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The latest scoop comes from Mark Murphy of the Herald getting a quote out of Mr. Ainge himself regarding the team’s draft plans:

“We’re not trying to move up,” said the Celtics president of basketball operations, seemingly putting to rest a prevalent rumor that the team was attempting to package the 19th pick and Kendrick Perkins in an attempt to move into lottery range.

Instead, Ainge said, he is open to either moving down in the draft or out altogether – the latter option a move that could save them a scintilla of money for a veteran free agent.

Another league official, asked about the Perkins rumor, quashed the possibility, saying that it’s simply too difficult to move an injured player who is about to have surgery. A team spokesman said that the Celtics center could have surgery as early as tomorrow to repair a torn medial collateral ligament and posterior cruciate ligament in his right knee.

A couple thoughts on this development, after the jumpZach covered the Perkins rumor this morning, noting it didn’t pass the smell test, so glad to see Danny straightened that out here.

The thing that catches my eye here though, is Danny considering moving out of this draft altogether. On the surface, this would make very little sense, given how few players the Celtics already have returning next year. However, it also opens up the possibility that Ainge may be serious about blowing this team up. The team COULD have some cap room, but a lot of stuff has to go down to make it happen. Sheed has to retire, and we Celtics fans would have to say goodbye to Ray Allen AND Paul Pierce. Then, and only then would the C’s have some real cap room to play with.

Still, I see this scenario as VERY VERY unlikely. It may be the fiscally sound move, but won’t make a Boston fanbase happy to see so many crucial components disappear after the team came up just four points short of Banner 18. If Paul is opting out, and him and Ray are looking for a monster payday, it may force Ainge to play this hand. You can bet he doesn’t want to though.

So pay very close attention to Danny’s moves tonight. He needs a couple diamonds in the rough in the mold of Leon Powe, Ryan Gomes or Glen Davis of the world if he still wants to contend this year. If he is dealing out of this draft, unless he gets a return of some guys that can help now, it might be start of some much bigger changes for this team in the next few weeks.

That’s something I don’t want to see, but Danny has shown he isn’t afraid to be bold if he has to be.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • Jay P

    3 hours to go…

  • Cptn Bubbles

    Key word & word of the day…


    Meanwhile da bulls just traded Hinrich & 17th pick to the Wiz for …..undisclosed, not immediately clear

  • dslack

    I thought Washington was blowing it up for cap space. What are they doing taking on Hinrich’s contract?

  • Cas

    Fans who don´t want to let go of their faorite plaers just because the became emotionally attahed to them.seem to be very selfish to me.

    If it´s the smart move, it´s the smart move, period.

    I rather see Pierce go than to suffer through a 5-year rebuild again

  • mike

    i’d rather take my chances with the big 4, perk, baby, the 19th pick and what ever pieces danny can get than blowing it up this year…

  • mike

    what about taking a flyer (vet minimum) on a knucklehead like sean williams

  • mike

    n/m after looking at his rebounding, no sense in taking the chance

  • Matt

    Sign Ray for two year, if he wants max money then he really doesn’t care about winning, only a pay day. Same thing with Pierce. If Ray stays, get Jordan Crawford. He’s a great young player to succeed Ray once his next contract is up. If Pierce opts out let him. We can use the extra dough to pick up a Joe Johnson or Andre Iggy and a mid-level if Ainge does some trades (i.e. Quis). Pacer’s are still shopping # 10 and Ainge and Bird have a good relationship. Ship Pierce to Pacers for Danny Granger and #10. If Ainge trades out of draft we need to start looking for a new GM. At some point we need to invest time into developing a player and this draft is full of SG’s and Fowards.

  • Jeff

    What about Hakim Warrick?

    He played last year for only $3 mil playing an average of 20 mins and getting 9.6 ppg and 4.1 rpg. That’d be worth $2.5 – $3 mil of the MLE or spare cap depending on other situations.

    If Ray and PP won’t play ball though, I think you go for Bosh or JJ, and try to get Gay. We could dump Sheed’s money and that would give us $21 mil and we could use PP and Ray in a 3 way trade to try and send some other guys to Toronto or MEM in return to sign those guys and give them the money.

    Then use MLE along with vet’s min and make one more run with KG and then try to get someone through the draft, and rebuild with FA next year too.

