Post-game Reactions

The depressing news comes via ESPN.com’s Chris Sheridan:

Perkins was hopeful, saying: “I’m going to try to give it a go [on Thursday].” But a team source told ESPN.com’s Chris Sheridan: “He’s done.”

Perkins underwent X-rays during the Lakers’ 89-67 win that tied the series at 3. He suffered sprains to both his medial collateral ligament and posterior cruciate ligament, sources told ESPN The Magazine’s Ric Bucher. The team said that Perkins will be re-evaluated on Wednesday, which likely means an MRI to ascertain the extent of the damage.

More than anything, I feel for Perk. With all the irate talk—from fans on both sides wearing green and gold-colored glasses—about which team has the worst floppers, the series now loses one player who is indisputably not a flopper. He’s nasty, he gets too many technicals, he complains too much, but Kendrick Perkins is one bad mother, and I’m proud he’s a Celtic. It is always sad when a core player has to miss a crucial game, the sort of game for which he has prepared his entire career.

And guess who has the best unadjusted plus/minus on the entire team in the playoffs?

That would be Perk, according to Basketball Value. The team is about 8 points better per 100 possessions with Perk on the floor versus with him on the bench, and it is performing better on both sides of the ball with Perk in the line-up.

Giant caveats: The sample size is small (23 games now), and Perk’s adjusted plus/minus (which seeks to adjust for quality of teammates, opponents and other factors) is basically neutral. But the trend is the same in the regular season numbers. The team was loads better offensively and defensively with Perk on the floor, but his adjusted plus/minus is neutral.

Get well, Perk. The team will need you next season, too.

The Lakers are dealing with their own ailing center, Sheridan reports.

It sounds like Bynum will give it a go in Game 7, but his best moments in this series may be behind him:

“[Bynum] wasn’t able to move very fluidly the second half,” said Lakers coach Phil Jackson. “He had some tightness in the back of his leg. He just said, ‘You’ve got to take me out. I can’t run.’ And it was obvious at that point that he couldn’t. He had some swelling in the back of his leg, and we’ll have to work on that and see if they can’t ice it down and control that.”

Also: Rondo got four stitches to his chin after the shot he took from Artest.

Bottom line: Both teams are banged up, and there’s one game left in the season to determine the NBA champion. The C’s are underdogs now. Do they have one special effort left in them?

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  • Tom

    That is true, I have never seen Perk flop. Heck, Shelden will more flopping in one minute than him

  • Korey

    Don’t have any trash talk for you guys (I didnt have any after Game 5, so I have none now.)

    As a Laker fan though, it sucks for Perkins to be hurt because you want to beat the best.

    Boston fans are probably sick of “If Bynum wasnt hurt in 2008” and Laker fans sure wouldnt want to hear a “If Perkins wasnt hurt for game 7” in 2010.

    Cold cold game.

    Here’s to Perkins and Bynum playing in Game 7 and playing to the best of their abilities.

    Both are warriors in my book.

  • spencer_66

    Wow, and all of this time everyone was worried Perk would miss a game due to a technical. He had done such a great job of composing himself and to see him ultimately miss a game due to injury is heartbreaking for all Celtics fans.

    His presence in Game 7 will be sorely missed.

  • w2

    I want Scal. It has to be Scal. He is a Gamer! Seriously. If you are flat Scal will play hard. Sheldon is awful. HE reminds me of TA in 2008. Just not ready/prepared to handle minutes on this kind of stage.

    Perk get well. I want Scal.

  • JMM


    All of your comments are trash.

    So far, the Lakers have beaten no one. They have another game to win if they want to push their championship record against the Celtic to 3-9.

    Celtics fans aren’t interested in the state of Bynum’s health in 2008.

    Here’s to you sticking to Laker’s boards.

  • JMM

    I’m with you w2.

  • RBD

    Last night was such an epic disaster. I can’t believe we made it to game seven only to lose our starting center.

    We need Sheed for like 30 minutes tomorrow. I wonder what his season high is to date.

