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Pace: 86 possessions (slow-ish)

Offensive Efficiency: 78 points/100 possessions (calamitous)

Defensive Efficiency: 103.4 points allowed/100 possessions (elite)

Thumbnail: The Lakers defense destroyed Boston’s offense, and when the game was in the balance, LA rebounded a third of its own misses in out-working and out-playing the Celtics to force Game 7 on Thursday. The status of Kendrick Perkins for that game is unclear after he left tonight’s game in the first quarter with a right knee injury, the exact nature of which is unclear as I write this.

Recap: Above all else, the story of this game is the fact that the Lakers’ defense just annihilated Boston’s half court offense with a combination of hard work and sound strategy—strategy that Boston can counter in Game 7 if they are up to it. But if there’s one concern that has dogged this team all season, even during this playoff run, it is the question of whether Boston’s offense—which ranked just 15th in points per possession this season—could produce in the half court against an elite defense.

They couldn’t tonight, and before you start ranting about missed lay-ups (there were a few) and dunks (there were two—hi, Shelden), give some credit to Phil Jackson and the guys in blue and gold.

The Lakers did a lot of things well tonight defensively, but two stood out:

1) They played screen/rolls involving Paul Pierce and Ray Allen as the ball-handler very aggressively. The LA big guys jumped out to cut off Pierce and Allen, taking away the mid-range shot and daring them to turn the corner. And until the mid-point of the 3rd quarter when Pierce began driving, they couldn’t do it. Instead, the Lakers managed to string both guys out toward the sidelines, where defenders would pressure them into a tough pass back out toward the top of the arc.

Check the 6:00 minute mark of the 1st for a great example. Pierce and KG set up for a screen/roll at the top of the key, but Pierce drives way from the pick and toward the left sideline. Gasol acts as if this is a normal screen/roll and leaves KG to trap Pierce near the corner. Pierce has one option: Kick the ball out to KG, who has to slide all the way out beyond the three-point arc to make himself a target.

Kobe sees it coming, jumps the passing lane and steals the ball, leading to a Laker score in transition.

2) They totally disregarded Rondo, and the Celtics could not make them pay for it. Watch the 2nd and 3rd quarters of this game. When the C’s flashed a player (Pierce or KG) to a spot on the block for an entry pass, Kobe would stop his pursuit of Rondo and step into the passing lane. When the C’s would post up Paul Pierce on Luke Walton and clear Rondo to the other side of the floor (see 1:02, 2nd), Kobe would let Rondo go and lurk behind Pierce, waiting to pounce.

For whatever reason, the Celtics could not punish LA for their disregard of Rondo tonight. It’s not as if this is a new strategy against Rondo, though LA used an exaggerated version of this defense tonight.

How does Boston adjust? In a late-night, distressed attempt to play armchair Doc, I’ll suggest one thing: Involve Rondo more, not less. Use him as a screener for Pierce to create switches, as the C’s did at the 47.7 mark of the 2nd quarter, when Kobe switched onto Pierce after a Rondo brush screen, and Pierce nailed an easy jumper over Kobe.

Run more Rondo/KG screen/rolls to work the KG pick-and-pop. Encourage Rondo to cut back door (2:34, 3rd). Urge him to drive at Kobe in delayed transition, when Kobe is back-pedaling and the Lakers don’t have a second line of defense ready under the basket (2:02, 3rd).

It seemed that tonight, with the few exceptions listed above, Rondo was either standing around, forcing bad shots or taking jumpers the Lakers want him to take. Rajon—and the team—can do better, and they seemed to do better in the 3rd, when Rondo shot 4-of-7 after going just 1-of-8 in the first half.

With Rondo lost in the 1st half and the Pierce screen/rolls failing, the Celtics offense basically ceased to function late in the 1st quarter and throughout the 2nd quarter. Glen Davis took a jump shot off the dribble (9:48, 2nd). The C’s isolated for Tony Allen in the post, and it did not go well (3:09, 1st). Nate Robinson tried a crazy alley-oop for Tony Allen; the pass hit the top of the backboard (10:23, 2nd). Rarely will you see an offense so out of sorts at this level, with these stakes.

We’re going bullets the rest of the way, because I’m cranky:

• The Celtics defense was a step behind tonight, and some of the credit (most of the credit?) for that should go to the Lakers. LA was less predictable on offense, determined to work the ball to Gasol in the post and at the elbow, action that kept Boston guessing and improved LA’s spacing. Ron Artest was taking what amounted to practice three-pointers in the first half, and the Celtics, though they’re happy to have Artest shoot, don’t want him taking set shots from the corners.

• LA also did a good job putting Kobe in better positions to succeed. They understand Boston is crowding him and taking away his right hand, so tonight you saw Kobe use a dribble hand-off/screen from Gasol at the left elbow to get space and a head start on a drive.

And when the Lakers posted Kobe, they did a better job at clearing his side of the floor, making it harder for Boston to double-team him. Kobe was able to drive from the post to the rim without meeting a help defender until he got to the rim—in other words, too late. (See possessions at the 7:05 and 4:29 marks of the 3rd, when Kobe drove from the post and drew fouls on KG and then Big Baby at the rim).

Boston will have to be ready for this stuff and adjust accordingly.

• Of course, no adjustment can make up for the possible absence of Kendrick Perkins in Game 7. It probably is not a coincidence that Gasol looked more comfortable tonight. Perk has been the most effective Boston defender against Pau since the day Gasol got to Los Angeles. Without him, Boston struggles to push Gasol away from his favorite spots (though Big Baby had some success at this). And without Perk, foul trouble means Shelden Williams, which in very limited minutes in this series has meant missed dunks, bad passing and shaky hands.

As I write this, Perk’s status for Thursday is unclear. Get well, Perk.

• Two things need to change now (when else?) for Boston to win Thursday. The most important one: They must protect the defensive glass. Late in the second quarter, the Lakers had rebounded 9 of their 21 misses—an offensive rebounding rate of 43 percent.

To put that in perspective: The Grizzlies led the league with an offensive rebounding rate of 31 percent this season.

