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Sam Amick, a former Kings beat guy, is a trusted NBA reporter, so I’d take this seriously (via FanHouse):

A league front-office source told FanHouse that the Celtics have been dangling center Kendrick Perkins and their No. 19 pick to teams with high lottery picks in attempt to add a dynamic young talent to their aging core. It’s a tough sell, considering Perkins is facing surgery as early as Friday after tearing his medial collateral ligament and partially tearing his posterior cruciate ligament in Game 6 of the NBA Finals.

I’d be shocked if a deal like this went down, only because Perk is injured and the C’s front-line depth is non-existent. Perhaps Ainge has one player—and one player only—for whom he’d do this deal, and given the state of the C’s, I’d guess that player is Cousins. The unpredictability surrounding what the Nets will do at No. 3 also throws a wrench into a deal like this—what if they decide at the last minute they want to draft (and keep) the player Ainge wants?

Another thing to remember: Perk is now an expiring contract.

In any case, we’ve now got reports that the C’s are looking to move up and down in the draft. Let’s just agree that the C’s are looking to move, OK?

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  • Jay P

    If it happens, it could go down as the move that ever saves, or dooms this team.

    Cousins has the talent to be a No. 1 pick, but there are just too many questions on his maturity and desire. Although watching the Draft preview last night, I found it interesting how he was questioning reporters interviewing him asking “What do I need to do to make it?” and wondering why people were questioning his desire (asked “Do they really see me that way?”) he apparently is taking some of it to heart. Maybe people are wrong about him… And a guy with talent like that, with the direction and leadership of Kevin Garnett and Clifford Ray to develop him… Wow, could be something special.

    I’m just going to have to say, In Danny We Trust.

    Let’s see what happens.

  • @JayP/all readers: The Cousins thing is just an educated guess on my part, based on the needs of the team, the availability of players, etc. I just can’t see Ainge angling for anyone else that high. Favors? Too raw (from what I read, since I barely watch college hoops), too unpredictable in terms of potential. Johnson? Maybe, but there are too many questions about whether he can really be a dynamic player in the NBA.

    Who else is there?

  • Jay P


    I hear ya, and I completely agree. I don’t see any other reason to trade up for anyone else.

    If Ainge sees something in Cousins that everyone else is missing, the move would make sense. His ability is well known, and he absolutely has the talent to be a force in the NBA. Ainge may be banking on the presence of Kevin Garnett mentoring Cousins to be what brings him around and allows him to reach his… absolutely ridiculously high ceiling. I just can’t see any other reason to trade Perk other than that.

  • Zain

    I understand it, but it seems so…ruthless, for lack of a better word.

    Somewhere, Dwight Howard is smiling is goofy smile at the prospect of finally being rid of his nemesis in Perkins.

  • Joel W

    I take this report at face value, but I think that Danny Ainge is sort of like Theo Epstein in this regard: everything is always on the table, and he’s always working the phones, to make the team better. It’s nice to know that our GM works hard and is always thinking outside the box, but I also always assume that any of the rumors will not become anything until they really start to fly.

  • BB’s Better Half

    I think perks gone as soon as Ainge feels hes got a decent offer. Hes been taking a beating for 7 years and hell be coming off a horrible injury. Theres no way ainge feels hes worth an extension after this contract is up anyway – perk probably would ask for 5 yrs starting at at least 8-9 million. Dallas has given out that type of money for less qualified centers 3 or 4 times in the last 6 years.

  • UC

    Just set up the peices for a Nowitzki acquisition.

  • Jay P

    Dirk doesn’t fix our rebounding problem, but he certainly would spread the floor nicely.

  • NHBluesMan

    i love Perk, but he’s only really good for his defense. As much as i’d hate to see him go, if we can get something for the benefit of the team out of it, then i’d say go for it.

    I know i’ve mentioned this before, but i really wish we still had Powe. He was a great energy guy, and my favorite Celtic of the ’08 season because of his back-story and the intensity and heart he brought to the court every time he played.