  • Coolin

    I want Scal over Williams any day of the week, but I don’t think he is able to due to some rules. The game last night reminded me of the Cavs game 5 where we were off and they were hot. Ray, TA and Paul will need to do a much better job of guarding Kobe. The Celtics will need to do a better job of covering the three and boxing out as well. Doc Rivers will need to make some big time adjustments in order to compensate for Perkins being lost. I still have faith, but we are going to need to look a whole lot more into the game than we did in 6.

    The biggest thing will be keeping the game close in the beginning, which we did not do. This is Game 7 for all the marbles and that will mean some players tightening up due to pressure and hopefully there are more Lakers choking than Celtics. We also will need to make threes, free throws, layups and dunks.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    scal?! no way!

    sheldon is scared and lost on the big stage. its all up to sheed now. his whole signing will be evaluated on this next game. hero or goat? ball don’t lie.

  • trindog

    Perks will be sorely missed but i believe the Cs have enough to bring home #18 on thursday. It will take solid efforts from 3 of the big 4. This is why the signed Sheed in the offseason, and with his shot being off last night he have to believe he and the rest of the Cs will be extremely focused. The bench have got to at least play to a draw. Kobe will come out and try to set the tone we have to be able to match Kobes will. With that said i cannot wait until tomorrow because this is going to be something special.

  • Iggy Pap

    Good thing Perkins has that sharp intellect to fall back on, in case his injury threatens his future. Maybe a career as a public speaker?

    Sheed is the key, and I think we all know……that key does NOT work on this lock.

  • Perry

    Maybe a tad premature, and wishful thinking on Sheridan’s part, to rule out Perk for tomorrow. Could a cortisone shot turn his presence into an inspirational Wills Reed moment?

    That’s because I thought at 18-12 his injury was more of a mental blow. Celts seemed to recoil defensively coming out of the time out. Ray had admitted their minds were on Perk as LA laid its 15-4 haymaker during that decisive 2nd quarter.

    Bottom line was the Celts did not play with the desperation LA had going. Second time in this series cross country travel deflated the Celts’ energy.

    If you’re looking at the glass half full the Celts always play better with their backs to the wall. I don’t think home court will matter that much in this Game 7. Game 7’s are wars. Even without one noble warrior this team has true grit.

    Can Sheed and Davis give us 25 – 30 quality minutes tomorrow?

    I think that will be one key, but it’s clear from an execution standpoint that the fortunes of a championship lie with Rondo.

  • JMM

    I think Scal can dress if Perk or another player does not dress.

    Perry, great comment.

  • What a heartbreaker to wake up to. It makes me wanna stay in bed eating chocolate all day. 🙁

  • Perry


    ABS. Anyone but Shelden. He’s had a tough series. I agree on Scal. For a few minutes a clip he can space the floor and be in the right spot defensively.

  • I actually was wondering all season why Shelden got the nod over Scal. Was it simply to justify signing Shelden? Not saying Scal would be like some magical X factor or anything, but least with Scal, I don’t get frightened every single time the ball goes in his general direction.

  • Migeymoto

    How does it feel celtics fans to have your center gimpy like ours? Exactly. The difference is we will still win the Championship without ours. You guys are done, nice try kids.

  • Scal can’t rebound or defend bigger guys. He cannot be on the court if the Lakers have Gasol and Bynum together. He could possibly defend Odom.

  • jeff

    “took a shot from artest”

    Check the replay. He jumped right into his elbow.

  • joe

    i love how after every celtics loss laker fans & the media say the series is over. its a good thing BOS’s players move on win or loss. with or without Perk BOS wins game 7.

  • Migeymoto

    With Perk you guys had a shot. Nowwww not so much…….well, there’s always next year, The Lakers will be there…trying for that 3peat- let’s hope everyone is healthy enough.

  • Perry


    By the time Scal’s number would be called, Bynum would be on the bench resting a knee retaining gobs of fluid. Precisely the reason why Jackson has stretched his minutes in the first half. We’ve seen the results after halftime. He’s M.I.A. — compromising the Laker’s most tangible asset, which is length.

    I prefer a veteran who scraps and is crafty enough at taking a charge over a low-confidence Shelden who single handily cost his team some temporary momentum and 3 points in the final seconds of the 2nd quarter in game 2.

    Hopefully it won’t come down to either Scal or Shelden.

