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One thing about getting to the NBA Finals, is that the extended run, the big offseason decisions will come a lot quicker than usual. One of the first dominoes to fall in this department will be Doc Rivers, who joined Dennis and Callahan on WEEI in Boston this morning, addressing his future, Sheed’s retirement talk and a look back at Game 7

Doc On Next Year:
Rivers said he has not decided whether or not he will return to the Celtics next season. “I’m not going to say which way I’m leaning — and I am one way — but I could look you in the eye and tell you I haven’t decided,” he said.

Rivers said he did not discuss the matter with his family during Father’s Day Sunday. “We didn’t talk about it at all, really,” he said. “It’s still very difficult to get through Game 7, let alone talk about your future, to be honest.”

Rivers said the players have been encouraging him to return, which makes him feel great but embarrassed to be in the spotlight. That type of support is the main reason why he would consider returning. Said Rivers, “The only reason you stay is your love for the guys you coach … knowing that if you do leave, you’re not going to get that back.”

CH’s Take: First off, the tone of the interview here was telling….and it shouldn’t surprise anyone to know that Doc, just three days after one of the toughest losses in Celtics history sounds like he’s leaning towards not coming back, fresh off of Father’s Day. That being said, it seems clear that the team is giving Doc a few days here to sit back and evaluate, before putting on their full court press to get him to come back, likely after the draft on Thursday night, when things calm down a bit.

Speaking to Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports over the weekend, the former Celtics Globe reporter instituated that ownership may be willing to make some special arrangements for Doc to convince him to come back. Things such as granting him permission to attend his children’s sporting events in place of practices for select dates during the year, which would help keep Doc satisfied he wouldn’t be missing out on too much, while giving him one last run on the Celtics bench.

It’s any interesting proposition, one that I’m sure most, if not all Celtics fans would have a problem with. Whether that is enough of a deal sweetener to convince Doc to come back is another thing altogether.

On Sheed’s Retirement:

Rivers said he expects we’ve seen the last of the controversial center. “I think you have,” he said. “It’s so emotional right after the game. But Rasheed told me before [Game 7]. He told me the the night before. He walked up to me and said, ‘Hey, listen, I’m going to give you everything I’ve got. I really believe this is my last game that I’m going to play.’ And he said this year was very difficult for him physically. He never felt like — even the conditioning part of it hurt. He said he doesn’t think he wants to go through that again, and he wants to watch his kids. I do think it’s the last time we’ll see him in a Celtics uniform.”

CH’s Take: Again, Sheed’s retirement appears to be more of a formality than Doc at this point, from all the talk I’ve been hearing both in and outside of the organization. While some may have pleased upon hearing initial reports of this retirement talk for Sheed, due to the potential salary cap savings it might have for Boston, a closer look shows us that this really won’t help the team at all, besides ownership saving some dough in the luxury tax.

The C’s will still be well over the cap (barring Pierce opting out and leaving) without Sheed’s numbers on the books. That means they still only have the draft, veteran’s minimum salaries and the mid level exception to replace him, along with filling other major holes within the team’s depth. Combine that, with the injury to Kendrick Perkins, which could keep him sidelined well into the 2010-11 regular season, and Sheed’s departure just makes things a heck of a lot more complicated. Danny Ainge will have to pull multiple rabbits out of his hats in the upcoming weeks to keep this front line formidible next year.

For a sneak peak at this year’s big man free agency class, be sure to read Zach Lowe’s here The pickings look pretty old and slim, making me think the Celtics are prime for drafting a big man this week.

Doc On Game 7 Regrets:
Rivers said he’s watched some video of the fourth quarter of Game 7. “I’ve looked at some of it but I couldn’t watch it [all],” he said. “It’s still very difficult.”

The coach said one thing he might have done differently is to get Rondo some rest at the start of the fourth. “I think I should have given Rondo another blow,” Rivers said. “I thought he was tired. I thought he played that way in the fourth. And that was a tough one, because he was starting to play well at the end of the third, so it was tough to pull him out.”

Rivers also said he wished the team would have attacked the post more, although he noted that some post plays were called, and Kevin Garnett and Rasheed Wallace both were tiring. “You could just feel that we were running out of gas,” he said.

