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NBA Fans got what they wanted.  An intense battle that wasn’t sewn up until the final buzzer sounded.  Celtics fans got what they didn’t want.  Not only were they NBA Champions through three and a half quarters but Sasha Vujacic, probably the most hated man in Celtics Nation, hit two key free throws to ice the game and give the Lakers the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

In a lot of ways, this was a microcosm of the Celtics’ regular season and playoffs.  Strong fast start, bumps in the middle, really terrible towards the end, and then fireworks to make it interesting before the big letdown.

The Celtics needed Ray Allen to step up in a big way and he failed to deliver.  3- of- 14 shooting from the field and 2-of-7 from three is not why Ray Allen where’s the green.  Not all of the blame for this one rests on his shoulders. In fact, inducing Kobe Bryant into one of his worst playoff shooting nights (6- of 24) pretty much gives Allen a pass for this one.

The Celtics’ downfall was all about offensive execution in the second half and rebounding in the first.  Both aspects of the Celtics game were simply awful.  The Lakers countered with their own awfulness with their shooting (33%) and their free throws (25-of-37).  In a Game where no team deserved to win and at the same time deserved to be Co-Champions, the Lakers did just enough down the stretch to eeek this one out- for which they get a ton of credit (int he form of rings).

Think about these plays and really think about how big they were:

  • Kobe Bryant drawing the foul on Ray Allen while shooting a three.  He made all three free throws.
  • Kobe’s pull up jumper from the right elbow extended.
  • Derek Fisher’s three from the right wing.
  • And the Ron Artest encore from that same right wing spot.

The Celtics could only counter with two huge plays and these came during desperation time anyway.  These were of course the Rasheed Wallace three out of a timeout and the Rajon Rondo turn-around three.  Just too little, too late.

I already mentioned much of the “too late” so let’s focus on the “too little”:

After building impressive leads twice throughout the game, the Celtics went away from what created these runs: solid defense and offensive execution.  All too often, Paul Pierce was content to whittle time off the clock instead of making good passes- let alone the proverbial “extra” pass.

The Lakers aggressively attacked the Celtics pick-and-rolls and it took the Celtics until late in the fourth quarter to figure out the best way to exploit the Lakers’ overplay (See the Rasheed Wallace top-of-the key pass to Garnett underneath for a dunk).

In the first half, the Celtics were stringing together multiple stops but failing to secure loose balls and letting the Lakers length dominate them on the glass.  Many people will point to rebounding as the key to this loss, but without Kendrick Perkins that was a foregone conclusion.  The Celtics still led for most of this game despite giving the Lakers multiple shots at scoring.

The second guessing will take place and probably never end, but the one that sticks in my mind at the moment is the rotation.  Throughout the regular season and playoffs, Doc Rivers has had to trust his bench.  I understand this was a Game 7 and players just need to reach within themselves and find that energy to keep pushing.  That said, the Celtics looked gassed in the second half- at times completely out of it. In a game that begged for energy, the bench may have been able to provide it.

As for those Lakers:

Give them all the credit in the world.  On Tuesday night, they came out and smacked the Celtics in the mouth and the Celtics rolled over. Tonight, the Celtics did the “smacking” and the Lakers never quit.  They played like Champions and earned this one (as much as it pained me to write that, it’s true).

I am considering writing an open letter to Pau Gasol during the offseason after I have had a chance to deal with this one.  Gasol is amazing, dominant, and versitile.  Unfortnuately, he’s all that and now “hated” can be added to that list.  People don’t think Pau Gasol is soft because he lets himself be pushed around.  Gasol IS soft for the way he complains about every call.  Before he can lobby the officials, he has to shrug his shoulders and act like the most obvious injustice had just taken place.  If he feels any extra contact, he has to go into his controlled-fall complete with butt-slide to soften the blow, and then complaine.  Pau Gasol is SO MUCH BETTER THAN THIS! Why can’t he make a great play, pass, shot, jump hook- anything (seriously, almost everything that guy does is beautiful- except for maybe getting haircuts) and just put his head down and go back on defense?

Final words:

This has been your 2009-2010 NBA Season.  While this may seem like a letdown now, I believe the Celtics will have what it takes to be in the same position they were 24 hours ago one year from now- providing the core stays intact.  Marquee free agents will have to adjust to new teams and consistency will win out.  Rematch? Rubber match?  We shall all see.

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  • JMM

    Tough stretch end of third, early fourth – too many bad-ending isos.

    But, I love this team. They didn’t quit. They were a gas to watch through the playoffs. Did a lot of damage before the needle hit “E”.

    I’m proud to be a Celtics fan.

  • Jade





  • Zain

    Heart broken right now. As Simmons said, is this what hell feels like?

  • NoMo

    I know it’s cliche but I’m done with this team for awhile. I just don’t want to hear about how they’re going to drop 16mm on Allen, or that we’re supposed to believe Pierce and Garnett can step it up next year. Sheed for 2 more years? I love em, I bleed it, but this one hurt too much. Worse since 2007 superbowl.

  • DRJ1

    Refs certainly helped the Lakers win this game 7 in the 4th quarter. But the Celtics did this to themselves, with terrible offense in this game, and especially by totally blowing off game 6. After planning and executing a great, great season… they were felled in the end by their own failures and stupidities.

    And to the extent the refs helped the Cs lose in game 7, the NBA certainly deserves our disgust.

    I believe this series was fixed to go 7 games. I believe the Celtics were involved in that, in at least game 6, and probably game 3 too.

    For all these reasons, I am done with the NBA, and along with it, the Celtics.

    Thanks for a great year, and the support and fun we’ve had here. Be well… and have a great life.

  • I love Green

    Brendan don’t even write anymore about this game. I’ll be forced to read it, and it’ll hurt too much. Just don’t.

  • Sauce

    Up at the half and we lose it,what you gonna do, felt like this was ours, they shot horribly but offensive rebounds burnt us like an std.

    Its a dagger but we aint dead and the big 3 are getting creakier, next season challenges I dont know.

    I know we are the better the team just an old one with poor exuction when it matters

    Oh well aint the end of the world, but another ring would be nice.

    lakers we good we should of been ebtter but they stepped up we didnt.

    Here’s to the huge 15 and next season, enjoy your ring la you deserve it, well done

  • lakershater13

    Im not disappointed with the Celtics. Disappointed with the refs. Sucks to see the game turn around when both teams are playing hard and the only ticky tack fouls were on our team.

  • Perry

    Lakers: 52 rebs, 23 offensive. Celts: 39 rebs: 7 off. We missed Perk tonight.

    Lakers: 20 more free throws.

    What a giveaway.

    A 13-point lead in a Game 7 blown despite Kobe’s blowhard offensive performance.

  • Jay Cutler

    here’s why the celtics lost:

    doc rivers, for all his attributes, watched possession after possession after the c’s equated offense with “paul pierce iso on left wing”. time after time (more often than not) the truth was flabbergasted by excellent pnr defense. the celtics have no offense when the going gets tough – paul pierce just tries to ‘take over’ and the results aren’t pretty; we saw that in game 6.

    “This team has lost more games in the fourth quarter than anybody in the NBA,” Jackson said, in comments that made the ABC broadcast. “They know how to lose in the fourth quarter, all right? They’re just showing us that right now.”

    The Zen Master knew what he was talkin about. Nevertheless the Cs played a great game for 3.5 quarters. That’s 3.5 quarters (and perhaps 4 rounds) longer than most people gave them credit for going into this thing. Great job by them in the face of adversity. Here’s to another try at the ship down the road..

  • DeVelaine

    It hurts. Second most painful thing I’ve been through so far in life. But 5 points… I’m not going to be the only one to say it, but if Perk didn’t get injured in Game 6, we have Banner 18. This loss will never sit well. Ever.

  • Allen

    A part of me died. This game was fucked up. The ref’s are suppose to stay neutral, especially in the most important game of the last decade, but they gave the Lakers 15 free points in the last quarter. The Lakers took more fucking free throws in the 4th quarter than the Celtics the whole fucking game.

  • David

    I am disappointed. I am disappointed with Ray Allen. How many fucking lay-ups can you miss? YOU RUINED EVERYTHING.

  • Ben

    I’m not looking forward to the next four months.
    And Sportscenter for the next month.

  • MP

    You gotta make shots. You can only get so many stops, I’m sorry. If the Lakers score 83 points, you should win. End of discussion. As terrible as the fourth quarter officiating was, the Celtics lost the game. Depressing.

  • RBD

    You know, in the end, L.A. was just better.

    It’s okay.

    I still love these guys.

  • Jay Cutler

    DeVelaine :

    I don’t think Perk would have been the difference. I give Rasheed Wallace a lot of credit for playing well. A couple of bad fouls by the overmatched Big Baby were costly but look what happened to the offense after Wallace floated to the 3pt line and stopped shooting his bankshot. Iso Iso Iso.

    That’s why the Cs lost.

  • RBD

    Yeah, Sheed worked his ass off out there. Came up big.

