Post-game Reactions

Somewhat lost in the euphoria/relief over last night’s win is that Rasheed Wallace has now accumulated six technical fouls in the post-season, meaning he joins Kendrick Perkins just one tech away from a one-game suspension.

The Celtics cannot afford to lose either of these guys at this stage. It’s the freaking NBA Finals, and it’s 2-2! Come on, guys. Perk has been great about avoiding his usual arm-in-arm entanglements and his typical exaggerated and angry withdrawals from said entanglements, but Sheed’s hysterical reaction to every foul called against leaves him at risk of a technical three or four times a game.

Doc Rivers believes Sheed’s last tech should be rescinded (via the Herald):

“I hope they rescind (Wallace’s) because I thought he did a dance, but he ran away,” Rivers said. “I didn’t think he said anything. The dance was funny, but I don’t know. I just wish they hadn’t given it to him. It’s a concern, and the Lakers know that.”

Sorry, but I don’t see it happening.

For better or worse, the league is probably  more likely to rescind a borderline T if said T would lead to a suspension. And I’m not sure this one is borderline. Just because you run away from the officials instead of confronting them, it doesn’t give you license to take a lap around the court, nearly tripping over photographers, screaming and waving your arms like a crazy person. It creates a spectacle, one that is embarrassing for the league, Sheed and the officials.

My guess is that this one sticks.

Which means it will be up to Sheed to keep his cool for next two or three games.

Oh boy.

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  • KC

    Sheed has to be careful. I was hoping that Kobe would get one for his peaceful “sit-in” protest after the controversial charge/block call in the final 3 minutes. He sat down staring at the refs for an awfully long time. It was an interesting way to show the refs up without being terribly demonstrative.

  • slam

    Yeah, it’ll stick. I never even gave thought to it possibly being rescinded. Of course, the bogus foul call that led to Rasheed’s antics – I wish that could be rescinded because that’s even more embarrassing for the league than Sheed “waving his arms like a crazy person” 🙂

  • slam

    @KC, Well, we know how Kobe gets treated, as demonstrated when they elected not to call him for his 6th foul in game 2, even though it wasn’t even questionable as to whether it was a foul or not.

  • jonathan

    slam – learn the rules of the game, the defender can jump straight up in the air and it’s not a foul even if there is contact. and the foul that Rasheed got his T on was completely legit, you’re about the only person arguing otherwise.

    Doc’s grasping at straws here and it’s kind of sad to see cause the refusal to take responsibility for his player’s actions transmits down to his team and that why you see so very much whining on every single call. General rule: if ABC has to use a full mute on all sound to block out the language being used, it’s most likely a legit tech.

  • slam

    @jonathan – not sure what you’re talking about with the foul – are you even talking about Kobe’s or Rasheed’s? Rasheed’s one was where he “pulled the chair” from under Gasol and he fell backwards. There was no jumping in the air. Kobe’s (uncalled foul) was on the floor, and not even involving anyone shooting as far as I recall, but I could be wrong.

    However, I am agreeing that Sheed deserved his technical, so not sure what you’re so heated about.

    I’m very impartial when watching the game despite being a Celtics fan. Like that was clearly a charge on Pierce when he ran over Kobe near the end of the game for instance.

  • Jay P


    Wtf are you talking about man. The foul he got the T on was when he came around the left and swatted the ball. It was all ball, not a foul by any stretch. But it’s Kobe, so if they don’t see it, they just assume you hit his hand and call the foul anyway.

  • Jay P

    But anyway, Sheed got the T cause it’s Sheed. He has to realize Refs are just dieing for a chance to T him up, and he’s earned that rep, so he has to keep his emotions under control and not have those kind of reactions, no matter how bad the call is.

