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Well, here we go. The draft is in three days, free agents are squawking about the sort of team they’d like to play for and rumors of various deals are sprouting all over the place. Some nuggets that may be of interest to C’s fans:

• I missed this last week, but Marc Stein had this to say on names Boston might consider should Doc Rivers retire:

As noted in this cyberspace more than once recently, sources consistently volunteer NBA TV’s Kevin McHale as Rivers’ most likely successor. Although it’ll be interesting to see what sort of endorsement McHale gets from Garnett after their frosty final days together in Minnesota, McHale’s looming candidacy stems not only from his Boston ties but because no former teammate of Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge is closer to Ainge than McHale.


The only other two names to gain any traction so far: Massachusetts native Vinny Del Negro (another ex-teammate Ainge is known to be fond of) and underrated Celtics assistant coach Armond Hill (although there are suspicions Celts ownership will insist on someone with a higher profile).

There’s no way Boston hires Vinny Del Negro. None.

Of these names, McHale is the only viable candidate. I guarantee you the Celtics have a short list of others.

• Some Boston fans fantasize about free agent Mike Miller as a versatile back-up capable of playing the two or the three (or perhaps serving as cheaper and less good replacement for Ray Allen), and it sounds like Boston is the sort of team Miller might be thinking about. Via the Argus Leader:

“I’m looking for a winner,” confirms the 6-foot-8 swingman, who averaged 10.9 points and 6.2 rebounds in 54 games last season. “The last couple of years have taken a toll on me, as far as not being in the playoffs and not playing this time of year. So I’m looking to change that. This time, if it doesn’t work out, there’s no one to blame but myself.”

Miller’s puzzling refusal over the last two seasons to shoot as much as he should may have driven his value down to the mid-level exception, which is as high as Boston could go to sign him barring a sign-and-trade scenario. But if you use the mid-level on Miller, you’ve got only the draft, trades and the vet’s minimum exception to fill out a suddenly thin front line. Something to consider.

• The Bobcats want to trade into the draft and are trying to either buy a pick or trade for one, ESPN.com reports. I don’t think the C’s will deal their first-round pick (#19), and their second round pick (#52) has no value, so I would be surprised if the C’s are discussing anything with Charlotte. But they’ve shown interest in D.J. Augustin before. That said, the Bobcats may not be willing to part with Augustin, since their starting point guard, Ray Felton, is an unrestricted free agent. (Side note: No, I’m not interested in Ray Felton at the mid-level).

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  • NV

    I think the celtics top priority should be to try to snag a better front line player. Their backcourt is fine for right now…unless Ray Ray leaves.

  • Jeff


    Mike Miller would be good, but not if it costs the whole MLE. We will need at least some of that to get some other players right?

    I like Miller, and he would be a good backup to PP and Ray, but I wouldn’t offer him more than 3.5 – 4 Mil.

    If he comes for 3 mil or less then I’m all in! That would leave us some money to play with to get another decent player looking for a shot at a ring. I wouldn’t mind Ben Wallace or either O’Neal, but I also think that Chandler would be intruiging. He’s big and has decent athleticism, but very prone to injury.

    CP3 made him look good on all the alley oops and that’s really what we need is someone to finish at the basket. Easy offense when they’re sputtering. Shaq can do that too, but Wallace can’t do anything offensively, and Jermaine is just a jump shooter now.

    Although I’d take any one of them for 2.5 mil or less.

    TA – Vet’s min
    Shaun Livingston – Vet’s min (I think he could be a good option with his length and ball skills, still only 24!)
    If we can get a good young big with athleticism, that should allow for the money to be focused on a wing but with Perk hurt, Sheed leaving, and Shelden not being worth anything, that has to be the primary concern. Then if Sheed does come back, it would be a position of great strength, especially if we could get Jermaine, or Wallace (preferably Wallace becuase dude can rebound like nobody’s biz!)

    My wishlist in FA would be,

    1) Rudy Gay
    2)Travis Outlaw
    3) Josh Childress
    4) Mike Miller

    There will be some quality players available, and if PP opts out it would help a good bit.