  • I love Green

    Whatever happened to the double high screen and roll with Rondo?

    Oh man does this hurt. We deserved this game. I just can’t believe THIS Celtics team let a game 7 slip away. Something that shouldn’t have happened.

    Goodbye all.

  • rob

    How in lord name are you gonna let artest hit that three. Then vujacic is gonna make those what the fuck, it was a good run see you in a couple months

  • aaron

    DRJ1 said it all. love’d the team, they got so far, got me to drink way much more than normal, but come on, David Stern is the MVP in this case, 4 minutes on, every Laker trip down the court is free throws. Give me a break as a fan, let my team have a chance to hold out for a win, don’t kill it so easily, damn I sound like Tommy H. Refs win. We lose.

  • Conall Mac Michael

    The sun is coming up…making me reflective on the game, and also making want to off myself. We really missed Perk tonight. Fuck it!!!

  • Rcry

    So disappointing. You’re right about the microcosm. Nothing should be a surprise because we’ve seen it all before. We couldn’t rebound the ball. Ray let us all down and went into one of his timely shooting slumps. Paul pierce is a ball hog and his isos don’t work. Rondo can’t make free throws so he’s not aggressive. Our bench is useless when it matters. KG can’t jump. Nearly everyone ran out of steam, probably because we’re old and don’t have a bench. I feel like we could have won the game if Rondo didn’t keep giving up the ball to Ray who can’t make a shot or to Paul who was trying too hard to be the hero. To be honest, I’m tired of the Big 3.

  • kehn

    Laker fan here. I come to praise, not to bury. I know you guys are hurting right now but the shoe could easily have been on the other foot. I hate the Celtics worse than the lovechild of Hitler and Osama, but the leprechauns left it all on the floor and I tip my hat to your tenacity. As the saying goes: to be the best, you gotta beat the best, and my champion team played another champion team. Hopefully Perkins and Bynum get well and I’ll see you guys next June.

  • Rich

    Holy hell how are you guys going to blame the refs again? They let these teams kill eachother. There were no cheap fouls. Please don’t ruin a really fun game tonight by using the ref card for millionth time.

    Point to me that one terrible call that cost Boston the game. I’d love to go and watch it again.

  • jonathan

    From a Laker fan – Cheers to the Celtics for a great series. You guys have a team of great players who played great this post-season. The team defense led by KG is one of the best I’ve seen – no other team could defend the Kobe and the Lakers as well as the Celtics did this series. Ray’s problems shooting came a lot from having to use so much energy to defend Kobe the entire series – a job he did very well. I think you’ve got one more year out of this group, so maybe we’ll see you again in the finals next year for the rubber match!

  • MP

    37-17. End of discussion.

  • Rich

    And listening to some of you (rcry) it sounds like the Celtics had the worst team in the league. Love someone who is “tired of the big 3.” If you’re tired of 2 finals trips in 3 years, then you’re flat out spoiled.

  • Rich

    Of course MP, it couldn’t be because the Celtics were just simply fouling the hell out of the lakers at the end could it? Seriously, give me on call.

  • sacbobv

    Officiating was okay until late third and through the fourth. Not saying it’s their fault, Celtics came up empty a few times, but I sure would have rather have seen the game called evenly throughout.

    That said, Thank You Celtics! Made it farther than anyone said you would this year and I’ll be back next year.

    And now for the crappy part, Congrats Lakers.

    Hurts my fingers just to type that let alone think it.

  • Carlos R

    How can the Lakers win a game in which they shot 32% fron the floor and 67% from the free throw line? Simply, WITH 23!! OFFENSIVE REBOUNDS and the other team beating themselves in the last 8 minutes. This is heartbreaking. Congrats to the Lakers, they want it more and they got it. See you next year.

  • JMM

    This was the best reffed game in the playoffs. It was a defensive masterpiece. The difference was the last few minutes of the third, first part of the fourth – overreliance on a half court offense that cannot produce. They should have kept moving the ball. That would have had its own risks. But, the choice they made didn’t work.

    Done and next.

  • i could hardly eat my food..yet another fuckin sleepless night..we we’re so close, we simply let it slip away..fakers are fuckin babies!!!

  • rob

    How in lord name are you gonna let artest hit that three. Then vujacic is gonna make those what the fuck, it was a good run see you in a couple months. I don’t even want to see this particular team in the finals or the playoffs for that matter, I want young players with heart I don’t care who you’re trading but rondo and perkins are about to take this league by storm.

  • Rich

    Yea Im guessing the Celtics front line finds it very hard to sleep for a few days. They gave up sooo many offensive rebounds. That was the difference in the game.

  • Rich

    Rob, there is no way you are questioning the celts heart are you?

  • man this is just too heart-breakin..

  • JP

    There are no words to properly describe this, I feel like I was robbed

  • Rcry

    Rich – I don’t believe in moral victories. It’s nice that we overachieved, but we gave this one away.

  • Rich

    Biggest point in the game imo was when the Celtics, for w/e reason, couldn’t get their defense set up and it ended up with Rondo trying to box out Gasol. Of course, the lakers got the offensive rebound and it was given up and Bryant was fouled. That was a huge play because the Celtics had cut it to three right before that.

  • Rich

    Always be careful what you wish for. You might be tired of the big 3, but you will be extremely tired when they break them up and have a couple of wonderful 30 win seasons. Don’t ask for a good thing to end before it needs to.

  • lakershater13

    @Rich did you not see the replay where gasol traveled to score to put you up 6? Kg was clearly fouled when he took it at gasol. They showed the replay time and time again. Thats 4. We lost by 4. What were those touch fouls. Big Baby fouled gasol on that jump shot? Really? Yes he missed the ft but thats not the point. Artest ties it on an and 1 when pierce stood there and artest jumped into him. KG dunks it gasol bumps him in mid air and no foul. Touch fouls at one end no fouls at the other. Pierce drives gets hit by 3 guys and no call. 19 FOULS IN THE 4TH BEFORE WE HAD TO FOUL. 17 for the whole game for the celtics. Rich get a clue.

  • Rich

    Dude, please. How about when Ron Artest was on the fast break and KG simply smacked down on his arms. No call. How about when Rasheed whacked Gasol upside the head on a drive with his arm. No call. Don’t put the blinders on and act like all the calls went one way, that is insane. The game was well reffed. They let them play.

  • joe

    the title sums it up perfectly: heartbreaking. BOS’s offense just wasn’t good enough. unfortunately, it looks like this was their last shot, and unless some superteam emerges from free agency, LAL might go on a run.

  • lakershater13

    The artest play you got the ball back. No advantage for the celtics.

  • I love Green

    We really did miss Perkins tonight. I’m not making excuses, Rasheed played good, but Perkins is a beast on the boards and we needed that.

    We’re in for some dark years now, as our big 3 and Sheed get another year older.

  • Rich

    I think Boston should try and keep this together one more year. It will be hard with Ray Allen, obviously. But you have to think Rondo gets even better next year.

  • Rich

    Um, but you didn’t get free throws.

  • Ben

    Boston sports dominance may have come to an end.

    Celtics look to have made their last good run for a while.
    Bruins a disappointing season.
    Red Sox might not make playoffs.
    Pats got dominated in last playoffs and lost some key players.

    Six combined championships this decade.
    Its been a good run.

  • lakershater13

    Im not worried about the celtics. If pierce opts out we will have money to sign a big free agent. Once we sign someone we can resign pierce. He would just opt out to free up some money. When you are under the limit you can sign people. Over the limit we would be screwed and we would only have the mid level to sign another average player. We wont get another Sheed with the mid level this year. So pierce opting out will be key. Also we have the 19th pick in the draft. Normally you dont pick in the teens when you went to the finals but since we finished so low in the league we actually have a decent pick. So going into next season we might be ok depending on who we might be able to sign and what we may get out of the draft. Looking forward to next thursday.

  • Allen

    Fucking Gasol got an up and down in that last minute lay up. They showed the fucking replay 5 times.

  • Rcry

    Rich- I’m sure we’re all heartbroken after this rollercoaster game. I’m not sure why you’re picking right now to pick on fellow fans. I’m sure we have more commonalities than differences.

  • Ben

    Rich is a Lakers fan

  • sacbobv

    I can see Pierce opting out to keep Ray and not optimistic about a quality pick @19. But hey, Never know what the future holds. I for one would give these starters one more shot at this and then think a breakup, maybe if it doesn’t work.

  • lakershater13


    Celtics may be ok… we sill see starting next thursday.

    Bruins have the second pick in the draft. Plus the 15th. They actually had a bad season and made it to the second round of the playoffs. They should make a decent run next year.

    Red Sox… i agree they might not make the playoffs. Tampa and New york may be too much to over come. Im still cheering them on tho.

    Pats… Well they have done nothing and the teams around them seem to have gotten much better. They could be in tough shape.