CH’s Take: Doc and I appeared to be on the same page with wishing he let the bench play more talk. Here’s what I wrote Friday afternoon:

A part of me wondered what would have happened though if Nate was given some leash? Remember Game 2 when he came in for Rondo at the start of the 4th and scored 7 quick points, while allowing a rested Rondo to come in and take over the final stretch of that game? Not having that possibility hurt last night.

This is why Doc was such a tremendous coach this year. Even when he maybe does something wrong (and you really can’t fault him for NOT resting Rondo in the 4th there, especially after the way the bench played in game 6) he comes out and admits it afterwards. The guy just couldn’t miss in these final three months of the season, pushing all the right buttons, before riding his horses too long during the final hurrah.

Putting all of this together, the front office, between the NBA draft, free agency, and trying to convince these guys to return are a busy few weeks here to try to piece together a squad that can make one last run. I have faith Danny can do it, but it won’t be easy.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • Iggy Pap

    You guys and gals can watch a live stream of the LAKERS VICTORY PARADE right here:


    Salt meet wound.

    Great day in LA!!!!

  • Cptn Bubbles

    It is great to see Doc thinking of how he could have done things better. That is lovable. The worst coach is the one who basically says not my fault, wouldn’t change anything, or just too arrogant to admit mistakes. You made a great point in that earlier post, & I agreed totally with you back then. The Cs were great, but then they just seemed to run out of gas. Lack of playing the bench was a killer. All season, Doc had his struggles with over playing the starters & not trusting the bench or even allowing the bench to help out more. That is a bitter lesson, but now everyone should see how important the bench is, especially with older guys. Older guys can still do great things, but you have to get them some proper rest. The very best example of how much you need a bench is when Thibs ran the starters into the ground vs Atlanta. I’ve complained about some of the things Doc has done, but I hope he comes back. I think a lot of us truly believe that with a few tweaks they could win it all next year.

  • Jay P

    Comment moderation yet? Please? Come on.

    Karma is a cruel bitch Iggy, you got something coming to ya.

    I can’t wait for draft day Thursday, it’s going to be a very interesting off-season.

  • Tom T.

    NO NO NO….JAY P. IT CAME TO YOU (KARMA)!!! Muahahahahaha!!! Boston gets LUCKY in 08 for the first time in what, 20 years? Lakers have been consistently making the playoffs in that time and have won 5 titles. You guys make a big story about how good you USED TO BE back in the 60’s. LOL!!! Boston can’t move forward and after this dagger has been plunged into your heart, You are ready to blow up an OLD TEAM. Get ready for the draft lotteries AGAIN JAY P. I hope that salt in the wound taste real good when you are licking it. FIrst Boston Bruins choke, then the Celtics….and Hopefully the Red Sox are next. Thats how much L.A. Hates YOU AND YOUR TOWN!!

  • Jay P

    Tom T.

    Please stop typing and caps and “!” it just makes you look like an idiot.

  • joe

    Tom T, u are a joke.

  • joe

    by the way Tom, i hope yall sent Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace a ring too.

  • Jay P

    Oh and 08 wasn’t lucky, 09 was lucky. Lakers earned ’10, I wont even play the Perkins card, Celtics had chances to not even let it go 7 and then Perk doesn’t get injured, Lakers took it to them in Game 6, all credit due, and then the rest is history.

    By the way, no one gives a crap about L.A. You have the Lakers, that’s it. Sox just swept the Dodgers case you were watching, and the Angels will go down in flames first round, if they even make the playoffs.

    I can understand why you’re so excited about the Lakers, really I can, since every other team in Cali sucks badly. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to spend the rest of the sports year watching every single one of my Boston sports teams be in post season contention.

  • D Yorke

    I’ve been searching day and night for some boston player commentary after game 7…nothing!! Just in case you missed the parade (which I’m sure you did) it was extra enoyable watching Ron Artest lead the crowd in a “boston sucks” chant. Then followed it up with “Who do these clowns think they are, thinking they can come into LA and take our championship”. LOL!!! That dude is hilarious.