    I’m not counting on the Celtics to come out and dominate everyone, instead i’m mentally prepping myself for a repeat of this past year with alot of frustration, but hoping for a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Ainge has done great work with the draft in the past, lets just hope he keeps it up.

  • NHBluesMan

    i know its abit far-fetched… but could we get Bosh for a sign and trade of some kind?

  • lakershater13

    So the thunder probably wouldnt make this trade because perk is injured but anyone like the idea of…

    Perk, Pick 19, and pick 52 to the thunder for:

    Ibaka, picks 18, 21, 26.

    Ibaka did average 7.8 ppg, 6.5 rpg and 2 bpg in the play offs. The guy has a lot of upside and the celtics would have 3 first rounders to fill out the bench.

    On the idea of bosh… Celts could land him in a sign and trade if he is interested in coming here. Perk is not bynum but he is much less injury prone and throw in the celtics 19 pick and you could argue we have a better package to offer toronto than la.

  • mike

    one of differences between the lakers and celts this past finals was bynums ability to score consistenly in the paint, while perk’s game is developing nicely, he’s never going to be that explosive down low scorer….

  • mike

    i believe if bosh’s contract puts the c’s over the cap, you have to do a sign and trade…

    if pp opts out do the celts retain bird rights?

  • The Raptors don’t want anyone the Celtics have for a sign-and-trade.

    If PP opts out, I believe Boston keeps his Bird Rights.

    The Thunder will not deal Ibaka and three first round picks for Perkins, a first rounder and a second rounder. Come on.

  • sam

    Detroit and Utah are the lottery teams who would probably value Perk the most.

    I could see Perk/Sheed/#19 for Hamilton/#7 as something that might interest Detroit. They get out from Hamilton’s contract, and add the interior beef they’ve been missing in exchange for 12-spot drop.

    Boston gets a Ray Allen replacement/back-up and a chance at a lottery talent: Aminu, Davis, Patterson, Babbitt, Udoh, Aldrich, Henry, and a potential slider like Cousins or Monroe.

  • dslack

    Yes, Boston keeps Pierce’s Bird Rights. Oklahoma prefers Ibaka to Perk even aside from the injury. And I don’t see any way for the Celtics to get Nowitzki. Can’t sign him outright (no cap space). And have no one to trade for him.

  • Coolin

    I would love it if we could rid our team of Perkins. He never could get it. His offense was just tooooooo atrocious for this team and his passing was non existent. He truly thought that he was good on offense and that is where he was very, very wrong.
    As for being a big body and playing defense he could do that, but he has no vertical and that just isn’t good enough.
    Demarcus Cousins, Cole Aldrich or anyone for that matter would be greatly appreciated. Perkins will not get any better than he already is and that is not good enough for this team anymore.

  • dslack
  • Zack

    I don’t want to trade Perk. He is too important because he is our only true center who can guard Howard, Bynum and Gasol type players. What we need is an athletic shot blocking 4 with a little range (since this player would be a high draft pick that we don’t have, I’ll say the ability to develop some range).
    If we get rid of Perkins then any big center will eat us alive. I love KG but I want him guarding Odom type players, not trying to prevent Howard from feeding KG his ass. Perkins is worth it for the offense he doesn’t allow the other centers to get and the rebounds he prevents other centers from getting. A basket prevented is as good as a basket scored. Besides, do you want our offense to work through Perk or something? He can do put backs, that is all the C’s need out of a center with Ray Allen, KG and PP on the floor

  • Zack

    Terrifying. If somehow they kept Bynum then they could be on a 100 game winning streak by the end of next season.
    Anti Tommy point for Adande for being a jerk. He is like a homeless mans Sports Guy for LA.

  • dslack

    Keep in mind that Adande did pick the Celtics over the Lakers (in 6) in the Finals.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    I agree with Zack. Perk is a proven top notch post defender. We are talking in the very top of the league! Dwight is not going anywhere. Sheed is gone. Rooks don’t have a prayer vs Dwight. They don’t know the game & the refs NEVER give rooks any benefit of the doubt. Trading Perk would be a huge mistake.