  • Coolin

    Yes, and that is why we need the game to be close at halftime. Bynum can’t play the second half like he does the first. The first half will be so crucial for the Celtics. If they can get out of the first half within 5-6 points I like there chances, just don’t make it 10 or more because the fat lady/Khloe Kardashian will be singing.

  • Jay Cutler

    We knew Perk was done – this is no surprise.

    I think playing him would be as irresponsible as playing Brandon Roy against PHX. He’s not going to be a game changer out there and Kobe, Bynum, and Gasol will attack him mercilessly. He’s played his role as a good soldier and stated he wants to play. The team now has to play its role and say “no”.

  • I love Green

    Well this is depressing. But no excuses, this a no excuses team, and now its Sheed’s time to make us forget the regular season. KG needs to let Sheed know that this is the biggest game of their careers and he needs to have a big game in replacement for Perk.

    We’re going to need a double double from Rasheed, close to a double double from Big Baby, great defense from KG and Sheed, Rondo having a balls to walls game, Ray finding his stroke for the whole game, Pierce finding his stroke in LA, and Odumb to dissapear again.

    Sounds like a lot to happen, but without Perkins defense and rebounding we need a lot.

  • Coolin

    I hope Doc is telling Sheed to attack Gasol and Bynum and not let them off the hook so easy with the threes, especially if they are not falling. I think if Sheed scores in the paint it brings a tougher mentality to all on the team. I want BBD to really use his body strength and clear out the lane for Rondo to get lots of rebounds. Lastly, when Garnett sees Ray or Paul open he needs to pass out of the double team a lot quicker than he has been. He is holding the ball to long, either make a move or dish for the open look.

    There is so many things that Boston can do to win this game and I truly feel that if they are to win Doc Rivers needs to be the MVP b/c he is going to need to coach one hell of a game.

  • I love Green

    Apparently John Hollinger thinks the Celtics are better off without Perkins, but I don’t have insider so I can’t read it.

    Anyone who has insider wanna tell me how we’re better off without Perk?

  • lakershater13

    Lets not forget a couple years back sheed carried detroit to a championship. He said he came here for the playoffs. No better time to step up then now. I agree Scal needs to play. Scal has playoff experience. I believe he even went to the finals with the nets against la. Not possitive on that but i know he played a lot with J Kidd in the playoffs. Shelden i would trade for a new pair of shoes for any of our starters. Scal over shelden!!!! True Champions rise to the occasion. Perk or no Perk we are winning game 7. Celtics 4-0 in game 7 vs la. The only loss they have ever had losing a series up 3-2 was last year against Orlando. 9-2 all time vs La in the finals. Lets go Celtics. We believe you can do it. All season we were too old. Now our two old big guys KG and Sheed can go out and show they still have something left in the tank.

  • @love: I’ll be linking to that piece later today.

  • Sophomore

    Interesting idea about suiting up Scal, but I’ll be shocked if it happens. Doc’s had Scal in street clothes, which sends a clear signal about how he ranks his players. I don’t understand it, but there it is. What you hope for is that if Shelden has two days to prepare he won’t freak out quite so badly.

    Based on what I can see on TV, which is obviously much less than Doc sees, I don’t understand why Scal’s been buried. It’s true he can’t guard Bynum or Gasol – but does anybody think Shelden can? Or that Shelden will rebound better than Scal? SW had no luck last night, and at least Scal has to be guarded if he floats out to the three-point line. That could open up the offense for a second unit that struggled mightily in game 6.

  • Sophomore

    @love – I haven’t seen it either, but that strikes me as somebody trying to be contrarian to get attention. It’s true that Sheed’s been very good while he’s in – he gives us more offense and his D in general has been very good. But he obviously can’t play 48, and the loss of Perk means we’re discussing whether Shelden or Scal gets those reserve minutes. How can we possibly be stronger in that situation??

  • Travis

    Did you see Shelden fall flat on his ass in the end of the 2nd quarter? He did not belong out there on the floor at all! I agree with Scal over Shelden, but don’t think it’s going to make too much a difference. We need to play solid defense, win on the boards and make some shots, period! We do those things well, we’ll be putting up #18!

  • Perry


    I’m sure there’s some wild, inane e-stat floating around that Holly may cite, but no sane person can make a cogent argument as to why they would be better off without their starting center in a game 7.