    Jay P – I don’t know what sports teams you are refereing to…last I recall your, football team CHOKED…your hockey team CHOKED….your basketball team CHOKED…and just like all the other multiply years your baseball team will also CHOKE.

    Joe – By the way is that the same thing your celtics did in 08′, send Kevin Mchale a ring in Minnesota?

    Mark my words…this is the end for bean town, at least in our era!!

    GO LAKERS!!!

  • Jay P

    Bruins weren’t even expected to compete the playoffs after the injury ridden regular season, and not having their top goal scorer in Savard.

    Forget what happened against Philly, no one expected them to even be there. Oh, and they have almost the entire team back next year, with the #2 pick in the draft, and two incredible talents coming out next year, either one an instant impact “can’t miss” prospect.

    Patriots are going through some troubles no doubt, but still have Brady, still have an excellent receiving core, up and comer in Edelman, and Welker is progressing faster than expected. They’ll be back.

    If the Celtics choked, then your saying the Lakers suck and they didn’t really earn it and the celtics just gave it to them? Interesting, ok, guess I won’t argue with you there.

    And for the Red sox to choke they’ll have to be in the running come October, and I’ll take that over where any of the Cali teams will be in October (Angels, Padres, Giants, Dodgers, take your pick.) So like I said, LA Fans, enjoy the Lakers win, because well really… it’s all you have.

  • MP

    At least we have a football team, bandwagon fan.

  • Andy

    “By the way is that the same thing your celtics did in 08?, send Kevin Mchale a ring in Minnesota?”

    Big Al >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Kwame Brown and scraps. Don’t even try to compare those trades.

  • rob

    hey tom i didn’t realize beating wests best by 39 was luck hey but what do i know i’m not a lakers fan

  • D Yorke

    Regardless if your team is supposed to be in the playoffs or not, any team that is up 3-0 and looses the series choked…your comment about the patriots is about the only sense you make…and yeah..being up 13 late in the game and giving up the win is indeed a major choke. So sure I’ll take it, and enjoy the parade while I’m at it. The bottom line is that the Lakers are your world champs and are in a prime position to win it again, where as the C’s are already talking about picking apart the team…that’s just sad.

    This one goes to the Lakers and there is nothing any celtic fan can do to take it away!!

  • Jay P

    No one was trying to. You’re 100% right, the scoreboard at the end is all that matters. Lakers won, it happened. The reasons just don’t matter, their the champions.

    Same goes for the Celtics win in 08.

    And yes, the Bruins should have won, no doubt. But I said all our teams will be contenders again the next season, and that certainly holds true for the Bruins. Bottom line is they exceeded expectations, will add a great player to the mix to a team that showed it already could compete. I have to feel pretty good about where they’ll be next year.

    I find it ironic you still call that a choke and don’t give the Lakers any credit. Weird, not something even I was doing. No matter the reason Boston gave up the lead (No Perk, Sheed hurting, ran out of gas, Rondo played too may minutes, etc…) LA still had to take care of business and get themselves back int it. And they did, I give them credit. They could have easily panicked, had Kobe go into hero mode, and have the thing blow up on them. They didn’t, Gasol kept fighting for boards, Artest and Fish his big shots. Give credit where credit is due.

  • D Yorke

    By the way MP, I’ve been a fan of the Lakers since I was a little kid. I still remember watching magic, b scott and them put on a show back in the day, then i would go outside and shoot fake baskets on the side of my chimney with a tennis ball in LA becuase we couldn’t afford a hoop.

    It’s easy for a person to play the bandwaggon card!! Come on Boston fan…your better than that!!

  • Truth

    For anyone complaining about FT’s in game seven remember 08 when Powe shot more FT’s than entire Laker team?

    Marc Gasol > Al Jefferson since the trade. Plus cap room turned into Zack Randolph.

    KG will be better next year (too expensive at the end of his career, but the Lakers will be riddled with these in near future). Rondo is on a GREAT contract for you. I would be hesitant committing long term to Ray and PP. If you could sign both through KG’s contract it would be good for you regardless of the price. Outside of that I would most worry about a coaching change it is tough for a coach to come in and win their first year.

