Post-game Reactions

There is too much coverage for anyone to read it all, but I wanted to highlight a few things that stand out from the crowd of stories out there:

• I mentioned yesterday how strong Perk’s plus/minus numbers have been all season—regular season and playoffs—and Basketball-Reference’s Neil Paine digs in to find the C’s are 5-8 this season when Perk logs less than 22 minutes in a game.

•  NBA.com’s John Schuhmann supplies 16 interesting tidbits about the NBA Finals. A couple that may or may not be relevant tonight:

The home team has won 13 of the 16 Finals Game 7s. The only road winners were the 1969 Celtics (over the Lakers), the 1974 Celtics (over the Bucks), and the 1978 Bullets (over the Sonics). All three were East over West. The average score of Finals Game 7s has been Home 99, Road 95.


Both the Spurs and Pistons went with short rotations in Game 7 of the 2005 Finals. Only seven players for each team played more than one minute, and only six scored for the Spurs.

• If you’re a young or new-ish C’s fan, you may not know the story of perhaps the most famous miss in NBA history—Frank Selvy’s missed 18-footer at the regulation buzzer of Game 7 of the 1962 Finals that would have won the Lakers the title.

The C’s went on to win the game in overtime, clinching their second title win over LA and starting a trend of Boston winning edging the Lakers in sometimes improbable ways.

The LA Times catches up with Selvy today. Turns out one Laker teammate is still giving him crap about the miss, and Selvy still believes Bob Cousy fouled him. (He might be right).

• TrueHoop’s Henry Abbott takes us inside LA’s famed meditation sessions:

Instead, by careful design, before shootaround the team will assemble in the comfortable chairs in the film room at their practice facility in El Segundo. Phil Jackson will say a few words, and then the lights will be turned off, and everyone will have instructions to pay attention to nothing but the in and out of their breathing. For five to ten minutes they’ll sit in the dark, and nobody will say anything. They do not chant. “Breathing in silence” is the goal. Afterwards, they will watch film.

It’s mandatory to be in the room, but this is not a graded exercise. “It’s not a requirement. We don’t go around and check,” says assistant coach Jim Cleamons. “They could very well be asleep.”

If you haven’t yet, go read the whole piece—it’s interesting to hear different Lakers discuss what they think about while meditating, what the sessions mean to them and how they are the product of Jackson’s belief that getting “psyched up” in the normal sense is counter-productive for basketball players prepping for big games.

• Finally, a question: How will you watch this game? A friend today invited me to Professor Thom’s, one of New York’s go-to bars for Boston fans. I turned him down. I prefer to watch big games in my apartment, where I can pace and pump my fist and worry and curse and hear the broadcasters. My girlfriend, who lives with me, happens to be away, which may be by design—and if so, I wouldn’t really blame her.

I thought about taking that Professor Thom’s offer, because I deviated from my normal protocol and joined this same crew there for Game 6 of the Magic series. These guys are hard core—they’ve got their own lucky table at the bar. And I actually thought to myself: The Celtics won Game 6 when I joined that particular group at that supposedly lucky table. Should I be there tonight?

I opted against it. I watched five of the six Finals games in ’08 alone (I watched Game 5 with my Dad), and I’m sticking to my normal routine tonight.

What about you guys? Do you prefer the bar scene? Any house parties with friends? Or do you do the solo thing?

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  • Zain

    The meditating piece is interesting, but I love baby’s reaction.

    To answer your question:

    This playoff season when I’ve watched the game with my C’s buddies from college, we’re 5-0. All big must win games. I’m taking 2 hours off work to make the road trip down to watch it with them. It’s much more fun to be able to yell with friends for me, then do it on my own.

  • DeVelaine

    I have my Guinness, and I have my spot in front of my computer (which is also my TV) picked out. I’ve watched every game from this spot, and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

  • Jason

    Epic performances all around tonight. Vintage aggressive, versatile Pierce, super active Rondo, Ray deep bombing, KG everywhere, cagey, tough Wallace, bench energy, stifling D.