  • DOne Watching NBA

    Refs were terrible. Shit is rigged. I’ve been in denial for too long because I love the Celtics so much. But I can no longer support a league the is decieving the masses for money. Fuck Stern. Fuck the NBA.

  • anonymous

    i think the celtics should concentrate on acquiring a free agent to replace ray allen – no offense to the guy, but when your time is up it is up, and i think tonight really showed that. 3-14, from anywhere, from a SHOOTING guard, one of the best in the game. get rid of daniels and williams who produced 0, make ray allen a backup and get dwade or someone lol. i think thats the first step to building this team back up for another run next year.

  • I love Green

    Our starting lineup has still never lost a series together. Perkins wasn’t there for the most important game, so our starters weren’t there for every game.

  • I love Green

    Oh and stop fucking hating on Ray Allen. Holy shit seriously. Watch the fucking game again he played his ass off on defense, and didn’t have legs for offense. Like Pierce against Cleveland, but you didn’t see everyone blaming him for us losing games in that series. Kobe had an AWFUL game from the field and only got his points because of free throws.


  • jonathan

    Pierce opting out doesn’t help unless he quickly signs for much less money. When he opts out there is a cap hold placed to prevent the type of cap manipulation you propose. They can re-sign Allen with no problems cause of Bird rights, but not a max guy even if Pierce decides to leave a ton of money on the table and opt out.

  • @ ilove green, ur right..Ray didn’t have enough legs to shoot because he really harassed Kobe all-game long..

  • anonymous

    i’m not hating on ray allen- he had a great season, a great game 2. I’m just saying he does not have the same consistency he had two years ago. All i’m saying is that he has lost some consistency on offense, which was a primary reason we acquired him in the first place.

  • I love Green


    From Doc
    “I don’t know if Rasheed will every play again.”

  • joe

    what happened to paul vs. CLE happened to ray this series. when have to guard the best SG since jordan your offense will inevitably suffer. and who are we going to replace ray with? I can’t think of another sharp-shooter that we can realistically acquire who can help kobe go 6-22.

  • Dustball

    This was this exactly what any real basketball fan could want. I’m not talking about great offense, I’m talking about two teams that made every possession hell. Two teams that didn’t give an inch until the final buzzer rang. I’ll never respect boston fans because I’ve met too many awful human beings in/from beantown, but this team deserves respect. They never quit. From top to bottom they play hard and this was the best defended game I have ever seen… by both sides. Congrats to the Cs for a great season, and congrat to the CHAMPS. Till next year… let’s go Lakers!!

  • joe

    what happened to paul vs. CLE happened to ray this series. when u have to guard the best SG since jordan your offense will inevitably suffer. and who are we going to replace ray with? I can’t think of another sharp-shooter that we can realistically acquire who can help kobe go 6-22.

  • joe

    sorry for double post

  • dslack


    1. The team wouldn’t have had the opportunity to be here if not for Ray’s clutch playoff performances. He defended Kobe into a 6-24 performance. He also sucked rotten eggs through a hose on offense in the last 5 games of the series. It’s strange, but it’s also what happened to Pippen when he hit 7 3-pointers in a game. Something about doing that turns a guy to doodoo thereafter.

    2. Refs didn’t cost Celtics the game. Lakers took a lot of FTs because Celtics hacked the sh&t out of them. Refs mostly let them play, but nearly all the fouls were real, and a few of the fouls called on the Lakers were touch-fouls, too. It’s a hard game to call correctly, but the refs did an okay job. Shame they missed Gasol’s up-and-down, but Celtics had already lost the lead at that point and almost certainly would have lost the game anyway.

    3. Pierce opting out doesn’t do anything for the team. I don’t have the energy to explain it again, but it’s true. Look at the salary cap FAQ page and at hoopshype’s salaries page.

    4. Not re-signing Ray doesn’t help at all. Celtics have his Bird rights. They have the midlevel exception. They should keep Ray through the end of KG’s contract and sign a midlevel guy and hope for the best. I don’t think they’ll be back in the Finals, but I don’t see any other reasonable thing to do. They’re in no position to rebuild, with KG still on the books for 2 more years.

    I’m sad that they lost, but let’s be thankful for a thrilling season that came just about as close as possible to a championship without delivering one.

  • dslack

    When did Doc say that? Was he serious?

  • JMM

    “I’ll never respect boston fans because I’ve met too many awful human beings in/from beantown,”

    Dustball, you ever been to LA? Hell, just look at the Lakers players – their shooting guard was arrested for sexual assault, Odom married a Kardashian, and Artest started the biggest brawl in NBA history. And Laker fans – exactly the same ratio of felons and miscreants to good folk as the Cs’ fans. People are people. But, the Lakers, yikes!

    Win or lose I have much more respect for the Cs than for the Purple gang.

  • if they dont resign Ray, clearly the cavs and magic would be after him..too bad for the celtics..

  • sacbobv

    @Dustball – Don’t travel much do you? Been coast to coast and North to South, but there are buttholes no matter where you go. Maybe you should try meeting different crowds in your travels.

  • We were up 3-2 coming back to LA and didn’t get it done. If the Lakers had played a good game tonight and we lose, I could handle that. But the Lakers stunk up the fuckin court and we were worse down the stretch. Loyalty is one thing, but stupidity is another. Ray Allen blew this series for us–Great career–Trade him now!!!! —It’s one thing to blow a series because of horrible shooting—But NOT AGAINST THE FUCKIN LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love Green

    On Hollinger’s twitter.

    The exact tweet:

    Bombshell from Doc: “I don’t know if Rasheed will ever play again.”

  • dslack

    Awesome: Rasheed busted into the refs locker room and was forced out by security:

  • I love Green

    Stephen get the fuck out of here with that Ray hate. Kobe went 6-24, who was bodying him up and forcing tough shots all night? Ray Allen. His defense was the biggest part.

  • sacbobv

    @dslack – What are they gonna do, T him up? Can’t wait for the rest of that story.

  • lakershater13

    Someone explain the Rasheed thing? His back? Whats up?

  • br

    I cant stand the NBA Refs. Seriously between Gasol up and down, Kevin Garnett getting fouled on every single lay-up and every other missed call. The NBA has become too much for money. They are looking at next year’s playoff run. Most of the Celtics may not be back but the Lakers will be. More viewers with the headlines “Kobe about to tie Jordan”. Then the year after “Kobe about to beat Jordan”. Makes me sick.

  • JMM


  • cmoney

    Biggest problem? Going away from KG and Sheed in the post in the 2nd half. After Rondo hit the runner to put us up 11, we started isolating Pierce. Isolating Pierce versus Artest is bad. It’s been bad all year. Just bad strategy. We put up an offensive stinkbomb over a 9 min stretch in 2nd half. That was the difference.

  • I love Green

    @lakershater- Doc just said he doesn’t know if Rasheed will ever play again. Didn’t say anything else.

  • Jay P


    I’m not going to argue the refs cost the came at all, but there were some crucial calls missed last in the 4th.

    First of all, a couple of the fouls against Davis were touchy, they were letting em play all game, quite the lets say… inopportune time to start calling a game tighter. But whatever, I’m not even saying they werent foul, just they really didn’t seem like fouls they had been calling all game up until then.

    Gasol traveled on that put back, he got back, foot came down before the let go of the ball again. It was very clear on the replay, I don’t really blame the refs on that one though, easy play to miss in real time.

    The Gasol rebound he took from Rondo, he flat out close-lined Rondo with his right hand while going for the ball with his left. It was a definite foul, and possession went back to LA, where Kobe immediately drove and got two free throws, huge, giant possibly game changing sequence.

    Anyway no, what lost the game was the rebounding margin, and the WIDE open missed looks from Ray Allen, but those things certainly didn’t help, and it definitely seemed like every call was going LA’s way late (again not crying conspiracy, just bad luck that the Refs missed a couple tough calls.)

  • lakershater13

    LA is where the refs can make the big bucks. LA could win the next 5 in a row if the refs get paid enough.

  • JMM

    cmoney is right.

    And, please, this was the best reffed game of the playoffs. Lots of non-calls both ways.

  • Joe Wallace

    I love the celtics so much. I have not cried in so long, but tonight its been a different story. It hurts so bad. But hey, it is amazing to be a fan. I cant tell you how bad i hurt, but I feel so alive. I live with a passion, and i love it. So do you other sports fans. It was a fucking amazing series. Lets just celebrate a great season when no one said we could get here. We were supposed to lose to lebron, then the magic, and we did everything we could till the last minute. I love all of you fans, you make this game matter. Great season to my celtics, I love you. Wow, what a game, what a life. I love you guys.

  • Steve

    Doc just said Sheed may be retiring. If so he comes off the books. We will have KG, Rondo, Perk and Baby under contract next year (If Paul reworks deal). Suddenly we are looking at about maybe $50 mill in salary for the starters plus Davis. They could potentially have a shot at a free agent if I am right about the salary cap. They will have the mid level available but not sure about the bi-annual with the Sheed thing. Since it was his contract that used our bi-annual will we get credited for it? Either way, Perk will be back, KG will be a year further from his knee surgery and we saw what that did for Tony Allen’s health. With one or two solid additions this doesn’t have to be over yet.