A lot of this comes down to effort and making the correct snap decisions. Pau Gasol simply outfought Sheed for one offensive board (1:02, 1st). And just before halftime, the entire team neglected to box out Lamar Odom, allowing Odom to tip in a Kobe miss. Ditto with Pau Gasol tip-in of a Vujacic miss in transition at the 7:01 mark of the 2nd.

Watch the tape of those two offensive boards and you see just how much this is a team thing. On that Gasol tip, for instance, Big Baby boxes out Odom on the left block while KG boxes out Artest on the right block. The two sides are covered, but the middle is wide open. As Gasol trails the play, three Celtics float around the weak side, watching the Vujacic miss. Gasol trots by two of them on the perimeter (Ray and Rondo) on his way into the paint. One of two things need to happen: Either Rondo, the closest guy to Gasol, needs to jump into his path near the foul line, or KG needs to shift off of Artest (a lesser threat) and onto Gasol early.

This one probably falls on Rondo, but it’s a team-wide failure of effort and decision-making—and a great play by Pau.

And that Odom tip? That’s just a missed box out by KG. Watch the tape.

Can’t happen on Thursday.

• Oh, the second thing: Rajon Rondo needs to make some damn foul shots.

• The bench had zero points on 0-of-8 shooting through three quarters.

That’s all I have the energy for right now. We’ll have much more tomorrow, obviously.

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  • I love Green

    They say Perk has a sprained knee. So hopefully it isn’t too bad so he can be effective in game 7.

  • sacbobv

    Maybe by Thursday they’ll deliver the lost luggage that contains the team hustle.

  • Tom

    Perk is done, I think so are the Cs. It’s a bad sign when you have to use Shelden Williams. On top of all the missed layups and offensive rebounds, Shelden Williams missed a wide open dunk. How stupid is he?

  • RBD

    Shelden Williams is nearly out of chances in this league.


    You guys are done. This is why Pierce didn’t want to come back to L.A.

  • I love Green

    We have no chance to win game 7 in LA without Perkins. We have 20% chance to win with a hobbled Perkins.

    Looks pretty bad for us, and I really don’t have a lot of hope for game 7.

  • lakershater13

    If shelden had played more in this series lakers may have gave him mvp. With him on the court its like playing 6-4. I was actually excited when we signed him last summer. Watching him in the finals i wish him luck in the nbdl.

  • lakershater13

    Lakersfan is back. wow. dude can only cheer on his team when they win. has nothing to say in a loss.

  • Jay Cutler

    I love green:

    Don’t bet on it. Perk is done. Looking at it again, that was NOT just a ‘knee sprain’. Besides, we know all about the Cs and their, uh, optimistic assessments of their players’ tweaked knees.

    I really thought this was a must win game and without Perk I don’t think the Cs can win. On paper it doesn’t look that bad but think again: did you see the HORRIFICALLY ASTRONOMICALLY BAD shots Rasheed Wallace chucked up? Not to mention the dumb fouls.

    Going back to the pnr with Kobe and Pau with Kobe going to the Rim (no Perk now) the Cs will need an out of their mind game from the big 3 (offensively and defensively) to get it done. Why? Because the Lakers have been the better team from the get go. The Cs have kept it close because of hustle and energy and a share of officiating luck (lets be honest). But when they show up to a must win game with diapers on and the comeback that I know you all were waiting for never comes you know the Lakers will smell blood.

    I was waiting for Game 7 a couple of minutes into the first. That bad.

    Oh, and Shelden Williams is beneath useless. Duke player.

  • Dick Barnett


  • RBD

    Doc on Perk “doesn’t look good”

  • jonathan

    Perk has a sprained knee until the mri comes back. Then Perk will have torn ligaments.

  • lakershater13

    @ Jay Cutler… looking at the refs for this series you cannot say we have won games because of them. see game 5. they did everything to keep la in the game.

  • RBD

    Damn. Doc is a charming dude. Everybody loves him in the presser.

  • Truth

    Try game 2 took an all time game from Ray and 3 of the worst fouls ever called on Kobe. You got no shot in LA.

  • Jay P

    19 points, 9 rebounds, 4 assists.

    What’s that you ask? Rasheeds stat line from Game 7.

    Celtics in 7.

  • JMM

    Thanks Zach, great analysis on a tough night.

    Remember all, every other team in the league would love to be in the Celtics shoes Thursday night. The Lakers won’t quit. But, neither will the Cs.

  • Jay P

    Love how the Lakers fans come out of the woodwork now when they were MIA the past 3 days.

    Go away Fakers, I have no respect for your fair weather bullshit.


    Lakershater13, I was actually in vegas since thursday. . . I was talking smack to your fans in person at the sports book. Ill make sure to post for you here all summer though. . . and yes, that will be after another win.


    Oh and Jay P you can suck it.

  • Jay Cutler


    not saying refs threw game for c’s. just saying that c’s got their “share” of (non) calls – something which went completely against them in gm 1.

    Jay P

    That’s just Jack on his Blackbery on his limo ride home. 😉

  • Jay P

    Go away faker.

  • lakershater13

    lakersfan… i dont care. grow a set and show up when your team loses

  • Truth

    Hey at least you guys can go nail an ugly pale fat chick. God knows Boston has enough of those hoes.

  • I love Green

    I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight. Seriously, we get blown out, Perk goes down, LA forces a game 7 that will be played in LA.

    All of that is like a 10/10 on the shitty scale.

  • Jay P

    Now it’s just getting ridiculous, Truth is just showing why most LA fans are complete morons with that statement.

    I think Celtics Hub may need to employ a “Forum Blue and Gold” style comment moderation policy.

  • Truth

    sleeping like a big baby after i smoke some cali green out of my purple and gold ROOR.

  • JMM


    Hang around. Every game of whack-a-mole can use another mole.


  • Let’s not celebrate just yet…
    Remember how hungry the Lakers were after we got spanked in 2008? We had to wait a whole season to take it out on the rest of the league and win a title. The Celtics have pride and were just humiliated. They’ll be a much better team on Thursday. I just hope that we can play the same way we did tonight. Everybody contributed and we know that that doesn’t happen often. Perkins out. So What. He’s been healthy the entire series while Bynum has been injured the entire series. It kind of evens things out.
    All Phil has to do is show them a replay of game 6 in 2008 (39 point loss in Boston).