    For what it is worth I have heard nothing off WEEI or Comcast NE, but Roland Lazenby tweeted Perk will suit up and used my Willis analogy.

    Why a Celtic and Laker fan (authored Jerry West’s new bio) are thinking alike at this point is beyond me, but if Bristol and Levi are getting back together than anything is possible.

  • trindog

    Doc cant afford to let the refs dictate this one 2/1 free throw disparity during the games 5 and 6. Doc has got to do a better job of letting the refs know that the are being fouled too. The players have to come prepared to leae it all on the floor for 48 minutes, which i expect they will. Rondo has to attack the rim and the bigs have got to make LA pay for helping.

  • joe

    @love basically he’s saying that wallace helps with spacing, giving the c’s 4 shooters out there. hollinger also says wallace does just as good a job as perkins on defending gasol.

  • Gerald Dalum

    I dont know how a team can be in the NBA finals for missing too many layups. Why dont they just throw that ball in the rim, dunk it. If Perkins cant play and LA starts dominating inside, I think Doc should try to surprise them by pulling the Suns zone to make them shoot from the outside instead of the pain. They should put Nate Robinson at center. hheee

  • Jay Cutler

    Here’s how to sum it up nicely:

    In short, the Celtics need to play the greatest game ever played to make up for playing in a game 7, at a hostile Staples, against a bloodthirsty Kobe Bryant and company, without Perk, with Sheed overdue a complete meltdown.

  • Lakers Repeat


    celts have really no decent back up for Perk outside of Wallace, and once Gasol gets that emo crybaby into foul trouble it will be OVER.

  • Boston Sucks

    They do. Count on Doc to blow another potential close out game. Not completely his fault though, or is it- he has his team too emotionally wrapped up, Lakers will beat celtics by playing the better cerebral game. Each team will bring the effort, we have smarter players that will make the quicker, better adjustments.

  • Pacer Fan

    The Lakers did a very good job in Game 6. I was impressed by their speed. They are going to need their role players to play that fast again. I hate seeing Garnett just play volleyball getting those rebounds. Why can’t he just grab it with two hands and hit everyone in the face with those elbows if they get near. It will be war.

  • Boston Sucks

    Yeah, I noticed the same of Gasol- he more often attempted to tip it to another player versus just going up and grabbing the rock. Lakers will need a rounded game like Tuesday because this is the the big 3’s last chance at a title and entrance into “the club” as Doc tells it…the celts will bring the energy, I just don’t think Doc can make them play smarter, thats on the players…

  • Pacer Fan

    Yeah, it will be whoever gets position for those boards quicker and we all got to admit alot of these rebounds are the luck of the bounce off the rim. Only Rodman used to be able to tell where it will end up. And if anyone misses layouts like yesterday, they deserve to lose.

  • LakeShow

    Those missed lay-ups were directly and indirectly due to the Lakers being very aggressive in attempting to block shots- the celtics were thinking block or gonna block and were not thinking dunk or lay-up. That happened to the Lakers too in game 2. With each loss except for game 4 each team bounced back pretty well with their adjustments. Game 7 will be basically about remembering which adjustments worked, who executes them quicker and ultimately who brings the more consistant effort.

  • I love Green

    Rondo has been horrid the last 2 games, especially with his passing. If we’re going to win game 7 his turnovers need to be down, waaayyyy down. He definitley needs to be aggressive on the boards since Perk is out, and can’t be afraid to take a jump shot when Kobe backs way off.

  • Pacer Fan

    yeah he has to step up his game, but if it is in the 4th quarter, i would hack-e-rondo. he is not confident shooting free throws or any jump shots.

  • Pacer Fan

    the lakers are not better then the celtics or the celtics are not better then the lakers. if any two teams makes it to game 7, i believe not one of them are better then each other. they both are even. the difference of the game whoever wins will be because of luck, u know a lucky shot or a ball bouncing to the other team

  • I love Green

    Doc just announced Perkdog is not playing in game 7.

    Here you go Sheed, time to step up in the biggest game possible.

  • DRJ1

    Shocking news… that he tore 2 ligaments. The video looked so benign. Sheed, this is it guy…..