    If he will take 2 years at 15-16 mil, we could use that 5-6 mil to go after Gay along with the MLE money which could give about 11-12 for Gay, draft to get a young big, and FA to get a vet PG and Big at Vet’s min.

    I see Gay getting offered in the range of 12-15 from other teams depending but he may want to win.

    Then it 2 years he would get the keys to the car along with Rondo and Perk.

    Right now if I understand the C’s situation, they payed around $82 mil this year, and I don’t think Wyc wants to go any higher.

    Rondo – $9 mil
    KG – $20 mil
    Perk – $4 mil
    PP – $21 mil if opts in
    Davis – $3 mil

    Ray doesn’t count to the Cap and if PP opts out and resigns for $15 mil for 2 years, (Please Paul pretty please!) that would leave us with a total of $51 mil. Just under the cap right?

    What do you think Gay is worth, and do the C’s have a chance of getting him out of Memphis? I know Danny had eyed him in trades for Ray and Rondo before. And if not him, what do you think of Outlaw as a possiblilty? He can play the 3 and 4 with pretty good athleticism and size. From what I hear it’s motivation that he needs. KG in your face anyone?

    Also what about Livingston as an option at the backup PG?

    Any thoughts Zach? I know this is a lot of questions but I’m anxious to hear what you guys think.

  • strips

    what if:

    1. we trade a pick for tyson chandler (one dimensional, i know, but we have a pg that can make him better), then

    2. sign mike miller with the mid-level and then

    3. get livingston for next to nothing?

    i don’t know…can’t think straight…still hung up on game 7

  • strips

    sorry, jeff beat me to it…

  • Jeff

    @ Strips
    Great minds DO think alike! Lol!

  • Filipe

    Udonis Haslem.

  • Jeff

    @ Filipe

    I don’t see Haslem leaving Wade or Miami. He’s too close to him.

  • rondeezy

    what would have to happen for us to be able to sign a superstar player like chris bosh or dwayne wade??

    im kinda new to this whole free agency, cap space business ..

  • Cptn Bubbles

    I’ve written a lot on this site about Mike Miller. He is a bit of an enigma. As Zach pointed out, Miller takes fewer shots than he used to…but when he does take shots he is one of the best shooters in the association. He has said that he takes less shots because he wants to share the ball & that is the way the game is supposed to be played. He is a team player. I don’t know how much money he wants, but I hope Danny is at least talking to him. I want to see Ray stay, & I would love to see Mike also come in.

    We should all be praying for Danny. Think about how much is riding on his decisions…. We all want to see the Cs win. It is a passion here which burns on despite what has happened. It is great to see all the C fans continuing to post & move on with optimism. I’m very grateful for what the Cs accomplished. We beat a lot of great teams, & we were very, very competitive.

    I could be wrong about Miller & Jarvis & others, but I’m certainly praying for Danny. A lot of next season could be riding on what happens very soon…

    Those of you who want a quick summary of the top 75 players, check this out


  • Filipe

    We can give Haslem the MLE, if Miami gets what it wants they can’t.

  • dslack

    I’ve explained this many times here: The Celtics can either sign a big free agent, if Pierce opts out, the Celtics renounce his Bird rights, and they renounce Ray Allen’s Bird rights (but then they have no midlevel exception), or they can re-sign Allen, have Pierce, and sign a midlevel guy, but they can’t have both. If the Celtics sign a big free agent, then Pierce and Allen would need to be willing to come back at the veteran’s minimum ($1M/yr). In other words, Celtics can have either a big name free agent, or Pierce, Allen, and a midlevel guy.

    In other words, Celtics won’t be signing a big name free agent.

  • rondeezy

    but since ray’s contract is at 18 mil and pierce is near 20, if the celtics release one of them wont they be able to sign someone for around the same money?

  • rondeezy

    salary ** not contract

  • Buckets

    I’ll play GM (Danny 2.0)…

    Players under contract: Rondo, Garnett, Perk, Big Baby, Sheed (retires with a buyout but we go and steer him away from his PS3 after the all star break for much needed length against a healthy Bynum and Gasol in a finals rubber match) & PP (exercises his option)

    We draft James Anderson from Oklahoma State because he’s the most ready rookie on the board to help a contender although I’d love Xavier Henry from Kansas to fall.