    Go Cs!

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    I like to watch all big games at home, phone off, computer off, lights off, everything off except the TV at high volume. No beers, just a coffee to start the game.

    My wife is also out of town today so I get 110% focus.

  • I love Green

    I sit on the left far end of my couch at my house. I have to be there 10 minutes before tipoff and I have to be wearing my green Celtics shirt. All 3 games we lost this series I missed the beginning of the game, so I cancelled my plans this afternoon to guarensheed I’m there at the start.

    I’m usually alone because I get too crazy during the game.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    quote of the day….from rayray

    “When it comes to Game 7, it’s like this is what we were born to do. It’s like if we were born, [and] our mothers said we would be in Game 7 of the NBA Finals some day and nobody would blink an eye because we would say that’s where we’re supposed to be.”


  • Tom W

    I will be watching with my dad, the only other person i know who has been truly driven to the edge of insanity by this team this season.

  • Coolin

    I will be watching with my fiance and hopefully none of my friends, for I know the game too well and when someone says something stupid I just can’t take it during huge games. If this was the Lakers and some other NBA team I would be out partying.
    I commentate to myself the whole game, for I barely even listen to the announcers. I usually beat them to the punch anyways and when I have guests over I don’t commentate as much as I usually do.
    I have a feeling I will stop off and get some beer/liquor before the game and start early and often.
    If the Celtics win I am feeling a sick day coming on tomorrow.
    Go Celtics, come on Doc out coach the Douche Master.
    We Can Do This!

  • Dave

    I usually start and hour or an hour and a half late to skip commercials on the DVR. I also skip free throws in lesser games. My wife usually goes to bed or is about to, leaving me to watch it alone. In our dating years I gave her leg a bit of a whack during a critical play when Iverson went to the finals and I was rooting against LA. She still jokes about it, so I know to be less passionate when I have company. My kids are too young to join me, although they have been wearing green and know that I care about it. Maybe in a few years I’ll have company. I have vague memories of the 81 title, and Tiny Archibald was my favorite Celtic at the time. I was nine. My oldest is turning five in the fall, so perhaps a future Rondo fan.

    I am very amped up for this game. A bit despondent that Perk is out, but still hopeful. Not sure I’ll be able to bank commercial time for this game. Go C’s.

  • Devon

    Totally crapping my pants… I’m already trying to see what I can convince myself of if they lose… Maybe, I’ll take up gardening or something. I hope I wasn’t wasting so many countless hours and energy that could have devoted to things I have control over. Oh well, I’ll be watching the game with my wonderful and knowledgeable girlfriend and my rally baby (he’s 6 now), who was ripped from his crib and suited up in his Sox jersey during the improbable comeback in game 4 of the 2004 ALCS. Need all the luck we can get. GO C’s!!!

    Note to Sheed: This qualifies as a big game. If you don’t show up tonight I will never forgive you. Never.

  • Just want to say I am loving all the anecdotes/descripitions.

  • NC

    I passed on an invitation to a friend’s place because I was there when the C’s got blown out in the Orlando series. He’s one of those fans who thinks negative cheering is effective. I can’t take it.

    I might have my neighbor and cousin over but I won’t be upset if I watch it solo.

  • philip

    i watched game 3 with a friend who is a lakers fan. it was surprisingly calming, despite the Cs loss. he and i have a similar knowledge of basketball – good, but not great. the bar actually had a good number of Cs and lakers fans, so it was an interesting back and forth throughout the night.

    tonight, however, the stakes are too high for me to be sitting with a lakers fan or to be out in public. i’ll be at my apartment with my fiancee and we’ll watch the game with the TV and couch. it’ll be a bit strange because we’ll be hovering in the middle of our living room – both the couch and tv are pushed off the wall because our apartment is currently being painted!

    regardless, it’s going to be a great game. i was doubting the Cs chances a bit yesterday, and expressed as much to my sister in an online chat. she responded: “game 7 will always be about heart. and i would bet my last dollar on the heart of the celtics over that of the lakers.” i’ll take that.

