no-brainer. Alas.

Tracy McGrady. Get ready to hear T-Mac’s name a lot. He’s made noises about being willing to sign for the veteran’s minimum, and teams over the cap can sign as many players as they’d like to vet minimum deals.

McGrady has become a terribly inefficient scorer as he has aged. He hit just 38 percent from the floor last season and hasn’t sniffed anything above 43 percent from the field since 2003. McGrady took fewer shots at the rim last season and got to the line less than ever before, and though the 2010 sample size was tiny, both developments marked the continuation of trends that started in Houston.

Plus/minus systems haven’t had great things to say about McGrady in years, and the Knicks gave up 8 more points per 100 possessions last season with T-Mac on the floor—a huge number.

But McGrady can pass. He’s always been able to pass. He has recorded assist rates worthy of a point guard, and the Knicks used him a bit in that role last season. Perhaps T-Mac could thrive in a lesser role in which he’s asked to facilitate rather than score? Would he accept such a role? Is it worth the minimum salary (about $1.35 million for McGrady) to find out?

Al Harrington. I have no clue what Al Harrington is going to be worth on the open market, but I know there is far greater skepticism about his value to a team now than there was in 2003. After looking at the numbers, though, I’m intrigued. Harrington has spent the last three seasons jacking threes in one crazy offense (Golden State) and one offense in which he was allowed to shoot as many threes as he liked (New York). His accuracy suffered as a result, but Harrington has shown he can hit a percentage in the high-30s or low-40s from three, and that alone is a useful skill.

We know the caveats: He’s an average-to-bad rebounder for his size (6’9”), and he hasn’t shown all that much interest in passing the ball in five years. (There was a time when he picked up 3 dimes a game, you know).

But Harrington takes care of the ball, takes as many shots at the rim as Paul Pierce (yes, pace has had something to do with that), and plus/minus stats from the past three seasons paint Harrington as a neutral-to-positive player.

As a hybrid forward, Harrington could have greater appeal to a team with a thin front line. If he can be had on the cheap, Boston should look.

Travis Outlaw. If you’re signing Travis Outlaw, you’re signing him because he can shoot jumpers and has the sort of length (he’s 6’9”) that suggests he might become a decent defender at the three spot. About 80 percent of Outlaw’s shot attempts are jumpers, so it’s a good thing you can rely on him to shoot between 37 and 39 percent from three-point range. He took and made a ton of clutch shots for Portland in 2009. He missed most of last season with a broken foot and sort of fell off the NBA radar after Portland dealt his expiring deal to the Clippers in the Marcus Camby trade.

He doesn’t rebound, he won’t get you assists, and plus/minus numbers over the last three seasons veer more into negative territory.

But he’s just 25, and he can shoot. Worth a look.

Hakim Warrick. He has the Syracuse pedigree and the gasp-inducing athleticism, but there’s very little in the NBA record to suggest Hakim Warrick is ready to be a contributor on a good team. You sign Warrick out of blind faith in a reclamation project, not because you have evidence that he’s really any good. His plus/minus numbers have been disastrous in two of the last three seasons, and defenses in both Milwaukee and Chicago played like the Raptors last season when Warrick was on the floor. Observers of both teams complained that Warrick, for all his athleticism, never showed commitment to fundamentals or a firm understanding of where to be and when.

Half his shots are jumpers, but he’ll hit only 35 to 38 percent of those jumpers, according to 82games.

One bright spot: He can crash the offensive glass and draw some fouls, and the C’s could use that.

Josh Howard. There may not be a more intriguing free agent. His numbers fell of a cliff last season. He shot a ‘Toine-esque 40.5 percent from the floor. His PER dropped well below the league average. It’s unclear whether he should really be shooting three-pointers, he’s a shaky passer and he has rebounded like an average shooting guard over the last two seasons.

And yet….the numbers before 2010 were so good, even in 2009, when his game started to slip. He can attack the rim and get to the line without turning the ball over, and he has legitimate range out to 20 feet. And those plus/minus numbers—they were fantastic every season from 200609. Did that have more to do with Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Kidd and Jason Terry than with Howard? Maybe. The adjusted plus/minus system at Basketball Value—which seeks to answer exactly these sorts of questions by adjusting for the quality of teammates and opponents—paints Howard as one of the most valuable Mavs in both ’08 and ’09.

