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Some news bits from around the league that may or may not matter to you, Celtics fans:

• The Bobcats have extended a qualifying offer of $6.2 million to Tyrus Thomas, almost certainly taking him off the market for the Celtics. The $6.2 million offer is almost exactly where the mid-level exception will end up (if the mid-level even gets that high), and the Bobs now can match any offer for Thomas. I mention this only because commenters have tossed around Ty’s name. He’s out.

• The Nets have added former Raptors head coach Sam Mitchell as Avery Johnson’s top assistant. Mitchell’s name has come up as a possible addition to Boston’s coaching staff. 

• Speaking of coaches: Kevin Arnovitz reports that the Clippers have narrowed their head-coaching search to Vinny Del Negro and Mavs assistant (and former T’Wolves head coach) Dwyane Casey. Casey is well-regarded around the league. Everyone seems interested in Del Negro, which is puzzling. Several plugged-in reporters have mentioned Del Negro as a possible replacement for Doc Rivers.

In any case, coaches are going fast. 

• And we’ve got a new free agent wing: Ryan Gomes. You all remember him.

The Blazers are set to waive Gomes (for whom they traded on draft night), which they must do before June 30th. Gomes is technically owed about $14 million over the next three seasons, but his deal is only partially guaranteed; if the Blazers waive him by June 30th, they are on the hook for just $1 million this season and Gomes goes on the market. 

Jeff Clark at CelticsBlog is calling for the C’s to explore signing Gomes, and that’s fine—they should explore everything. And Gomes has become a decent player. He’s a dependable three-point shooter (37 percent over the last two seasons), and his plus/minus numbers have been on the right side of the ledger (though just barely) in two of his three seasons in Minny. 

I’m skeptical of his defense, as the head-to-head numbers at Basketball Prospectus show Gomes’ counterparts on opposing teams have performed significantly above their averages when facing Minnesota. Of course, that could have more to do with the fact that the T’Wolves are awful than it has anything to do with Gomes. 

The biggest reason I don’t see Gomes as a fit is because of the C’s likely cap situation. It is very likely the C’s will start the off-season bidding with no cap space, meaning the only way they can sign free agents is through the mid-level exception and the veteran’s minimum exception. They can also re-sign their own free agents using Bird rights, and they are more likely to do that with one of their wing players (Tony Allen) than with any of their free agent big men (Shelden Williams, Brian Scalabrine). 

That means the C’s need to very judicious using any of their mid-level exception on wings or guards. As things stand, most (if not all) of the mid-level should be earmarked for bigs. 

• And speaking of bigs, another of your favorites might be on the trade market. Minny GM David Kahn says the T’Wolves will try and deal Big Al Jefferson if they manage to re-sign Darko Milicic. You read that right: If the Wolves manage to sign a guy who has been a catastrophic failure in the NBA, they might listen to offers for a guy who has two 20-10 seasons on his resumé.

Perhaps Kahn thinks he can sell the notion that the team is high enough on Milicic that they’d happily part with Jefferson—if the price is right. 

Don’t start. The T’Wolves want to part with Jefferson because he’ll be making $15 million in 2013, he may not fit with Kevin Love, and there’s no evidence to suggest he’ll be anything other than an average defender in the NBA. 

Please do not start the “C’s should deal for Al Jefferson!” comments. It won’t happen.

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  • Josh A

    C’s should deal for Al Jefferson!

  • Al

    What we need is a guy who rebounds and blocks shots… as much as I love Big Baby he doesn’t do those things… We should trade for Chris Andersen or Marcus Camby or something like that! Especially if Rasheed won’t come back… Sheed played great defense against Howard and Gasol so it’s definitely a shame that he’ll leave (I believe Doc likes having depth so that he can push the right buttons whenever he can) but if he really wants to retire the Cs should trade for a good big man like those two I just named… Forget about Ryan Gomes WTF? No more mid-level exceptions or bi-annual exceptions on guys like Gomes or Marquis Daniels or Shelden Williams please!!