    If Doc leaves is Kevin Mchale the fans first choice.

  • Did anyone else see Boston get ripped off?

    Yo Iggy Pap Smear! If you actually think LA won that game you’re on more Crack than I thought.

    I like to watch and study Basketball as well as play, and while I believe that there are many people who can remain nuetral on the topic of the Finals (I can because neither of them are my team, like I said I like the game), I have found only 2 LA fans who were.

    I watched game 7 with them, and even they thought the game was rigged.

    Tell me how it is that LA shoots 33% from the floor, scores 54 pts in 3 quarters, scores 2 field goals in the last 5 minutes of the game and still manages a 30 point quarter?!

    You go to the line 21 times that’s how!

    LA didn’t even score half its 30 on its own! They had to get 16 at the line!

    Now if you’re in a game with a lot of fouls being called throughout, that’s one thing, but for those who actually WATCH the game, obviously not LA fans from all the chatter, their were hardly any whistles the whole game.

    So why is it in the ONE GAME and ONE QUARTER where whistles are supposed to GO AWAY and let the teams play, do they come out in a FURY for the home team?

    I’m sorry to break this to the poor, pitiful LA fans who I’m obviously bursting their bubbles, YOU’RE TEAM DIDN’T WIN THAT GAME!

    The officials gave it to the Lakers. Just as with the record for HR’s in Baseball: Barry Bonds holds it, but we all know that he cheated for it and Hank Aaron is the REAL champ in that department.
    And so…just as the record will show that LA got the trophy and the banner this year: Everyone outside of LA and its bandwagon fan base will know that it was the Celtics who are the REAL CHAMPIONS this year.

    I know it, and you know what…so does LA, Boston, and everyone in the world. Whether they admit or notis irelevant. That’s the truth. As Sheed likes to say…Ball don’t lie. Nor does the tape, and that game shows who the real champs are…regardless of what the scoreboard says at the end.

    Of course I would think LA is used to having tainted titles by now.

    I remember when Minesotta got cheated by them in the playoffs because they counted a 3pt shot at halftime of one game even though the replay showed it wasn’t even close to getting off in time.

    And then of course there was the time they cheated Sacramento in Game 6 and 7 of the WCF.

    San Antonio cheated Detroit out of a Repeat Title in 2005 in game 7 almost the same way as this. Only that game it was garbage calls in the first quarter which put the lead to like 20 and Detroit was never able to get back.

    This wasn’t the first time LA or anyone else has done it but, cheating is still cheating LA.

    Too bafd they won’t put sanctions like they did on USC. Stern is too corupt to do that.

    Enjoy another bogus title LA! I’m sure there’ll be more soap opera style, WWF scripted championships in the future for you and others! Then no one will watch anymore. It’ll become like soccer in the US, or take the downslope like Hockey.

  • Jay P


    Glad to see you’ve come down off the adrenaline high and are speaking rationally again. Anyone complaining about FTs in game 7 are just knee jerk reactions to try and scape goat the loss. Yes, there were bad calls in the 4th, yes the Refs did seem to tighten up the calls a bit at a very inopportune time… however, the Celtics obviously got tried and were reaching. If you don’t move your feet and reach for the ball, you invite foul calls, even if there was little contact, if your out of position and reaching across the body, you can’t be surprised when whistles blow.

    I think Paul and Ray will want 3 years, and I think that’s reasonable for both sides. Figuring out the coaching thing is primary obviously, McHale is probably the fans first choice, but he and KG had a bit of a rocky relationship, I’m not sure how that would work out.

    We’re just going to have to wait for next Monday to see how things play out.

    KG will improve I believe, a year removed from that type of knee injury is generally the turning point. Yes, he’s a year older, but his conditioning has always been great, I don’t see that being a problem, his knee will get stronger, and if he regains any explosiveness, he could be even better next year.

    Oh, and Al got hurt by the way, he’s a fantastic player, and Marc Gasol can’t touch him if he gets healthy again.

    No one is talking about picking apart the team by the way, but there are a ton of questions this off-season, that happens when any team loses. Bottom line, when teams that are built to win a championship, fail too, the reaction is to say “it didn’t work, blow it up and start over!” the EXACT same thing would have happened to LA would they have lost. Artest’s head would have been on a plate, and all of LA would be crying for Ariza back and wanting to trade Gasol cause he’s too soft.

