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The news comes from Andy Katz, that Danny Ainge may be shopping the Celtics No. 19 pick in the NBA Draft tomorrow night. Here’s the report:

According to a source close to Boston Celtics general manager Danny Ainge, the Celtics have put their first-round pick in the NBA draft — No. 19 overall — on the market Wednesday, looking for a suitor.

Ainge hasn’t been enamored with anyone at the spot, according to the source, and is willing to get a return of a future pick.

CH’s Take: In a draft as deep as this, with the Celtics having a large number of holes to fill, this can’t come as a complete surprise. There are plenty of teams with multiple draft picks at the end of the 1st round and the beginning of the 2nd round, so it’s conceivable that Ainge could be looking for additional bodies to help fill out the roster for next year, if he believes he can get value for the 19th pick.

Katz says the source speculates Ainge is willing to get a return of a future pick, but I doubt that development highly, unless its a very appealing deal/the deal brings the Celtics additional players now. The C’s likely have just five players under contract now (assuming Sheed retires) so seeing Ainge trade the 19th pick without getting a return pick for this year makes very little sense if this team hopes to compete next year for a Championship.

Boston needs bodies, ones that can help right now. Ainge has been very adept at beginning up big men of this nature in the 2nd round of past drafts (Leon Powe, Ryan Gomes, Glen Davis) so perhaps Danny is considering dealing down for value, to pile up some additional help which he believes is just as useful as the prospects he has waiting for him at 19.

What say you guys on this development? Should Ainge deal the pick for more draft picks in the 20-45 range? Trade it for a future pick or package it in a bigger deal? There a plenty of needs to be addressed, so Danny will undoubtedly be exploring every avenue come Thursday night.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • Brett

    We have six guys signed for next year including Rasheed. Even if we sign Ray, TA, and Nate, we still need six new bodies to fill out the roster. If we continue to sign aging veterans for a year or two at a time, we lose continuity and at some point we will have no talent pipeline. We will fall off a cliff and at that point we may as well hire Pitino back.

    We need good young players. With six guys under contract for next year, we have the best Big Man coach in the league in Clifford Ray, a HUGE need for more bigs, and we have the opportunity in a draft deep with BIG MEN in which many teams are motivated to sell picks (i.e. a BUYER’S market), and we are actually considering SELLING our highest first round pick in years? Insanity. Freakin’ insanity. If ever there was a more obvious occassion to buy picks, draft 2-3 big men in the middle of round one, have Clifford Ray/KG mentor the young ones as they are thrown out there to begin the season subbing for Perk, I do not remember it.

    The only plausible explanation for this rationale is if Doc simply does not have the patience to mentor young guys (which clearly takes something out of him) and eschewing rookies in favor of signing vets is an attempt to placate Doc and get him back. Otherwise, totally indefensible. And even if this is the rationale, totally indefensible.

    Please say it ain’t so Danny. A year from now the 2-3 bigs you could draft will be just as productive come playoff time as J. O’Neal or Shaq or Z or any other washed-up vet that would come here for the MLE. Do the sensible thing. You don’t build dynasties without infusing the team with young talent. Take advantage of the market opportunity. Just like Red would.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    Not sure about the 19th pick….but
    CDR for a 2nd round pick. Now thats value. And he would have fit nice with the Cs….

  • Dave

    I thought teams were dumping 1st round picks to retain cap space and loading up on 2nd rounders who lack a cap hit this year. Seems like bargain prices are for the buyers not the sellers when it comes to 2010 first rounders.

    I have 0 interest in college ball, so I can’t comment on the draft class.

  • CDR is a ball hog.

    There are teams willing to give up their first-rounders for cash in order to avoid paying a 1st round salary. Miami, right above Boston, is reportedly trying to do that. Indy may do that if they can’t find a guy they like at #10.

    My best guess is that Boston either keeps the pick or moves up. They need a young contributor now, badly.

  • Josh A

    Rumor is Joe Johnson in the free agent class. How would that sound?

  • Thats not a bad deal at all, I always thought Joe Johnson would be a tight fit for the Celtics!!! It would be nice to pick up Free Agent J.J. Reddick with him as well with some young and Fresh Big Guys form the Draft!!! I see Championship!!! Boston Definetely needs more shooters first and size second!!!

  • Jeff

    Just a crazy thought here…

    The Warriors were looking to dump cap and were rumored to have issues with the Curry/Ellis backcourt and were looking to deal Ellis.