    We re-sign T. Allen because of his tenacious defense, Marquis Daniels because we feel he still has something to prove and Ray to a reasonable 2 year deal.

    We sign Brendan Haywood to our full MLE and Steve Blake to the vet minimum.

    We don’t need to make a huge splash in free agency like everyone might think and I believe this roster would get it done.

    PG- Rondo & Steve Blake
    Wings- Pierce, R. Allen, T. Allen, Daniels and James Anderson
    Posts- Garnett, Perkins, Davis, Wallace & Brendan Haywood

    Let me know what you guys think.

  • Jay P

    Dude if Wallace retires, why would he come back?

    If he can’t be motivated to keep himself in shape during a full season, how the hell you think he’s going to come back in any better shape after the break?

    That’s just crazy.

  • strips

    @Jeff: eh heh heh, i guess they do…nice job outlining possible paths that the c’s management might take. im not too good when it comes to taking the cap space and the player’s salaries into consideration so great job man…oh, and i do like the idea of rudy gay coming to the c’s…
    @Filipe: but yeah, i can see why you’d like haslem…good rebounder, serviceable jumpshot; just about what the c’s need at that position…we would need a banger though…

    really wish we had a bigman that could run with rondo…

  • Jay P


    It’s not that simple, basically Rays contract doesn’t just come “off the books” that can be replaced by another 18 million, you have to look at the cap situation year to year. So under contract right now, if Paul picks up his option we have:

    21.5 million to PP
    18.8 to KG
    6.3 to Sheed
    4.3 to Perk
    3.3 to Davis
    9 to Rondo

    Totaling 63.3 million. Well over projected salary cap and already into luxury tax land. From there, the team can use only their CBA exceptions (i.e. the bi-annual, mid level) or minimum contracts to go over the cap (and of course increase the luxury tax they pay.)

    If Paul opts out, that takes his 21.5 million off, leaving the team with about 11 million of cap space. So if either Paul or Ray signs for the full MLE, and another signs for a similar deal under cap room (6-7million) the team is left with about 4million in cap space to sign another player, and then will need to fill any remaining spots with minimum contracts.

    That’s the best I can explain it… as best as I understand it anyway (which is admittedly, not all that well.)

  • Buckets

    @Jay P- so Wallace can get under Gasols skin. He can do what PJ Brown did for us 2 years ago.

  • Jay P

    With a bad back and no endurance?

    PJ Brown was old, but in much better shape than Sheed even in his current version. He wasn’t able to do it in these past finals, why would he next year, after not even playing for half the season?

    Come on…

  • rondeezy

    ohhhh.. thank you Jay P

  • Buckets

    Sheed can do it. He’s a far more superior athlete than PJ and I’m sure before PJ was signed you were asking… Why???

    Listen, I’m not asking Sheed to play 48 minutes, especially if we sign a big like Haywood, but maybe he can bring a savvy veteran presence in the playoffs like PJ did. That’s all I envision him doin, nothin miraculous Jay P.

  • Jay P

    Ok… so more than he brought this past playoffs? Get real, why is he going to be any better next year?

  • Buckets

    He’ll be the 3rd big off the bench in my situation. With a limited role but able to fill in if a big got hurt like Perk this year. You wouldn’t take him for the vet minimum if he came to you at all star break and said he wanted to contribute?

    And Jay P no one on the current roster is goin to be better next year, 80% of the roster is on the decline, aside from Rondo, Big Baby and maybe Perk, who else is gonna or should be better next year?

  • strips

    @buckets: not to shoot your hopes down or anything, but i think there’s no hope of sheed playing the way he did in his heyday again…i dont think his body can take it anymore…it’d be a whole different discsussion if he were in shape but as it is, it’s just not happening…that and the fact that we could use the money to get someone younger and more ‘productive’…maybe chandler, haslem or haywood if the cap permits

  • Celticjay

    We all think alike. The Celts need young legs through the draft – hopefully another big man. Regardless if Ray Ray leaves, the Celts need more outside shooting – especially if Rondo doesn’t develop a 20 ft J. The Lakers sagged off Rondo in Game 7 and we didn’t have a James Posey or Eddie House shooting 3’s on the court together to keep them honest.