Howard might miss the first month of the season (or a bit more) recovering from ACL surgery, so he’ll come cheap and may be willing to accept a one-year deal at a reduced rate to prove himself again and set up for a long-term deal under the new CBA. Having two guys miss the start of the year rehabbing from knee injuries is a bad thing, and it might preclude the C’s from signing Howard; it’s not like the team can play the vets 40 minutes per game while they wait for everyone else to get healthy.

But at a discount? Howard is undeniably worth a look.

What do you guys think? What other names do you like? Chances are, we’ll have something on those names later this week.

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  • chibi

    option #1 should be josh childress.

  • The Hawks have tendered Childress his qualifying option. Not gonna happen.

  • Jay P

    If McGrady would come for the vet minimum, that’s a no brainer.

    We’re talking about a former all-star/hall of fame type talent. Granted injury has derailed any hopes on what would have been an incredible career (And was still pretty good.) But they guy can play basketball, and at 1.3 million, why the hell wouldn’t you take that risk.

    Don’t forget he was coming off injury last year as well, and he played for the Knicks, so I’m going to disregard any of those numbers. All you need out of him is a meager line in the 8-10 ppg, 3-4 apg, 1-2 rpg, for 10-15 minutes a game. I think he’s more than capable of that… maybe a lot more.

  • KC

    I think one guy who might be available on the cheap is Shaun Livingston. I think he’s just finally starting to come around and regain his athleticism after a couple of years – sort of like how TA did. I’d be happy to see the C’s pick him up at the vet minimum.

  • We’ll get to the back-up PGs soon.

  • Perry

    I had floated Miller as a true MLE, but there are two issues to consider. With Sheed retiring, Perk’s knee recovery, and Kevin’s poor rebounding numbers, the MLE might be better spent in the front court. Second, it’s clear to me until Rondo’s jumper becomes more consistent this team needs shooters who can score off the dribble. Miller is an option, but more of a spot up shooter. So is Avery Bradley.

    TMAC at the veterans minimum is worth pursing. Playing 15-20 minutes a night with Rondo would rejuvenated him.

    I’d pass on Harrington, although he’s the type of scorer I just mentioned we needed. Like Magette, whatever he’s throwing in the bucket will be taken away at the defensive end. But he too is intriguing at the MLE.

    Time will tell if these free agents can be had for the MLE:

    Brendan Haywood ($6m last year)
    Udonis Haslem ($7m last year)

    I like Outlaw ($3.6m last year) as a value selection. Splitting his salary with Channing Frye ($1.9m last year) gives us length, and scoring.

    My dark horses are restricted. Brewer from Memphis, and Morrow from G.S.

    Even if Pierce stays and Ray is resigned, our two most glaring weaknesses remain rebounding and scoring off the dribble in the half court.

  • I just assume quality restricted FAs, such as Morrow, will be retained by their teams.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    this team needs a shot of youth, energy, and athleticism. i don’t think they need shooters.

    could see a guy like harrington or howard doing great surrounded by vets and being in a place better than they left. haven’t watched warrick enough to know, but he sounds like another TA.

    but….these decisions all depend on what will pierce do. and with all the action in cleveland, chicago, miami…..maybe strange events would lead to gibson, hickson, beasley or others to be unloaded to make room for the big names.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    no Tmac. he can’t creeate his shot anymore and is teribly defensively. i’d rather give the minutes to TA.

  • Beasley is available now.

  • Tebucky

    If you’re right about having no cap space then I see no advantage in Rasheed retiring. Despite all the drama he was a nice piece to our bench and a great playoff player. Seems to me Sheed is a great pickup right now, why not tell him to lay down until January, pick up a bball in Feb, and be ready for the 2011 playoffs?

  • We lost the finals because the team couldn’t take a rebound, so the money has to be spent in the front line.