  • Josh A

    C’s should deal for Al Jefferson!!

  • Al

    I don’t think the T’Wolves are trading Jefferson… Kevin Love is the guy who hates Minnesota, the organization, Kurt Rambis, Johnny Flynn, Ricky Rubio, the triangle offense they’re trying to run… if they trade the guy they got for Kevin Garnett, David Kahn won’t have a job before next year it’s as simple as that…

  • Cptn Bubbles

    We need at least 2 bigs… 6’10 or better guys. Doc or SVG or Mchale cannot play KG huge minutes. This season should be about:
    A)make the playoffs
    B)keep the starters healthier=less minutes during the reg. season & some games off, maybe back to backs
    C)develop the bench

    After this season, everyone being healthy & having an experienced bench—even leaning on the bench to try & win some regular season games–is much more important than a #1 or 2 or 3 seed. If Paul looks gimpy then don’t let him play or come back too early from an injury. It’s just not worth it anymore. This season should be all about the post season. Gomes & some of these other shorter guys are not going to be able to rebound vs Gasol or Bynum or Odom. I’ve not looked at stats on some of the other big guys, but Shaq had some solid games vs playoff caliber teams.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    Danny should sign some bigs as quickly as possible BEFORE Lebron makes his decision. The teams which miss out on Lebron & the other max guys are going to be scrambling to get somebody & paying top dollar. We just can’t compete with all that money. Many teams will wait hoping for a max player before they pounce on the left overs. Danny should strike first before the not signing a max player desperation kicks in for these other teams.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    I don’t know how aggressive the Cs are being on the remaining bigs, but Omar Sanhan, 6’11” 21ppg 11rpg 3bpg, very skilled offensive big man who showed well in the big tourney & was not drafted was gobbled up by Dallas.

  • dslack

    Here’s the plan:
    Now there are 5 players on the roster, counting Pierce. Add in the draft picks, and that’s 7.
    1. Keep Pierce and the Allens. That’s 9.
    2. Sign Shaq to the MLE. 10.
    3. Trade Sheed for a wing. 11.
    4. Get Semih Erden to come on over. 12.
    5. Out of the D-League, Scal, Shelden, Lafayette, etc., there should be 1-3 more players available.

  • lakershater13

    Sign shaq for league min. Use the MLE on something a bit better than shaq.

  • lakershater13

    Chicago wants to move Deng. Why not try to trade Sheeds contract to Chicago for Deng. They would have to toss other things in the deal to make it work since sheed has 6mil and deng 10. If they could do this Celtics get an athletic wing next to rondo and Chicago can let sheed retire and work out a cheap buy out which would give them a few more bucks to go for lebron and bosh.

  • lakershater13

    Would anyone trade Perkins for Deng? If we trade Sheed and Perk for Deng the trade would work. Perk only has one year left on his contract. He could miss the start of the season and we dont know what we get from him long term. Deng gives us another weapon on offense. A good defender and a good rebounder. I remember watching him defend lebron in the playoffs and it was impressive. Perk averaged 7.6 rebounds Deng 7.3. Deng does not help us at the center position at all but he does rebound the ball. I dont know if this is a good idea or not. Perk could come back and have a great season but i may not want to sign him to a huge contract. On the other side perk could have set backs, miss a chunk of the season, and possibly not be as effective when he gets back.


  • I love Green



    Shaq is too old, and the Cavs played much much better without him. The record shows it.

    We need Perkins badly. He’s one of the few big men who can guard Dwight 1 on 1, and anybody else for that matter. Even though he’s injured, we can’t even think about trading him. He’ll only be out 20-25 games.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    I agree that we need Perk

    Cavs had a better record without Shaq? First of all, the Cavs had the best record in the nba with the fewest losses, but if you look at there losses in the regular season, Cavs lost 33% of their games with Shaq. When Cavs did not have Shaq they lost 38% of their games. Looks like they were worse when Shaq did not play.