    Back-to-back titles …….AGAIN

  • DRJ1

    I give almost no credit to the Lakers for this game. The Celtics clearly came in to lose. It’s not POSSIBLE that they could play as they played naturally, normally.

    This was always going to be a 7-game series. And it wasn’t the refs who made sure of that tonight. It was the Celtics.

    That’s the reality of it. There is no other reasonable explanation.

  • Jay P

    Truth you’re an idiot, do yourself a favor and go get your GED moron.

  • pp

    boy he is a dirty player. did you see the intentional trip on gasol? i wonder if they’ll give him a flagrant on review?

  • I love Green

    Well people were saying this the whole time after the Celtics lost game 1 of this series. They always rebound well after a blowout. After game 3 against the Cavs they came back strong, and against the Magic after game 5 they came back strong.

    Im just praying they come back strong for game 7.

  • Jay P

    @forum Blue

    You should make that argument I suppose. But Bynum is playing, and looked pretty damn good for a lot of the game.

    So no Perk at all vs. a little Bynum certainly isn’t “evening it out.” And gives a Lakers team, which already had an advantage in the front line, and clear, dominating advantage now. Changes everything.

    But it is what is is, excuses don’t matter. Somebody else is going to just have to step up (Sheed, Baby, I’m look at you.)

  • Truth

    Nice try just got my JD two weeks ago. Go find a beat boston chick. Good news is she probably gives good brain since she wont have anything else going for her.

  • go celts

    have to agree with pp. pierce is dirty. and whiny.

  • techs

    losing perk is justice in that he’s deserved several techs this and last series that the refs didn’t call because they were protecting him. same for sheed – weird that the refs would protect him

  • Jay P

    You’re not helping your “I’m not a moron” case with these comments here Truth.

  • I love Green

    Go celts you really need to change your name because you aren’t really a Celtics fan.

  • Truth

    Boston fans just pissed that their WWE shit doesn’t work on the road. I didn’t see any bottles flying in Staples. And for some reason I didn’t see KG crawling like a dog or clapping in peoples faces today.

  • go celts

    no really. pierce is dirty. if you watched the game you clearly see him throwing his leg out trying to trip gasol. pretty bush league of him. it was easier to root for the 80s celts. this team is just so unlikeable.

  • I love Green

    You aren’t a Celtics fan. Stop pretending to be.

  • JMM


    You have all the class and character one would expect from a Lakers’ fan.

  • Truth


    You mean the class it takes to chant ugly sister and throw bottles at players?

  • JMM

    The Laker fans coming out of the woodwork here to talk dumb-assed, uninformed, unimaginative smack typify everything actual basketball fans detest about Purple and Gold Nation.

    Thanks for reminding us that there’s soemthing much worse than being a Celtics fan tonight – that is being a Lakers fan.

  • go celts

    i was really embarrassed by the team this whole 3 year run, and now to see the fans throw things at players in boston and to see pierce intentionally tripping people, well you’re right, i am not a celtics fan anymore.

  • Truth

    “the biggest sh*t talker in the league? that would be KG. He talk sh*t and talks to himself too! it’s confusing” -Raja Bell

  • Seriously? It’s the NBA Finals, and all these Lakers fans can do is insult Boston women and spew profanities?

  • JMM

    No Truth, I’m just holding you responsible for your comments. You are the personification of Purple and Gold Nation. The object of pity – in victory or defeat.

  • Truth

    Your women speak for themselves. Go Yanks!

  • Tom Brady

    This is why I was giving Kobe love after game 3. I like winners.

  • I love Green

    You never were a Celtics fan. Quit lying.

  • story of the game…BENCH and REBOUNDS..id rather have scal on the floor than shelden..game 7 will be the year’s biggest game..the big 4 has got to explode..

  • RBD

    @ miss. j. moxie

    I’m not impressed that Zach and the other owners of this site have chosen to let comments go unmoderated. Even for the vile stuff.

  • go celts

    what’s vile is throwing objects on the court and intentionally tripping people. makes a guy want to root for a family man like kobe bryant

  • JP

    hope perk is ok, we’ll need him badly

  • RBD

    @go celts

    I don’t get it. You seem like you’re angry all the time. Why bother posting here if you hate the Celtics so much?

    Just move on. There are better things to do with your time.

  • sacbobv

    @miss j – Yes, since behind their anonymous postings they don’t have to show that they’re hoping like he!! Celts play this way again on Thursday. Sure, just like after being smacked by Cleveland at our home and the Magic in Orlando. Celtics just crumbled after that didn’t they?

  • I love Green

    Perkins told Ric Bucher he try to give it a go for game 7, although he noted Perk was walking around “stiffly.”

  • go celts

    wow – you guys are really defending throwing things on the court and intentionally tripping people? now i’m really embarrassed for boaston fans, boston fans, and boston blog commenters.

  • Jay P

    @go celts

    And you’re lumping in all of boston fans with one drunk moron at the Garden who threw a bottle?

    Just go away, seriously.

  • @RBD — Well, I guess it allows us to see people’s true colors.

    @Go Celts — You can root for whomever you choose. But if you’re shifting allegiances, it might be a good idea to change your name.

  • go celts

    i’m just saying, it’s really bad for a fan to throw something and a player to intentionally trip someone, but to defend it is just as bad.

  • I love Green

    How about at christmas when Lakers fans were throwing their foam fingers onto the floor? That was more than 1 fan too.

  • go celts

    but seriously. who do you think kg is going to pound the floor against in game 7, sasha or farmer? too bad jose calderon isn’t on the lakers – kg really liked trying to intimidate all 140 pounds of him. he’s so tough.

  • sacbobv

    What teams fans threw glow sticks on the court? Anyone remember?

