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The Celtics almost had Solomon Alabi, once thought likely to go somewhere around #20, slide all the way to their second-round pick at #52. But the Mavs (pickingĀ  for the Raptors, apparently) took Alabi two spots in front of Boston.

So the C’s took….Luke Harangody, a player I assume most of you know a lot about, since I know a lot about him and I barely follow college basketball. If you don’t, here’s the quick and dirty: A power forward who put up huge numbers (22 points, 9 boards) at Notre Dame but (according to most folks) lacks the athleticism, size and quickness necessary to succeed in the NBA. Harangody is listed at 6’8” but measured just 6’6” without shoes and has an underwhelming 6’10” wing-span, according to the DraftExpress.

Some other blurbs:


Though Harangody has made some changes to his game, his biggest weakness from an NBA perspective remains his lack of athleticism. The hard working forward certainly took the draft process seriously last summer, shedding some weight and improving his mobility to a degree in the process, but the strides he made still leave him severely lacking compared to the average NBA power forward. Extremely strong, but very undersized at just 6-6 without shoes, and without a great wingspan (6-10) to compensate for that, Harangody may not have the type of physical tools that would allow him to translate his production to a much smaller role at the next level. While that certainly limits his NBA upside, it may not exclude him from having the opportunity to make an impact as a role player.

NBA scouts do watch players play. When they saw Harangody play, they saw a burly, undersized forward who relied on an unorthodox jump shot and a coterie of herky-jerky low-post moves to create his offense. They saw a guy who rebounded like a maniac, but who also siphoned a huge portion of his team’s possessions, not always efficiently. They also saw a guy whose team inarguably played better without him in 2009-10, and whose return came just in time for the once-resurgent Irish to lifelessly fall to Old Dominion in the first round of the NCAA tournament.

Heh. On the one hand, rebounding is the one stat that translates predictably from college to the pros and Harangody grabbed rebounds in college. On the other hand, Harangody seems like an inferior version of Glen Davis, doesn’t he?

The Celtics unquestionably need big guys, and Harangody is a big guy. He’s probably not the big guy they were hoping to get as a few notable names kept slipping during the 2nd round, but he’s the one they got.

And remember: Someone picked at #52 has about a 5 percent chance of being anything but a total non-entity in the NBA, according to ESPN’s analysis of draft history. So there’s a good chance that Harangody, with no guaranteed deal, will never play a minute of real NBA action for the Boston Celtics.

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  • I love Green

    He better not play a single second for the Celtics.


  • lakershater13

    This draft leads me to believe ainge might be considering the job with the Suns.

  • dslack

    An unathletic power forward who put up big #s in college. Pittsnogle Part Deux?

  • Shooter

    I think Ainge has done the dirty on us,before he leaves to Phoenix.
    Stanley Robinson is 6-8,best athelete in the draft…………..well done Orlando.

  • lakershater13

    Lose in finals…

    Lose our coach…

    Now we lose our gm to phoenix after he falls a sleep at the wheel on draft night???

  • MP

    We needed a replacement for Scalabrine.

  • lakershater13

    Good News! Once the fans that only like to watch winning teams go away I can get tickets to see Luke and company play.

  • s8anicfalcon

    Guys, calm the eff down. This was the 52nd pick in the draft. How often do late 2nd round picks even get a whiff of NBA minutes? Worse case scenario? Luke competes with Tony Gaffney & Oliver Lafayette for a spot on the end of the bench (@ the rookie minimum). Yeah, Danny just screwed us by picking an undersized power forward with the 52nd pick in the NBA draft. Do I need to remind you fans of other Ainge 2nd round picks like Gomes, Powe & Big Baby? Sound familiar? Undersized, yet experienced forwards? Stop with the Phoenix talk. Danny’s going nowhere.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    Was Danny drunk? We got absolutely mauled on the boards by BIG MEN out rebounding us. But now it’s even worse because we are down TWO bigs, & we draft a sg that they want to be a pg??? Rajon is supposed to be the best defensive point guard in the league being voted to 1st team all defense so we should be able to guard other teams point guards, but what good does that do if other teams are just going to get offensive rebounds all day until they score from the paint???? We are going to be destroyed in the paint, but don’t worry the other team’s point guard will be covered.

    We are going to turn Avery into a pg??? Yeah, he avg’d a whopping 2 assists per game, great court vision & passing skills there….Really surprised the Univ. of Texas didn’t see it first & just play him as point guard to begin with….But hey, Doc’s kids like Avery so it must be good

    We don’t have much to work with to sign someone. Not everyone is going to be able to sign LeBron BUT look at how many teams have been trying to clear cap space to sign him or other guys this summer. All those other teams which lose out on LeBron are going to gobble up everyone else paying top dollar while we look to the D leagues.

    What are we doing? The draft was the one place we could at least try to pick up some bigs cheaply. Orlando picked after us & got Orton & they already have TWO GOOD CENTERS! I know…. we can put Avery on Orton or Harangody. That should stop ’em! You could have been blindfolded & drunk & thrown darts at a list of bigs who could rebound & done better than this.