  • rob

    rich i don’t want to hear it those has been’s played like they have another year in them which is clearly bull. I love KG and sheed but the fact is they’re not good enough to win. Neither is ray or paul. I just don’t understand how you’re not gonna leave it all on the floor i mean you win this game and you retire as legends, bust your ass out there! We need a dynasty not a 3 year spirt of inconsistency.

  • C. Chimurenga

    In the same day, both my ‘Green and White’ teams (Nigeria in the World Cup, and the Celtics) lost.

    I am heartsick, but still bleed green. Will bleed so forever

    Thanks for everything, guys.

    See you next year.


  • mrnukkie

    @ dslack

    Are you fking kidding me? The refs totally costed them the game.
    So Boston had the lead for 90% of the game and went all the way to half the 4th quarter without all these fouls being called, but in the last 3mins they decide to foul LA left and right? Yeah I dont think so.
    LA didnt make a comeback, the refs made the comeback for them, they just sat back and cried.
    If your an LA fan and are happy they won, thats kool, but if you think they won a legit game then either 1. your ignorant or 2. your just plain stupid.
    Must be nice to be loosing for 90% of a game only to have the refs step in and hand it to you on a silver platter.

  • JMM

    The refs did not costed them the game.

  • @ I Love Green— A player playing good defense in spurts does not excuse Ray’s shooting performance in this series!!!! — A hall of fame player can’t perform on just one end of the court–I’m fully aware that checking Kobe most of the time in this series is going to affect any player on the offensive end– But come on now–Ray was missing layups half the damn time. He fucking stunk!!!!

  • I love Green

    Now they’re only one behind us.

  • Iggy Pap

    HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! The ref whiners are out!!!

    Here’s some consolation for you Boston losers. At least someone, somewhere will be wearing Boston t-shirts:



  • JMM

    “After the game Lakers fans were in the streets of Downtown L.A rioting and setting small fires.”


  • I love Green

    Man Pierce looks bummed

  • JMM

    I love Green,

    Are you kidding? Head to head in championship series the Celtics have won 9, the Lakers 3. It’s barely a rivalry.

  • JMM

    For god sakes, TURN OFF THE TV!

    Nothing to see here, move along, move along.

  • br

    I agree the refs did cost the game. On that Gasol Up and Down (Celtics still had a chance at that point). Gasol knocking down Rondo, should have been a foul. They lost control of the game and started feeding into the crowd to make calls. The NBA wanted Kobe to get his fifth ring more than they wanted the “big three” to get their second. It’s all about the money.

  • I love Green

    “Its barely a rivalry.”

    See thats where you messed up.

  • lakershater13

    @Iggy Pap… Im glad someone gets to wear the shirts of the true winners. The team that got screwed.

  • Iggy Pap

    There is no consolation.

    It’s over.

    You can reach back and try to force the past to somehow overshadow what just happened.

    It won’t work.

    The LAKERS are NBA Champs.
    The CELTICS are not.

    Face it. Own up. Man up.

    Your team blew it. In a huge, huge, huge way.

    My god this feels GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Off to the first of many, many parties……….

  • Iggy Pap


    You mean the team that screwed up.
    They fucked the pooch so hard it’s laughable.

    It’s over. It’s over.


    Bye ya’ll, don’t let the door hit in the ass.

    Time to prepare for a parade.


  • dslack

    For all those saying refs cost the game —
    refs didn’t make the Celtics go 6.5 minutes between 3rd and 4th quarters scoring only 1 point. Refs didn’t make Celtics score 7 points in first 6 minutes of 4th quarter. Celtics offense dried up. Questionable calls went both ways.

  • WTF

    The best team clearly won tonite.

    You can’t beat LA!
    Los Angeles Lakers

    p.s. Hey Boston fans:
    I smell another 3-Peat! 🙂

  • I love Green

    This hurts.

  • WTF


    I just saw Rasheed and Ray Allen at the Lakers afterparty. They looked like they were having the time of their lives playing poker with Dr. Buss. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    We Love It!

  • lakershater13

    Sheed waits outside refs locker room to “talk” because it was a well reffed game??? Lets have a laker fan explain that one.

  • WTF

    Does anyone know where I can find 2010 Laker championship t-shirts in the metro Boston area? The NBA Referee Union wanted to purchase a couple dozen.

  • I love Green

    And I have to get up in 5 1/2 hours.

  • JMM

    No I Love . . ., I nailed it. The Purple have a long way to go to catch up with the Cs. Tonight was blip in the greater scheme of things.

    And everyone, quit whining about the refs. That’s a Lakers’ tactic. Have some pride. We lost. Our offense failed in the middle of the second half and so we lost.

  • WTF

    Like my man Rodney K. said in LA:

    Can’t we all just get along.


  • I love Green

    No you missed it. 4 of our championships against them were game 7s that could’ve gone either way. This is the greatest rivalry in sports.

  • Donny

    I am so glad the flopping Celts lose

  • JMM

    And now here come the no class, dumbassed Laker fans to talk smack as though they had something to do with the Lakers’ win.

    Good night and GO CELTS!

  • Rich

    The gasol knocking down Rondo would have been a weak call for this game and you guys know it. Ron Artest about got tackled by KG and nothing was called, because that is how they called it. YOucan’t call some simply box out push in this game on Gasol.

    The up and down..really people. None of us saw it live. It was nearly impossible to see and was really quite close on the replay. the refs aren’t super human.

    Rob, dude, you don’t go into LA in game 7 and hold a team to 83 points while playing half-hearted. What a joke. Your team left everything out there.

  • Jay P

    Lakers fans showing their complete lack of class, once again.

  • Iggy Pap

    Anyone know where I can get a few thousand truckloads of KLEENEX in the Boston area? I know a few thousand bitches with tears in their eyes that are in NEED.

    Man up. Blame the team, blame the coach, blame the ridiculous “tough” persona the Celtics attempt to project. Ref blaming shows how desperate you are to make sense of what just happened.

    It’s ok. Just think, you live in wonderful Boston rather than sunny and beautiful Los Angeles. Such a treat!

    LAKERS UNDISPUTED NBA CHAMPS 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WTF

    You know Boston fans, LeBron is a free agent. Maybe then you can sign him and then have the 2nd best player go up against the NBA’s best player (Black Mamba) next year in the Finals. Ooops, my bad. The Celtics won’t be in any more Finals this decade. :~(

    Ha Ha Ha! Go Lakers!
    3-Peat here we come!

  • Jay P


    Watch the replay again, it wasn’t a “box out” foul, it was a loose ball close-line. He flat out gave Rondo some chin music.

    But ya, they didn’t play half hearted, they just couldn’t get it done. Ray Allen lost his shot at the worst time, and they just couldn’t match LAs size on the boards. It wasn’t for lack of effort.

  • Rich

    Rofl, Lakershater are you seriously trying to use Sheed complaining about reffing as part of your reasoning behind the way the calls went? Sheed seriously doesn’t believe he has committed 3 fouls in his entire career. The guy would complain if he had hit someone over the head with a brick.

    And lol at the Ray Allen hate. The only reason the game was close was because Ray Allen locked Kobe down.

  • Jay P

    Dont you guys have something better to do than post here?

    Wow your life must be pathetic.

  • Rich

    Can always count on Lakers fan to chant MVP to Kobe and call him the best player ever when he basically did all he could to totally let his team down when it mattered most tonight.

    Gasol was the finals MVP. Not Kobe.

  • lakershater13

    You cannot say the refs did not hurt the offense. KG goes up and gets hit clear on the arm. Gasol not even close to the ball or KGs hand(part of the ball). Yes too many plays for pierce but artest was hacking and they finally call it to give pierce fts when it was too late. Boston shot much better than La. The extra 20 fts helped them win.

  • Jay P

    Amen to that Rich, amen.

  • I love Green

    Rasheed retires, Paul opts out and signs for less, Lebron signs for a large 2 year deal to guarentee 1 if not 2 titles.

    Lulz, the brain of a depressed man right there.

  • Jay P


    I have to disagree with you on that one, read the rule book. the hand is considered an extension of the ball, and he hit Garnetts hand, it looked pretty clear to me. Just on that one example I’d agree.

    But again… Ray Allen hits his open shots, if they don’t give up 23 ORs, if they didn’t get stagnant in the 4th and play too much iso ball, well then none of this talk about refs would be happening, cause they still would have won.

  • WTF

    Hey JMM,

    Don’t be so mean. I want to do you a favor. I’m inviting all Bostonians to visit sunny Los Angeles this weekend. There are so many fun thing to do here. We have great championship parties going on all week. In fact, we even have a cool sports parade that will take place in downtown LA by the time you get here.
    p.s. It would really be cool if you can wear Purle and Gold at the parade so you can feel like winner. (Just a suggestion) 🙂

  • I love Green

    You stay classy LA

    “Hundreds of street signs torn down. Metal poles littered everywhere. A crowd with a Garnett jersey chanting “burn that s—.”