  • trindog

    Not even Perk or Sheed cries to the refs more than Kobe everytime Kobe takes a shot with a defender on him he believes he is fouled and turns around and either says something to them or stares them down. PJ is that master of getting calls during press conference. All I ask for is a little consistency Gasol threw a blatant elbow at Rondo as Pierce made the free throw and nothing was called. Odom damn near throws little Nate in the front row and Nate gets up albeit in Odoms face and Nate gets the T. Once again just call it even if its a T on one end it has to be a T on the other

  • cam

    They just need to get through two games with no ts. If they get one in the 7th game it doesn’t matter. I think they should be a able to handle that. Perks been under control and I feel like Wallace knows exactly what he is doing.if he had already had 6 ts entering last nights game he wouldn’t have put on that show. He is just picking his spots. If this does go 7 I am positive that they will both get TD up in that game and it will be an extremely physical game since those guys wouldn’t be held back at all

  • Rich

    Sheed did foul Kobe. When you go straight up in the pant, you actually have to be straight up and square. You can’t turn your body side-ways and still body check a guy. Sheed was almost completely sideways when he and Kobe collided.

    Think about like this. Could Sheed go straight up in the pain (while jumping) but be totally backwards and a guy collides with his back and it be ok? Also, how can you be straight up when you swat down with your arm? The two don’t go together.

    Anyway, another T.J. Simers article. You can see what he is doing here. Clearly hedging his bets so that if/when the Lakers lose the series, he can blame it on Andrew Bynum being hurt.


    However, let’s examine the crux of his arguement, that the Lakers should keep Bynum. He attacks Plashke (don’t they work together???) for saying that Bynum needs to go because he is hurt to much. Simers disagrees. However, look at his reasoning. Bynum GETS HURT AGAIN, and because of his lack of being in the game, Davis is able to go off. This proves the Lakers should keep Bynum in Simers mind. WHAAA???? So, Bynum gets hurt, the team struggles, and because the team struggles that proves that the Lakers should hang on to Bynum?? ooooook. Figure that one out, and you win the universe.

  • I don’t have faith in Wallace to get through a cross-country flight without picking up a T somehow.

    And if you’re reading those LAT guys looking for insight, you’re wasting your time. Go read Forum Blue & Gold or Silver Screen and Roll or Mark Heisler (LAT) or Kevin Ding (OC Register)

  • cam

    Sheed already went 2 games in a row this series without picking up a tech. Under the circumstances I just can’t see him picking up a t for complaining bickering whatever. It would have to be something really tipping him over Ie a shoving match, elbow etc. In other words he would deliberately be doing it knowing the consequences and I think it would have to be something pretty major for him to follow through

  • Jay P


    Nate deserved the T. And he got thrown down because well… he’s giving up about 100 lbs to Odom. It’s like a Power Wheels car crashing into a Mack truck…Ok well it’s Odom, so a Ford truck maybe.

  • lakershater13

    Im sorry doc but sheed did freak out a bit. i didnt like the call. its playoff basketball and he had a lot of ball. its kobe and if the wind blows correctly he will be at the line. that same call will be called a foul about 7 out of 10 times anyways though. you cannot swipe at the ball like that. no matter how clean you get it its usually a foul. no need to react the way sheed did. it is sheed and i do love to watch him out there. no matter how good or bad he is you know it will at least be entertaining. the tech will stand. he just needs to avoid getting another tech over the next two games. celtics in 6.

  • DRJ1

    It’s a stupid x 3 rule. Triple stupid because…
    (1) Double-techs count, even though they were handed out like slaps-on-wrist when refs didn’t know what else to do, or just wanted to warn guys.
    (2) Only the best teams are affected.
    (3) The whole concept of a ref having the power to affect a game on ANY WHIM is idiotic. There should be clear and tight rules delineating exactly when a tech may be called.

  • DRJ1

    Btw, the concept that the Lakers lose because of Bynum is GOOD for us. It provides the Lakers with the face-saving excuse they need when it comes time to give up. (Besides the obvious benefit of not having his huge body in there.)