    This is why NBA fans don’t run teams.

  • D Yorke


    I read your first line and pre-determined that the rest of your novel was going to be more of the same b.s.

    I don’t know whats worst, a boston fan who can’t accept the fact that their teams era has come to an end, or a boston fan who tries to hide behind the fact that he is just “a basketball fan” who has no personal preference on who wins.


    It is obvious that you are a boston fan and you should stick by your team through bad time and good times.

    Just sad how much hate there is for the champs!! LOL!!

  • D Yorke

    Jay P,

    As a sports fan in general I shouldn’t have to break out the stats on why the Lakers won. That should be obvoius. Defense and a will to win at the end. Of course thay had to go out and take the win.

    The point I’m trying to make to you is that the game should have been Boston’s. (I’ll admit that). But in the end the champs stepped up and the C’s buckled under the pressure.

  • joe

    @ D Yorke, Al jefferson put up 20 & 10 the next season after the trade so y would we send mchale a ring?

  • Did anyone else see Boston get ripped off?

    @ Dick Yorke:
    I guess you would likely be referring to your own tendency after the utter failures of the Lakers in 2004 and 2008 huh?! LOL!

    And the fact that you have no response to the obvious nature of the calls at the end of the game shows that you are indeed an ignorant LA fan, as most are. I live in Orange County and actually I personally know Michael Thompson, so I wouldn’t expect that you know one whit about what you are talking about. I also personally know such players as Bobby Orr from the Boston Bruins, so I wouldn’t hold you’re breathe on knowing what type of fan I am there chief.

    Your total biaism toward the Lakers is quite aparent and denial is always the most predictable response of a sports fan that just got a dose of reality injected into their induced state of sports bliss.

    Think what you want but I’m afraid you know, whether conciously or subconsiously, that you have no explanation for the events that took place.

    Like it or not man, LA lost that game. Just like Bud Selig won’t go back and award a perfect game, the NBA won’t go back and name the REAL CHAMP, because it would make them look like morons to say they got it wrong.


  • joe

    oh no im sorry D Yorke he put up 21 & 11 after the trade, so again y would we send Mchale a ring?

  • Jay P

    You can’t make any real argument either way to say either side “stepped up” or “buckled.”

    Look at the end of the game, there are two shots that basically won it for LA. A Ron Artest 3, and a very well contested Derek Fisher 3. Neither of those are high % shots, and replay those 10 times, and probably 70% of the time, 1 or both, doesn’t go in (to be fair, the same could be said for the Rondo 3 that kept it close there too) and LA doesn’t win that game.

    But that’s basketball, it’s a make/miss league, and if the Celtics hadn’t let them stick around all game by failing to get rebounds, and turning the ball over way too often, then it wouldn’t have mattered.

    Bottom line, end of the game, LA hit the shots, Boston did it. Game over.

  • Jay P


  • pinsla

    Fakers fans are just pathetic
    you DONT deserve this title and you showed that with you celebration after the game
    ONE Celtics fan has more heart than 1000 faker fans
    I m proud to be a Celtics fan here in Croatia for more than 25 years and I m proud on my team and the way they competed in game 7
    fakers didnt beat us we just run out of gas and they hit some lucky shots and afcourse refs help them when needed
    I hope this team still be back next year and with some changes and new players we get the chance to compete for a championship again

  • D Yorke


    Because Allen doesn’t go to Boston if K.G. doesn’t go, and Al and Pierce don’t win a championship by themselves.

  • Jeff

    @ D Yorke:

    From the responses I’ve seen in here it seems that you don’t have any issue with the 21 FT’s by the Lakers in the 4th quarter, yet you stand and bring up 2008 when Powe got more Ft’s that the entire LA team.

    You believe that the FT’s by Powe (in game 2 I think it was) had more to do with Boston winning that title, when they won in 6 after completely dismantling LA by 39 pts was it? Also they came back from 24 down in the first half of game 4. Boston was simply a better team.

