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We are only a few days away from the start of the free agent frenzy on July 1st, however the C’s plans are beginning to come into focus, courtesy of Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo: Target number one? Brad Miller

The Celtics have their mid-level exception available to sign Miller, 34, who has the versatility to play the power forward and center spots for them. Several contenders are expected to pursue him, but sources say that the chance to play for the defending Eastern Conference champions has significant appeal to Miller.

Despite durability issues during his career, Miller played 82 games for the Chicago Bulls in 2009-10 and could give the Celtics a rugged persona with an inside-outside offensive game.

I wonder if Danny Ainge will be sending out Rajon Rondo for the recruitment process. In all seriousness though, the C’s interest in Miller shouldn’t come as a big surprise. With reports about the severity of Kendrick Perkins injury still uncertain, it’s a distinct possibility the C’s big man could miss a significant chunk of next season. If Boston wants to compete next year, they need someone to fill that void (along with Sheed’s) right now, and Miller could be that guy.

He’s not going to help with the team’s athleticism issues up front, (he’s slow as molasses) but he’s big, (7-0) smart, a capable defensive rebounder, and one of the best shooting big men in the league. More on the way….

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • Zain

    Miler has declined in the last season quite a bit hasn’t he? I was watching highlights of the ’09 series (lost a few years of life from that series), and I just don’t remember him being nearly as effective this year as in that series. Small sample comparison, I know, and we can’t really be picky–but is this a smart move?

  • Using the full mid-level on Brad Miller would be a huge mistake. Half, at maximum. And, yes, all of his stats fell off a lot last season.

  • Peter

    I think he’d be a good addition; a big man who can pass and stretch the floor with shooting. I believe both Paul and Doc like him. Also, he would blend with the teams chemistry and personality which is big. Danny still needs to resign Ray, hopefully TA, and then probably go do another deal – we still need rebounding – to make the team better than it was this year.

  • mike

    whole mid level my foot….with how his stats fell off he should get the vet minimum…

  • Dr H

    Having Rondo go out for the recruitment process would be hilarious..

  • Perry

    I agree with Zach. I like Miller’s toughness, and he brings solid offensive credentials to the table, but this team must skew younger to match Rondo’s skill set.

    Two athletic players of value to split the MLE: Outlaw ($3.6m last year) and 6′ 11″ Channing Frye ($1.9m last year).

    Haywood would be the ideal MLE, but he’ll probably land a deal closer to $8m due to all the liquidity in the market.

    Does Haslem ($7m last year) make sense if Miami is intent on clearing more cap space?

  • MP

    Frankly, I’d rather have Rasheed back.

  • Dr H

    @MP: Agree.

    Honestly, we need to stop thinking about what players CAN do, but rather what they DO do. A lot of people like to hype players up about what they CAN do, but IMO for unbiased fact you need to look at what they DO do in order to get a solid picture of what they’ll bring. Anything more than that will be a bonus.

    I think Haslem would be a nice addition but I think we need size/length more than we need energy..if I recall Haslem is a little on the shorter end?

  • Which one of the big three want to come off the bench??

    The opportunity to actually land a superstar to take the torch with Rondo and Perkins from the original big three has never been bigger… The question is which one of these guys will come off the bench for a Joe Johnson, Carlos Boozer or any younger star. It needs to happen or they will never compete.

  • Dr H

    I think having KG/Boozer come off the bench would just be silly, which leaves Joe Johnson taking Rays starting spot which IMO would work great. I of course would go nuts if this ever happened, too bad it never will. Besides I think the only way we get one of those guys is through a trade, which isn’t happening.

  • I love Green

    I think we should talk to Haywood first to see if he’ll take the full mid level.

    And if we get Miller it better be for 2-3 million.

  • complexity

    Tommy isn’t going to like this one!


  • I love Green

    Brian or Zach can one of you guys make a list of free agents who we could possibly sign for the veterans minimum?

  • dslack

    @Which, @DrH:

    Celtics won’t be getting Joe Johnson or Boozer. They have no cap space.

  • dslack
  • Perry


    The veteran’s minimum is $1.3m or under depending on the number of years a player has been in the league.

    Qualifiers might feature Joe Smith, Tim Thomas, Anthony Carter, Ilgauskas, Stackhouse Jarron Collins, Luther Head, Flip Murray, and Eddie House.

  • I love Green

    Lets just go after JO, Joel Anthony, or Ian Mahinmi. I don’t really want old, slow Miller even if he’s an alright shooter and rebounder.