    Could the C’s possibly send, Sheed’s contract, Davis, and their 19th and 52nd pick for Ellis?

    It would seem to work, math wise!
    Sheed $6.3 next year + Davis $3 + Draft picks $2 = $11.3.
    Nelly might like the rebuilding opportunities with the picks, an energy big in Davis, and cap savings from Sheed, while dumping Ellis’ salary and eliminating backcourt issues! Seems like they are cleaning house right now.
    Monta would bring the scoring we need. If PP does opt, we would still be able to resign him for $15-16 per year, and that would leave us around $13 mil in cap before resigning PP. Use that to go after Haywood, and then resign Ray to $8-9 per year and use the full MLE on a guy like Outlaw or split between a couple guys like MIller and Barnes.
    Resign TA at around $2-3 and go for a vets min on Ben Wallace and Shaun Livingston!

    Unlike the whole Rudy Gay situation, this actually could work! If the Warriors are in fact looking to move Ellis while getting value in Picks, Players and Savings. It’s less of a rip off, by far, than the Gasoft deal!

    Although I’m not sure about the whole cap situation as far as PP opting out.

    Does anyone know if we can go over the cap to keep him, and Ray and TA if we have their Bird Rights? Which I’m assuming we have all of theirs.

    Right now we have 5 commited contracts if PP opts out.
    Rondo – $9
    KG – $18.8
    Perk – $4.3
    Davis – $3
    Sheed – $6.3
    So if we trade Sheed’s and Davis with our 2 picks that would equal (I’m not sure if the rookie salaries would count in the trade but I’m assuming) around $11 and would net us Ellis.

    Then it’s:
    Rondo – $9
    Ellis – $11
    KG – $18.8
    Perk – $4.3
    Which would leave us with a total of $43.1 and room to pursue other FA’s while still resigning our own.

    If I’m wrong on this can someone please correct me?

    Maybe this is just a pipe dream scenario but I think the math adds up. I’m utterly optomistic though.

    Brian? Zach? Any insight?

  • lakershater13

    I can see trading the 19th pick for picks 25 and 28. I like Whiteside and they are saying he may fall as far as 25. If Ainge was interested in him he may trade back to get him and pick up another player who could contribute. If they dont trade the pick for extra picks you may see them trade the pick for a quality role player. If we can get a solid role player for our pick we can then use the mid level to get another player.

  • Draft picks cannot be used to make salaries match in trades. Also: Ellis is overrated.

  • mike

    i wouldn’t mind seeing pat patterson in celtic green if he get down that far….

  • Jeff

    @ Zach
    I wouldn’t disagree that Ellis is not what he seems on the defensively challenged Warriors but he wouldn’t be bad. It would provide insurance if Ray leaves, his contract is good for 3 more years, he can play PG and SG, and could run the break with Rondo!

    And he can definitely score. Danny was exploring trades for him with Rondo and Ray I heard.

    Do you not think he’d work?

  • Cptn Bubbles

    Totally agree with Brett. To sell it for money would be insane when you are so tantalizingly close to your ultimate goal. To trade down A LITTLE & pick up another pick would be ok. Starting to wonder about Boston’s finances….

    Danny told espn.com TODAY that he told Doc to take his time……..that means Doc is leaning toward leaving. You wouldn’t say, Doc, take your time if Doc said, I’m coming back.

    Doc should wait. If the Cs sell the pick for money or trade it for future picks then Doc should retire because they are not aggressively building this team for NOW. If they are lacking in money or getting stingy & looking to just sit back & wing it then Doc should get out now & go watch his kids. If you want to be the best then you have to be aggressive & do everything you can to make it happen NOW.

    Now, we get to see if Mr. Moneybags is gonna put his $ where his mouth is. The Nyets should be buying up these picks. It’s almost like buying a lottery ticket, but the Russian has very deep pockets, the deepest. He can afford to gamble all over the place. If he is a big spender then this will be a very fun time for Nyet fans.

    Supposedly, the lake only want to resign Fish letting Farmar go & maybe even Brown. If Phil leaves & Walton gets major back surgery they will be changing more & more. Heard that Kobe wants them to grab Raja Bell. Kobe is really becoming more & more defensive minded, very smart.

    The deer are really the front runners right now on change getting Maggette & CDR. Not sure about CDR but I love to watch all this changes.

    Danny could be going after vets with the pick which would be ok because we are zero for three in our last 3 picks. Why not go after somebody proven????