    I’m tired of all this BS from LA people that we are DONE in some way.

    Even if PP and Ray want to leave, we can still sign and trade to another team to get something out of it and there’s no way PP leaves Boston high and dry. We would be able to at least get one Max deal and multiple other decent players to run with. Rondo and KG would still be enough to be in contention along with JJ, Gay, Bosh, or other guys who would be cheaper, Red, Outlaw, Lee, Salmons.

    We have options, and last I checked that’s all Danny needs.

  • Jay P


    Dude… seriously?

    Indiana would be crazy to trade Pierce and Granger straight up, nevermind Granger AND #10.

    Hell, if I thought the Pacers would take Pierce for Granger straight up, just on his expiring deal, I’d say sign and trade him and ship Paul out, Granger is an incredible young talent.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    @Brian …..you quoted….

    “We’re Not Trying To Move Up”

    Is that in a literal & figurative sense?

  • T

    How about a sign and trade with Ray Allen and #19 for Eric Gordon and the Clippers #8? Gordon is a young proven scorer, #8 will allow us to get a quality big or a backup wing (gordon Hayward?). Hell, Sterling is such a dufus that we might even get him to throw in the #54 as well and we can try to swing for onw of those powe/davis/gomes type to take the 9 or 10 spot on the roster

  • Shooter

    I’m officially scared of Chicago now that they have enough cap room to sign 2 max FAs.Add Thibs to that equation and you’re looking at a a very legitimate contender for years.
    I doubt Patterson is there at 19 but if he is TAKE HIM.He’s a guy who can contribute immediately.Aminu won’t be there either.
    I’m saying we have to take Whiteside if we keep our pick.
    My sleeper……….Stanley Robinson.
    1 hour 10 minutes to go……come on Danny get some Red in ya.

  • Shooter

    Miami also looking to acquire 2 max FAs………..in addition to Wade……..scary but exciting.There could be BIG 3s all over the place.

  • I love Green

    I just have this feeling Danny will do something tonight incredibly bold.

  • UC

    I think we need to keep our excitement in check for tonight. I have a feeling the big news will come after the holiday weekend…..

  • Matt

    @ Jeff
    Highly theoritical trade. Obviously I’m no GM nor are you. I say Hibbert Granger for Perk PP and #19

  • Jeff

    @ Matt:

    I agree, but anything can happen.

    Who knows, we could simply be a facilitator in a trade for 2 other teams and come out with a decent piece or two.

    I think the most likely scenarios are we: trade down to get a couple of guys who Danny feels are just as good but latter, or trade out for a player with a team that has no first round, or facilitate a trade with other teams, or pull a trade with a team Danny has ties with ie PHX or Larry in IND.

    Too bad Kevin isn’t in MN anymore, we might have had a shot of getting back Big Al. I wonder what they’d want for him now?

    That’d be an all time fleecing! Worthy of Red status!
    Trade a 20-10 guy for HOF KG, win a title, then get him back 3 years latter for something worthless LOL!

    We could send them Davis, Sheed, $$$ and our first for their 28th pick and Big Al. Then we could use that pick on a big or wing and the 2nd rounder on another wing or big, and get a G like Foye with MLE money.

    I would definitely be for going after Foye because I think the kid has great skill and has just been on bad teams. If Doc comes back he could turn Foye around, and he’s lights out from 3 land.

  • I love Green

    Wow the Nets took Favors over Wes Johnson, and Cousins.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    love the hub, but couldn’t disagree more with this article. if ainge was blowing it up, he would be keeping the pick or moving up.

    the 19th pick won’t help this team next year. they need someone with a couple years under their belt, and can fill out the roster or stash a euro with the 2nd rounders.

    danny is gearing up for one last run next year. expect the team to improve.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    d cousins = d coleman

  • Shooter

    Interesting since the Nets still have all that cap room to fill the 4 with a vet.

  • I love Green

    Looks like Sheed is officially retired.

  • Zain

    Yep. Forsberg reported as such right after the Warriors draft pick.

  • I love Green

    Noooo!!! I wanted us to get Hayward! Damn it

  • I love Green

    Pat Patterson, and Ed Davis could fall to the C’s. Im excited

  • I love Green

    Well, looks like I jinxed that.

  • I love Green

    Damn there goes Sanders.