Post-game Reactions

Specifically, he tore his ACL and PCL, according to the Globe and just about every reporter Twittering from the press conference going on now.

Various such Tweets say that Perk is on crutches and looks despondent. On missing Game 7:

“There ain’t nothing I can do about it.”

On the severity of the injury:

Perk just said that if this had happened in December, he’d have been out for the season, according to the C’s official Twitter feed. He mentioned the possibility of missing the start of next season, according to A. Sherrod Blakely’s Twitter.

On how he’s doing:

“Physically, I’m doing better than I am mentally.” (via A. Sherrod Blakely’s Twitter).  And this: “I’d be lying if I told you it didn’t hurt. It hurt. Game 6 of the Finals, not being able to help your team.”

At this point, you just hope that Perk can recover fully and be the player he became last season and this season. Get well, big fella, and know this: Boston fans adore you.

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  • sacbobv

    Sorry for your news Perk, wouldn’t be as far as we are without you. You’ll be back and we’ll be glad to see you when you’re ready.

    Now’s the time for the Celts go and win one for the Perker!

    Goes Celtics!

  • That sucks man. . no one likes to see that kind of shit.

  • Dan

    Hey Zach, I haven’t heard anyone talk about it, but watching the play where Perk got hurt, it looks a bit dirty on Kobe’s part. He clearly places his knee behind Perk’s as Perk elevates. I don’t know enough to speak intelligently about it, but it looks pretty bad on Kobe’s part.

  • Coolin

    There should be no excuses for Sheed or BBD. They were shell shocked just like the whole team was in Game 6 when Perkins went down. Now they know they are going to be playing HUGE roles in the decider. I expect both to play balls to the wall and this could and hopefully will make BBD get paid with his next contract by having a great game. These guys need to be looking at this game as if there lives are on the line. That is the only chance when you are playing on the Lakers home court.

  • The C’s will pull together and get this done!!!!!!

  • Laker Hater

    I hope Perkins makes a full recovery. I would to see the Celtics wipe that smirk off of Kobe’s face. I also hope that someone gets Artest for the cheap shot on Rondo.

  • Charlie

    I hope Rasheed can give us one great game.

  • Dustball

    Dan… The knee had nothing to do with Kobe bumping into him. When you jump in a crowd, these things happen. Kobe is dirty in that he’ll grab and push and do the type of things that older vets do. He’s never out there trying to hurt anyone and he certainly wasn’t trying to hurt Perk. No one, Celtics or Lakers fan alike, wants to see Perk seriously hurt.

  • Jade



  • Laker Hater

    I would like someone to give Doc Rivers credit for getting the Celtics to the finals he is a very underated coach.

  • I didn’t see anything dirty in Perk’s injury. It’s bad luck, and it happens. I just feel bad for the guy.

  • legs-diamond

    Seems criminal to lose a key player at this stage.

    All in all, I think the season is much too long. C’s are about to play their 102nd game this season. High School players play about 20 games, college players about 30 games a season. The NBA should eliminate the back-to-backs. (…)

    C’s were only down 5 when Perk got one of their few offensive rebounds halfway through the quarter–I don’t think the Celtics lose this game by 20 with him in there.

    For now, perhaps nothing short of heroics will get this game.

    Still, it’s possible. If Sheed and Davis play well, and the “remaining 4” play out of there heads, ….

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    “adore” is a little too far into sports manlove territory for me….but the big guy will surely be missed.

    i hope baby can pull it together but i’m not counting on it. in sheed we trust. SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDD!!!!!

  • yuckabuck

    Hate to point out- Doc said this team has never lost a series when the staring five is intact. I guess that record will hold up, because this series can’t be counted as part of that run anymore. They are no longer intact.

  • Jamie

    I just hope Perk will be ready for the start of next season. That’s only 4 months away give or take a little.

  • Hey, I adore Perk. I’ll shout it from the rooftops. I don’t care.