  • DRJ1

    Enough already. Somebody put Truth out of his misery. (i.e., block ip)

  • I love Green

    Just change your name

  • go celts

    wow – ok, so you guys are defending the bottle that was thrown on the court by a celtics fan. but at least you aren’t trying to justify pierce’s intentional tripping of gasol. that was really bush league. but that’s the problem with doc’s coaching. he wants his team to be dirty. what a stain on celtic tradition.

  • go celts

    i’m at least heartened by the fact that you guys won’t defend the dirty tactics of pierce on that intentional trip. a bottle by an anonymous fan is ok i guess, but at least you won’t stoop to defend pierce.

  • lakershater13

    how is pierce whiny? Please take a look at Kobe. He is in the whiny hall of fame.

  • @go celts — Wait, back up. No one’s even defending or trying to justify anything. You’re the one who seems to be on a rampage here.

  • I love Green

    I think you’re trying to make us defend Pierce tripping Gasoft.

  • Tom Brady

    Boston has a great reputation for stretching/breaking rules. When you lose for as long as we did rules are there to be broken. Now i’ll have Belichick send over some Laker practice tape to give Doc a chance.

  • go celts

    @miss j.moxie you are not defending it, but the rest of the gang certainly is. They defend it by comparing throwing a bottle on a court while a player takes a foul shot to throwing foam fingers. sad really. but 3 years of exposure to doc’s dirty tricks will desensitize a person.

  • go celts

    @lakershater13 really? there is a whiny hall of fame? I guess you know all about it because it is in boston. cool for you!

  • RBD

    Okay, this thread is officially garbage. I’m out.

  • I love Green

    Gotta love go celts. He’s really going all out, now commenting under 2 names, go celts and Tom Brady.

  • Jay P

    You’re obviously a fraud and not a Celtics fan, go away.

    and @tom brady

    A boston sports team has won a championship in 8 of the last 10 years. Bitch and whine and moan all you want, but kiss the rings bitch.

  • @go celts — I don’t think they were defending it. They were just saying, hey, don’t single out Boston fans for throwing things on the court, because they’re not the only ones who do it. And they’re saying, hey, don’t generalize; just because one Boston fan did it doesn’t mean all Boston fans are like that. For all we know, the guy who threw a bottle might’ve be some guy who isn’t even from Boston. Heck, it might even have been a Lakers fan.

  • I love Green

    Hey the Red Sox won!

  • PierceTurth

    i dont understand why everyone is fighting and arguing… we are about to witness one of the greatest games in NBA history that will be intense throughout and the toughest team will win… just sit back, shut up, and enjoy GAME 7

  • go celts

    @I love green i feel bad telling you this, but the world series are asterisked because of steroids.
    @miss j moxie that’s cute. might have been a laker fan. do you still believe in the tooth fairy also?
    @jay p look, pierce intentionally tripping someone is just too much for me. I hope doc retires after this year and the celts hire a better coach with some class.

  • JMM

    I love green, miss j moxie, jay p,

    Don’t mess with go celts – it’s bad luck to tease a retard.

  • go celts

    @jmm wow that’s class for you. retard huh? uh huh. i wonder if you were the one who threw the bottle?

  • JMM

    Yes go celts. I threw the bottle. I was aiming for you.

    Jesus, this is how Lakers’ fans celebrate? You’re sad you Purple and Gold fans. Just sad.

  • Iggy Pap

    ALL respect lost for The Celtics after witnessing Pierce’s intentional and potentially damaging tripping of Pau. Him and his team now fully deserve the beat down they will receive on Thursday night. NO handshakes, NO respect.

    Perkins out? Karma is a vicious bitch ain’t she Boston?

  • C’mon people—–let’s relax. I think that if you were to ask anyone here if they would take the C’s being in game 7 of the nba finals we would all have taken it considering how the C’s closed out the season. By the way, Tim Legler who took the Celtics in this series just changed his pick—–What a pussy !!!!!

  • jonathan

    worst comment section on this site ever, why doesn’t everyone just shut the hell up and write something intelligent about the game?

  • Iggy Pap

    Just watched the post game news conference. Ray Allen had no saliva in his mouth and was stammering. He looks as nervous as a virgin in a biker bar.

  • JMM

    Actually jonathon the comments section is pretty much a reflection of the game – poorly executed, not entertaining at all. A listless night of whack-a-mole with go celts, truth, et al as the moles.

  • @JMM — You’re right. No point trying to have a reasonable discussion with someone on such a rampage. Let’s leave him be.

  • Iggy Pap

    Watch Shannon Brown’s dunk again (I believe it was the first). The ball BAPS Ray right in the face. Classic!

  • Zain

    I don’t know about you guys, but after a little sitting around and reflecting, I feel pretty good going into Thursday.

  • JMM

    Agreed Zain. Boston has the tools to beat LA. They’ve shown that four times this year – twice in LA. It’s a one game series and I’m betting on the team with no players married to a Kardashian.

  • @Zain — Really? Well, it makes me feel a little better that someone more level-headed than I am thinks we may have a chance.

  • Rich

    It’s laughable how Lakers fans are whining about a bottle being thrown, but we all remember Christmas day when they were getting punked at home by the Cavs how the entire arena re-acted. Lakers fans rewriting history yet again, just like they do for Kobe.

    Anyway, are celtic fans still going to call Gasol soft? How hard must he dominate KG on the boards every single night before you guys let that soft title go?

  • I love Green

    @Zain- Perk will be on 1 knee, and that’s IF he plays, we’re in LA, they have all the momentum now because they just blew us out.

    Please fill me in on what’s making you feel good about thursday.

  • @JMM — Do you think we have the tools, enough tools, even if Perk ends up being out? I know his numbers aren’t huge, but I think his physical presence is a pretty significant factor.

  • Iggy Pap

    @JMM I’ll take that bet. I’m going with the team that has no one who talks to themselves during games as some sort of pathetic “warrior” stance.

    I agree though, Boston has the tools. Sheed? A tool. Pierce? Complete tool. Rondo? Rollerskating tool. Big Crybaby? Fat tool. Perkins? Horse face crippled tool.

  • I love Green

    @Rich- He seems to find some toughness in LA when somebody not named Kendrick Perkins is guarding him.