  • zebulon

    If only people understood the salary cap – just because we don’t have a contract on the books doesn’t mean we have available cap space. If Paul opts out of his contract, we still have his cap hold, which will be approximately a max salary. If we renounce ray in order to get his cap space to sign someone else, we are renouncing his bird rights (and thus the right to sign him for anything other than the MLE or the veterans minimum – neither of which is going to happen). There are no real scenarios where we can sign a free-agent for more than the MLE that also involve paul and ray on next year’s team.

    Also, Monta averaged more than four turnovers a game, can’t shoot threes, and only drives right. He can’t guard the 1, 2, or 3, and trading baby and sheed for him would leave us with exactly one healthy frontcourt player at the start of next year, who happens to have only one knee (KG).

  • Cptn Bubbles

    @zeb good points

  • zebulon

    On the other hand, trading our pick wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world – but it needs to be either up or down in the first round. As it presently stands, we would be reaching a little to get whiteside or alabi with the 19th, and both hayward and babbit should be gone. So moving back and getting a big body (honestly, absolutely anyone with a little length, or upside, or defense, or anything that isn’t sheldan williams shaped) along with a pick, or forward for a few hundred thousand would both be great ideas.

  • Josh A

    @Zach. Really? I think Ellis would be great for us. A young scorer who we have not had since, well, Pierce was young. But I still like Joe Johnson. If he really wants to win a champ, then come to the Celtics. Perfect speed fit with Rajon Rondo. We could also pick up Rudy Gay. Who do you guys think would be a good fit. BTW: Not LeBron

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    i don’t see how a 19th pick will help the Cs if they keep it together and decide to take another shot at it this year. better to trade up or down….or try and get someone with a few years under their belt via MLE….or replace pierce with a younger star.

    don’t like monte or joe johnson or reddick. i’ll keep pierce over any of those guys.

    @zach. cdr was a black hole, but look at his team….with vets breathing on him, it would be different. skiles will get a lot more out of both cdr and maggette. bucks are legit now.

    @dave. agree, college ball sux. can’t comment on the draft picks at all.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    the more i think about it….the more i think the Cs only have 3 ways to improve….

    1) use draft picks and odds&ends to get an athletic PF around the MLE + keep/sign everyone including ray & truth

    2) swap pierce (plus odds/ends) for a younger star SF + keep/sign everyone else

    3) do something MAJOR & SHOCKING that none of us could ever predict because the conversations would be top secret and insane (ex. swapping rondo for chris paul, Perk for Boozer, sign&trades with ray or pierce, etc)

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    @Josh A: monte and rondo are too small together. and both like/need to have the ball in their hands. rondo needs someone bigger who can play off the ball (and hit 3s). ray is actually the perfect fit for him.

    i think the Cs need to focus on PF and/or SF instead.

  • @josh….you need to see zebulon’s comments just above yours.

    The Celtics current payroll doesn’t permit them the flexibility to look at expensive FA alternatives like Gay or Joe Johnson without saying goodbye to Pierce and Allen.

    They’re going to be handcuffed with only the MLE portion of FA dollars or the draft to use to improve the talent situation this year.

    Danny would be well advised to put the Celtics on a two year plan for revival of the major star power players with the tipping point being KG’s contract expiration year after next.

    Until then hold down the fort and hope for the best.

  • Jay P

    If Paul or Ray want more than 2 years, I would let them go, and start rebuilding for the future.

    If they’ll stay for 2 years at reasonable money, then we’re still title contenders through 2011, add a couple pieces in Draft/Vet minimum to give the team depth, and as Dave said, hold down the fort and hope for the best.

    The team will be good enough to have a chance at the finals, that’s all we can ask for really.

    But if Paul and Ray have demands past 2 (maybe 3) years, which would then lock up any flexibility the team has to rebuild in 2011 when KG is done, then blow it up, free the cap, draft young projects, and get ready for the lottery, build around Rondo and make the team a contender again by 2012.

  • Jeff

    So if PP does opt and resigns with the C’s for less, but say the C’s don’t give Ray what he wants or they decide to go younger, who would be the ideal fit for the C’s at SG?

    Everyone keeps bringing up JJ but look where he was in the playoffs! Do we just dismiss as an aberation?

    Are we better going for a guy like Gay who can play SG and SF and then trying to use the MLE on Outlaw to have a reliable backup to Gay and PP?