  • DRJ1

    Hey guys– the Globe apparently changed its story after the original post. It was the MCL that tore, not the ACL

    You probably want to change your headline/story accordingly.

  • I definitely wouldn’t go in the direction of discussing whether a dirty/intentional play led to Perk’s injury. I don’t think anything like that happened.

    @Lakers Fan — Thanks for being nice. A lesser human being would’ve come in here to gloat and talk trash.

    Oh Perk. 🙁 I feel terrible for him.

  • I love Green

    We need GREAT tomorrow. Great Rondo, Great Bench, Great Sheed, Great defense, Great offense, Great Pierce, Great KG especially on defense, and Great Ray shooting.

  • Great Shelden?

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    haven’t read the hollinger piece but i wouldn’t disagree. if bynum is gimpy then we don’t need the muscle. and baby and sheed can bring much more on the offensive end.

    as much as i adore perk…..i don’t think he is a net plus for this team in some matchups. i mean, they wouldn’t be in the finals without him taking care of dwight & shaq, but he isn’t a real factor against finesse bigs (i.e. gasol, odom). and the Cs need all the help they can get ion the offensive end now.

    @zach: i still remember the hawks game where scal came in and matchedup with jSmoove. the hawks ran every play through him, scal completely shut him down and the hawks offense went dead. i guess its wishful thinking for doc and scal to pull the same ‘white boy can’t guard me’ tactics to disrupt the flow of the laker offense….i kinda think odom would fall for it.

  • Zain

    Read the Hollinger piece today. It’s mostly good ‘on paper’ (read: numbers) but it doesn’t go into the intangibles, and things like that. That’s just how the guy is.

    He suggests the chance to play some small ball, that the spacing can be better to go to the lane, stuff like that. If ya’ll want a read:


  • Coolin

    @ don’t drink: Exactly, Scal needs to suit up and give this team 5 productive minutes and that is it. Shelden can’t and won’t give production, he will give destruction to any hope the Celtics and there fans have.

  • jeff

    Hollinger’s piece was garbage. Losing Perk will leave a big hole in the middle. That said, the Celtics above all teams I’ve seen this year seem to play their best with their backs against the wall and now, with a fallen comrade to play for, nothing is a given for game 7. Moreover, I can see the Lakers psychologically let up just the tiniest bit thinking they’ll have a big edge over the Perk-less Celts. It’s still a 50/50 game IMO.

  • Ray Leighton

    I really don’t think that it was a dirty play, but the play annoyed me. Bynum goes over the back a lot — I don’t mean that he is trying to be dirty; he’s just intense — and the first time that the refs have called it this series was when the play cripples Perk. Normally, it’s not a foul that gets called much because it doesn’t usually have much of an effect on the play, but when you have guys as big as Bynum or Perk over-the-backing, someone can get hurt. If the refs had been calling this sort of thing more often — both ways — then maybe Perk would still have an intact knee. I feel really badly for any player that has worked this hard all year, Bynum or Perk, who might not/won’t be able to play in what would have been the biggest game of their careers. It would be kind of ironic if both teams are missing their normal starting centers for Game 7.

  • Coolin

    @ Zach: Can you do a piece on why Pierce should guard Kobe or something. I remember Pierce guarded Kobe a lot in ’08 and I think this is the game to do it again. He is not the quickest or the fastest, but he brings a big body and Kobe doesn’t like big bodies guarding him. He also brings a player who has similar moves, not as good, but he will know what Kobe is thinking better than TA or Ray. He keeps him in front of him and people don’t need to sag off there guys to double. When they double Kobe it just makes guys wide open. This would be huge in coming with a different look to the Lakers, maybe it could get them out of sorts. Just an idea.

  • Zain

    @Coolin: That’s if we’re better off with Pierce on him instead of TA. I mean, we need Pierce’s offense big time. He’s gonna be needing most of his energy to hit from everywhere tomorrow to get the offense flowing.

    Although if it comes to crunch time, I would expect him or TA on Kobe. Not so certain about Ray.