  • robmercier00

    The only way I’d want to see Perk go is if we could get a center with defensive ability who can also score low post. The Celts haven’t had that in I don’t know how long.

    The downside right now is we have no real center (Scalabrine is listed as a center!), so trading Perk for another center will still leave them with only 1. They need to keep Perk and ADD a center, at least for now. If other players can be moved and we can get 2 centers for Perk and whoever else, then it makes sense.

  • BB’s Better Half


    dannys not gonna pay him what he wants after next year anyway.

  • Jay P


    Maybe, but you gotta get younger somehow, and Perk has no offensive potential. He’s been coached by Ray for 7 years now, and I think his offensive game has gotten worse.

    I’m willing to take on an average defensive center for a little offensive production rather than an elite defensive center for ZERO offensive production.

    If the Celtics can find a way to get a legitimate versatile Center in the likes of a Gasol type, that is athletic enough to be dangerous in the screen/roll with Rondo, and can score in the post, that tandem will be very, very dangerous, and you’re just never going to get that out of Perk, ever.

  • lakershater13

    I dont see paul being traded unless they get an extremely young star with a small contract in return. Paul is the best pg in the league and it will be tough for the owner to sell the team if paul is not there and they dont get another super star player in return.
    So im not worried about paul being a laker. If that does happen i dont see anyone beating them. Unless miami gets wade, lebron, and bosh. Then its a two team race for the title. I dont know who i would take in the finals if you have CP3, Kobe, and Gasol VS Lebron, Wade and Bosh. I know you would have extremely high ratings and you would have 2 teams challenge for 72 wins.

    So no one liked the perk to thunder idea. I agree it wasnt realistic but if anyone needs perk who needs him more than the thunder. They are a quality center away from being a real contender. Plus they were the best defensive team in the league and you add one of the best defensive centers to that team and they could be scary. So Ibaka and 3 picks is too much but Im sure once the thunder gm heard perk was available he called ainge to chat.

  • Josh A

    @ZACH, do you think the Celtics could offer Ray Allen in a sign-and-trade deal?

  • dslack

    You mean for Chris Paul? Or Chris Bosh? Either way, no way do New Orleans or Toronto want Ray in return for their franchise player.

  • Zack

    If I’m the Thunder then I would take that trade in a second without all of the draft picks. Perkins would give them exactly what they were lacking at the 5 spot, something they couldn’t get (at least not with as immediate returns as Perk) in the draft.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    @Jay P You are going way over the top on Perk. He avg’d 10ppg & shot 60% last season in 27.6min!!! His career #s are 6.4 ppg & 56% so he was getting better, not worse. I’d say the bigger problem for the Cs offense is taking WAY TOO MANY JUMP SHOTS & not going inside more. Perk hit 60% of his shots! He should have got the ball more. To go to extremes on guys & say they have no offense like that is not fair.

  • Josh A

    @dslack, I dont know. Think of something

  • Jay P


    He shot 60% because he never shoots past 5ft. He does not have a reliable hook, no drop step, and absolutely 0 turnaround.

    He gets points by accident only, when teams have to help off to cover shooters, or stop Rajon from driving, and he gets open looks.

    He has absolutely 0 ability to create anything offensively on his own, I’m not exaggerating that at all.

  • BB’s Better Half

    rasheed and 19 to NO for Posey and 11.

    book it.

  • Nobody is going to give substantial value for an injured Kendrick Perkins who may spend all of next season getting back to where he was in the first place. It doesn’t make any sense.

    Cousins? Are you kidding me? Even a healthy Perk doesn’t make that trade sensible. The GM that trades draft rights to Cousins for Perk and mid first round pick would be crucified by his fan base.

    And the Lakers aren’t going to break up a championship team to add a point guard over a true center.

    Chris Paul is just as injury prone the past two seasons as Bynum. There are plenty of alternatives to strengthening the point guard situation in LA which isn’t even crucial to a triangle offense.

    How many true centers are out there? There aren’t any.

    I think that if Toronto wanted to discuss a sign and trade for Bosh involving Bynum, that might be interesting particularly if Colangelo could be persuaded to put Jack into that deal as well.