    However the case that LA barely won by 4 at home, shooting 33%, in a game 7 while going to the line 20 times more than Boston seems to beg a little more consideration than a Game 2 in what could very easily have been a sweep.

    C’s beat LA pretty handily the first 2 games in 2008 (aside from a meaningless comeback effort in game 2 by the Lakers when the bench was in), nearly beat LA game 3, won game 4, and PP nearly beat LA single handedly in game 5 only to go home and CRUSH LA in game 6.

    I don’t understand how the FT’s Powe had in a game 2 when the C’s destroyed LA in the series, can compare to a game 7 +20 at the line, 15 of them in the 4th.

    Doesn’t add up to me.

    Are you saying that you would not be upset if the situation was reversed and the same happened to LA in Boston in a game 7? Or that LA fans would not be saying the same type of thing?

    I think you’d only be kidding yourself.

  • joe

    That makes no sense. The Allen trade happened about a month before the KG trade, get your facts straight.

  • joe

    ^^^^ @ D Yorke

  • D Yorke

    Wow everyone…Annoymous is in such denial that he truly believes that there is going to be a parade in bean town today. The sad thing is he is the only one standing outside on the street with his face painted green!! Lol!!!

    The more you open that hole in your face the more obvoius it is that your a Celtic fan, and the loss has affected you sooo much that you have gone mentally insane!!! Wow!!!

    There’s no need for name calling…the Celtics will eventually make it back to the finals, maybe not in your life time, but maybe your great grand kids will get an opportunity to feel the pain and depression that you feel today.

    So sad….

  • D Yorke

    Jay P –

    I appreciate you keeping it real.

    I was the first to call up my father-in-law who is a boston fanatic and congradulate him in 08′.

    But I moved on and all these other hatters just speaking off emotion should as well.

  • Jay P

    I had a glimmer of hope there were some LA Fans coming here to actually discuss something intelligent.

    D Yorke you’re obviously just a troll, since you’ve made no real argument at all and are just coming here to be a prick and gloat and make asinine insults at Boston.

    Just go away, it’s kinda pathetic that you need to waste your time here.

  • Truth

    @ Jay P- Take a look at Marc’s numbers this year: 14.6 9.3 1.6 .581. Marc is a much better passer and plays better defense than Al. What are the most wins a team with Al has ever won?

    In terms of the refs I can only think of a few questionable calls on Big Baby. But KG hacked Artest on a breakaway and it was a no call so the refs failed for both teams.

  • Truth

    1.6 blocks

  • D Yorke

    Come on Joe!!!

    You don’t think they know who’s going where, of course there gonna spin it like that. They don’t want to make it tooo obvoius!!

    Mchale and Ainge where teammates for crying out loud.

    That was as obvious a set up as I’ve ever seen!!

  • D Yorke

    Jeff –

    Think you got the wrong guy. I never said anything about referees or free throws. I don’t believe in blaming the refs for the loss.

    You go out and win, regardless of the obsticles.

    It’s a given that the home team will get more free throws.

    Fans really need to stop crying about that.

    The lakes didn’t even make there free throws what were they like 50% or something like that.

    Imagine if they made them, game wouldn’t have even been close.

  • joe

    @Truth, no knowledgeable person thought marc gasol would become a useful player in the league. LAL had his rights for a couple of seasons and didn’t even bring him over to the NBA.

  • D Yorke

    Jay P-

    You are absolutly right!! I came here to be-little every last one of you boston fans. I can spend all day spitting out facts and stats and all the b.s. but the beauty of it is, I don’t have to. Becuase the bottom line is the lakers are the chanps and the celtics along with there fans are the chumps. I wish nothing but basketball missory to all you losers.

    Your team is done, and I promise you, there will be no return trip to the finals, the celtics are nothing more than a one-hit-wonder!!!

    Wow that feels good!!!

  • joe

    @D Yorke, “You don’t think they know who’s going where” There’s no way you can prove that. I’m using facts (Allen trade jun 29 & KG trade jul 31) and you’re using blind speculation. “of course they would spin it like that.” What does that mean? And if you’re using the Ainge-McHale link, then how come they didn’t get KG sooner?