    Take a look at HoopsHype.com, it is a very good site for explaining the salaries by player and team/player options.

    Unless Ray Ray signs elsewhere his $ would not be available for a top-tier replacement (like Bosh). Our only hope there is if he takes the mid-level exception and Paul opts out and does a sign & trade for less $ (not likely).

    We don’t have the bi-annual exception next year but we do have $6.2 to spend for the Mid-level exception.

    Rondo’s pay goes up by $9M and KG by $2M. The real question is how much will ownership spend on salaries. We might have some leverage on free agents if we work 3-year deals because of the impending lockout in 2012.

    TA & Nate have to be resigned! You can’t match that chemistry – especially on defense.

    Definitely look at HoopsHype.com. There’s a section called “Salary Cap Holds”. This is our biggest obstacle to landing one of the big free agents unless we trade Pierce or Ray Ray leaves.

    Personally, I say keep the nucleus in-tact and build around them for the future. Let’s hope Perk makes a full recovery and they don’t rush him!

    Coach next year? I hope Doc stays, but Kevin McHale would be an interesting fit…..

    GO CELTICS!!!!!!

  • I love Green

    Man I’m suprised nobody has mentioned this yet, but Eddie House is going to be a free agent.

    Bring back EDDDDIIIIEEEE!!!!!

  • Zain

    @Green: If Nate’s gone, I want Eddie back.


    I’m surprised you guys didn’t cover the parade in L.A. today 🙂

  • Tom T.

    You Celtic fans are pathetic. Don’t you get it? You are done, finito. Stop the denial while your wounds are healing. Your team is OLD. Cut bait NOW! KG won’t rebound. Rondo is invisible outside of 12′. Big Baby is a MORON. Jesus can’t save you for more than one game. Sheed is an old baby who can’t move. Tony Allen can’t shoot. Nate is a defensive liability. PP is a lie and can’t handle RON-RON making him look bad. Blow up your team and start over. Even your coach wants to leave you. You better pray PP leaves you cause for what he’s getting paid…you got ROBBED.

  • Jay P

    You had your fun, enough is enough, show some class and move on.

    Oh sorry. Forgot who I was talking to.

  • Zain

    Karma will be a bitch. Wait till Kobe retires, or has to sit out to go under the knife for all his ailments. Then we’ll sit back and laugh as mighty laker nation crumbles for a few years. 2006, 2007 wasn’t that long ago kids.

  • A-J

    Celts needs to blow this team up and start over. This team will not and cannot touch the Lakers w/ Pau, Ron, Lamar, and especially with a healthy Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum… Let PP & Ray walk then sign big free agent anything short of that equates to first or second round exit, and if lucky enough to get tithe finals once more it’ll be a whoopin’ from the lakeshow (3peat).

  • rondeezy

    laker fans are so ignorant……………..

    “Unless Ray Ray signs elsewhere his $ would not be available for a top-tier replacement (like Bosh). ”
    so does that mean if rayray leaves then we COULD possibly pick up a superstar?

  • rondeezy

    @a-j youre an idiot if it was that easy it wouldnt have taken the lakers 7 games to win. and perkins wasnt injured this wouldve been an 08 repeat

  • Gerald

    @ Jay P and other guys: i was reading a very intellectual discussion about the free agents and everything until I read a nonsense comment from a FAKER Fan and what’s his name again? Tom Idiot? Please just continue the good discussion Jay P. Never mind the fakers, they are really enjoying themselves because they never thought they’re gonna win. Let them enjoy their freethrow championship. Now back to the free agent discussion.

  • Steve

    I have an interesting question. If Sheed wants to retire, couldn’t we trade his contract to a team looking to slash salary for a player with similar numbers on their contract? The other team would reach a buy out and save the $ on the books and we would get a player that we couldn’t afford to sign otherwise. This still would leave the mid-level left. It can’t be much different than when VanHorn got traded years after retiring. I’m not 100% sure how it would work but I think it’s possible as long as Sheed doesn’t file his retirement papers first. Anyone know for sure?