    But other than that, Kupchak is working with tiny screwdrivers here, not sledge hammers.

  • @BB….Why would NO give up Posey and a higher pick for a near retiree with a bad back who’s a walking techncial foul and can’t contribute anything during the regular season?

    Do you really think that’s the best package available even assuming NO was looking to move Posey and the pick in the first place?

    Give me a break!

  • Yes, I think Ray could be a sign-and-trade piece. But I think Boston fans badly over-estimate what Boston could get in return. I’ve already floated a Ray for Beasley sign-and-trade (with miami filling the rest), and people here reacted as if I had suggested trading Ray for a jock strap.

    What, exactly, do you think is the market value for a 35-year-old shooting guard? Do you think you can get a young star for that player? Because you can’t.

  • BB’s Better Half

    @dave New orleans is in saving mode and trading by trading posey and downgrading picks will net them approx 8 million this year provided they buy out rasheed at 6mil.

  • Jay P


    BB’s right, and honestly, Posey has been a huge disappointment in NO. He declined quickly, and it’s very clear he cannot be a go to guy on a team, and excelled only as a role player.

    The deal actually isn’t terrible for NO, who will save some good money. I’m not so sure it’s great for Boston though, Posey is overpaid on that contract, he cashed in on the 08 championship and got a contract he doesn’t deserve. I think there are better back up swing men out there for less money.


    To a contending team who’s in “win now” mode, Ray still has some serious value. But you’re right in that, most teams which have the young talent we would want, aren’t contending teams, and wouldn’t be interested.

    Ray coming back to Boston makes the most sense, I don’t see any teams with the cap space available to grossly overpay him, and Boston can match what most other contending teams would probably pay, and Ray would probably even take a discount if it only came down to a 1-3 million difference.

    Only way he leaves is if there’s a high cap room team out there who will throw him 15 million, and I just don’t see that happening.

  • Josh A

    @Zach, I know we could not add alot of young talent to this team with a sign-and-trade. Could you see them trading him for Ellis.

  • rob

    rumor has it that ellis is packaged with number 6 pick. The only problem is that the kings have the number 5 and they’re looking to draft cousins but if ainge could manage to trade for ellis and eventually cousins trading perk and maybe just maybe ray i’d be happy with that

  • Josh A

    What is the ellis rumor all about

  • rob

    @josh a

    warriors think that ellis is to reckless to be on that team. Also their looking to build around curry which is sure to be successful. But I live in the bay area and watch these warriors and yes they are entertaining but there also kind of a joke. But i think if you can trade for ellis and get cousins that’s a successful off season in itself and of course some new bigs and backups for ray and paul and if we can pull it off a backup for rajon

  • Cptn Bubbles

    @Jay P You do not shoot 60% by accident. That is near the best in the league! We need a guy who wants to shoot from 5′ & in & who will get garbage points because everyone else is shooting jumpers. When both of your forwards want to shoot jumpers all the time you better hope that you have a center who plays inside. Perk did create some shots going one on one this year. I distinctly remember being amazed at him scoring against Dwight—no one else wanted to post up. You are right that he does need more post moves, but zero offensive production = zero points per game.

  • BB’s Better Half

    cant believe we lost game 7.

    if the warriors believe ellis is reckless, the guy must be toxic. no thanks.

  • @BB…I’ll say again, there are plenty of teams that can help NO shed some dollars by taking Posey off their hands but at the same time give back a higher value package than Sheed who at this stage, has practically no value at all.

  • Josh A

    @Rob , well i know that but are the celtics getting Ellis.. what would they give up for him

  • Jay P

    I’m not a fan of Ellis, I don’t see him falling into line behind Rondo. He’s a head case who takes stupid shots far too often. He’s good enough that some of them still go on, but that doesn’t justify it.

    Of course, the exact same was said about Nate last year, who apparently bought into the system and was a great presence off the bench, and even learned to play defense (honestly, if anything he was too tentative, I remember times yelling at the screen SHOOT NATE when he would pass up shots… which I never would have guessed would have happened.)