  • Rich

    Laker fans clearly lack a sense of irony. When talking about teams “pathetic warrior stance,” it is stunning that you wouldn’t also recognize someone your own team very famous for doing as many fake faces as possible just so the world knows that he is “focused,” and “intense.” I think you know who I’m talking about.

  • Rich

    Green, he’s been kicking the hell out the Celtics on the boards the entire series, not just tonight.

  • Zain

    Guys, in the end, its all numbers. And numbers don’t matter. If you care about them that much though, would you all feel better if I told you guys that Boston is 6-1 this post season after a loss? You think Kobe cares that Boston is 4-0 vs LA in a game 7 finals?

    It doesn’t change a thing.

    This is a veteran team with a hell of a coach. Expect wrinkles in the offense if Perk can’t go. Also, if he can’t, expect them to go hard at Bynum and get him in foul trouble. That way, now you have the Wallace on Pau, KG on Odom match up. Doc’s not fooling anyone, if Perk doesn’t go, Wallace and KG get the nod. Baby will come off the bench.

    This team will come to play on Thursday, and everything will be out on the floor. I didn’t have a good gut feeling about today, but every time this team has been punched in the mouth, it has come alive. Perk or no Perk, this series isn’t over.

    Also, my buddies and I didn’t do our pre-game routine today. And the Celtics are 15-1 in the playoffs on nights where we eat a donut an hour before the game. Go Dunkin’ Donuts!

    See? Numbers don’t matter. Celtics on Thursday.

  • Iggy Pap

    Kobe doing his dorky jaw jutting face comes along every now and again. KG does his “crazy man muttering” non-stop.

    The irony is that his warrior facade has cracked wide open, and will fall to the floor on Thursday night.

  • It is a significant factor miss moxie but remember Sheed is a good shot blocker even at this stage of his career. Plus Sheed helps spread the floor when he’s out there so there is an upside. Remember the Lakers shot only 41% tonight for a whopping 89 points. Clean up the rebounding and get Rondo blowing out of yhe backcourt and everything changes. Perk is tough,and if he can walk he’ll go in game 7.

  • Iggy Pap

    There are still donuts left in Boston after Big Baby leaves town?

  • I love Green

    In game 5 he outrebounded KG by 2.

    In game 4 he had 6 rebounds.

    In game 3 he outrebounded KG by 4.

    In game 2 he had 8 rebounds, KG was in foul trouble so he only got 4 rebounds. But Big Baby and Sheed both had 7 rebounds.

    In game 1 I didn’t feel like checking. He dominated the boards in that game.

    I say tonight and game 1 he kicked the hell out of the Celtics on the boards. Thats only 2/5 games

  • I love Green

    @Zain- In all 3 games the Celtics lost this series I missed the beginning of the game, and I didn’t wear my green Celtics shirt. So on thursday Im just going to stay at home all day and make sure Im there in front of my TV, on my section of the couch, and with my green Celtics shirt on. Hopefully you do your pregame routine so if the Celtics lose we know that we tried our hardest to help them.

  • Zain


    I don’t know if the pregame routine matters..like..its all in our heads, but I’ll be damned if I don’t break everything out for game 7.

    We still regret not doing our routines when we went to Game 1!!

  • Phildoc

    Perk brings a lot to the game. Besides the D and the rebounding he does a lot of the litttle things that go unnoticed. On both offense and defense. He’ll be missed, but the Celts have the players to still come out on top. Everytime they’ve been kicked around in the playoffs they’ve come back to play a great game. They have too much pride and heart to let this series get away. With or without Perk, the come out on Thursday will fire and determination and will take game 7.

  • Rich

    He’s averaging like 10.5 boards a game while the highest number on Boston (w/o checking) is probably gonna be KG at 6. Could be Rondo at something a little higher. But w/e, Gasol has redeemed himself this time out vs. Boston. He’s been better than KG. He’s been really tough on the boards, and has been flat out great in 2 games and you can make an arguement for a third. Everyone you want from your 2nd star.

  • Rich


  • I love Green

    @Zain- Yeah I highly doubt the Celtics amount of effort and energy depends on fans pregame routines, but there’s no way I’m not going to do mine for this game.

  • I love Green

    Pretty sure Perk is our leading rebounder.

  • I love Green

    In game 3 when he outrebounded KG by 4, Perkins was ahead of him with 11. Pau had 10 Perkins had 11.

  • clasher

    i thought rivers made a big mistake taking ray out with about 4 mins left in the 1st, he was hitting shots. pierce made a lot of dumb turnovers. all or nothing now for these Celtics.

  • Zain

    Prior to this game, C’s lead rebounder was Perk, followed by Rondo.

    Rondo needs a triple double or close to it tomorrow.

    We absolutely need $55 million contract Rondo right now.

    By the way, the biggest factor, is the intangible: this is IT for the Celtics. For the Big 3, for Doc. This. is. it. One game. You think it won’t be balls to the wall for 48 minutes? I’d bet money that the energy won’t be lacking.

  • I love Green

    I remember before game 2 I think Zach wrote that he feels Rondo is ready for a balls to the walls game. Please write that again…PLEASE!!!

  • Phildoc

    Everyone on the team will be ready for balls to the walls. Today they played flat. They had two emotional victorys in Boston that were do or die. They relaxed after that and came out flat. Then when Perk went down it took the rest of the wind out of them. That wont be the case on Thursday. You can be they’ll have plenty of energy and you wont seeing the Lakers get any of the loose balls.

  • specialk

    Game 7 = Rasheed Unleashed!!!! No more worries about getting suspended. he plays 20 high energy minutes before getting kicked out with a second T or fighting with Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum, and Derek Fisher

  • specialk

    @ Shelden, What does Candace see in you dude?

