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I wanted to highlight this story on Doc Rivers by Mike Monroe, the outstanding Spurs beat writer for the San Antonio Express-News beat writer. It’s a nice, quick read, and I personally enjoyed reflections from members of the mid-1990s Spurs teams that have now produced four NBA head coaches—Doc, Vinny Del Negro, Monty Williams and Avery Johnson. Toss in the Admiral, Terry Cummings and even Dennis Rodman (whom Doc says had the highest hoops IQ of anyone on that team), and you apparently had a pretty heady bunch. 

What’d  they do for fun? Here’s Perdue:

“Sitting at Doc’s house, whether we were just hanging out or if I’d mooched a dinner, we would watch other games,” he said. “That’s what he did on off nights, critiquing, breaking down, talking about it.

“He’s just a basketball junkie.”

True story: This is exactly what the 2008 Knicks did on most evenings at Zach Randolph’s house. It’s sort of cool to think about a basketball team hanging out, drinking beers and watching other teams play, right? That’s the kind of team I’d like to play. 

The story gets into what this Finals could mean for Doc’s legacy, a topic I’m not going to address at this point, but you may find it interesting.

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  • vladimirjavi

    some of the best! lol _ it is what it is!_ lol

  • okaymattd

    hoping that rodman comes back to coach similar to hopper in hoosiers