    So in the right system, maybe he buys in, it could happen I guess. But I have my doubts its worth it.

  • Coolin

    @ Zach: If we could get Beasley for Ray Allen and didn’t do it, I would stop being a fan of the Celtics. That would be one of the top 5 dumbest moves this franchise would have ever done. Also, I would take Cole Aldrich if Cousins wasn’t available. I think Cole could be every bit as good as Cousins and better with the right team.

  • I love Green

    Oh fuck no. Hell no. Never! Perkins is our main guy on defense. He never needs any help on the block, and is our big, mean presence in the paint.

    Cousins may have more of an offensive game, but nobody defends big men like the Perkdog.

  • Ray Leighton

    @Zach, Coolin, Bubbles, DSLack, Green etc. — I’ve said this before, but as much as I like Perk for his work effort and toughness, his play was truly mediocre this past year — and that includes on defense. Perk dropped to something like 17th in the league among centers (from sixth the previous year) in points allowed by the opposing position on the floor. In that regard, he was our worst defender. Perk is solid against “force” guys like Dwight, but he was awful against any “finesse” center (Bogut, Lee, Horford etc.). And truthfully, Dwight still put up 30 on him in some games. An injured Bynum did pretty well against him. On offense, Perk has the worst hands rating of any starter in the playoffs; his 60% shooting doesn’t compensate for turning the ball over every 5th or 6th possession (btw, we do NOT want Haywood — he’s Perk’s major competition for turnovers), and turnovers killed us this year.

    I would be inclined to keep Perk if possible, because I think that the potential is there, and I suspect injuries bothered his defense — but he MUST be taught not to shuffle his feet, to go up strong when he gets the ball, to have his hands up before the pass, and he needs to learn to shoot free-throws — a beast like Perk is strong enough to get to the line a lot. In some respects, Perk might be an example of why not to draft someone out of high-school, because all of those things would have been more ingrained in him in college. What bothers me about Perk is that he has Clifford and KG as coaches, and yet after this many years, he still hasn’t really learned how to get the ball securely and power up.

    So although I would like to keep him, if the right deal were there, we need to let him go. The big problem is that none of the bigs in the draft are going to be ready — Favors is more athletic and an absolute rebounding machine and I would probably want him before Cousins, but both of them would be huge projects on offense and not ready to start this coming year on a contending team. We have a project in Perk, does it make sense to give up that investment and start over with another project? So I don’t think that the draft solves this problem. If we give up Perk, we need to get a starting center in return.

    On a side note, Toronto would have to be completely stupid to agree to a signandtrade for Bosh for Bynum — in a couple of years, Bynum will be that typical always-injured journeyman center who comes off the bench. Bynum is slow already; the injury will make it worse.

  • Ray Leighton

    @Zach — OKC and Miami would both want Ray. OKC is one true outside shooter from being a serious contender. Ray’s offense works best when there is another threat on the court and with Durant, Ray would get a ton of open shots. Not to mention that OKC would love to have a vet on a team of kids, especially when that vet has a reputation of being almost a father-figure to younger players. I really, really want Ray back here in Boston, and I suspect that Ray will be more likely to take the pay cut and stay than Paul will, but if OKC/Miami offers us a sign-and-trade, we might have to take it for the simple reason that they could put an offer down for Ray that we probably wouldn’t match anyway, and then we get nothing. If OKC or Miami offers Ray three years, do we match? I would be inclined to do so, but Danny might not. Since OKC just got Cook…. maybe Ray and our draft pick for Green and either Hardin or Sefolosha. I doubt OKC would bite, but it would be a starting point. If Miami wants a sign-and-trade then we have to get Udonis or Beasley.

    But I’d rather keep Ray.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    they want to trade perk now cause he isn’t going to get near max money next year….and he probably wants it. he is not worth it. he will not the leader of a championship frontcourt….but will probably get that money (from someone). danny was probably thinking about trading him this offseason for a while…..and the knee injury probably messed with that plan.

    cousins is the next derrick coleman. i would not touch him. i’d be open to other offers for perk though….