    Who would we get for frontcourt without a MLE? Would Ben Wallace come for vet’s min?

    Which would be the better option, go higher in the draft by surrendering future picks to get an impact big, or trading this years 1st and next years to get someone now like Big Al or Love, or try to use the MLE on someone like Haywood?

    All of them seem to have their advantages and disadvantages.

    We keep hearing about teams wanting to sell their picks, but who other than Charlotte is in the market for a first and what could be offered?

    Chandler or Thomas would be intriguing but definitely only short term answers. Maybe Nazr Mohammed? Or Borris Diaw?

    What about Okafor? Would the Hornets consider dumping him to save cap? and keep from sending Paul anywhere?

    Would he work for Boston, despite the rep and his obscene contract?

    What do you think Zach?

    Any of these guys possibilities, or do they not fit?

  • Dan

    Perhaps we could trade the 19th pick and Sheed’s contract for Chris Paul and the Hornet’s second rounder?

  • Perry

    @Josh – JJ is a max contract. Pierce will not be leaving $21m on the table. It would be financial suicide in this market. So there is now way to sign him. Gay is restricted, and will demand higher than the MLE. Chances are Chris Wallace tries to lock him up this year.

    @zeb – Even with Ray and Sheed’s contract off the books the Celts remain over the cap, but have not exceeded the luxury threshold. The good news is they qualify for the MLE.

    There is a chance they could work a sign and trade if Ray is offered wild money or more than two years or a combination of both. Keep your eye on the Knicks and Nets. The problem is NJ has no one of trade value (Lopez/Harris are not going anywhere). NY has David Lee (unrestricted – $7m last year). If Boston is ready to pay Ray $10m for 2 years, it might be worth looking at a 20/10 guy if the Knicks lose interest in Lee.

    @Zach – Agree on CDR. He’s what we called in the old days a ‘chucker’. Funny how Maggette, the marquee free agent for GS in 08′, was expendable. He scores, but it didn’t help his team make the playoffs.

  • Brett


    You must give up salary to take on salary when over the cap. Who are you trading to get Chandler,Thomas, Okafor, et al? Garnett? Rondo? They are the only people under contract (if PP opts out) with matching salaries. Clearly, these options move us backwards.

    And, you can’t trade draft picks for vets with salary if you are over the cap, so we can’t just throw picks at NO for Okafor. And his contract is a bigger albatross than KG’s.

    As far as SG, I think that Rudy Fernandez would be a great fit now and in the future as Ray’s replacement. That would be a trade in which I could get behind trading the # 19 pick along with some filler (Sheed, Nate or TA in a sign-and-trade) to make happen. I would even trade Baby if we got a pick back rather than give one up.

    Rudy is young, athletic, and can shoot the three. Perfect for half-court spacing (he can drive or shoot the three) and for running along with Rondo. Has better defensive potential at his age than Ray as well. So in the post-KG era we would retain some youth and athleticism at the 1,2, and possibly 4 and 5. Knicks in on Rudy and I like their thinking. He’s been screwed by rotation nonsense and Roy’s ball monopoly.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    The Heat just traded the 18th pick to the Thunder along with Daequan Cook. The Heat having been looking to get rid of Cook & Beasley. I remember when Daequan won the 3pt shooting contest at the all star game, & everyone remembers Beasley being considered as the #1 pick/went #2……I thought Beasley would be really good in the nba. Maybe a change of scenery will help him….but where???

    It’s fascinating to see how all this goes.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    I know the Heat are freeing up space, but if all you have is D Wade & Bosh or D Wade & Amare, what good is that??????

  • Cptn Bubbles

    I’d rather have Mike Miller over Rudy, but Rudy might be cheap…

  • Junior

    First we will not get Rudy Gay. I wish we could but we cant offer him the money and we have nothing to offer for him that Memphis would want. I do believe Reddick would be a good fit but I see him staying with Orlando. I say buy as many picks as we can. I think building with youth is the way to go. After watching the finals we look real old and I dont see how we can keep adding aging vets for the MLE. I say let Allen go and get some young big men in the draft and some cheap wings to play until the real rebuild starts.

  • Jeff

    @ Brett:

    Actually Chandler has an ETO and so does Nazr. Thomas is a RFA, and we also have Davis and Sheed’s essentially expiring deal that can be bought out to save some cash.

    I’m not for blowing it up in any way because I think if we supplement with some guys we can still win. But the lack of front court depth is an issue.