  • rob

    please trade sheed for a wing/power forward. I would prefer deng but i would be happy with either beasley or deng. Both can either be a slightly undersized power forward or an over sized small forward. PLEASE DANNY trade for one of them and sign a big for the mid level and if you really believe in bradley trade nate for another wing you’ll get a pretty decent wing for nate.

  • I love Green

    @Rob- Nate is a free agent, we can’t trade him unless we do a sign and trade.

  • rob

    why not just do a sign and trade with nate and get something back for him instead of just letting him go and not get anything in return

  • Cuz Nate would have to agree to where he would be going. I like Beasely. Fits criteria, young, athletic, upside scorer. I dont think we have a chance at him tho. and he definately wouldnt solve our rebounding problems.

  • Shooter

    Looks like y’all have given up on KG ay.I’ve become annoyed at his shooting game too but come on we shouldn’t trade for Big Al when we have KG.

    Here’s another scenario i came up with.Portland have 3 qualtiy centers,Camby-who will most likely start next season,Oden who will most likely be Camby’s back up and Przybilla.Przybilla has a ETO for next season which i’m almost certain he’ll take.Now i don’t know the technicalities behind ETO’s but if Przybilla does exercise his ETO we should GRAB HIM.
    There’s no way Joel will be happy playing behind Camby and Oden.

  • dslack

    Shaq’s net +/- was -4. They were 7.8 points per 48 minutes better than their opposition when Shaq was off the court and only 3.7 points per 48 minutes better when Shaq was on the court. It seems reasonable to say they were better without him.

    We’ll see about Pryzbilla, but I don’t see why an injured player would leave $7.4M on the table.

    I kind of like the idea of trading Sheed for Deng, but who’s the filler? On another thread, I suggested Glen Davis. Could be a sign-and-trade with Tony Allen too. I don’t really want the Celtics to give up either of them though. It would be better to trade Sheed straight up for someone. Beasley is probably the best choice.

  • Dennis Savellano

    I like Joel Przybilla but I don’t think he can play until, at least, after the All-Star Weekend 2011. Remember that he re-injured his ruptured patella last March.

  • al

    i imagine the c’s will use sheed’s impending retirement and trade him for a slightly overpaid big, okafor, biedrins, etc, I like gomes, but am not sure if he’s as good as a defender as we think he is. Would love to get him back though…

  • lakershater13

    I like Gomes. Problem is he plays the same position as baby. We dont need Gomes and baby fighting for minutes like baby did with powe.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    @dslack I think Lebron could drive & get easier baskets in the lane without Shaq, but they still had more wins when Shaq played than when he did not play so there must be other things going on. It’s probably pointless now, anyway. I’ve heard rumors in the past about the Cs ‘looking’ at Brad Miller when he was with the Kings. He is tall & thick so he can at least put a body on guys. Avging the same minutes on the floor (23min) Brad’s #s are not as good as Shaqs. FG 43% vs 57% 5rpg vs 7rpg, & he didn’t play as well vs playoff teams. Brad is a much better free throw shooter, but I’d still take Shaq if given the choice. I kinda think we are more like beggars than choosers. Maybe this guy from Radford will be able to do something.

  • JIm Calhoun

    Who’s Ryan Gomes?

  • Jeff

    Deng would be a great option to get a wing in a trade!

    He’s young and athletic but somewhat injury prone (which one of our backup wings isn’t though?)

    And actually we wouldn’t need to deal Perk to get him.

    In a trade you can take back 125% of the salaries you are sending in the trade, plus $100,000. So if you send Sheed and Davis it’s $6.3 + $3 x 125% = $11.6 mil and Deng’s contract is only $10.3. But I don’t know if Chicago would send him to a team they will almost certainly see in the playoffs.

    It would be nice though. Deng’s only 24 too!