  • mike

    restricted FA’s are out…unless the celts use the full midlevel on one…get Tmac @ the vet minimum 15-20 per night with the second team, he can go at it without fear of breaking down…offer livingston the vet min…retain shelden, trade sheed to memphis…lets not forget chris wallace works there and we could probably get the younger gasol and rudy gay for sheed a bag of sneakers and 2 second rounders…

  • mike

    sheed to miami for beasley, can this be done straight up at moment (do the salaries match) or would there need to be another contract taken from the heat?

  • Ivan

    I have three players in mind that can help and should cost much to bringing them to Boston. C Brad Miller could be a valuable asset for the Cs off the bench and will be experience and spread the floor a bit. SG JJ Reddick, what can I say, this guy can shoot. Having him and Ray Allen on the Floor at the same time can cause havoc to opposing defenses. Finally, Matt Barnes, a SF who brings defensive intensity and can give PP a breather from time to time. Not to mention, he too can spread the floor. For a little added front court Depth, Hakim Warrick will be a good fit.

  • mike

    i’m guessing sheed doesn’t retire at moment…he’ll help danny out by being a trade chip that a team either now or at the deadline knows that they won’t have to pay…

  • Perry

    @Zach — sure I understood your post. It had all the right names worth considering.

  • Jay P

    @dont drink

    What you’re missing on Tmac though is that he’s still a great passer, elite passer really. He can play a point-forward position FAR better than TA ever could. That will allow Bradley to ease into Point guard responsibilities, as he’s learning the position/league, and will greatly aid his development.

    Ya his defense has never been stellar, but they said that about Ray Allen. Defense is a team thing, and Tmac is a smart, veteran player, he’ll learn the system and improve in that area, I guarantee that.

    Maybe he doesn’t have the blow by speed, or the quick spot up off the dribble anymore. Maybe his offensive game has gone down a notch, or two. But he’s still a good veteran presence, who can help the second unit greatly with his ball handling and passing skills. You’re out of your mind if you don’t think that’s worth 1.3 million, The C’s would be crazy to pass on that if they can get him.

  • Buckets

    Yeah I don’t really put any hope in plucking away a restricted free agent especially with no cap space.

    As far as back up guard goes I don’t really see a need in wasting time filling that position when we just drafted a combo guard to do so. Avery Bradley is similar to Tony Allen in my eyes and we let Tony handle that job for the majority of last season. I think Bradley should be given the minutes there and I don’t see a drop off from TA. Bradley is a better ball handler, shooter and passer. TA is a proven defender but he doesn’t need the ball in his hands or I’d really have a heart attack watching another year of it. If we were to go after a back up point guard I’d much rather have a proven vet behind Rondo someone like Steve Blake not Shaun Livingston. Avery Bradley should be the man though and all he needs to play is between 10-15 minutes a game.

    Of that wings list I’d like to kick the tires on Mike Miller, Al Harrington, Travis Outlaw & Josh Howard. 2 of those 4 would be perfect to play behind Paul and Ray. The likely being Miller because he wants to play for a contender and doesn’t seem selfish because of how many shots he’s taken so maybe he’d take half the MLE and we give Outlaw the vet minimum coming off that injury.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    @zach. beaz isn’t my first choice…..but would take him over tmac, miller, outlaw, etc. his potential upside has to be worth the risk. a great team environment with supportive vets sometimes can do wonders. (was thinking the same about ty thomas before he was offered by the bobs).

  • Jay P

    Bradley is going to be far better than you think, mark my words.

    The guys a worker, he’s the first in the gym, last to leave type that just outright loves the game of Basketball. He’s a natural defender with incredible timing and an innate (rondo like) ability to anticipate and jump passing lanes.

    The rest of the game will take time for him to learn, but he will, he works to hard to fail there. Don’t forget he wasn’t a natural point guard, so being asked to play there full time in Texas as a freshman was asking quite a lot. You need time to develop as a point guard, to gain that confidence and make the right decisions with the ball.

    But he’s an impact player on the defensive end, and can guard any PG/small SG in the NBA right now.

    Steal of the draft at 19, you’ll see.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    @JayP. ok. as the 8/9th man in the rotation for vet minimum, sure you take him. but his defense is so bad his days of crunchtime minutes are over. he’s still a more reliable offensive guy than TA, and i’m sceptical TA will ever be starter in the league (i think he is at his ceiling now)….but i’d rather give TA another year of playing time to find out instead of watching Tmac lumber around the court.

    ray allen is superfit. he played great defense in the playoffs. and i still think he is a great complimentary offensive piece to rondo. i’d love to see him back on a 2year deal.