  • Jay P

    It would be really cool if you’d show some class and go the hell away.

    Enjoy the win, celebrate, Lakers fans earned it, but don’t be a prick about it.

  • Rich

    The Lakers offense was sooo bad tonight it’s almost amazing the Celtics lost. 60 something percent from the line and 33 percent from the floor. Imagine if the Lakers only get like 10 offensive rebounds…my god they wouldn’t have scored 70 points.

  • The blind

    So the starting five of the Celtics over the last 3 years still has not lost a series. How’s that.

  • johny

    As much as i hate lebron james and this will never happen in a million years but i want him here for the remainder of kobes career so he can those fuckers hearts out one by one

  • Eric

    Well looks like Phil Jackson was right after all . . . Boston knows how to lose in the 4th quarter.

  • Tom W

    i don’t care about the Lakers. I really don’t. The Celtics battled. and battled. and battled. and battled. They beat Lebron when no one thought they would. They beat Dwight Howard when no one thought they would. They pushed the Lakers to 7 games, bounced back from a horrible game 6 performance, and could have won game 7 if a couple of things had been tweaked. EVERY time someone said the Celtics couldn’t do it, they flat out refused to listen

    so you know what? all you classless Laker fans can go enjoy yourselves. And tomorrow morning, I’m going to go in my closet, pull on my Pierce jersey, and remain a DAMN proud Celtics fan.

  • lakershater13

    @Rich… I have to disagree with you on gasol being mvp. Kobe had a bad shooting night but you look what he did all 7 games i would have had no complaints with him being mvp even if the celtics had won.

  • Ben

    lets all just hope rondo develops a jumper this offseason

  • LStrike from Australia

    Thank you, Lakers fans, for reminding why I despise you and your franchise.

  • Eric

    Ben seriously, Rondo’s inability to knock down a jumper KILLED the Celtics the entire series. If you have a guy like Deron Williams or Steve Nash or Chris Paul the Celtics win the series in 5 games.

  • I love Green

    Can’t believe this Boston Celtics team let a 13 point second half lead slip away. I don’t understand why it happened. I prayed my ass off before, and during the game. Somebody up there was on the bad guys side.

  • NoMo

    You Laker fans are all alike. Fucking soft bitches. You’re all jokes. What the fuck have you done other than win a few titles this decade? Anything? You got a UFL team (lol), a joke of a hockey team, and a gimme win with the Angels over SF in ’02, Once Kobe’s gone, you’ll be left with nothing.

  • Shooter

    BS………i’m the bigest Ray Allen fan on earth but i’ll call it how i see it.You say Kobe shot poorly……yes he did, well done….but you fail to realise 90% of Kobe’s shots were BAD shots.In traffic, 2-3 guys on him, yet he still threw them up.Ray was WIDE OPEN…………………..W I D E O P E N yet he was still missing.Those shots in the 4th quarter, he made them with defenders all in his face, other than that last 3 he made which by then was too late anyway.
    It’s HARD to get wide open/good looks in a finals series against a top defensive unit like the Lakers,so when you do get open looks YOU HAVE TO MAKE THEM PAY.
    Ray was ice cold from game 2…..time to trade him but in saying that how do we go about it………..i mean will Ray come back knowing he’ll get traded,i doubt he will so reall anyway you look at it we’re pretty much fucked at that position for the next 20 years unless we get REALLY REALLY lucky in the draft or we trade Rondo for Stephen Curry/Monta Ellis and Azuibuike.

  • Eric

    Shooter, that was the smartest thing I’ve heard in a long time, Rondo for Stephen Curry would be dynamite for Boston

  • lakershater13

    Remember LA 5 of your titles belong to your franchise. Not your city. Boston- 17 LA- 11

  • Zain

    A few hours later and this feeling is not going away by a long shot.

    Fitting that we lose this like the season…4th quarter collapse.

  • Zain

    @Shooter, Warriors will never get rid of Curry. He is their rock right now. And god no, I never want to see Ellis in a Celtics uniform.

    Curry is going to be very similar to Ray Allen as he grows. Rondo will get better at his shot and free throws. No need to blow this team up guys.

  • roy

    Come on lakers fan … act like you have been here before … that was one of the best games in recent memories … a game 7 that was played and reffed like a game 7 – aka let them play … while the series was not well officialed, today actually I thought they let both teams play and play they did, shock that celtics lost with their good shooting and lakers bad shooting but that rebounding hurt them badly … cong

  • I love Green

    Biggest LOL of all time @Rondo for Curry!!!!!!!

    Yes Curry can shoot, yes he’s a good passer, yes he’s a good rebounding point guard, but he can’t defend for shit. He also plays with the Warriors who only care about offense so he’s getting on the break all game long not matter what, and throws up a lot of shots. I’ve loved Steph Curry since his early Davidson days, but Rondo will dominate the rest of the PGs every season for many years to come.

    Please don’t try to put any blame on Rondo, he’s the main reason we got here.

  • Axe Head

    Laker fan here. Congrats to the Celtics for a great run, almost legendary.

    I won’t try to dissuade anyone here about the refs. When I saw how they were letting things go early, I thought, “if the Lakers hang close, the ref’s will tighten it up in the 4th. That will be like the guillotine dropping on the C’s head.” Because a tightly-called game would favor the Lakers. Sure enough, that happened.

  • Tom W

    I’m taking solace in this…Kobe, in the biggest game of his career, got shut down. Seriously, would Jordan have allowed anyone to stop him in this situation? Would Russell? Would Bird? Would Magic?

    No, no, no, and no. I feel like even though LA won, anybody who really looks at what happened can’t put Bryant in their company. Ever.

  • Shooter

    Rondo can’t shoot,what does it take to get that through your heads……….like i said unless we get really lucky in acquiring another star at sg we’re fucked for the next 20 years.
    Ainge was right all along,we should have traded Rondo before the season started.
    The Big 3(which is laughable now) made Rondo look better than what he really is.Don’t get me wrong Rondo deserved to make the all defensive team,and he’s a fine player but with Ray Allen washed up, we need a pg who can fucking shoot.

    One critical thing i noticed about Rondo tonight……….he passed up creating contact on the Lakers bigs when he got in the paint off the pick n roll.To me that shows a point guard whose afraid of the free throw line.

  • Tom W

    My God…axe head…a legitimate basketball fan who happens to cheer for the Lakers.

    they make those?

  • roy

    Unless the celtics get someone good in mid level exception, I say let go of Allen, trade Pierce and build around Rondo and Perkins …

  • Iggy Pap
  • Zain

    You guys are absolutely insane.

  • classless laker fan

    In the past 30 years since the NBA became a modern game Lakers have 10 championships and the celts are tied for 3rd with the spurs with 4.

    It feels great to win 2 in a row and to cast even more doubt on the 08 finals played without bynum and ariza.

  • Eric

    I love Green, Curry is just a rookie think about how many rookies are truly good defenders their first year? I think it’s sad to say but I dont know if Rondo will ever have a jumper, I played against the kid in high school in Louisville, Kentucky and truthfully his jumper (form especially) has only gotten worse.

    Monta Ellis would be a terrible idea, he is talented but plays on a terrible team so it makes him look better than he really is.

  • Iggy Pap

    @ Zain “A few hours later and this feeling is not going away by a long shot.”

    Oh, it won’t go away for a looooooooooong time.

  • I love Green

    @Zain- I guess they have the “Finals Loss Syndrome.” Trading Rondo? funniest thing I’ve heard all day

  • Tom W

    iggy, at least the C’s didn’t quit, like LA did in ’08. at least we have a reason to be proud of our team.

  • I love Green

    PLEASE STOP SUGGESTING A RONDO TRADE!!!! 14-10-8 in game 7 of the nba finals when Kobe Bryant is guarding you is a fantastic stat line. Seriously he did nothing wrong this game.

  • Eric

    Trading Rondo really isn’t that insane. Look at it, his trade value right now is more than it ever will be. He has hands so large it rivals Shaq shooting because he is unsure of how to grip the ball. Defensively he may be the best PG in the league but realistically you add a PG who can be a pressure release late in the shot clock on offense for Boston that is a good shooter and that would have caused Boston to 3peat.

    Rondo to me is only as good as he is because he plays with 3 hall of famers and a stud of a defensive center. It’s almost like Tayshaun Prince, he looked incredible on that Pistons team in 2004 but after the stars left he was never the same player.

  • Shooter

    @ Eric……..true,in the next 4-5 years with the upside that Curry has and the shiiiiity shooting Rondo has i seriously would rather have Curry.Rondo wasn’t the defender he is today in his rookie season.
    Curry has A LOT of upside probably more so than Rondo.He has great passing skills,he can rebound and he’s not a bad defender either.I’m sure with the defensive system we have here in Boston, Curry should improve his defensive game.