  • I love Green


    “Perkins was walking on crutches and said if this injury — torn medial collateral and posterior cruciate ligaments — occurred in December it would force him to miss the rest of the season.”

  • LakeShow

    Sorry Pacer- luck will play a marginal role in this one. This one will be more about effort, as in who wants it more and who is willing to leave it all out there on the court….This one will go to the team/player that remains proactive to the situation instead of being reactive- like in drag racing, the guy that gets off the line faster anticipates the green line versus the driver that waits for the green, if both are evenly matched, those miliseconds it takes to make that desicion usually proves the difference.

  • Pacer Fan

    yeah, good point LakeShow, that is so true. like Doc said yesterday. Let the best team win. No whining about foul calls, injuries, bad calls. Whoever wins tommorrow is the better team regardless.

  • Pacer Fan

    everyone, what would everyone be saying if Gasol or Kobe or Garnett or Pierce. Would anyone of those Laker and Celtic fans be saying that the best team will win?

  • JMM

    Pacer Fan,

    Larry Bird called, he’d like you to change your moniker – says you’re embarrassing the Pacers.

  • TNT Fan

    Ok, I changed it. lol since Reggie plays for TNT now I am a TNT fan. lol

  • Well. well.well—all the Laker posters back in the fold. Where in the hell were you guys after games 4 and 5? Done in typical Laker fan style !!!! A few indisputable facts here to decide who has been the best team thus far throughout the playoffs. Let’s see the Lakers have gone through OKC—an up and coming team that is still at least 2 years away from being real contenders. A Utah team without 2 of their bigs and hasn’t won a road playoff game in God knows how long—And a Phoenix team that couldn’t defend against the local old ladies bingo club.——– On the other hand the C’s have defeated the hottest team entering the playoffs—Miami.——–Knocked out the team with the best record and league MVP( Disputable but still league MVP) —- Then knocked out the team with the 2nd best record and won the last 2 series without the home court advantage. Hmmmmm——Which resume looks better? Class!!!! Class!!!! ——Don’t put game 7 in the bank for the Lakers just yet. This team has shown their grit and determination already and can not be counted out. Regardless of what happens tomorrow night , the C’s are champs in my book. In the meantime, if the Lakers do prevail then you can gloat over your rinki-dink , fluff and fold journey to the nba finals!!!!

  • mmmmmk


    I’m glad your getting your excuses already lined up!

    Lets not forget you team plays in the (L)EAST. Lakers have been playing the Best Conference and winning championships just fine for quite some time.

  • These are not excuses, I just stated facts. What happened to Dallas and Denver, the 2 teams most likely to challenge the Lakers. Dallas couldn’t even get out of the first round, same fate for Denver. The bottom 4 that qualified for the West may have been stronger—–but the top 4—-not a chance!!!!!——Engage me in a rational discussion or give it up!!!!

  • Hello Lakers fans! There’s more and more of you in here with every passing hour.

  • @miss moxie—–That’s par for the course–Laker fans never appear on here after a Laker loss. They jump on the bandwagon after they win. What I do to shut them up is to ask questions to test their overall basketball knowledge. Believe me—–It’s severely limited.

  • lesha

    and your assesment about phoenix screams basketball knowledge, right?

    sorry stephen, but if you think that our way to the finals was a pushover, i feel sorry for you.

    i have lots of respect for this celtics team and what they´ve accomplished, but please dont think that beating orlando (without a low-post scoring option) is so much harder than outplaying phoenix (who was even hotter in the second half of the season).

    there is a reason why we have a game 7. both teams are the best the nba has to offer, and this game will be epic. we had to get through our playoffs without a healthy center and now you will get the chance to prove that you can be succesfull without perkins down low.

    if boston wins this game, nobody will make any excuses because there cant be any excuses at this point. but if the lakeshow comes out on top, please have the guts to not blame it on the fact that perkins was available. your title in 08´was real (nobody can take that away), and so was our title last year. this is a new chapter, so let the past be the past and enjoy a career-defining game for pierce, allen, garnett, kobe, pau and artest

  • Your way to the finals was absolutley a pushover, that fact doesn’t change, however I will not be using Perkins as an excuse. Injuries are part of the game.