    Draft rating F-

  • NV

    I swear to god he better not even step onto the Garden floor. F*** you Luke.

  • Jay P

    Ya, people need to relax.

    Tons of people said the same about Davis coming out. Too slow, to undersized, no NBA skill set. He’s done pretty well I think.

    It’s obvious Danny thinks there’s better talent out there to help the teams front line by way of free agency.

    I wont say I agree with it, I think he shoulda grabbed Crawford, but I’m not going to start any “Kill Danny” band wagons because of it. Neither pick was going to be of huge impact right away, that’s why Danny wanted to trade out.

    I also seem to remember a guy named Rajon Rondo going 21st, who Danny was big on, and a whole lot of people saying “what a stupid pick, you just got Telfair, WTF are you doing Danny, you’re a moron!”

    That one seemed to work out pretty well, didn’t it?

  • lakershater13

    Davis was 6’9 and was over weight and just needed to work hard. Luke is 6’7 and will never be athletic.

    I remember what Danny has done in the past. Besides last year when we only had 58 Ainge has been spectacular on draft night. I just question if Danny is staying in boston. If not that explains his lack of effort tonight.

  • Adrian

    Whats going on… there most be a mistake. Their has to be a plan i think. Kg is going downhill Perkins will never be an offensive threat Big Baby is undersized so we get another undersized forward doesnt make sense. Rondo the best Pg defender so we get another good defender that cant shoot and is not even a Pg and undersized to play Sg. If am Kg, Allen, and Pierce i would be disappointed they need help. I think he has something planned because this makes no sense what so ever. F- Epic fail today

  • lakershater13

    This off season some teams need to do well with free agents:
    Knicks, Heat, Bulls, Nets. They didnt care about the draft. They cleared room for big ticket names.

    Other teams over the cap needed to improve by getting younger guys out of the draft. Teams were selling picks.
    Celtics cannot make a big splash in free agency no matter how you spin it. With the mid level we are not going to get Gay or Joe Johnson. Dont you think if gay signs a $6 mil contract that memphis would be excited to match such a cheap contract for such a good player. Gay is a restricted free agent. I was hoping that with the draft we would get guys other teams would at least want to trade for. After the draft we still have nobody to send in a sign and trade this off season.
    Here is the plan. We resign a few of our own guys, Get an average player with the mid level, and get crap like shelden with the league min after the mid level is gone.
    Neither of the guys we drafted can come in and produce right away. Bradley is a project that averaged 11ppg and 2apg in college.

    Celtics will be an average playoff team next year first or second round knock out.

    If the Cs didnt get impact players they had to at least get tradable assets. No one will trade for Bradley or Luke Haranugly.


    Avery Bradely. Is not as bad as everyone is suggesting. In fact, he’s quite the opposite. He was a number one recruit out of high school and was made less effective than he could have been in Texas. For one year, wait…hes only 19! Hes a great Athlete, great wingspan, great defender. Hes possibly the quickest guard in the draft. He can be an eventual Ray Allen replacement. And besides his dismal FT % HE CAN SHOOT. People keep saying he can’t. But yes he can. With his length and elevation, i also think he can play the two beside rondo. Big upside but can also produce now. Questions about his ability to play the point, i think he wont have to for a while.

    And HArangody….you never know. Like truly that is the only response…you never know. But like zach said he probably wont see a minute of action as a Celtic.

  • KY Celts fan

    yea, I’m not sure how this draft worked out either. I’ll root for ya, Bradley and Scal Jr., but I want to see some promise. Nothing spectacular, just some promise.

  • rob

    I want to believe danny has some master plan up his sleever but i don’t see this working out in anyway. This was a nice little “fuck you” to the team for their massive ego’s and lack of respect.

  • lakershater13
  • Shooter

    @idunno……hmmmm 54% from the line,you can’t spin that around WTF that’s as bad as Shaq.Wake up and smell Danny’s arse man 54% from the line, for a pg no matter how you look at it is PATHETIC.

  • Gerald

    @Jay P – you’re keeping my hopes high. i hope everything will go well. but now that Orlando has two power centers, how are we gonna defend them? Only Perkins can defend Howard.

  • Gerald

    i mean a power center and a power forward.

  • Jrmz

    I refuse to pass judgement until I see the guy get a chance to prove himself. The 2nd round has never been a gem mine. It has produced the occasional but at the 52nd pick, its like hoping the 7th and 8th round of the NFL draft gets you a superstar…Give the kid a break. He deserves a shot in the NBA after the work he put into his college career. He will get his shot to prove himself. If he flames out then so be it. As for Bradley, he has high upside and is an amazing athlete. His FT shooting needs work but he knows how to shoot that is for sure.

  • Sophomore

    Hard to understand this draft. A 19-year-old combo guard who needs to improve his passing and shooting? At a time when PG is the only position where we have a solid young player locked up? Hard to understand. Got to think the Cs believed he was much the best player on the board and that the others weren’t likely to contribute this year. Danny’s obviously got a much better track record than I do, so I’ll watch and wait.