  • Tom W

    especially an obvious downgrade, like Monta Ellis or Stephen Curry…can i bring up that Rondo almost averaged a triple double in two playoff series?

  • classless laker fan

    crazy that barring an injury the lakers are probably on a 3 peat right now.

  • Eric

    I Love Green, Kobe never guarded Rondo once, rewatch every game he ROAMS off Rondo to help on other people because Rondo is no threat to score offensively. Kobe stayed 6 to 7 feet off of Rondo daring him to shoot, and if he came into the lane Kobe knew he had help to block Rondo’s floaters.

  • lakershater13

    La fans please dont start talking about missing bynum in 08. No celtic fans are talking about missing our center in game 7.

  • Shooter

    Again Rondo’s shooting will not get better…….think about it……..there are other pgs in this league a la Stephen Curry who have a better offensive game than Rondo……….who have just as good a passing game and a higher ceiling.You can replace defense in a sytem like ours.
    Rondo is about as limited on offense as they come he’s like the pg version of Shaq….without a true go to offensive game.

  • I love Green

    Trading Rondo is insane. I know we’re all upset over the loss but don’t go overboard suggesting a Rondo trade just because he doesn’t have a consistant jumper.

  • Iggy Pap

    “at least the C’s didn’t quit, like LA did in ‘08. at least we have a reason to be proud of our team.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! They LOST THE GAME, and gave up a 13 point lead!! Ummm…I’d say that’s quitting, dumb ass.

    Keep it coming, this is fueling this feeling even more!!!

    WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!! CHAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Iggy Pap

    You guys are bizarre. The corpse isn’t even col yet and you’re discussing trades and stuff.

    Way to be proud of your team.

  • Eric

    Shooter, Look I’m a Lakers fan and my hat goes off to the Boston team for the performance in the FInals but living in Kentucky I hear about how great Rondo is all year long, and while he is a great athlete and defensive player his inability to shoot the ball was going to cost the C’s eventually.

    Having a PG who can shoot, especially when you have 3 Hall of Fame players on your team is a HUGE help. Look at why Sam Cassell was such a great bench player in 2008, when Rondo couldn’t score he would come in and hit huge shots in Derek Fisher’s eye.

  • I love Green

    Curry is one of the worst defending point guards in the league. And stop talking like the Warriors are looking to trade him. If there’s any other point guard in the league that I’d want it’d be CP3. Rondo is the #2 PG in the league right behind him.

  • Zain


    Absolutely man. This team still has a bit more in them. If Sheed leaves, it might help us a bit, but we’ll see. I’m interested in seeing when Perk can return. This starting 5 is 7-0. Ray will return, I’d be stunned if he doesn’t. Rondo will improve. This team isn’t done yet.

  • lakershater13

    You know you la fans are looking at making trades. You cannot say that bynum for bosh doesnt look great to you fans.

  • Tom W

    I love Green, i’d add Derrick Rose to the list of people i’d trade for Rondo.

    Curry? Dear Lord, no.

  • Eric

    I Love Green, have you ever seen Steve Nash or Deron Williams play? They can both shoot and control the game better than Rondo can. Rondo may look great now but without having 3 hall of fame players on his team to pass to do you really think he would be that great. I mean his job really isn’t that tough, come down the floor pass to either KG, PP, or Ray Allen. Just like game 2, you could have had 8 assists if you came down the floor and just passed the ball to Ray for any of his wide open 3s.

  • Shooter

    And where the FUCK was KG on the boards tonight .
    3 rebounds…………3 REBOUNDS…….3 REBOUNDS ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME.Gasol had 18,9 of them were on the offensive glass.
    The Lakers deserved to win,i thought with a 13 point lead was it…..in the 3rd quarter, we had the Lakers in a coffin so to speak.I don’t know what happened, but as quick as we went up 13 we lost it just as fast.
    No more Gasoft he OWNED KG in this series……y’all can’t deny it.

  • Tom W

    i agree with Jackson in the article…you can absolutely call Gasol soft, just because he complains and flops. he’s a fantastically talented center, but the other stuff makes him soft.

  • Eric

    Tom W, I forgot about Derrick Rose, and give John Wall a year he will be a stud in the NBA. Freakish athlete like Rondo but a better scorer.

  • I love Green

    @Zain- Yeah this team for sure isn’t done. Heck maybe Perk’s injury is a blessing for him. He won’t be able to do a lot of things basketball wise, but can work on a 6-8 foot jumper. If he gets an offensive game, and Rondo sticks his damn elbow in those two will be unbelievable. In the draft we should take James Anderson who can shoot and is 6’6″. Develop him defensivley and we have our Ray, or Paul replacement.

  • Tom W

    Eric, i’d love to see CP3 (healthy) or Derron Williams come to the Celts, but there’s no way we’d get either of them for Rondo. Rondo is spectacularly talented, and any trade we’d make for him would almost inevitably for less than his worth. it makes more sense, in my opinion, to just build around his strengths.

  • lakershater13

    Gasol is soft. Thats a fact. He is a great player. He just isnt a tough player. He is soft. FACT.

  • Shooter

    Again without one of the greatest shooters of all time Rondo will not be getting open lanes to the paint……….y’all watch if Ray doesn’t come back next season Rondo’s ppg declines.


    Enjoy the summer MFs . . . . Champs over Chumps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anything is possible!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WesStrikesBack

    So cool to see Celtics fans going from talking to smack to eating their own in 24 hours. Vegas said we were better, and we proved it tonight. Must have been hard to watch that lead disappear and your boys choke.

    Now you can look up Modern Basketball Legacy and see the Lakers, and look up ‘One Hit Wonders’ in the last 24 years and see your lame green jersey. Enjoy that Championship record while you have it, cause our boys continue to wreck record after record once held by a town famous for beans. Guess we have all the beans tonight.

    I’d say you should save your ‘Beat LA’ signs for next year, but I wouldn’t be so sure you’ll even get past the first round after time and attrition rip out what’s left of your team’s weak heart.

  • I love Green

    Steve Nash plays in an offensive system, always on the fast break. He also plays with the most dominant offensive PF in the game today. Plus they’re both great in the pick and roll game. Oh yeah Nash doesn’t play defense either.

    Williams is great I forgot about him. Him and CP3 are tied for #1. He can’t take over a game like Rondo can though. Seriously some of the games Rondo had this post season were the most impressive of all time from a point guard.

  • lakershater13

    I think on draft day we take Robinson out of Uconn. He is the best athlete in the draft. He is 6-9 and can explode to the hoop. Rondo would love to find him on a fast break jumping over the hoop. Plus look at us against atlanta this year. No one could guard guys like josh smith or joe johnson. Too athletic.

  • Eric

    Tom W, I agree with what your saying I never thought that was a realistic scenario I’m just stating the fact that the one player on the Celtics who didn’t worry me was Rondo. I’m just stating that having a PG who can shoot in your offense is essential because there needs to be a pressure release when Paul or Ray aren’t hot or if they need someone to pass to late in the shot clock. I mean look at Derek Fisher, by no means is he a great athlete or scorer but he can hit big shots when necessary (much more so when he was younger) but in the slow it down halfcourt sets the Celtics (and Lakers) run it is crucial to have a PG who can shoot outside. I have watched Rondo play since the kid was in high school and his jump shot has not gotten any better (his form has especially started looking akward and forced), I could be wrong but I dont know how much improvement he has. Perkins however is about as solid as can be to build around he reminds me of Noah for the Bulls but better.

  • Tom W

    lakershater13, the mere thought of the incredible stuff Robinson and Rondo could do together cheers me up a tiny tiny bit. i really like that idea.

  • WesStrikesBack

    lakershater 13:

    Must be tough for you tonight, watching that ‘soft’ Spaniard putting another ring on. I guess ‘soft’ must be asshat for ‘smart champion’.

    Cheers and have a great Summer thinking about the World Champion Lakers, back to back biiiiyatch!

  • Tom W

    Eric, i definitely agree that a PG needs a jumpshot. Jason Kidd was a great PG, but he could have EASILY been in the “greatest PG of all time” if he had a better shot when he was younger.

    i guess we just need to cross our fingers that Rondo improves over the offseason.

  • lakershater13

    Since when do the champs get the rings the same night they won? Crap i actually missed gasoft put his ring on?

  • Tom W

    *greatest pg of all time debate. sorry, forgot kind of an important word there.

  • I love Green

    How about with our second pick we take Jarvis Vernardo from Mississippi State? Greatest shot blocker in division 1 history going by the stats, and a great rebounder. I’d love to have him backing Perkins up.

  • Eric

    I love Green, I agree Nash isn’t a great defender but as a WHOLE unit the Boston team is great defensively. Who did Rondo guard so admirably this series? I watched Boston plays the Suns twice this season and Nash owned Rondo both those games. My whole thing is on a team like the Celtics you dont need that great of a defender at PG someone who is marginal is just as good, the rest of the team is so talented that they can make up for a lack of defense out front (just like the Lakers), but having someone who is a scoring threat would kill opposing teams.