  • The high technical count is actually HELPING the Celtics. They’re being protected and getting away with a lot of crap that, under normal conditions, would get Tee’d up for. The refs don’t want to be the bad guy that got so-and-so suspended.
    It’s sad that the league is allowing the C’s to resort to placing forearms to the Lakers necks as a means to dislodge them in the paint. Or allowing them to drop their shoulders and get bull-dozed.
    The Celtics have been playing catch-up all series. But, since they can’t compete in a basketball game, have to resort ghetto-tactics.
    Oh well…..whatever it takes I guess.
    Lakers in 6

  • No Excuses here.
    If Bynum plays we play. If he doesn’t, we adjust accordingly. If anything, the Lakers usually turn it up a notch knowing that they have to make up for his (or anyone’s) absence.
    The extra days rest will benefit the Lakers.
    The game 5-6 turnaround will hurt us (as it did the C’s in game 3).
    If I were Phil, I’d send Bynum home now, rest him for game 5, and then let him go-off in game 6 (7 if necessary).

  • DRJ1

    @ForumBlue– the examples you gave in support of your assertion that techs help the Celtics are irrelevant to your point. Those are fouling violations you mentioned, not technical-worthy.

  • NHBluesMan

    i find it funny that at the beginning of the series, alot of Laker fans were saying ‘well we have Bynum now, so we’re gonna *insert whatever insult you desire here* Boston!’

    Bynum had a career high in game 2 and the Celtics still won, and NOW that Bynum may have made his injury worse (we’ll see on Sunday) the excuse of ‘well, Bynum isn’t fully healthy’ is coming back out.

    on ’08, the Lakers didn’t have good perimeter guards besides Kobe, so thats why Ray Ray, Posey, and Pierce were able to go off on them shooting 3’s. And now that theres a possibility that Bynum will have even more limited minutes, the C’s can attack in the paint with our 4 bigs vs. the Lakers 2. Both times, Celtics bench has proven to be an X factor.

    Still gotta get 2 more wins though, i think Perk can keep his cool, but i wouldn’t be suprised if we lose Sheed for a game… lets hope it doesn’t matter

    and @Forum Blue, with how tight (and poorly both ways) the first 3 games were called, why the heck would the refs decide ‘oh, well the C’s have acouple players close to game suspensions for T’s, so we’re gonna call these games much looser than the first 3’? Your argument about the T’s makes no sense

  • I love Green

    Doc should bribe Sheed and Perk. Like “I’ll give both of you guys $5,000 in cash if you don’t pick up a tech the rest of the series.”

    If Sheed gets suspended, that means Shelden will have to play more, which is no good for us.

  • Nick C.

    On the play that Rasheed Wallace argued, he jumped straight up. Pau Gasol initiated contact. Wallace brings his arm down AND HITS THE BALL.

    They should rescind the technical foul because he had a legitimate point in arguing, not because his behavior wasn’t too severe.

  • NV

    You have hopes and you have the reality.

    Hope: The NBA will recind the T.

    Reality: The NBA will not even review the T.

  • Rich

    The technical has nothing to do with the foul in question. Just because the call was missed doesn’t mean Rasheed can throw a fit like a crazy person all over the court. The call being correct or not has no bearing on his actions being T worthy. Players rarely complain unless they believe they didn’t foul someone…so basically every T for complaining should be recinded?

  • Mo

    Sheed was lucky he didn’t earn a second T that game. My TV went silent for half a minute with his stream of obscenities after he got his first T.

  • jonathan

    @slam – the part about Kobe referred to the supposed foul in game two on the 2 on 1 break with Ray Allen. Sorry I didn’t make that clear. And I think you’re wrong about the foul where Rasheed got his T. The one foul that he was wrongly called for when Gasol seemed to slip or trip didn’t lead to the T, he was given a good amount of leeway on that. The one foul he finally did get T’d up for was later in the game and was clearly a foul.

    If I came off as heated, it’s only because I’m so tired of people saying things like, oh the refs will never foul out Kobe, this game is rigged, blah blah blah. Kobe didn’t foul out that game because he made sure not to commit a foul when he had five. If he had fouled someone he would have gone. Sorry if I singled you out; it’s a general frustration.