  • dslack

    I just hope there’s a crunch time tomorrow night. I mean, I’d be happy with a Celtics blowout of course, but if there’s no crunch time it probably means a Lakers blowout.

  • Tom Brady

    Tell Perk to hit me up I got a good guy for him.

  • You guys are hilarious !!!!!
    Cheap shot on Artest ? If someone jumped on top of you, wouldn’t you (naturally) raise your hands to brace for the impact ? What an idiot.
    Dirty play by Kobe?? That’s even more stupid.
    His knee’s gave way on the way down. It happens quite a bit to big men.They have have the same knee’s as everybody else. But their extra size and weight makes them a little more vulnerable to these types of injuries.
    It’s very unfortunate that he injured himself so severely. I’m just glad he didn’t pull the drama-queen act that Pierce did two years ago. Let’s see, he severely tears his knee up and manages to hobble off of the court. Drama-queen PP goes out in a wheelchair, and miraculously reappears in the third quarter.
    As a Laker Fan, I just hope that they don’t soften up after the game 6 thrashing and the injury to Perk.
    I think the Lakers will be out for a little 2008, 39-point thrashing revenge.
    Lakers by 15 and of course, back-to-back titles.
    TTFN……….C-ya next year……….

  • @Forum BLue
    I hope your not from the actual forum blue and gold blog because I have respect for that blog and read it regularly. So if you are, I have lost that respect. And congrats on making yourself sound as stupid and petty as the people you were arguing with.

  • aguacatero

    I think it’s karma. I was really pumped that Bynum’s knee was gone… serves me right for hoping an injury swings the series.

  • Jay Cutler

    Nothin like trash talking people on an internet forum.

  • JMM


    It was the extra weight of Bynum that prompted the injury. That’s on the refs not Bynum, they call over the back fouls way too seldom.

    As for Pierce, it was the doctor’s decision to use a wheelchair.

    Don’t know what will happen tomorrow night – the Celtics-Lakers Championship record either goes 10-2 Celts or 9-3 Celts.

  • I love Green

    Im just getting more nervous/pumped as the hours pass. I wish I could be at the Celtics practice to see what they’re planning, and how they feel. I mostly wanna see how focused Sheed is going into the game.

  • dslack


    Check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bje2S8CIFeU
    Somehow players manage to play basketball all the time without elbowing each other in the chin in situations like that. The elbow was dirty in my opinion.

  • I love Green

    Alright Big Baby can’t wait for thursday and is excited to win in LA. Thats what I like to hear

  • Mike

    watching the replay, if you think about what Kobe is doing on this play, he clearly puts his leg and foot between Perkins legs, then kicks his foot and leg out to throw him off balance. Plays that are dirty/illegal, that end in injury should be looked at very seriously by the league. It isn’t very good basketball when half the players are injured due to dirty illegal plays.

  • Sophomore

    @Mike – I don’t see what you’re talking about with Kobe. Can’t stand Kobe, but don’t see it.

    I see a garden-variety over the back on Bynum that ended very badly.

  • Sal

    Perk u the man

  • Shooter

    I see Perk having something in common with Greg Oden……….busting your knee by landing awkwardly after grabbing a rebound.There was no dirty play from Kobe,come on folks you can’t be that blind to facts.
    I’m not confident at all now with Perk out,even with him healthy i’m nervous about game 7 after that game 6 BS.I’m gonna need a drink before the game tomorrow to calm my nerves………….won’t get much sleep either.I don’t know about the rest of you but i was freaking nervous before game 6 and i’m just watching the game.Imagine how i’ll be tomorrow……………..BOSTON TILL I DIE.

  • Shooter

    Oh yeah GET WELL PERK,we’ll miss your presense tomorrow night.Hopefully Sheed has big game and Baby steps up.

    Lord save us fromn Shelden Williams.

  • lakershater13

    Nothing dirty on the perk play. It was an over the back that the refs actually called. Then you see kobe crying because they called the over the back.