  • D Yorke

    Joe….pull the wool from over your eyes and wake up!!

  • joe

    @D Yorke lol that’s your response? wow, i’m done responding to u, troll.

  • D Yorke

    Thanks Joe.

  • D Yorke

    Hey Joe I got some Enron stock if your interested.

  • Truth

    I hear a lot of Boston fan’s blaming the loss on Ray. I find that odd because he played amazing D on Kobe and lost his legs. The fans gave Pierce a pass while guarding Lebron, why not similair treatment for Ray. I think more blame should go to Pierce who continued to force shots up on Isos that were not working ending 5-15.

    Also who still wants to try and make a case for Rondo as the best pg? He is the best defensive pg, but his lack of a jumpshot allowed us to disrupt the flow of your offense by playing off of him.

  • D Yorke

    Or some good seats to the Celtic parade…

  • Jeff

    @ D Yorke:

    Sorry, it was Truth who made the comment about the FT’s of Powe in 2008.

    I read your other comments and your right, the only thing that matters at the end of the day is who wins. I completely agree.

    And unfortunately for everyone in LA, C’s=17 banners and STILL 9-3 all time against LA. So you’ve had 20+ years to try and make headway, the Celtics had to endure the deaths of Len Bias, and Reggie Lewis (I know his family, his poor son has the same condition. Nice kid too. Poor people.), the defecting of Joe Johnson, and Chauncey Billups, and the Lakers STILL can’t catch up!

    LOL! It would only be poetic justice for Kobe to blow out his knee and watch LA FAIL! LOL!

    I think I might enjoy that more than the POUNDING the Celtics put on LA in 2008!

    Kobe blows out his knee, Gasoft does a flop to try to get a foul and ends up breaking his GIANT nose on the basket and has to have reconstructive face surgery, but it still won’t get rid of that ugly beak of his, and of course Bynum doesn’t need any help. He’s already a glass man waiting to break LOL! AH! The look on the Faker fanbases faces!

    They’d be chanting NUMBER 1! NUMBER 1! NUMBER1! for the draft slot they were about to get in the lottery! LOL! Try selling out Staples with that!!! LOL! No one in LA would be eating Tacos for a while that’s for sure!!!! LOOOOOOLLLLLOOLOLOLLOOLLLOO! LMFAO!!!

    When Kobe’s gone, LA will have NOTHING! LOL! And he is going to decline a hell of a lot faster than you people think he is. Watch next year when they get bounced in the 2nd round!

  • Truth

    @ Jeff – Look at the boxscore from game 2 2008 and tell me a series coming back to LA 1-1 isn’t more competitive. http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/boxscore?gameId=280608002

  • Truth

    38 FT’s to 10

    Leon Powe – 13 FT’s

  • i cant believe i wasted my time trying to find an interesting comment about free agency/draft/coaching change. All i got were fans arguing about things like luck, free throw shots and which of the two most winning organizations is better? Cant we just tlk about something important and more interesting.?

  • Rajon Rondo

    @ Dick Yorke

    – you said when you were a kid? i suppose by saying that, you’re already 60years old. but you still type like a kid, fighting and bullying everyone in this chat and acting like that little gangster. well i can’t blame you, maybe you were like that before. you think a matured person would say the things you say? think it over, dude.

  • Gerald

    @D Yorke – in your excitement and your dirty mind, you have mistyped the following words:

    obsticles – do you mean obstacles or maybe testicles is in your mind?

    missory – maybe you mean misery? did you ever go to college? or maybe not, just like Kobe. that’s why he always ball hogs.

    @Jeff – really? the fakers are struggling for 20+years? wow! now i don’t wonder why Kobe did not go to college. maybe he wants to get 17 rings before he retires. LOL! and I agree with you, he is starting to age, he showed it during Game 7 when he missed a lot of shots. i’m just wondering how Kobe can beat the 9-3 (celtics-lakers championships), he needs to win 7 more championships to do that. anyone has an idea if he can do that? LOL!!!

  • Freddie

    D Yorke: We cannot insult the Boston fans. Because their team put up a good fight. We should be the one ashamed because we were so insulted back in 2008 when they slapped our ass with 39 points in Game 6 and they stole our 24 point lead in Game 4. You still remember that?

