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The latest on the C’s draft plans: Danny Ainge wants to deal the #19 pick and move down in the draft. Andy Katz has the latest on TrueHoop:

Boston is considering two offers for its No. 19 pick, one from Memphis and one from New Jersey, a source with knowledge of the selection told ESPN.com Wednesday night. 

The Celtics are mulling over an offer from Memphis for the Grizzlies No. 25 and 28 picks while the Nets are looking at shipping the No. 27 pick in the first round and No. 31 in the second round to the Celtics for No. 19. 

This contradicts an earlier report from Katz and Peter May:

But according to a league source, the Celtics and Ainge are seriously considering trading the pick for a future first-rounder.

The reasoning behind such a move, according to the source, would be to take the money that would be guaranteed to a first-rounder and spend it elsewhere, likely on a veteran free agent.

The two first round picks in the Memphis offer would cost about $650,000 more in guaranteed money than the #19 pick, according to the rookie contract scale for 2011

The New Jersey deal could save Boston cash/cap room, because the team could waive the #31 pick or stash a player overseas. 

The earlier May/Katz report puzzled me when I first read it. If Rasheed Wallace is indeed retiring, the C’s have just five players signed for next season. The league requires teams to carry at least 13 players. The C’s therefore would need to sign eight players. If Paul Pierce sticks with his current deal—not a given—the C’s will be over the projected salary cap, which means they have only four ways to fill 8 spots:

• the draft

• lop-sided trades/sign-and-trades (i.e. 1 Celtic for three players from team X)

• salary cap exceptions—the mid-level exception and the veteran’s minimum exception. 

• re-sign their own free agents using Bird Rights

The Celtics would have to work very, very hard to sign 8 players without getting a single one from the draft. This is especially so given Boston only has definite interest in one of its Bird free agents (Ray Allen), lukewarm interest in another (Tony Allen), chilly interest in a third (Nate Robinson) and very little/no interest in the others (Brian Scalabrine, Shelden Williams, Michael Finley, Marquis Daniels, etc.).

There’s also the reality that Boston could use a young rotation player, and that Danny Ainge believes his chances of getting one at, say, #27 are about what they are at #19. 

I continue to think Boston will be making a first round pick tomorrow night.

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  • I love Green

    I’d like to take that Memphis deal. 2 late first round picks, giving us a good chance to draft somebody who can come in and give us some production as a rookie.

  • Dan

    I like this trade. The Celtics need a backup big and to add another scoring threat to their roster to prevent offensive stagnation. With the late first rounders, they could try for somebody like Jordan Crawford and maybe Kevin Seraphim (not to sure about potential bigs late in this draft, just do not like either Gani Lawal and Daniel Orton).

  • With the 25 and 28 i think the celtics could easily go

    a.) Lance Stephenson/Terrico White for the wing spot and Solomon Alabai/ Hassan Whiteside(doubtfully)

    This is something I would love.
    I think if we all pray hard enough the Celtics will go White. He has great upside, problems like a crowded frontcourt, bad system, selfish teamates contributed to his below average shooting percentages. His character problems, easily solvable by factors like KG, Perk, and Rondo.

    I feel the same way about Stephenson but like White more. With big men, get someone for insurance but lets look to free agency on this one.

    I like Ian Mahimi. And, chuckle to yourself and then think about it, Kwame Brown. After all he was drafted number one and has been thoroughly misguided his entire career, maybe the Celtics’ great big man coach and a positive Locker room get him on track. If not these, two there are other MLE possibilities.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    But you couldn’t spend the money for the first round pick until the next draft when the pick comes up, right? If so, bad. We need to be aggressive now.

    We should do the Griz deal. Think about this…we really don’t have anybody, I mean NOBODY, for low post offense. Perk is hurt. KG wants to shoot jumpers outside the paint. Sheed is all but gone. We REALLY need some type of low post offensive threat. Remember in Doc’s comments about game 7 that he thought they should have gone inside more in the 4th. Who can we go to? Glen is a block waiting to happen unless he can out quick them. Some of these bigs in the draft are listed as ‘likes outside shot’, but that’s what everybody is already doing on the Cs, shooting outside jumpers. We don’t need more of the same. We need something down low. You have to have a variety of weapons, and the lake showed how important bigs are with the offensive rebounds & ez buckets being CLOSE to the basket. We don’t need another big shooting 20 footers & never in the post to rebound or get us a high percentage shot. I pray to God that Danny has a great feel for Ray & Paul’s intentions. If they are going to be in green then we should go after some bigs with both picks. Pick one defensive big & one offensive big. Omar Samhan from Saint Mary’s definitely has some low post offense. He is 6’11” 260 so he is a load to try & push around. He scored 21 points per game with 11 rebs & 3 blocks. They say he is smart, & he was a senior. He will probably be available late. Defensively, Jarvis Varnado set the ncaa record for blocked shots —making about 5 blocks per game in the southeast conference. That is just sick!!! 5 blocks per game! He also got about 1 steal & 10 rebounds per game. His fg% was 58% so he can make shots, but he just prefers blocking them. He was a senior. We all know what a juggernaut Kentucky was in college basketball. His last game vs Kentucky he was 8-13 (with the #4 draftee Cousins guarding the lane along with all the other KY all-stars Wall, Patterson, Bledsoe, Orton) had 9 rebs, 2 steals, & FIVE blocked shots. This wasn’t some mickey mouse competition. This was the #1 team in the country. The guy has unreal timing & will probably be available late.