  • Perry

    @Jay P — Agreed on Tmac — at that price there is no downside

    …have we forgot about Matt Barnes? Barnes and Channing Frye would be a nice combination of the MLE.

  • mike

    right now the celts have sheed’s contract the MLE and the vet minimum…

    with how things are they can use the mle to add somebody like mike miller
    the vet minimum for tmac or livingston
    and sheed’s contract for 1-2 pieces come trading time (or now) that might look like a nice team come playoff time…

  • mike

    i don’t disagree with adding a guy like barnes, but if they are gonna use the MLE on a big, i want them to be a rebounder…

  • Cptn Bubbles

    I really like some of these guys, but first & foremost we need a couple of TOUGH, tall bigs who love to rebound. We played some great D, but then our Achilles heel, defensive rebounding, reared its ugly, nasty head to quash all that hard defensive effort. The defensive possession is never over until you secure the rebound. It was so frustrating. We could really stop the enemy but then we couldn’t rebound the missed shot. Do we want to watch that again this year??? Whoever won the rebounding battle WON EACH GAME OF THE FINALS. Rebounding should be priority ONE!

    One thing which is educational is to go back to last year & see how guys ACTUALLY played vs other teams. For example, I did a break down of Shaq vs playoff teams, & he did very, very well. Shaq is a real man & LOVES to play down low. We have ZERO post game right now.

    I’m really tired of watching 7’s shooting jumpers with no post up game. It’s ok if that is what KG wants to do, but we need balance. We need someone who WANTS to post up down low to offset all the jump shots we take. Jump shooters just don’t get to the free throw line. We would do well to make getting to the free throw line a top goal. Playing in the post gets you to the free throw line a whole lot more than shooting an outside jumper. We don’t want to get another big who just wants to shoot jump shots. Rebounding & a low post game are at the top of the list.

    As far as the guys you have listed it is no secret that I endorse Mike Miller. Some don’t know that Doc coached Mike Miller in the past…. Even this past season when the Cs played @ the Wiz they showed Doc talking to Mike. Both were smiling & laughing. Mike was rookie of the year… And has been 6th man of the year… Again, Zach asks why Mike is shooting less, but Mike addressed that while with the Wiz, he said that’s not the way the game is supposed to be played. Everyone is supposed to share the ball. Mike is tall for a shooting guard at 6’8. He gets 6.2 rebounds (basically double the rebounds of Ray) per game (Perk led the team with 7.6 rebounds per game=injured so now KG leads the team with 7.3 rpg). Mike also avg’d 4 assists per game.

    Zach mentioned Beasley. I’ve read that Beasley said he felt bad about how last year ended so he had decided not to take any time off during the summer. He VOLUNTEERED to play in the summer league to get more work in & improve his game. Sounds promising. I’d take a chance on Beasley. He has some nice physical skills. He needs someone to help him with the mental part of the game.

  • Coolin

    If we could get Beasley, Reddick and Miller that would be very big for this team. If Miami gets James and Bosh, every team in the East will be pretty much screwed.
    If the C’s could get the three just mentioned, I would definitely say we would be the two seed and hope that Miami would have some injury problems. People dogging on Beasley are not very smart, he is only 21 and has loads of potential. If I was a GM I would take him in a heart beat, he will probably make him a lot of money as well.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    The magicians made a qualifying offer on Reddick so they can match any higher offer. I don’t think he is going anywhere.

    We gots to have mo’ boards!

  • Sweeney

    Miller is my first choice of the ones mentioned. Nothing like adding someone who is comfortable with their role in the NBA, period. He knows his game and I’d be happy for some of that to rub off on TA.

    I don’t agree with some of the posts that TMAC would be a great veteran presence. There is nothing in his history that I am aware of to show he is a great locker room presence. Additionally, leadership isn’t something we lack.