    We must get a big to hold it down till Perk is back and provide depth after that.

    All I’m trying to outline is, if Ray is out of reach by his own doing or that of the C’s, if PP opts out, we still maintain his rights to resign him at max. If we surrender the rights to Ray and let him walk, we would have:
    Rondo $9 mil
    KG $18.8 mil
    Perk $4.3 mil
    Davis $3 mil
    Sheed $6.3 mil
    That’s $41.4 mil before signing PP, which leaves us with $14.7 mil to offer a FA like Gay in place of Ray. We would then still maintain the right to resign PP at Max for 2-3 years and supplement with vet’s min, and MLE, while possibly pulling a trade for either or both Sheed’s and Davis’ contract, or flat out buy out Sheed and have extra cap since the total buyout would be split between the 2 remaining years of his contract. Say they offer $4 mil, that would give the C’s $4.3 mil in cap back this year to pursue another player, and still do a trade midseason with Davis’ expiring deal.

    And that would be without trading their first rounder in the draft which may be used on a wing or big.

    The C’s could have a lot of options….but it all depends on PP and Allen.

    They could be better and younger, than last year if the cards fall right.

    Imagine if PP opts out, they don’t resign Ray, they sign Gay, buyout Sheed and sign Haywood with the $4-5 they save, give the MLE to Outlaw or part to Miller, get Ben Wallace and Livingston on Vet’s min and maybe a piece of the MLE on Barnes if Miller comes for less than the full.

    Or PP opts out they sign Gay, PP takes a 2-3 year deal, Ray takes MLE for 2-3 and becomes the 6th man. Buyout Sheed and use savings to sign Haywood. Wallace and Livingston on Vet’s min, with midseason trade still available for Davis’ expiring deal. And still have a draft pick this year.

    It’s all about how much Ray and PP want a ring or how much they want more $$$.

    If they want to win and put that loss behind them, while becoming counted with the greats, they do the TEAM thing and take the pay cut.

  • Zain

    Ainge reports that Ray returning is the most likely scenario..

    Source: ESPN Boston

  • Jay P

    This completely eluded me, but the Celtics drafted a 7 fter in 2008, the top prospect out of Turkey.

    It shocks me no one else has mentioned this. Semih Erden. Reading his draft profile from 2008 he is a super high ceiling guy. Very athletic, long, can move for a 7fter, good hands. Very inconsistent, and there are a lot of questions about his maturity and desire (his “motor” as scouts would say.)

    Obviously not a sure thing, and there’s a reason he went 60th overall. But still, if Ainge thinks he can get this guy in a Celtics uniform next year, well, I think he has just as much potential (and just as many questions) as any other big man they’ll draft at 19, so trading that pick away doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.

  • I love Green

    I think if we trade our 19 pick, it should be for an early 2nd rounder, and a young SF. Then with that 2nd round pick we can take Varnardo, or Larry Sanders. Both are great shot blockers, great rebounders, very athletic, freakishly long, but don’t have much of an offensive game.

  • lakershater13

    @ Dan. Sheed and 19th pick for CP3? Boston would love that trade but no one is looking to give away the best PG in the league

  • lakershater13

    @ Jay P. i looked into Erden. Didnt look like it was worth meantioning. He isnt developing that well over seas. I could see us bringing him over being desperate for not only a big but players to fill our roster. Also could see us trading the rights to him away for a second round pick. I dont know if anyone remembers but we had the rights to Songala and traded his rights away for a second rounder and now he is a decent power forward. With that second round pick i believe we got brandon hunter. I liked hunter crazy rebounder and played great when he got minutes but for some reason never got the minutes or panned out.

  • Jay P


    Ya, I’m not arguing he’s the solution to our front court problems. But, they question his motivation, and for the guy like that, I don’t think there’s a better situation than having Kevin Garnett barking at you in practice every day. Not to mention being coached by the best big man coach in basketball in Clifford Ray.

    Just saying, if we’re going to take a project big man, we already got one, why use another draft pick? I highly doubt Whiteside, or anyone else they’ll get that late is any less of a project.

  • lakershater13

    @ Jay P.

    I agree with you that he should be brought over. I could also see us taking abother project. Especially if we trade down for 25 and 28. Big man at 25. An athletic scorer at 28. There are a few sleepers that will go late in the first round. If we can pick up a good SG or SF late in the first round that could come off our bench for good minutes offensively we would be all set.