  • dee

    I was invited to a sports bar with friends…but I will be alone in my office door locked, wife out of town dressed in workout gear for the game. I like to be alone to be as passionate, profane and as loud as I want. Work out gear is for the expectant sweat drench that will accompany my angst. If the C’s lose (god forbid!!) I will go to the gym and try to work off my emotional pain with a physical pounding. Losing to the Lakers is not a viable option as my second favorite team next to the C’s is anyteam playing the Lakers!! So this will be a double whammy. Cannot; must not happen. Go Celtics!

  • Coolin

    @Philip: You taught me something today. Fiancee is spelled with two e’s. I looked it up and the way I said it it would make me Clay Aiken and there is nothing wrong with that, but I am glad to have figured this out.
    Go Celtics, piss on purple and gold pride!

  • dslack

    I’ll be watching from my hotel in Tallberg Sweden. No, it’s not on tv. Instead, my girlfriend will point the webcam at the tv in our apartment back home, and I’ll watch it on gmail video chat. Beat that!

  • matthew

    C’s fan here from the philippines. During big celtics games, I watch it alone in my bedroom and mute the sound whenever the celts need a big stop or need a big shot. it seemed to work in 2008 and this year’s playoffs. I really, REALLY hope the C’s win… it would make my year!

  • Zain


    Now that is dedication, and that girl is a keeper.

  • spencer_66

    Flying solo. Lights off, sitting/standing/pacing 5′ in front of my 46″ tv. Yelling. Swearing. Clapping my hands. Totally immersed.

    My heart is racing just thinking about the game tonight. We may never see this team, in this position, ever again. I’m going to throw up now.

  • sacbobv

    I live in Kings country, but if you go to any bar around here you can guess who populates them. So, I’ll stay home, save money on beer, and cheer the Celtics loud enough to upset my neighbors. And yeah, any family member not here knows not to interrupt me when a game is on.

    Go Celts!

  • Buckets

    Zach, out of curiosity, if Sheed gets T’d up once is he out for the remainder of Game 7 since there is not another game?

  • steve

    I’m already having Celtics withdrawal pains and the season isn’t even over yet. Must watch at home with any family that can stay in the room with me. I’ve been kind of reserved the last few games out of worry over the outcomes. Tonight all bets are off. I’m going crazy from the first Ray Allen 3 pointer on!!!!!!!!

  • Coolin

    @ steve: I hope that is very early say the 9 minute mark of the 1st quarter.

  • Zain

    Refs tonight: Joey Crawford, Dan Crawford, and Scott Foster

  • dee

    Just spoke to a cameraman friend in LA who was working an entertainment media event an lo and behold Sheed walked in. My friend being a Laker hater went up to Sheed and said “you got to beat those guys tomorrow…I got to live in this town” Sheed reportedly deadpanned a “thank you we got this”…My question to my friend was…what the hell is Sheed doing at an event a day before the biggest game in his life? He should be rehabbing or practicing his post up!

  • PierceTurth

    i thought i was the only wierd one… first i have a bunch of stuff that i do the same way before games… then i lock my door and dont let anyone come in or call my phone from the pregame until after the interview after… during the game i sit in my chair in a certain way and dont move the whole game… and then if boston loses i find some superstitious thing i did wrong… THERE WILL BE NOTHING I DO WRONG TONIGHT