  • Joe

    @ I love Green:
    Is anybody really still trying to argue that Gasol isn’t tough? If by “tough” you mean “stout with a low center of gravity,” then I guess he’s not tough. You might as well say that Pierce is soft because he’s not as big as Glen Davis. When Perkins plays good D on Dwight Howard, everyone talks about how gritty and tough he is (and rightly so). When Pau played very good single coverage on Howard for long stretches, to win a championship, everyone still wants to call him soft. What exactly is he supposed to do? Sprout 70 pounds of pure muscle out of his gluteus? He’s averaging 18.5 pts, 10 boards this series (Perk, through five games, avg’ed less than 7 boards per game – to be fair, Perk has played fewer minutes), and he just dropped a near triple double (nine assists) in a must-win game. He keyed the defense tonight, when Boston had the second-lowest score for a team in any Finals game, ever. As the blog post above points out, it was his help defense on Pierce that shut down the PP-isolation plays in Boston’s offense. But I guess if he doesn’t do all of that AND magically get heavy enough to push Perkins around, then he must be soft somehow.

  • joe

    http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/playoffs/2010/columns/story?columnist=sheridan_chris&page=Celticsperkins-100616; Well place Celtics source: “Perk’s Done”

    Excuse me while I go weep.

  • joe

    *well placed celtics source

  • Ray Leighton

    I think that I am still in shock. With the possible exception of that awful Memphis game, that may very well have been the worst game that I have ever seen the Celtics play since KG and Ray showed up. We sucked. Credit to the Lakers’ defense, but we really sucked. Missed dunks, missed layups, passing was not sharp. Paul seemed to be more interested in trying to get foul calls than in playing.

    The thing that I find most disturbing, outside of the loss of Perk, is that I really believed before the series started that the deciding factor for us was going to be how bad the Lakers’ bench is, and in the three quarters prior to garbage time, the Lakers’ bench outscored our bench 24-0. Which also happened to be roughly the difference in the score at that time. Just like in Game 3, our bench was awful at both ends of the court.

    That said, history aside, it is clear that Game 7 is going to be a war, where we finally get to see what it’s like when these two good teams both want it. There is no question that both teams have the players and weapons to beat the other team when the other team is off, but I don’t really believe that we have had a game yet where both teams really showed up at the same time. In Game 7, we will. This series has also been a battle of adjustments, and I think that is one of the main reasons why we are going seven games — it has been a real coaching battle. It’s Doc’s turn now.

    I will not be happy if Perk is unavailable, but I still believe that the Celtics are the better defensive team, and that with Bynum not fully healthy either, we still match up well with the Lakers. Sheed needs to establish himself in the low post and give us that extra weapon. I want to point out that although Sheed’s shooting was awful, (a) he played really good defense for much of the game, and (b) when you are down by 20 points and the clock is running, it is easy to go into panic mode and to try to make it up with threes. The bench (and for that matter, Rondo) has got to play with more focus and more patience.

    And the best part will be that when we win, we won’t have to have these asinine, pointless arguments with Lakers’ trolls who don’t have anything better to do than call names because they won’t come around when they lose.

    @Rich, and the general discussion regarding Gasol and rebounding — I’ve never agreed with the idea that Gasol is soft or that his style really matters. He’s a great inside player, and I actually view him as the Lakers’ biggest all-around threat. However, I did want to point out that Gasol is not actually winning the rebound battle in the series by much or at all. The Lakers have certainly won the rebounding battle in some games and the Celtics have won it in others. Gasol’s numbers look really good because he is playing almost 42 minutes per game. About 2/3 of those minutes have been at center, largely against Perk and Davis. Perk has played 23 minutes per game, and Davis has played 20 per game. If you expand out those three players rebounds to 40 minutes (I don’t really understand why the NBA uses 40 as standard-minutes for rebounds and 48 for everything else), then Gasol is averaging 12.0 per 40 minutes, Perk is averaging 11.9, and Davis is averaging 11.7. That seems pretty much like a draw, as Perk and Davis’ minutes usually do not overlap, and their combined minutes is about the same as Gasol’s total minutes.

  • DRJ1

    @Ray– don’t be so shocked. It was all arranged in order to have a game 7. Now it’s not so shocking.

    @joe– relax about Perk. It did NOT look very severe, and I would be surprised if anything got torn. At worst, it’s a strain/sprain, imo, from the video. He should be able to play Thur. And until then, BOTH teams are going to LIE and LIE SOME MORE about everybody’s health. That’s part of the game they play. (The Lakers announced before game 6 that Odom had the flu. Uh huh.)

    Cs should take game 7. I doubt there will be ANY fix in then. And the Cs are the much better team. Though, of course… anything can happen in one game.

  • Sauce

    The Lakers played well tonight and we played less than well, I thought that it was our D that killed it for us, I mean like you said maybe they were playing better offence and being more unpredictable but I think if we where in this game they wouldn’t of played so well.

    just out of rythem missing those shots and Gasol comes up big, when Perkins is off, thats a slight suprise.

    Things need to change Game 7, we gotta Beat La at home

  • Baldrick

    Celts ‘thug’ mentality taking a back seat to some effort and hustle….Lakers take this out.

  • Bob Bathgate

    @Jay P and lakershater13 Calling us “Fakers” and “fair weather fans” in Los Angeles? Um, yeah. When we chant “MVP” for one of your players in our building you can talk ish. Until then, shuddup. And to someone who called the Lakers whiners, here’s a nice little study done a few days ago: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704324304575306850827634656.html

  • Sophomore

    Perk = Willis Reed?

  • The Man from Knobstock, WA

    67? LMFAO!

  • urbeltic

    Rondo & Ray need to work on their defensive switch during transition so that Ray covers Kobe. SO MANY TIMES Rondo would not sprint back to find Fisher and thus enable a Ray-Fish & Rondo-Kobe defensive matchup. I almost felt like Rondo was comfortable, perhaps eager to, cover Kobe.

  • joe

    @DRJ1 I hope you’re right about Perk.
    Anyway, if Perk’s a go, then I like BOS’s chances.

  • trindog

    Cs definetly idnt come to play. but although i think Doc has pushed the correct buttons all playoffs long and has (in my opinion 1 upped Phil in this series), Doc has got to protect his players. In the last 2 games the lakers hold a 45/23 edge at the free throw line. Thats almost 2/1. I thought Doc should hae picked up a tech early for 2 reasons. 1) to let the officials know that we are getting bumped and shoved too. 2) to light a sprk under the team. Doc needs to be the cooler head true but all the great coaches know when to be cool and when to light a spark in the officials and in their players

  • Jay P


    I call you fair weather because idiots like Lakershater and Truth only come here after wins to talk trash.