  • Ray Leighton

    I know it’s a deep draft — and I would be the first to admit that I don’t pay attention much to college ball — but statistically, the 19th pick is just not particularly valuable. In a typical year, there is an enormous drop-off in potential after the top 10 or so, and the likelihood that a 19th pick is going to -ever- be even an average NBA starter is surprisingly low. Obviously it happens, but it is not something to count on. So I would not be against trading the pick either to move up or to create possibilities of getting a legit vet.

    That said, if we do keep the pick, then I would like to see us pick up that kid from Baylor, Udoh, with the freakishly long wingspan. He’s not tall enough for the 5, but he’s strong and a beast on defense and rebounding. And yes, any big kid we get is going to be tutored by both Clifford and KG, and that could turn a “project” around if anything would.

  • I love Green

    If we do trade down, we can get an athletic big man, and Jordan Crawford. Crawford is young, can score at will, and has a lot of potential.

  • Buckets

    I don’t think we’re lookin to trade our 19th pick for more picks in this draft.

    Rumor is we’re either looking to trade it for a future 1st or sell it completely to keep our money and some.

    With this scenario I’d like us to re-sign Ray and TA, give the MLE to Haywood and add Steve Blake, Travis Outlaw, Quentin Richardson, and Hakim Warrick with the veteran minimum.

    PG- Rondo and Blake
    Wings- Pierce, R. Allen, T. Allen, Outlaw & Richardson
    Posts- Garnett, Perkins, Davis, Haywood & Warrick

    I think we’d still contend with this team and it’s pretty realistic.

  • I love Green

    @Buckets- Thats almost realistic.

  • Buckets

    @I love green

    Hold that thought, looks like we’re actually trying to move down and acquire the grizzlies 25th and 28th picks per Andy Katz.

    I’d like that move because it brings in young talent as long as we pick up a wing scorer and rebounding big.

  • Shooter

    Oh dear God no,not Q-Rich i HATE that guy so much i punch random things just to express my HATRED towards him.
    As for the pick,i can’t believe Ainge would deal our 19th in a draft filled with talented “bigs”.Sure some will develop faster than others but we need a young player to develop for the future with Rondo,Perk and Baby and now is the perfect time for it.If Sheed retires then what.This does not make sense to me at all, unless i’m completely in the dark about something that Ainge has an Ace up his sleeve.
    If he’s dealing it for more picks late 1st or 2nd round then i guess that would make sense.If he’s dealing it for a future pick,that’s just STUPID.This a very good draft.

  • Celticjay


    The Celtics need young bodies, and the draft is the place to acquire them. We need players who can step right in and play…. not learn the game for 2 years on the bench. At 19 we should be able to get a power forward/center that can work with KG.

    If the postseason proved anything…. size & length matters – especially when Perk went down. Also, we became very defendable when the 3-point shots weren’t going down. I would use the Mid-level exception to acquire another shooting guard with 3-point range.

    Ideally we sign Ray Ray & Paul to 3-yr deals for less $.

    Realistically we can’t contend for one of the “super free agents” unless we break up the Big 3. If Doc is leaving…. it’s more likely that Danny will break up the team.

  • Jay P

    @I Love Green

    I really don’t see Crawford slipping that late in the first. IF we end up 25/28, I just don’t see that happening.

    If it does, it would be nice though, I’d love to see us grab Crawford, he would be a welcome presence for quick scoring off the bench, and gives us a legitimate shooting threat when Ray is off the floor.

  • Buckets


    haha yeah I’m not a huge Q Rich fan but when it comes down to it I’d think he’d be a better option off the bench for us than what Michael Finley was for us last year.

    Now that we’re lookin at maybe 25 and 28 I’d look to fill his spot with an athletic scorer (Jordan Crawford) and instead of Hakim Warrick a long big (Solomon Alabi).

  • Buckets

    I’d like our roster to look like this…

    PG- Rondo and Steve Blake (vet min)
    Wings- Pierce, R. Allen, T. Allen, Travis Outlaw (vet min), & Jordan Crawford (25th pick)
    Posts- Garnett, Perkins, Davis, Brendan Haywood (MLE) &. Solomon Alabi (28th pick)

  • Josh A

    I think Rondo and Ellis would be great together. I kno this sounds stupid but we could let Ray and Paul leave and gain Ellis and Joe Johnson. Great young talent there and we knew JJ can hit big shots. What do you guys think? I think Zach does not like Ellis. Come on Zach, agree with me.You know you want toooooo

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