  • Herb

    I was still in my college apartment in 2008, so my routine there was simple- go next door to watch the games and don’t move until they’re done. My buddy would sit in a straight-back chair next to the couch, and I’d sit on the left side of the couch. Since I moved 3 hours away, that’s not an option, so my routine has slightly varied throughout these playoffs, but in the finals I tune to ABC at 8:30 to catch the pregame show while I cook dinner, then at 9 I sit down on the left side of my couch and eat/watch. I usually wear a Celtics tank top (it’s old school with a butt flap that says “CELTICS”), but after I went out of my way to put it on for game 3 and they lost, I stopped wearing it. I also clipped my fingernails for game 4 and arranged them into a neat little pile, and every time I did the C’s pulled further ahead; I tried it again for game 6 but no luck. If they start to fall behind, I bounce back and forth on my couch until they make a basket, and then I stop…and I’m usually drinking coffee-flavored vodka, and if the C’s make a good play, I’ll take a sip. If they don’t, I don’t touch the glass until they do.

    I used to go out for the games, but they’ve lost 3 games these playoffs when I’ve been at a bar watching (2 in the ORL series, 1 against L.A.), so I gave that up.

    All of this makes sense in my head, but after reading what I just wrote, I might just be certifiably insane.

  • Jamie

    Watching the game at a bar with one of my childhood friends who is a Lakers fan. Could get ugly.

  • Detective McNulty

    Professor Thoms
    New York City.

    then home for ice cream and post game on nba tv

  • @Detective: Look for the guys sitting at the first table against the wall on the left side just past the end of the bar. That’s the lucky table.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    @dslack: http://ilp.nba.com/

    works like a charm

  • random bar near where i am house sitting. can’t do my regular bar anymore.
    i bleed green, obviously, and the casual lakers fans, usually sitting with apathetic hipster friends… let’s just say it was a miracle that i got out of the bar without any casual violence on tuesday.
    so: i now want to go where no one knows my name.
    i want to celebrate so hard and snarky that perfect strangers want to beat me up.
    i want to be free to go ahead and HAVE that damn heart attack without bar acquaintances being like “man, you were waaaaaay too into the game last night.”
    SO: Philosophers Club in SF. Green Red Sox jersey on the wall, ’nuff said.
    come one boys, let’s bring this one home.

  • Al

    I’m from Minnesota and can’t stand Kobe or anything the Lakers stand for. The thought of them winning sickens and me and nothing made me happier in 08′ (besides KG going nuts and giving a shout out to the Sota) than watching Kobe post game have to talk about the loss, it was pure bliss.

    I will be on my couch drink in hand. I watched with friends in 08. Thursday is their poker night. I don’t want any distractions, so I will not be in attendance. Not sure whether my girlfriend will watch with me. We are expecting any day now, so all week I’ve been asking the boy to wait until after the finals.

  • Perry


    Never watch my team at a bar or with humans or with my dad who is a jinx. I’ve been at this since the mid 60’s. Back then it was me, a short wave radio and Johnny Most. I was there for Gorman and Tommy launching the PRISM network in the early 80’s too. If the broadcast is not running through Comcast NE I always opt for Grande/Max with the sound on the television down for the most part. There is a slight delay, but these are my people.

    Enjoy the game.

    Thanks for all the keen insight this season.


  • sacbobv

    You might also try atdhe.net. Not sure it’ll work, but I’ve saved a few bucks not having to go with cable to watch all the playoff games.

  • I’ll watch the game at home, with family. But for you, I have to say it’s a hard call. If you watch it alone and the C’s win, it’s kind of sad to celebrate solo, but if the C’s lose and you are at a bar, it’s kind of masochistic to mourn in the middle of a crowd. But there’s more: If you watch it alone and the C;s lose, you don’t have anybody to lean on, and if you watch it in a bar and the C’s win, it will be great to celebrate with friends and fans coated in green. So I guess the best thing to do is just to watch the game and enjoy it. By the way, the C’s will win by 5 points.