    Why does Shaq sound interesting to me for 15 – 20 minutes a night? I don’t think the big Cactus is coming back, but…

  • Cptn Bubbles

    I think Shaq wants to play some more but for how much $? I imagine it would have to be for a contender b/c Kobe now has 5 rings. Shaq would definitely give us an inside, post up game, & could bang with the likes of Bynum. Sometimes, we go through spurts where none of our guys can hit a jump shot. He could get us some closer shots down low. He is still a great shooter down there.

  • Jeff

    If TMAC really will take the Vet’s min, I do that deal in an instant!

    TMAC can fill it up on the scoreboard! He’d be perfect to have on the second unit with a guy like TA who can’t score if his life depended on it!

    TMAC can pass score, and with the type of leadership (PP, Ray, KG, Doc) the C’s have, and the commitment on the defensive end that they preach, TMAC would fall in line and get after it on both ends. Maybe not right away, but as the season goes on and he learns the scheme…TMAC at min would pay HUGE dividends.

    He just has to become a 6th man instead of a primary option.

    If that happened we’d still have all our other resources to get the other needs we have.

    TMAC! Come play for Doc again!!!

  • Jeff

    TMAC – Vet min
    Shaq – $3mil
    Miller – $3mil
    Ben Wallace – Vet Min
    Sheed trade to Miami for Beasley and J Oneal in sign and trade deal.

    TMAC – Vet min
    Brad Miller – Vet min
    Ben Wallace – Vet min
    Haywood – Full MLE
    Sheed and Davis trade to CHI for Deng.

    @ Zach

    Do you know what Houston’s deal is with cap for FA’s?

    Would they go for Sheed’s contract and Davis for Kevin Martin to free more cap? Danny looked at him before the deadline last year.

  • Jay P

    Haywood will get more than the MLE, and Brad miller will never take the Vet min. Nice thought though.

    I really do hope we can get Beasley with Sheed’s contract, that would be nice.

  • Buckets

    @zach or anyone that can answer my question.

    How is beasley available now?

    Was he released???

  • Sweeney

    Any thoughts on Juwan Howard?

  • Perry


    I’ve been scouring the free agent pool and still can’t find one legitimate guy who’s capable of turning into a rebounding machine. Amir Johnson ($4.5m last year)? Maybe so, but he’s not worth the full MLE. It’s got to the point now where Perk and Kevin were rebounding with one hand in the playoffs. Something’s not jiving there. Maybe Jeff has an idea. Sign a bunch of vets like Shaq and Big Ben and let them rebound by committee? Could be, but we’ll have to wait and see how things shake out this week.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    @Buckets There were tons of rumors that the Heat were trying to move Beasley via a trade. It was all over the local papers down there that everyone had enough of him. The Heat have been freeing up as much cap as possible keeping only Beas & Chalmers (who we could have had if Danny didn’t take JR Giddens). The Heat have been EXTREMELY aggressive even trading away their 1st round pick & Cook & buying out Jones. They now have the MOST cap space of any team!!! Ugh! It would be better for us if these guys went WEST. Now there is supposed to be a shift of more power to the east. BUT just because you have a team of all stars does not a title make…remember the lake with Karl Malone, the glove, etc losing to the Pistons??? Lack of chemistry etc.

    Lebron WANTS a team that will spend $$$$ to win NOW. Some have gone cold on Chicago because their owner does not like to spend as much as other owners.

    Supposedly, they were seriously looking to trade Beas to have more money to offer THREE max players plus get some bench. The latest thing I heard was that Pat wanted to keep Beasley (all along…right!). I think they are leaning now more to keeping him, but there was a definite clamor to move him (especially after it was reported that he did not like playing in Miami because ‘it was too much work’…that he wished he would have stayed in college 4 years because basketball was no longer fun for him. He also had to go into drug rehab so everyone’s patience was wearing thin)

  • NHBluesMan

    if we can pull in JJ Reddick, Josh Howard, and Ben Wallace that would do wonders for this team. Sure Ben is old, but he’s tough, and he rebounds… his only downside though is that he’s not the greatest from the line

  • Perry

    @Cptn Bubbles

    I’m watching game 7 and even with a 13 point spread I’m saying to myself the second chance points are going to catch us…and they did.

    …side bar on Miller and Beas. — not opposed to either one.