    Our worst area was rebounding. And now one big is hurt & another is retiring & KG would have 3 rebound games…. Somehow, we have got to get some bigs before we even think about a sg or whatever else.

  • Shooter

    I like that Memphis deal very much please Ainge DO IT.
    Sgs that could be available at 28: James Anderson,Elliot Williams,Xavier Henry.Jordan Crawford

    Bigs that could be available at 25: Whiteside,Craig Brackins,Trevor Booker-(Paul Millsap),Gani lawal.

  • Shooter

    Kwame Brown sucks POINT BLANK

  • The Dude Abides

    Yes, please sign Kwame Brown.

  • dslack

    I’m bummed that the Celtics weren’t able to jump on that Heat deal, where Oklahoma City got Daequan Cook and #18 for #32. Sam Presti: the best GM there is, for my money.


    Nooooo times for losers cause we are the champioooooooons . . . . . . of the world

  • if he sucks point blank why was he drafted number one. its a possibility yo. check out bleacher report’s article about the C’s offseason.

  • i guarantee xavier henry wont be available. maybe if he breaks jis leg between now and the draft…

  • dslack

    There are draft mistakes from time to time. Kwame Brown — with a good helping of confidence-shattering from Jordan — was one of the biggest ever. He was a great athlete once, but he’s 28 years old now and no longer a spectacular athlete and also no more skilled as a player. Kwame Brown is the last player the Celtics need to add.

  • Perry

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Danny drops down based on his uncanny knack for finding value late in the draft. Anyone who has watched those repeats of past draft nights on the NBA channel knows it’s hit or miss at #19.

    Actually it tells us that management is aware they’ll be carrying a huge luxury tax burden again. Last year they shelled out more than $17m for a total payroll slightly over $104m. I see no reason why they don’t match or exceed that number by a few million. So why lay out additional dollars on an untested draft pick who likely won’t be contributing in the post season? No I think it’s clear they plan to make another run with the core up until the cba deadline.

    Whether it includes Ray is another issue altogether. First, we can’t overstate the importance of Doc returning. Losing him is akin to losing a stud free agent. I like McHale, and JVG (after all the Celts are a defensive team), but if Doc were to come out next week and tell us he’s staying it will have an emotional, and motivational impact on Ray’s decision. Let’s not forget Perk’s MCL. If there is question regarding the severity, or length of time it takes him to return, it could have a huge impact on what goes down in July. Next week though we will learn the fate of Doc and Pierce, who at his age will likely not leave $21m on the table.

    Zach is right. Assuming Pierce stays the Celts remain over the cap even with Sheed retiring. By my calculations they’re at $57m based on the 2010-11 cap coming in at $56m. They have 8 spots to fill, but it looks to me like there are more options than most people have accounted for.

    1- TA ($2.5m) may test the market, but in the end the Celts own his bird rights. $3m/season is a fair offer — Celts could match a slightly higher offer, which would not count against the luxury threshold.

    2- If TA leaves the Celts could pay Quis up to $2.38m, a slight raise off last year’s $1.8m.

    3- Nate can be paid up to $4.8m (non bird rights), which may keep him in green for the next two years.

    4- If Ray finds more than two years starting at $10m then a sign and trade could be on the table. Three teams posses one MLE or higher type player and enough players at veteran minimum contracts to make it work. Miami, New York, and Washington. The key player involving the S/T respectively would be Haslem ($7m), Lee ($7m), and Miller ($9m).

    5- Danny could stand pat, add the #19th pick, sign Ray, TA or Quis, and Nate. Then use the MLE on one or split it. Whatever is left in the bin would be spent on veteran minimum contracts.

    There have been numerous articles over the past week stating this team’s roster won’t change as drastically as some people might think, and I agree.

  • Zain

    Forsberg reports that the C’s are looking to possibly trade Perkins + 19th pick for a higher pick, to get into Cousins range.


  • UC

    Off topic….. The Celtics are going to go after Dirk Nowitzki. Write that down.

  • Ray

    Something I haven’t seen reported anywhere is the real value of Wallace’s retirement for this team. Everybody is focused on the lack of real salary cap relief it would bring, and yes, removing Sheed’s contract does not bring the C’s under the cap. However, Boston should use it like Cleveland used Ben Wallace’s contract last summer — trade him to a team looking for cap relief in exchange for a player or two.

  • NHBluesMan

    @UC Dirk is someone the Celtics DON’T need! we need a big who has post moves, not another stretch 4.

    On a side note, i hope we get Robinson back. He was good for some big games and was a great energy guy, especially if we lose Scal, who are we gonna cheer for off the bench? 😛 we NEED to have some lanky red-head on the team, what are the Celtics without a Lephrechaun?