    Why go after Miller and not Jermaine?

  • Cptn Bubbles

    @dslack great link! Thanks!

    If they’re looking for some bigs, and they should be, how about Earl Barron who just played a little for the Knicks at the end of the season? I remember him because he played very well vs the Cs (8-13 18rebs). He is 28, 7′ & 250. He was payed just $63,000 last year so he shouldn’t be that expensive. It was only 8 games, but he avg’d 12pts 12rebs & almost 1 block per game. He had 12 rebs vs Orlando. NY is trying to keep their money free so they can chase after Lebron. Maybe Danny should sneak in & snag this guy if it would be cheap.

  • I love Green

    @The Captain- Thank you for reminding me about Barron! Seriously, we need to sign this guy. He’s a great rebounder, offense and defense, not bad on offense, and isn’t a turnover waiting to happen like Shelden, and sometimes Perkins.

    I think we should split our MLE with him, and Jermaine. Then there’s 2 centers for us until Perkins gets back.

  • Dr H

    @dslack – I know, I even said that it’s never going to happen if you read my full post.

    Earl Barron sounds like he would be a solid pick up.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    @I love Green You’re welcome. We all have the same goal, to see the guys win another championship. I really think the early bird is gonna get the better bigs this year with all the teams who will not get lebron or the max players looking to throw money at the next best thing. Somebody 6’10+ could get A LOT of playing time this year for the Cs. My first choice was Haywood. 2nd was Tyrus (Larry Brown is doing some fantastic things down there). Now we’re getting into ‘settling’ for somebody & hoping for the best. If we take an older player (Miller, Shaq) I hope we have another guy also so we can rotate the bigs in & out. Seems like the Cs hate the young bigs & prefer someone with experience even if they are a lot older. I really hope the Cs will get someone who can & will play instead of just having guys sit there & running the starters into the ground

  • I love Green

    @ Captain- Yeah my 1 and 2 choices were Haywood, and Thomas. Im still hoping Danny atleast offeres Haywood a contract, because he’s a great defender and rebounder. We don’t have much of a chance to get him, but a guy like Barron would not be too hard to get. He can definitley turn into a rebounding machine for us.

  • I love Green

    ****We don’t have much of a chance to get Haywood

  • Shooter

    First of all,teams don’t base ther trades off whether or not they don’t want to help their conference foes.When Chicago made the trade with Washington i doubt anyone of them thought about whther or not either of them would get better than what they are.Teams/Gm’s are out for themselves.If they can get better financially or by talent, they’ll make the trade regardless.The only scenario would be if two division teams make a trade or two top 3 conference teams make a trade that would benefit either one of them.

    I think there’s NO CHANCE we get Outlaw.He’s a “money guy” not a “championship getter” guy.We could possibly get Mike Miller but then again there are other teams out there with a lot of money to throw at these guys.That’s what we don’t have,cap room/money.We have a slim-next to no chance of grabbing Haywood either.
    This is the worst possible timing for us too because all these teams have cap space to sign quality free agents……we don’t.I wouldn’t even be surprised PP opts out and the Clippers sign him to a 4-5 year deal.
    As days go by that game 7 loss hurts/hits us even harder with most of our roster becoming free agents and Sheed retiring.Coupled with the fact we have no cap room to replace what we might lose.

    HEEEEEEEEELL NO to Brad Miller he’s WAAAAAAAAAAY to slow, he can’t rebound he can’t defend,he’s a year older that means a year slower.And we’re talking about the ahem excuse me “FULL MID LEVEL”……………FAIL ALERT!!!!!!!!!
    What the hell if Rondo is the key and he is the key what the hell is Brad Miller going to do when ROndo runs the break.
    We need to “complement our “CORE” players,Rondo,KG and PP if he comes back.
    When Rondo runs the break whose there running the floor…………………………KG,and Baby when he’s on.We need a big who can run the floor at least a little bit,Brad Miller couldn’t run to the toilet if he had diarrhoea.
    Brad Miller………… please no.

  • Adrian

    I know were in a desperate situation but are they SERIOUS. I even forgot this guy still plays in the league. Mid level hell no. If the situation is this bad we should just rebuild this is not the way to go. Brad Miller is not even in Rasheed Wallace shape how is he gonna run up the floor. Naw this is a big mistake. I hope they weren’t serious about bringing Rondo to the recruit. And if Rondo is going to lead this team why isn’t he saying we should get someone else. Everythign is just going downhill i really hope we dont sign him.