  • Steve

    A-J, is there such a thing as a healthy Andrew Bynum? I’ve never seen one. Is that LA’s version of Sasquatch? Kobe is now part of the “OLD” crew. He is older today than KG was in the ’08 finals. He is older today than Pierce was in the ’09 ECF. He has played more games than anyone on Boston. The injuries have already started mounting and if it wasn’t for some help he would have been the biggest goat ever in game 7. For 3 quarters he gave the Lakers NOTHING. 82 more games and he’ll have that much less to give. Face it, LA has questions at PG, and really at C too. With the way free agency looks nobody is a “favorite” for the title till the season starts and we see where all the stars settle.

  • lakershater13

    Steve i will agree that until we get an idea of what anyones roster looks like going into next year you cannot pick a favorite to win it. Even a team like Orlando that everyone thinks will look the same could pull off a trade to get someone. They want to get rid of Carter. Say Joe Johnson tells atlanta he isnt staying and would do a sign and trade to orlando. Now atlanta gets something for him and JJ next to howard is scary. I hope orlando does nothing and carter keeps declining. Im just saying anything is possible this year and a team like the nets could look like the front runner to win it come training camp.

  • lakershater13

    Ok so i have not wanted to think about the idea of trading rondo. I was thinking it was the worst idea that anyone could ever have. It could make sense. Memphis wants a PG. They have 3 first round picks and a 19.6 ppg scorer who may not want to resign. I love rondo and before thinking about this i hated the idea of trading him. I think if you get Rudy Gay and the 12th and 25th pick in the draft for rondo you have just made your team extremely better. If they lose Gay anyways they are only giving up 2 unproven players for a top 5 pg.

    Then we go into the draft with # 12, 19, 25.

    With Gay we would resign allen and all of a sudden have a great scorer off our bench. Also with KG, PP, and Ray all retiring in a few years getting 3 guys in the top 25 could really help us contend now and build for the future.

  • Gerald

    Could a good player be a good coach? Please correct me if i’m wrong but i think Larry Bird was not successfull as a coach. Could Kevin be successfull? Insights please?

  • William

    Bird was an excellent coach. Three years, .687 winning percentage (147-67) during the regular season and won 32 playoff games (32-20).

  • Shooter

    Anyone interested in………………wait for it……………………………………….wait for it…………………………….

    Allen Iverson.

    DOH…..i know, i know what y’all thinking BUT i don’t know really…..just sayin.

  • Shooter

    Shaun Livingston would be an excellent pick up

  • Gerald

    @ William – thanks for the information.

  • Jay P

    @Steve Re: Trading Sheed then retiring

    I’m not exactly sure how the CBA works on that, I have only a rudimentary understanding of it. But I do believe it has been mentioned that something like that is possible.

    If there’s a team out there that desperately wants to cut another 6 million in cap room right away, that’s something that might be possible. But honestly, I’m really not sure how that all would work out.

  • Jay P


    Scary thought, especially since Danny was so close to bringing him here in… what was it, 06? We dodged a bullet on that one.


    Bird was a great coach, won coach of the year, and honestly if it wasn’t for Ron Artest pretty much self destructing that team, they were serious title contenders.

    Of course, that has nothing to do with McHale. I think McHale is the type of personality that can relate with the team, and he knows basketball, no doubt about that. The major red flag is obviously his relationship with KG, which was… rocky, to say the least, when he left Minnesota.

  • Buckets


    that’s an interesting trade scenario but we’d really have to hit with 2 of those 3 1st round picks to get full compensation for trading rondo. Rondo, when he develops an 18′ jump shot, will be scary. He reminds me alot of J Kidd because of his inability to shot early on in his career. We need to put pieces around him that will allow him to run the break. I think the perfect players for him would be a tough defensive rebounding center, a long athletic PF, a slashing SF that can finish at the rim and a sharp shooting SG.


    I like Livingston upside and length as a backup PG but I’d rather go with a veteran backup, someone like Steve Blake.

  • slam

    My first option for coach should Doc leave is Jeff Van Gundy. I read that somewhere. My second choice would be Kevin McHale.