    Where are you when the Lakers lost, where were you thursday and Sunday?

    If you’re going to come to a Celtics blog and want to talk basketball fine, but do it after every game, and do it respectfully. These idiots are just showing how stupid they are and why they gave the morons from LA a bad name.

    So yes, I call you fakers, and I call you fair weather fans.

  • Jay P

    Meant Lakersfan, not lakershater.

    Anyway, checking out from the blog for awhile, seeing as how this thread blew up, I can’t tolerate coming on here and dealing with the imbeciles from LA.

    Zach, Brian, Brendan. I would strongly consideration moderation of comments going forward.

    See you guys over the summer to talk draft and off-season moves.

  • Laker Lover

    My favorite moment from last night was Kobe getting to the basket in the second half and going right into KG’s body and knocking him to the ground. Pretty much all you saw were KG’s sneakers when the ball went in the basket. Looking forward to game 7 where anything can happen!

  • JMM

    Laker Lover,

    When the Lakers’ shooting guard was put on his ass like that the refs gifted him with a charge against the Cs.

    Looking forward to game 7 where anything can happen.

  • @Bob–All your precious little study does is count how many times each player on each team complains about a call. It doesn’t take a look at whether there was legit reason to complain on each instance.

    A great study would be to watch video of these calls and have neutral experts determine whether there was good reason for the player to complain about getting called for the foul. The percentage of fouls complained about that were actually legit calls should be a much more accurate indicator.

  • Keith

    Its over Boston
    No heart no drive no effort
    There is no chance Boston wins Thursday
    Rondo is a huge liability because they do not cover him because he is a awful shooter and L A knows that

  • Keith

    The Lakers are more talented and want it more than Boston and the Lakers give an honest effort all the time where Boston plays hard in spurts Afterthursday game it is going to be a long time before Boston is a playoff team Danny Ainge is a joke by signing Rondo and Boston has no future Like all the players on Boston nobody on that team plays good back to back and the team is in serious trouble for years to come


  • @ Anybody
    Has anyone ever seen a game like this where we held the opponent under 90 points and still got waxed?? This was the most confusing game ever. How do we lose by 20 and only give up 89 points? Somebody please console me.

  • Keith, setting records for longest comments without any punctuation.

  • JMM


    The Lakers are the less consistent team in this series. They haven’t won back to back games yet. Thursday is by no means a done deal.

  • Vince

    Done deal, POS Boston Fans! Game over wankers, no way you win on our floor! Serving up some humble pie. Last night was your last opportunity, give us our banner and parade. No Perkins just evens up the series a little more. With a healthy Bynum, this series wouldn’t have been close! Go back to your baseball, punks, can’t wait for the Angels to knock the sh!t out of you in the playoffs again this year. Boston Sucks!

  • I live on the West Coast and can directly confirm what has been said here about the fair weather fans. Believe me–It’s not just with the Nba, it covers pretty much all sports. People out here believe in having their asses covered no matter what happens—Example— I work with someone who is both an Angels and Dodger fan at the same time. There is no true loyalty out here. Hell if the Mighty Ducks have a shit year maybe the Kings can come through. When I try to explain to them that that is bullshit and not done that way on the East Coast they really don’t get it. I explain that a Yankee fan could never be a Met fan at the same time no matter what. It just doesn’t happen. After the Lakers run in the 80’s when the Lakers needed to rebuild there was nary a Laker fan to be found. A bit different from C’s fans or Chicago Cub fans etc. ——– after games 3 and 4 of this series I didn’t hear squat from Laker fans. Not A WORD!!!!! —-What is happening on this board with Laker fans only chiming in after a win is the rule rather then the exception. I am here to confirm this and know what I am talking about. Sports fans out here are without question ”FAIR WEATHER FANS”” !!!!!!!

  • Correction—-I didn’t hear anything after games 4 and 5.——–After game 3 I heard plenty!!!

  • Rich

    It’s funny when California fans act like they aren’t fair weather. Yet, they switch California teams on a daily basis. Hey, the dodgers suck so lets root for the angels. WHAT??

    We get it. You guys have awesome weather which means more things to do outside of sporting events. It’s ok. We aren’t jealous. But stop lying to yourself and everyone else that you are a “die-hard” fan. Lol. No, you aren’t. Just like Miami. Oh man go down there and everyone is a Hurricanes fan and everyone loves D-Wade. But goodness, it sure does seem like I see a lot of empty seats in those stadiums/arenas. Odd for a die-hard fan base, eh?

  • Rich—I’ve been a C’s fan forever and nothing changes out here on the West Coast. Absolutely no Diehard fans out here, I’m glad I was able to confirm how fans are out here and will gladly debate any Laker fan on this.

  • Roger n LA

    personally, i’ve prayed since the beginning of the season that both teams met in the finals, healthy. i’ve made a lot of money on boston against the cavs and orlando. first round was obvious, just didn’t bet. well, here we are with ‘drew STILL injured and perkie with the standing 8 count. so much for good health. not good for either team, but just think how much worse it’ll be for you guys. not ’cause of perk’, but because of us having an irrelevant player in odom that refuses to show up come game time(although you’ll see his cow of a wife)and a young center that rivals greg oden in fragility. do you really want to lose to a team like that? boston WILL lose. three years straight in the finals means over 300 games for us. thats conditioning and wisdom that you will not find in nate, big baby, ‘sheed or any other player you guys have thats not labeled ‘core’, and the ‘core’ will not win this alone.
    well, its been fun. my trust in the celts made me a semi-thousandaire. lol. i wish i could root for you guys to return to the battle next season, but i think bronbron will have a real coach by then.
    if you dare say i’m a fair weather fan, i can say i grew up with Magic in The Forum. IN the Forum. plus, this is LA people, the weather is always fair. you can ski and surf in the same day and we don’t need winter wardrobes. lol

  • @Keith — Holy crap, man. Do you breathe in between sentences?