  • Adrian

    I still dont know why we just didnt draft a young big man. Now we put ourselves in a difficult situation trying to sign one. Desperate time calls for desperate measure but if we get this guy this is an extreme low. And by the way who scouting these players. Our major problem was rebounding, then scoring. And we get a Pg and an aging vet. This guy is less effective the Sheed. Now we are going to suffer both ways. Lowest rebounding Avg. in the league here we come.

  • dslack


    Drafting the best available player is almost always the best move. Teams always get into trouble when they draft for perceived need. What every team needs is quality players. Otherwise you end up taking Bowie over Jordan, etc. I applaud Danny for taking what he thinks is the best available player. This is a guy who, if things work out, could be on the team for 10 years. You don’t want to end up with a Patrick O’Bryant, just because he’s tall, when you could have had a Rajon Rondo or Leandro Barbosa.

  • NHBluesMan

    personally, i can’t stand Miller, ever since he was with the Kings.

    What would be the chances of getting a guy like Chris Anderson? Defensive minded, good shot blocker/rebounder/young(ish) just what we need

  • Jeff

    I think Danny knows what he’s doing.

    Knowing what’s out there and who the targets will be early on in FA, he may be playing it smart by seeing how things play out.

    If they pursue Miller it would allow them more flexibility with the contract of Sheed to make a trade when lot’s of teams are out of the Lebronathon. A guy like Miller, who can contribute but is not going to be getting a lot of looks this offseason, may be a decent addition for the right price.

    Think about it, if Danny offers Miller a relatively low contract (Vet’s min or 2 mil out of the MLE) and other FA’s are getting swooped on, he may take it thinking that no one is going to offer him anything more than that, and wanting to get a chance at a ring. 2 years at the Min might be appealing for a guy who doesn’t have much time in the league left.

    It would also aleviate SOME of the need for a big because we would at least have one guy locked in at C for the start of the season. If Danny tries early with Miller for cheap it, and Miller takes it, it will allow him to make other pursuits an option.

    Haywood is the best option no question but other teams know that too and may overpay to get a legit 7? C to anchor there teams D.

    As for those who have commented on this blog that NO ONE is going to be willing to help the Conference champ rebuild by doing any favors, and they’ll have to do it themselves….100% WRONG.

    Look no further than the VC trade for Orlando. No one cares, unless they have a legit BEEF (ie; LA and C’s) about sending a player to another team if it benefits THEM! So yeah, Sheed and Davis to CHI for Deng is a real possibility, especially with Thibs there. He may have some good will for the C’s and have enough pull to get some more cap, and a player he knows in Davis or (hope not) Perk if the right deal was presented.

    Don’t under estimate this team or Danny. CLE did it, ORL did it and so did LA, and save for Perk being out, and some BS fouls in the 4th, banner 18 would be hanging in the Garden right now.

    In a couple weeks Danny could have Doc back PP resigned at less, Ray back, MIller, a backup 1, and 2 in Bradley getting one of the best players in the draft at 19, a possible suprise in Luke, a couple other vets min type guys and the MLE to go to 2 reliable backups along with a nice trade piece to send for Beas and O’Neal in a sign and trade (the total of the contracts sent back for Sheed can be up to $7.9 mil), Deng, Big Al, or maybe even something no one knows about right now.

    In two weeks Danny could have a lineup of

    PG – RR, Livingston, Bradley
    SG – Ray, TA, Bradley
    SF – PP, Beasley or Deng
    PF – KG, Davis, Beasley, J O’Neal, Harangody
    C – Miller, Ben Wallace, J O’Neal, Sehrmid (or whatever his name is)
    And still have the full MLE left to go after Haywood, Gooden, Gomes, Mike Miller, Outlaw, Hakim Warrick, Shaq and a whole bunch of others.

    The C’s have options…a lot more than people think. It wouldn’t be the first time anybody went to a team for cheap for a chance at a ring. Especially if the C’s are willing to give 2 yr deals for guys who might be worried about a lockout.

    Danny will get it done. You watch.

    Everyone needs to just chill!

    FA hasn’t even started yet! The media gets everyone all hyped to try to keep people into it until it actually starts!

    Just like the rumor of Danny trying to trade Perk and #19 to get up to Cousins.

    They’re all just rumors/smokescreens until July first. Then we’ll see the real deal.

  • If the celtics get miller there morons!!! Theres better talent and younger players also. They would be to get somebody that hasn’t done anything in the last 3-4 years!!!

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