    Miller can be just as efficient as a 35 year old Ray Allen. Pierce or TA are capable at defending the 2 spot if he’s out quicked on certain nights. Zach is right about the defensive schemes covering Miller’s deficiencies. I got a feeling though we’ll see more of KG coaching up the defense this year because he’s the only dude that can articulate Thibs’ defensive sets.

    As for Beas, who better to mentor him than the guy who undressed him in the playoffs?

  • Perry


    I was curious to learn what Zach meant too, but I can’t find anything. My guess is Miami is working OT for more cap space in order to lure Bosh and JBL, so that makes Beasley expendable. The only reason I can see Riles being cautious is that he doesn’t want to admit a mistake, or look foolish trading the number 2 pick and getting little in return.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    Also, I’ve heard that Orlando & Houston are looking @ Brad Miller. Houston is obsessed with Bosh (from Texas) & is chasing him, but no one really believes that Bosh reciprocates the feeling. Therefore, it is rumored Houston is setting its sites lower on Brad. Don’t think Brad is gonna go cheap. If it’s more about chasing a title than $….. the Cs might still get some decent guys.

  • Ivan

    Rondo’s lack of jumper really depletes the Cs offense. Adding Players that can hit an open 17-20 footer will do wonders for the Cs offense. If you noticed what Kobe was doing when he was guarding Rondo in the finals, than all teams are going to start playing that defense on the Cs. If Rondo works his butt off in the gym and develops a 17-20 foot jumpshot than teams will start have to stay guarding him. (That is a big IF) That is why i said in my previous post that surrounding Rondo around shooters like Reddick, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Brad Miller will do wonders to the Cs offense. Kevin Garnett at times in the finals showed signs of his old self but other times showed his lack of burst. Although Garnett still does have a soft touch of a jump shot.
    Mike Miller would be a great fit for the Cs as a backup to PP but i dont think he’ll take the Veteran’s Minimum.
    Matt Barnes However, is probably a possibility. One player that i alway thought will fit in perfectly with the Celtics ever since he came out of College is Kyle Korver. He too is a possibility to accept the veteran minimum and who is somebody that opposing defenses have to respect. He is lethal from the outside.
    It you want someone who can cause havoc on opposing elite scorers, someone like Raja Bell is a good fit, who also can hit the 3. Also, a defensive big that may be available is Jamaal Mcgloire.
    With the Cs lack of money, they are going to have to call to some old vets and persuade them to take a championship run over money.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    @Perry Yeah, if you look at the C’s games MANY times they played hard, tenacious D until the shot. Then, all that great energy went for naught giving up too many rebounds. What we need is a Dennis Rodman clone.

    If Beas could get his head right I think he could be a 20/10 guy.

  • Zain


    I think Lakers are looking at Raja Bell.

  • Perry

    Update on Beas. Miami and Tronoto may be working on a trade.

  • will

    If we can get T-Mac and Shaun Livingston for vet minimum, I’d pull the trigger. T-Mac can play some point forward for us and watching him last season, he was out of shape because of injury but played pretty well as a distributor with the ability to score. If he can get in shape, he can be a scary option off the bench. Livingston is a 6-7 point who looked like a future star before his injury. In the two games I saw him in last year with the Wizards, he looked like his athleticism was coming back. He’s smart, has great court vision, is a good ball handler, and bothered lots of teams with his size, though he’s still not a good perimeter shooter. He’s worth taking a look because he can be a steal as a match up problem off the bench.
    If this Sheed for Beasley thing is possible, I’d do it in a hearbeat. Maybe put Baby in and the Heat chip in JO. O’Neil had a solid season and I’d much rather have a JO-Beasley big man unit than a Sheed-Baby. JO can be an anchor defensively and can finish around the rim and Beasley is 21 with lots of talent and ridiculous upside. He can be an explosive scorer off the bench.
    If we have any money left, one last player I’d take is Ian Mahinmi. He was a bench warmer for the Spurs but at 23 years old and per 40 minutes of 24.3 points and 12.5 boards he’s got a ton of potential. He’s 6-10, very athletic with good hops and quickness, has long arms, and can kill you on the offensive boards. He can be the biggest sleeper in the FA market right now.
    Lol obviously we can waste our whole MLE on Mike Miller and Brad Miller, but to me, it would just make us even more one-dimensional.