    @Roger — You don’t need winter wardrobes, but it sure seems like you wish you did. Ridiculous how people over there wear winter boots on hot days.

    And to everyone who starts an argument with “if Bynum were healthy…” you need to stop. Injuries are part of the game. Boston fans wonder what might’ve happened last year had KG been healthy, but no one’s assuming that Boston would have won. Just as not having to go through KG and the C’s last year doesn’t invalidate your 2009 championship, not going up against a healthy Bynum doesn’t invalidate the Celtics’ 2008 championship and what they have done in this series so far.

  • @ Roger—Glad you checked in–I have a question for you since you grew up with Magic in the Forum.General basketball question. Who is the only player to ever lead the league in both scoring and assists in the same season and who did he play for?

  • I can pretty much guarantee I won’t get an answer to that question. C’mon Roger—-surprise me.Also, don’t go running for your basketball almanac to look it up.

  • Ray Leighton

    Roger, we will give you a hint — he wound up in a Celtics’ uniform and got a ring, but he was playing elsewhere when he was the league leader in scoring and assists.

  • @ Ray —— That hint still won’t help, besides good ol Roger stepped out to attend his local so-cal tofu-tasting party!!!!

  • Roger n LA

    you guys, you guys… lmfao. sorry for the late response. had to go to the beach for a little surf action. please don’t bring up bad memories about nasty nate. and c’mon stephen, tofu is soooo 80’s. we do sushi now. preferably, blue whale at the Hump. i know, i know, but its LA. miss j. its only hot to the people that are used to the snow. ah, good times. i’ll miss you guys next year. i only speak to spurs and celts forums. our only true enemies. spurs are long gone and i fear that you guys are gone too. don’t worry, i had nothing to say about last year with orlando and i’ll be just as quiet next year, unless boston shows up.

  • @Roger—–As I suspected you still can not answer my question —– C’mon man—show us your game. Don’t go and look it up—–just answer it. By the way—–Sushi sucks. Just like any other Laker fan, your all talk but you don’t know shit!!!!

  • Roger n LA

    dude… nasty nate is nate archibald. are you kidding me???? if you’d like to get technical, the big ‘o’ oscar robinson did it before nate but stat keeping is what it is. don’t take that condescending tone with me. sounds like you’ve got permanent brain freeze. you talk badly about sushi yet missed the blue whale eating… classsssiiic. you can’t stir me up. this is our 3rd trip, again. i see the road you’re headed down and i fully understand the crappy attitude. soak in it…

  • Shooter

    Told you Rondo KILLS OUR OFFENSE.I saw it,y’all saw it the Lakers see it.Not only is Rondo hurting us with his inability to shoot,he’s ………well like i said, he’s KILLING OUR OFFENSE.Anyone(Kobe) guarding Rondo sags off him so much that the paint becomes a haven for steals,entry pass denials to our post players,and just all out a frozen offense that stalls everytime Rondo just stands at mid range dribbling the ball figuring out if he should shoot,pass….well he can’t because the paint is so crowded with 7ftrs.
    Even if he decides to drive and gets fouled what’s he going to do………………miss free throws that’s what.As a point guard that’s unacceptable that you’re shooting 60% from free throws.
    If Ray Allen wasn’t so cold himself it could offset Rondo’s poor shooting,but we all know that’s not the case.So my point is the Lakers have a distinct advantage to win game 7,unless Ray get’s hot and Rondo attacks more putting pressure on LA’s bigs.

  • Sorry Roger, it took you way too long to answer the question. As I suspected, you had to research it. I would ask you more questions but intellectually I don’t think you would be up to it.

  • @Roger—-I’ve got brain freeze yet you can’t even begin each sentence with a capital letter!!!! See Roger, you make it so easy to be condescending.

  • Roger n LA

    that’s all you’ve got? no capitals??? well, it is kind of hard remembering if they go before or after the period, so i just play it safe… apologies to you for not wasting a 90 degree cloudless day conversing with you. this IS L.A., you know? get in the car or on the motorcycle and hit PCH. miles of coastline time, not stranded in front of a screen. besides, i replied nasty nate. check the post time. 7.45 pm. i suppose you only understood the drawn out version at 10.19 pm. instead of looking for literary mistakes, i suggest you take the time to actually READ the response. careful now, your age is showing…

  • ALdsTaR

    Dude, anytime you say Rondo destroys the C’s offense, you are a f*cked up retard! That’s all im going to say about that, cause everyone knows how important Rondo is for the C’s offense, without him, the C’s wouldn’t be here.
    Ya’ll need to stop hatin on the Lakers fans. I am a die hard Laker fan, and no I didn’t go to a Laker game in the post-Shaq era. Want to know why? Because I live in the Netherlands. Yess, and not because we didn’t make the playoffs, or because we got beaten by the Suns 2 times. I’m sick and tired of these Boston fans talking smack about how die hard fans they are. Great for you, but don’t go accusing all the Laker fans for being bandwagon and sh*t, cause that’s crap. Sure there are some bandwagon fans, but I’m sure every team has those, including the Celtics. And I have to give it back, the Celtics look way more ”bandwagon” then the Lakers, just google the attendance and you’ll see. Just discuss the games, talk smack about the games, but don’t hate on fans.

  • @ Roger—Playing it safe are your key words. That’s the best way to describe most So-Cal sports fans. There are exceptions to every rule, however I have lived on both coasts and can say that the East Coast fan tends to be more knowledgeable and rabid than West Coast fans. Hell, even Magic Johnson said that. “” Celtic fans are the most knowledgeable fans in the NBA””. Remember thats your boy saying that.

  • Roger n LA

    @Stephen- your theory on so-cal sports fans don’t apply to me. i’m from miami, been here in LA since ’79. if the heat would’ve existed when we moved here, they’d be my team. phuk the pac10. its the canes and the dolphins for me so, Nostradamus, i actually am a fanatic when it comes to the LakeShow. my blood and roots are east coast. i just live here.