  • Tom W

    I honestly wouldn’t hate to see us spend a second round pick on Omar Sanham. he intrigues me after the tournament.



  • lakershater13

    Since when do the champs get the rings the same night they won? Crap i actually missed gasoft put his ring on?

    In no way am i trying to bash gasol. I have never said he is a bad player. He is a great big man. I will not agree with him being the best big man in the game right now. Howard and Bosh would have a few things to say about that. He is a great player. I am not trying to take anything away from him by calling him solf. Just pointing out the truth.

  • Shooter

    Have any of you guys seen a replay on that foul on Kobe by Ray Allen in the 4th quarter.I’m looking at the play by play record on ESPN and that play was HUGE.Kobe would have missed that shot,no doubt about it instead he goes to the line for 3 free throws and connects on all 3 cutting our lead to1.From there, the Lakers pretty much have all the momentum.

  • Tom W

    i love how these douchebag Laker fans are trying to rub in the victory by bringing back memories of ’08. uhhh, guys? we won that series. it was awesome. it made all us Celtic fans really happy. some constructive criticism: you really suck at smack talk.

  • Eric

    Tom W, seriously Kidd just NOW developed a consistent 3 point shot but imagine how good he could have been had he been able to do that years ago.

    I hope for Boston fans sake (yes I am a Lakers fan who is not an ass) Rondo can develop a jumper, but it’s not going to be in the next few years. But I’ve been wrong before.

    Anyways out of here, good season to you guys both teams played their hearts out. Hope to do it again in 2011.

  • lakershater13

    @shooter… the play before that pierce tried the same thing missed bad and got no call. Allen clearly fouled kobe. Just wish it was called both ways.

  • I love Green

    Alright I gotta wake up in 5 hours, goodnight all.

    I still can’t believe this team let a second half lead slip away in game 7 of the NBA Finals. Well a good draft day, and good free agency should put us right back into the finals. The magic have no money to spend, and the Cavs may lose Lebron.

  • Tom W

    shooter, i agree. i think that was the second biggest moment of the game. I felt like Fisher’s three was the biggest.


    @ lakershater13 . . . way to be a class act man . . Pau usually doesn’t get his due . . . best of luck to u next season . . . . @SHOOTER SUCK A FAT ONE B&^TCH

  • Tom W

    well, i’m out. to any Laker fans who aren’t asses (Eric), congrats on the win. We made you earn it, and you did. Same time next year, I hope.

    GO C’S!

  • r2

    i too am a lakers fan, but i respect the website. i think the main reason the lakers won is because of home court advantage, which reflects dedication all season long. the celtics mailed in half the season, playing 50% ball, and it bit them in the end. if game 7 was in boston, there’s a very good chance that this outcome would have been different. was it hubris, or more practical reasons (i.e. injuries)? in the end, it doesn’t matter.

    as for the classless lakers fans, get a life. the celtics fans on this site are hurting enough… but you celtics fans, realize that you guys have your share of dumbasses too. in 2008, bostonians threw rocks at the lakers bus as they left the garden. there are idiots in both contingencies.

  • Shooter

    Tom,yes it was that Fish 3 deflated our hope,our fight anything we had that we threw at them and after that Rondo misses a jumpshot,no surprise there and Kobe comes down hits 2 free throws and a classic 17ft Kobe special.

    This gutted feeling isn’t going away fast and i’ve had this feeling,i know this feeling so i expect it to get worse when i wake u tomorrow.

  • At least I was able to turn the TV off in 2008. This must be gutwrenching for you guys.

    Nevertheless, you should be proud of your team. Step back and ask yourselves if you really thought you’d be rooting for the Celts in a finals game 7 back in May. They played magnificently for 23 3/4 games but in the end I think they just ran out of gas.

    Well done, C’s.

  • Shooter

    I’m out too….. can’t believe i’m saying this….to the Lakers fans who have class Eric,r2….. congrats your team earned it……..did Boston fans really do that r2………..hmm oh well, there are asses on both sides of the coasts after all.

    BOSTON TILL I DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Iggy Pap

    My fuel:” Bostonians threw rocks at the lakers bus as they left the garden”.

    Revenge is a dish best served as a REPEAT.

  • clasher
  • Animus

    Check the free throw differential. For every game. Pathetic. They should at least try to disguise thier preference.

  • artvandelay

    That’s gotta hurt you f***ing lepers!

  • I gotta hand it to you Celts, you gave us a hell of a time. Even Wallace had a good game in the Finals. The Big 3 weren’t too old and washed up, Ray played great D on Kobe, your bench gave you a real boost and Perkins really had Pau’s number.

    I agree that Pau flails way to much. I find it very annoying and when he doesn’t transition well to defense because of it, I’m yelling at him. He is better than that.

    On a similar note, you have a similar player on your team. The guy flops (which I always hate when there really isn’t contact which defines the flop for me), gets excited when a charge gets called on his attacker when it’s not deserved and has gotten many a call his way when he clearly didn’t deserve it. I don’t need to name names because you KNOW who I mean.

    Thanks for a well fought series and one hell of a defensive game 7.

    Tell me, why is Sasha the “most hated” of Lakers players? Why isn’t it Kobe or Fisher, or Pau?

  • I love Green

    Still hurts. Got 3 hours of sleep last night

  • Jay P


    “The guy flops (which I always hate when there really isn’t contact which defines the flop for me), gets excited when a charge gets called on his attacker when it’s not deserved and has gotten many a call his way when he clearly didn’t deserve it. I don’t need to name names because you KNOW who I mean”

    Hey, leave Scal alone!

  • Herb

    @r2: “as for the classless lakers fans, get a life. the celtics fans on this site are hurting enough… but you celtics fans, realize that you guys have your share of dumbasses too. in 2008, bostonians threw rocks at the lakers bus as they left the garden. there are idiots in both contingencies.”

    Agreed. Both sides have their share of jackass fans; speaking of which, did anybody else catch a Lakers fan screaming “Walker!” at Ray Allen when he was shooting free throws? The guy’s son is a diabetic and just got out of the hospital- that’s absurd. But then, so is chanting “Ugly sister” at Lamar Odom. As far as I’m concerned, the family should be off-limits (although I wouldn’t have minded an “Au-burn Hills” chant whenever Artest touched the ball). But anyway, props for not being an ass about the win.

    All that being said, I don’t like the Lakers (and in large part their fans, except for the die-hards who actually have knowledge and a sense of history of the game), but they earned it last night. We gave them a run for their money, but they dug themselves out of a hole when it mattered, and that’s true championship basketball. In the end, the Celtics gave it everything they had and came up short, but I’m still proud of them. It was a great season (and my first reading CH, though definitely not my last), and I’m looking forward to seeing what we can do next year.

    (Silver lining: I hear Sheed’s talking retirement, and if that’s the case we’ll have a little more wiggle room in the cap. So there’s that to look forward to.)

  • ontopofit

    Is there any better spectacle in all of sports than Celtics-Lakers-game 7? Absolutely marvelous! Great job by both organizations.

  • Jones

    Sweet jehosaphat!! What’s up Doc?

    The cheaters lost last night, YAAAAA!!!

    What’s that I hear? What’s that cry? Ahhh … it’s the wailing coming from stink town!

    Stop crying in your soup!!!


    Acting like Boston, or L.A. for that matter, don’t have some fucking retarded fans..is naive and inaccurate. Both huge American cities… there are bound to be some “incidents”, right? Boston lost because they tired out.. the end. The Lakers just wanted it more. Stop with all the excuses Boston, it’s called LOSING.

  • Zain

    @Green: Last year when we lost, i felt empty for about 1-2 weeks. I wondered then, what was worse. Losing early, or losing at the end. After last night, the answer is clear. I never want to feel like this again, this is not going to go away for a long, long time. And yeah, 5 hours here.

  • A die hard Celtic in LakerLand

    @ Jones:
    Dude! What kind of Dick are you? This board is full of C’s fans giving nothing but praise to the Lakers for winning and gutting out a game that they were down and you’re talking about the Celtic’s being CHEATERS?! How did they cheat? They mopped the floor with the Lakers in 2008, this year they went through the 2 best teams in the league, record wise, then took the Lakers to 7 Games in their own house and went to the WIRE despite the fact that the refs sent the Lakers to the line 20 TIMES MORE! You want to start talking aboutevidence of cheating? Look toward the Staples Center because that’s the only direction the evidence would point to with that type of discrepency.

    For any other Laker fan without their head up their ass after being drunk off it last night, good game, good series, and yes good repeat.

    This was the hardest one for them to win, no doubt, of all the recent ones they’ve won.

    I don’t like the Lakers, Phil Jackson, and definitely not Jerry Buss, but they definitely had to earn this one unlike last year against the Magic.