  • Arthur

    Anthony Tolliver

  • Ivan

    The Nets are looking to dump another 3million in salary or so to have the 33million threshold available to sign 2 max contract free agents. I looked at there roster and saw a player who probably can help the Celtics out at PF. Kris Humphreys, this kid has a great shot and can spread the floor. What do you think?

  • Ivan

    @ Zain,

    The Lakers looking at Raja Bell is even more reason for the Cs to go after him. Taking away from the Lakers wants gives me as well as other Celtics Fans Pleasure.
    Dont Forget Lakers Fans, Celtics still have the Championship advantage; head to head 9-3 overall 17-16.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    @Ivan Humphreys did not opt out of his contract

    Raja said he preferred to play for someone on the east coast. His family lives in Miami.

  • sam

    Mike Miller is by far the best option. He shoots like Ray Allen, rebounds like LeBron James (seriously, compare their last 3 years) and passes like Brandon Roy. So what if he plays as passive as Marquis Daniels and defends like Eddie House?

  • Slick Nick Da Ruler

    What about Brandon Bass ($4 mil / 3 yrs) and Tayshaun Prince ($10 mil / 2 yrs)? I still think Tayshaun has 3 great years left, he’s worth Sheed’s expiring contract and part of the MLE.

  • Eric

    TMAC has gone on record saying he wants to play for the Lakers

  • Steve B

    Hakeem Warrick had a great career at Syracuse and it kind of surprised me how his NBA career has gone. He is long and can rebound and run on the break. For the right price he would make a great back up to KG. He always seemed to have the tools just not the drive. I can’t say that I’ve seen him play great defense in the league yet but he gives great help from the weak side for what that’s worth. I don’t care if Shelden starts the year at center, just continue to work with this core group and add some needed pieces. Our needs seem to be the 4 and 5 spot right now.

  • Ray Leighton

    I’m OK with Beasley — I’ve often suspected that the problem for the kid is mediocre coaching and no clear player-mentor — as Perry suggested, if you put him with KG, Beas would have a real chance to live up to his potential.

    Our problem though is that we need a real center to -start- for half the season. Beas is not going to be able to do that any more than KG. The center problem is frustrating — there are some good wing players out there, more so than good bigs — I would love for us to bring in Kyle Korver, sort of a poor man’s Salmons, and his defense is actually quite solid — but we are going to have to use what little money we have on someone at the 5.

  • Ray…Agree with you completely. Power Forward is not the concern for the Celtics.

    KG and Big Baby can form a perfectly reasonable two headed monster at that position.

    The concern is for a true center to pick up the slack for Perkins.

  • in this year’s free agency i think we need to think about the future ust as much as this next year. I would like to create a roster that gives Bradley enough room to stretch his legs on the court. Lets see him play with Rondo, lets see him come in off the bench at the two and the point. But lets not clog the backcourt and prevent him from seeing the floor.

  • zebulon

    important to remember- there are not a ton of minutes available on the wings, if pierce and ray and tony come back.

    Even if Pierce plays 32 min/game (really low) and Ray only plays 28/game (absurdly low for a shooting guard of his caliber), and Tony chips in 18/game, that only leaves about twenty minutes for a wing player. If Pierce and Ray play more reasonable minute totals, that could drop as low as twelve minutes a game. Mike Miller will not settle for twelve a game, and he shouldnt.

  • Shooter

    Scratch every name off that list EXCEPT for Mike Miller.I WANT HIM BAD………..YEAH I SAID IT.
    Miller time baby.

  • Shooter

    @Ray………What the hell that’s BS.Beasley has been anything short of A NEAR BUST because of his OWN personal issues.
    Eric Spoelstra is a damn GOOD coach and Miami is a classy organisation.Spoelstar let the guy start his rookie season…..he couldn’t rebound or play defense……Spoelstra benched him for the rest of the season.Beasley’s near downfall has nothing to do with coaching or lack thereof.

    If we’re going to go with T-Mac why not try…………..wait for it……………………….wait for it…………………………………………………………………..
    Allen Iverson.