  • Jeff

    Thanks for all the stories of rituals. I’m going to show my wife that I may be crazy for the Celtics, but I’m not irrational like you nutjobs! 🙂
    I’ve been bouncing anywhere from being at the Garden to watching in bars, to watching at a friend’s house, to my brother’s, to watching at home. Tonight at home with my brother over for the first half, and my wife will be there.
    We’ve also done everything attire-wise. Tonight I’ll have the “Think Big” green tee-shirt, the towel from ’08, the post-’08 commemorative coozie, maybe the Tommy-point foam finger, maybe the Celtics boxers.
    At the Garden, I sometimes have a few beers before, but rarely more than one at the game (it’s a long drive home). Sitting at home I’ll be drinking some decent microbrew, one each quarter is about the right amount unless things are going exceptionally well.
    I don’t think “enjoy” is the right word for our experience of the game, fellow fan[atic]s, but may we derive serious satisfaction from the actions of our hardwood heroes tonight.



  • Lee

    I’m gonna be stuck on a plane, flying back to Boston as the game goes on, and arriving at midnight. Probably all for the best, it seems I jinx the C’s when I follow too closely, they seem to win more often when I am busy and can’t watch. I hope to touch down and join some festivities!!!

    GO CELTICS!!!!




  • Big George

    Watching as we have for about ninety five of the hundred something games at home with my two chihauhaus. Cracking open a grand cru 98 burgundy and having a porterhouse steak. Girlfriend is at work til 9 so we have the place to ourselves for awhile. 42 inch flat panel 55 floors up in a penthouse studio apartment on the northside of chicago from south dakota originally and second gen celts fans starting in 80 w bird coming out of indiana.

  • I watched games 1-5 with a buddy who’s a Laker fan. He wanted to watch game 7 together, I turned him down. My roommates wanted to watch it together, I turned them down. My buddy’s girlfriend is having 5 single girls over at her house tonite for the game….and yes I turned that down too. My behavior not socially acceptable, so I will be watching it solo sporting my Celtics hat, Celtics gym shorts, KG jersey, and my Celtics mug. LETS GO GREEEEEN!

  • jan

    in Poland will be 3 am so i will be at home, my girlfriend is sleeping right now i’m waiting.
    tomorrow i have 3 exams which i would like to pass but Celtic Pride is in my mind!
    Let’s Go C’s!!!!!

  • I love Green

    Why is Joey Crawford reffing this game tonight!?!?!? Ahhhhhhh damn it.

    They should have the guys that reffed the all star game do this one.

  • In 2008, fresh off auditioning for a certain music school in Boston, I made the trip to Cleveland to watch game 4 of the Eastern semis (we lost). Two rounds later, I was in LA and watched the history unfold in game 4. As a girl all by herself, I was scared to let people know that I was a Celtics fan, but while everyone chanted “Boston sucks!” I chanted “Boston rocks!” And as the Laker fans’ faces paled beneath their tans, I had to sit on my hands to keep from exploding when the C’s made their grand comeback. Everyone around me was miserable, but I had the happiest little secret.

    Fast forward to today. I got into that music school, which means I’m back to being a poor student (and a musician/artist–double whammy), unable to afford these games. I tried watching at a bar with friends, but I didn’t like not being able to hear what was happening. So this season (and last), I’ve been watching from my room, while on webcam with my boyfriend, who lives halfway across the world (literally), so it’s like we’re watching the game together. (He used to be a Pistons fan–we were at war in ’08–but he has since shifted allegiances, when Sheed came to Boston.)

    And of course, I’m on the Celticshub gametime thread most of the time with you guys. It’s like watching the game in a bar full of C’s fans, only better, coz you get the company/camaraderie, but you don’t have to spend, you can hear what’s going on, and you can scream and jump and stomp and punch pillows as much as you want.

    So, thanks everyone, and go C’s! I love you no matter what.

  • Tom W

    @ miss j.moxie
    i gotta ask…would any true Piston’s fan start cheering for Boston? Like, ever?

  • @Tom W — Hahah. I think he was more a Sheed fan than a Pistons fan.

  • Heck yeah a true Pistons fan would….Detriot is never going to win it

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