    Mike Miller is exactly who I want to replace Marquis Daniels. No one else comes close. He’s a perfect back up 3, and can play some 2 as well I’m sure. I’d also consider Rasual Butler, who I believe is more of a 2. Get them both if we can (I doubt we can as we need to spend money on a couple of big men first). Ben Wallace, Udonis Haslem, Marcus Camby, Aaron Gray, Brendan Haywood, Darko Milicic, and Channing Fry are some names I’d consider for the big man spots. Some of those are certainly unrealistic though, but there’s a chance.

  • Jeff

    I think it’s pretty funny that their are still LA fans on here saying that the Celtic’s are done.

    That I’m afraid is wishful thinking.

    And yes, don’t forget LA faithful, Boston’s starting 5 STILL hasn’t lost a series when intact.

    It took 7 Games, last one in LA, 21 FT’s in the fourth, WITHOUT Perkins and getting 33 rebounds out of Gasoft and Bryant for you to barely win by 4. If Perkins is in, LA doesn’t touch half those rebounds because Perk either boxes out and soemone else get’s it, takes up space to limit Laker bodies in the paint, or get’s the rebound himself. Perk in that game = a bare minumum of 7-8 rebounds, and would likely provide +10-12 infavor of the Celtic’s.

    And with that…the demise of the ptiful, pathetic, useless excuse for a Laker franchise yet again at the hands of their superior opponent.

    And with one lucky win by the skin of their teeth, they all of a sudden proclaim their superior foe “DONE”.

    The Celtic’s had very few options in FA last saeson to supplement their aging 3 players, however this year there will be plenty to choose from.

    Rondo and Perkins have improved every single year and will continue, whereas LA has Bryant, who has nowhere to go but down, Fisher who’s on his last leg, Bynum who (just like Perkins) will have to have surgery and likely not be ready to start the season, besides which he is a glass man anyways, Artest is still a head case that can pop, and even more likely he goes off the deep end now that he’s got a ring, Odoms old and a pot head, and Gasoft is gonna be 30 pretty soon too.

    Kobe, Fisher, Gasoft, Artest, and Odom will all be 30 or older by the start of next season so be prepared LA fans because you’re right behind.

    And if you think you’ll get Bosh for Bynum get real! Who would take that deal?! LOL!

    If PP opts out, we can actually SIGN people below the cap. You guys have NO $$$. Oh and don’t forget that over the next few years you’ll be having Bryant eat $30+ Million every year and be able to sign…you guessed it! NO ONE!!!

    So keep dreaming of your three-peat! Kobe WILL get hurt this year, to a point where he cannot play. Likely a large part of the year extending into the playoffs, where LA will get bounced in the 2nd round by Dallas, OKC, Denver, or Houston once one of them gets a marquee FA.

    Then we’ll all laugh at your misery as you go into a 5 year downward spiral because your precious KOBE is sucking your team dry while falling faster than one of Gasoft’s flops!


    We’ll still have Rondo, Perk, and another big name player along with taletn we actually DRAFT and not STEAL from some other team who’s dumping salary!

    We’ll see you again maybe in 2015 LA fans!

    LOL!!! LMFAO!!!

  • Jay P


    Van Gundy is an interesting one, there’s really nothing substantial to the rumor though. Van Gundy has not confirmed any interest to get back into coaching and leave the broadcast booth.

    The rumor comes from Ainge having a very good relationship with Van Gundy, and him being one of the guys Ainge is expected to reach out to if Doc does decide to leave.

  • Jay P


    Really unnecessary, it was just quieting down. Don’t give them another excuse to blow up another thread.

    Besides the fact that most of what you just said is, at best, wishful thinking on your own part. Right now, LA is the favorite next year. Of course that could all change in the blink of an eye depending on what Lebron does.

    But let’s be honest, they get their entire team back basically, and if Bynum gets healthy, they have to be the favorites (maybe even if he’s not.)

  • Cptn Bubbles

    Agree with the interest in Van G if Doc leaves. I thought he made a lot of dead on comments about what the Cs needed to do during games. Would the Cs listen & respond to him??? Van G is also all about the D which is a necessity. I would rather see Doc come back.