    The Celtics went at it hard, in a tough environment with a real good team and without one of their best defenders and rebounders and really put all they had. Hopefully we can resign Ray, and if Sheed does retire, we can try to go after a younger guy like Rudy Gay to give youth, athleticism, and scoring for the 2 and 3 spots.

    Maybe get a young big man in the draft, and a vet FA at the point and we’ll be back again next year.

    Without an infusion of youth though, I think it could take a few years. Time to work some magic Danny boy!

    Good job to the Lake Show…

    But C’s are still number one for me!

    Maybe the Celtic’s can use this disapointment and anger to fuel a championship run next year!

  • Tom W

    Diehard, i thought i had it bad, just watching the Celtics lose. Living in Lakerland must be absolutely godawful right now. You have my sympathies.

  • trish

    It was a heck of a series – and at least it wasn’t boring ! Both teams battled to the finish and that’s what the Championships are all about.

    I think the people of Boston should come out in droves to meet the C’s at the airport and show them our appreciation for kicking some a$$.

    I didn’t see any other teams there last night and the two best teams were represented. Someone has to win and someone has to lose. It all comes down to who has more focus and drive at the end of the game.

    Both teams played crappy and the Lakers got lucky with Kobe suddenly popping up like the energizer bunny.

    The C’s had plenty of opportunities to win this game 5 times over. But it didn’t happen. Now we are at the end of a dynasty. No more Doc- most of the guys will leave and it will be another 25 years before we have a great Celtics/Laker matchup like the one last night.

    I’m proud of my Celtics and I love Boston. We are the greatest city in the world and I would never live anywhere else. We don’t have alot of $$ and fancy celebrities- but we do have class and we’re tough as nails.

    So watch out lakers…there’s always next time.

  • I love Green

    Yeah losing early is much easier to handle. A game 7 when you’re team has a nice lead, and you start imagining the celebration…then it all slips away. Especially against the lakers.

    Probably won’t have a real smile on my face for about 4 weeks.

  • Joe

    I don’t expect Celtic fans to be any happier about the outcome than I was in 2008, as a longtime Laker fan. But you should be proud of your team. They played a hell of a series, and I expect them to be right back in it next year. You should be able to stay at the top of the east no matter what LeBron does. Lakers vs. Celtics final 2011. Hope to see you there.

  • rio rondo


  • Bobby D

    I like how he says that pau gasol always bitches about calls. Well let me see…the whole celtic team bitches about calls. they act like they never faul anyone. have you seen rasheed wallace? have you seen paul pierce? Perkings? The only one on the celtic team that bitches the least is ray allen. after that they all act like they never foul anyone. What about when they dont get a call? Paul pierce was looking for whistles the whole time artest was on him.

    All i ask is to be fair. All players not matter what team you are in bitch about fouls. Dont criticize one guy when the other team is just as bad if not worse.

  • oooo my poor Celts….maybe next year

  • adriana

    LAKERS are a bunch of fakers

  • Hi there, this is my first time visiting your site and man I love it. This isn’t the kind of blog I normally read but the picture of the celtic player brought back memories of when i used to play basketball……..badley. I am highly impressed. I will definitely return here again!

  • Joseph

    Dude. Pau Gasol? C’mon. Bhaasheed is the worst crybaby in the NBA. He has that same what? me? expression every time he gets called.

  • I still think Boston threw that game. They dominated that game.

  • The Lakers are the best franchise in modern history and the Celtics are the best franchise from the era before color television. An all-time Laker team would consistently beat an all-time Celtic team – just saying. Kobe, Magic, West, Baylor, Worthy, Shaq, Wilt, and Kareem. Yikes! The Celtics played up to their heritage by showing heart throughout the playoffs. They had every opportunity to win game 7 irrespective of fouls or injuries. The Lakers were fortunate to win. Hope to see another 3-Peat for the purple and gold!

  • I love Green

    Can’t get my mind off this game.

    Still hurts just as bad.

  • John

    Rivers said that Boston didn’t have a chance to defend their title with their starting line-up intact? If we are talking about the starting line-up healthy and playing the entire series then Boston’s 2008 title is in question. The truth is, if Bynum and Ariza were both healthy, Boston wouldn’t have had a title to defend.

  • Iggy Pap

    John is a prophet sent from God, heed his word. How’s about it Doc?

    “Rivers said that Boston didn’t have a chance to defend their title with their starting line-up intact? If we are talking about the starting line-up healthy and playing the entire series then Boston’s 2008 title is in question. The truth is, if Bynum and Ariza were both healthy, Boston wouldn’t have had a title to defend.”


  • Peter

    Pleas stop complaining about the FTA’s – the Lakers were -99 in FTA’s coming into the Finals and they overcame that huge discrepancy to make it to the final round of the playoffs.

    The reason LA got more FTA’s, especially in the 4th Q of G7 of the Finals is that they attacked the paint and that Boston intentionally fouled to stop the clock and to put Gasol on the line as he was having a bad night at the stripe. (7/13)

    The Lakers also had more FG attempts resulting in more FTA’s because they out rebounded the Celtics, again resulting in more offensive opportunities for LA

    The team that had the rebounding advantage won each game in the series and G7 was no exception.

    Boston looked like they ran out of gas late in the game while the Lakers had a little extra left in the tank, but both teams left it all on the Staples floor when the clock hit 0:00

    LA had a bit more energy and Boston was tired, which usually results in short shots on offense and fouls on defense.

    Anyone who has ever played the game at any level knows that.

    And I didn’t hear any Celts fans crying when Boston had a huge FTA advantage in Game 2 in ’08 (+28 FTA’s in a 6 pt. win)

    Bottom line:
    The fresher, younger legs took over in the last half of the last quarter of the last game of a long season. (100+ games, regular and post-season)

  • Ian

    The only problem with calling Gasol soft because he complains he’s fouled is flawed. That same logic reversed would mean Wallace and Big Baby are “soft” because both of them complain every time they DO foul people. If Rasheed’s “shocked they called a foul on me” face was a drinking game, people would die from alcohol poisoning. And Pierce, who probably has the sneakiest move in the league, where he leans in on shots and then reacts to contact like he WAS shot, isn’t considered soft. I think as a NBA fan base we can all simply agree there is only one real soft player in the league and save our criticism for Vince.

  • Windom Earle

    Paula must feel real stupid about that comment about not coming back to LA.

    Hey Raylene? What happened? You were on fire that one game, then just about vanished.

    Wasn’t it 3-4 weeks ago that Rondo was the best point guard in the league? Hahahahaha

    Where did Shrek and Donkey go? Hahahahaha


  • Windom Earle

    Speaking of Donkey…Where is that lil midget? Haven’t seen him since the game? Why isn’t he flexing and grinning now? Where you at son? Hahahahaha. He’s the new m.l. carr. A damn scrub on the bench leading cheers, who gets one time to shine and he acts like he’s HOF bound. NO RING FOR YOU nate! Hahahahaha

  • Windom Earle

    Hey boston you should really enjoy that ’08 ‘ship now, you know the only one you won in 24 years. While we enjoy our 7th in that same time period. 7 is more than 1 right? Hahahahahaha

  • John

    At the end of the day we all got what everyone wanted- a thrilling ending to a great series. As a Lakers fan all of my life I have felt the way Celtics fans feel now quite a bit, especially in 2008. Hopefully next year we get to see a repeat of this series. Hope everyone has a great summer and we get to hear of other things than Lebron’s signing.


  • Matt A.

    Face it, the celtics are soft, fatigue makes cowards of all men, and the celtics showed it, not strong enough to finish like champions, that why the Lakers are back to back world champions, thanks for giving this one away, chumpions!


    To complain about Gasol whining is very hypocritical. Kendrick Perkins acts as if his mother had been called a name everytime he gets whistled for a foul. Doc Rivers acts like his dog has been shot anytime one of his players gets called. Rondo yells at the refs like a little girl fighting with her sister, and if I see kevin garnett make that I am a soldier come home from war and just been denied access to healthcare face after he mugs someone, I am going to break my TV. That is not to mention Paul Pierce laying on the ground for 5 minutes anytime someone looks at him. Pen an open letter to your team before worrying about the champs. I honestly can say that I would prefer to have 2 rings and lose game 6 by 39, than to have one ring and try relive it for the next two seasons.

  • ai

    Seriously, any idiot can see that the boston celtic is a far more superior team than the Lakers. Paul Gasol traveled the ball twice and didnt get called a foul, and the celtics were leading throughout most of the game. The only reason that the Lakers won was because they got lucky and had bunches a free throws. I hate Paul Gasol he fakes as if somebody punches him or shove him everytime he gets nearly tapped and calls foul on everything. Artez is crazy, didnt you guys here about how he threw coke on a guy who said “Lakers suck!”, when Rondo shoved him in game 5, Magic Johnson said ” I liked that, Artez deserved it” fuck the Lakers.

  • I love Green

    Still hurts just the same…

  • Its not which effortless in order to maintain a new black tresses, nevertheless it isnt seeing that tricky because individuals imagine