  • An F- is too high a grade for this Celtics draft. Now, if they don’t resign RAllen & lose Pierce; Perkins sidelined til midseason and an injured & aging Garnett, I think we’re talking lottery selection next season…

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    Don’t watch college ball so can’t comment on talent. But totally thought their priority would be athleticism at the 4spot, then the 3spot. Sounds like thats not what happened at all.

    A combo guard is so against their actual needs that I can only hope they see special, specialness in this kid.

    And just when we finally get rid of scal…we’re stuck with another…

  • dslack

    I think that except for in very special circumstances it always makes sense to go for the best available player. Those few exceptions are if a team is right on the cusp of competing for a championship. It might make sense for Orlando to pass on a center, for instance, since they have a good starting and backup center and are clear title contenders. Are the Celtics just 1 piece away though? Despite how close they came this year, they only have 5 players under contract, 4 if Pierce opts out. Given that, they need help everywhere. So, I think if Ainge thought Bradley was the best available, then he made the right decision.

  • Perry

    Harangody is no doubt being groomed as Scal’s understudy…ha ha

    …a Bradley/Rondo back court presents some interesting concepts defensively

    mildly surprised they plan to keep him, but could use his salary in a sign and trade

    …guess this means Nate is out???

  • Jamie

    I’d love for a reporter to ask Danny why he took Bradley over James Anderson. Anderson seemed the much better and obvious fit to take Ray’s spot right away. How much is Bradley going to get on the floor as Rondo’s backup? 10 minutes a night?

  • Jeff

    What’s with the paranoid fantasies and lack of faith? Danny Ainge put together a team that won a championship and came within an injury each year of winning a couple more. He’s got a history of making good picks. He’s got a solid pipeline in the D-League. He’s not going to screw the Celtics with bad picks. He’s got some kind of plan. Unfortunately the plan may inevitably include a year or two of mediocrity or outright lousiness leading up to a lottery pick and a resurgence.

  • CG

    seriously – chill out people. It is already established that Danny and Doc know more than we do. You were all probably screaming at Danny for not blowing it up when the team limped home down the stretch of the regular season. Calm the eff down. They know what they are doing. Get this worked up over a late 2nd round pick is a little over the top.

    When I watched Harangody play, I was mildly surprised by his athleticism, not in the sense of measurables, but in the sense of less-appreciate attributes like strength, intuitive positioning, and balance. There is more to athleticism than leaping ability (see, Pierce, Paul). Rebounding are as much about strength and positioning as it is about size and leaping, especially for big guys banging bodies down low. I will say it – I like the pick.

  • NHBluesMan

    i’m excited about Bradley. If Ray Ray comes back, imagine how Bradley could grow being mentored by Ray Allen AND Rondo! He could become one of the best combo guards in the league! I also like to hear about his defense, and just do a youtube search of him for some highlights, the kid has hops.

    I feel like there isn’t much we can do with Harangody though… i mean, its like someone crossed Scal with Big Baby and gave them all the negative NBA traits from both… i’m guessing we won’t see him at all.

  • Perry


    Picks have little relevance on what will happen in the coming weeks. Doc was at Waltham the other day and a part of the draft last night. Maybe there’s a point to reading between the tea leaves. Maybe he is staying, and that’s the best start we can hope for in what will be unprecedented change this off season.

  • Jay P

    Ya gotta love all the doomsday “Lottery year next year” crap. People, you seriously need to relax.

    The off season just began, let’s just wait and see before you start declaring this team dead on arrival.

  • Jeff

    I really like the Bradley pick.
    The Celtics need to somehow become more of a fastbreak team, starting with the second unit while we still have our old semislow starters. There could be a lot of highlight reel plays in regular season games against teams with weak perimeter play, with TA, Rondo, and Bradley making steals or grabbing long rebounds (they all have mad hops) and flying down the court.
    And the kid is one of those good character guys the Celtics have had success with lately:

  • James

    wow…people really getting that upset over the #52 pick in the draft. and its not like the guy sucked in college he was a 3 time all american. notre dame hating isnt football exclusive i guess

  • Bradley is a SCORER!!!! Lets be honest, Ray-Ray looked old after he lit it up in game 3. I think that’s a major reason why we lost!

    Harangody is a hustler. Hustle beats skills never forget that!

    He will make noise at the next level!

  • Jamie

    Honestly at 52 what do you expect to get. Harangody at best will be the 10-12th guy on the roster so he won’t make an impact either way most likely. If they had picked someone else at 52 you know what, they would have been in the same spot too.

  • Jay P


    Great story, I tell ya, the more I read about the kid the more I like. He just exemplifies true Celtic grit, hard work, no quit never say die attitude.

    He has the kind of work ethic, and natural athletic talents that could make as much the steal of this draft as Rondo was in 2006.

    No, the pick addressed no immediate needs of the team, but I still think it was a great one. The kid just refuses to quit fighting, quit working, and just does not relent. I love it.

  • will

    wow, this guy has basketball smarts, has a great shot and is a hustler, so sick of experts who always say this guy or that guy has potiential but never lives up to it! remember they said bird would never make it in the NBA. sorry but Luke has talent, he needs some work, but can make solid contribiutions.

  • SMS

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