    Now they fought tooth and nail and we just won because of free throws. We should be very ashamed of ourselves if we are going to boast here.

    We should also be ashamed of our 2009 trophy because it was won against a newbie team, Orlando Magic. It would be such a shame if we did not win that title.

    So i suggest we stop insulting the Boston fans now because we might get a dose of our own medicine next year. Don’t be so proud, we have nothing to be proud of, we did not crush them the way they crushed us in 2008, an overblown victory, what a shame.

  • Jay P

    I think hell just froze over. Was that a laker fan with a brain, or a Celtics fan pretending to be one?

    So hard to tell.

  • stephen

    @Freddie—Thank You–An honest Laker fan who says what other Laker fans don’t have the courage to say. Which is that the Lakers were gifted this title because the Celtics ran out of gas midway through the 4th quarter–The Celtics choked it away and the Lakers accepted the Celtics generousity–And your right Freddie, big difference between 2008 when the Celtics left little to no doubt who the better team was. I work with Laker fans who haven’t gloated once because they saw what happened. I’m going to print your post and show it to any Laker fan who believes that they really earned this title. Hey Freddie,your honesty makes you the exception rather then the rule–Well Done!!!—Hey, why don’t you come over to our side!!!!—-LOL—–

  • Freddie

    @jay p – i’m a laker fan who opens his eyes and mind and tries to see the two sides of a coin.

    @stephen – thank you as well. i’ve been considering that – to be a boston fan. the fact that this victory almost slipped our hands due to kobe is what strengthened my consideration. i’m blind sided, too – with the popularity of kobe and the lakers team and that he can always make the lakers win with his buzzer-beating shots. you could say that i’m one of those bandwagon laker fans. by the way, i just started watching the nba in 2008-09 when orlando and lakers was in the finals. i became a laker fan because laker could easily get away with a win from orlando, a very young team and easily folds up under pressure as they have also shown in the eastern conference finals.

    but this finals, especially game 7 at that, showed that kobe is not invincible and he really needs his team mates when he cannot deliver. i was so mad at him everytime he missed a shot. this game 7 was really a 50-50 game and we really JUST GOT LUCKY during the last stretch of the 4th qtr. all of my other officemates who are laker fans are also nervous before the game but we felt a bit of confidence when perkins got injured.

    i must admit that the celtics showed better teamwork than us and better bench than us. the only player consistent in celtics though was rondo because we were able to limit pierce, kg and allen have their off nights as well.

    i have also watched the replays of the 2008 championships of celtics and how successfully they got the championship. that really amazed me, i’ve read that Game 4 was the worst upset in the history of NBA when celtics came back from a 24point deficit and won the game. But celtics was not around in the 2009 finals which made me go for the lakers.

    the only thing preventing me from being a boston fan now is the inconsistency of the big 3 in the 2010 finals.

    maybe i’ll just wait and see. i’m enjoying our championship now but i must really admit, it’s not a convincing championship and your players gave us a really hard time. you lost in the rebound department because perkins was not around. everytime i take a look at the stats of Game 7, your players were higher than ours in most of the depts., except for rebounds. and if not for artest, kobe will be blamed had we lost Game 7.

  • Stephen

    @ Freddie—-Except fot rebounding—particularly offensive rebounds the Celtics outplayed the Lakers for 31/2 quarters and then ran out of gas. The few ”’KNOWLEDGEABLE”” Laker fans know what really happened here. They know that the Lakers backed in to this title, which therefore makes them “”Paper Champions”’. At least for this year. Don’t be too bothered with the way most Laker fans post on here. It’s quite clear that in general they have very little basketball knowledge, but they can’t help themselves. A convincing victory is one thing—-But a team losing a title rather then the other team winning it is quite another thing. Davis Stern got his wish—and that was that 1 of his 2 goldenboys was going to win this thing. His first choice was Lebron, but Kobe will still do nicely. If it sounds like I’m suggesting that the Nba Commissioners office has it’s dirty little hands involved in deciding the outcome of the playoffs——-I AM—