Post-game Reactions

Via the LA Times:

Bynum, the Lakers’ center, had fluid drained from his knee Thursday night, the second time in as many weeks he has had the procedure done. He also had an MRI exam Friday in Boston that showed no further damage than the torn cartilage he sustained six weeks ago.

As of now, Bynum will try to play Sunday. Here’s Phil Jackson:

I haven’t got any expectations,” said Jackson, though it sounded like Bynum would again try to play.

“Even with him dragging the leg around a little bit … Andrew still has the length and the strength to capture rebounds that we need,” Jackson said. “So we’ll use him if he’s available and able, but we’re certainly not going to put him in a situation that’s either going to hurt himself or the team.”

One thing Jackson mentions later: transition defense. We’ve seen Boston’s big guys run out on the break early in each of the last two games, and you should expect to see them do so again if Bynum starts Game 5. If he can’t keep up, Jackson may just pull the plug.

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  • Zain

    Zach, obviously the lakers are a weaker team without Bynum. But in your opinion does it ‘take away’ from the championship if we win it with a lakers team not at 100%? Or does everything we’ve overcome to get here and ‘finish the race’ negate that?

  • @Zain: I actually think entire discussion is pretty lame. All teams can do is play the season and opponents with which they are presented. Every team faces obstacles along the way. Whichever team ends up holding the trophy deserves it completely, every year.

  • Sophomore

    I have no doubt Bynum is injured, but I’m skeptical of pretty much any injury report a team puts out shortly before a big game. As I recall, we were told it wasn’t a sure thing Bynum would play in games 1 and 2. He was awfully effective in those games and could be again in game 5.

    I also hope the Lakers’ medical staff is right, and that he’s not doing lasting damage by playing through pain this way. Just ask OJ McDuffie what can happen when the trainers are wrong.

  • dslack

    @Zach Amen to that. What was the last pair of fully healthy Finals teams? And even if both teams in the Finals were fully healthy, were there any other first-class teams in the league that suffered injuries that they could feel cost them the championship? This sort of protestation could occur practically every year. (For specificity in this year’s context, it’s not like the Celtics are fully healthy either, nor the Cavs, and Denver obviously was handicapped in missing their coach, and Utah was missing two important big men…)

  • Shooter

    Don’t wish injuries on anyone but without Bynum the Lakers are vulnerable.I think he’s done, i mean the 2nd time in as many weeks is a sure sign he is.
    As for Boston beating the Lakers without him it’s a lame discussion as Zach said.Every team faces obstacles just like we did last season with KG out.It’s not about ifs and what ifs,could haves or if Yao were healthy Houston “could have” been a real threat to beat the Lakers this season.
    When all is said and done, generations will remember championships not injuries.

  • Zain

    Fair enough, I tend to agree with your statement. A win at the biggest stage is a win.

    Off note, I’m getting annoyed with all this talk of Sunday ‘might’ be ray’s last game as a Celtic. I’d be stunned if he’s not back.

  • zeus

    how good is DJ Mbenga and Josh Powell? can they give the defence, rebounds and blocks to the same level as Bynum ; without the scoring?

  • boston rolled through cleveland and orlando, and have to beat LA to win the title. there’s asbsolutely NO asterisks next to that path to the finals. seriously thats the 3 best teams in the NBA. the celtics had the hardest possible path to the trophy, and if they hoist it they absolutely 100% deserved it.

  • lakershater13

    Luke i agree with what you have said. boston plays the heat, cavs, and magic. Incredible run so far. la has played the thunder (great up and coming team but wont actually contend for a few more years. could be scary when they do.), jazz ( missing 1 player and having another play at half strength it is easy to say the nets would have put up more of a challenge that round. nets actually have a better team than the record showed this year.) and the suns. ( fun team to watch but you never really expect them to win anything. no consistant defense). Boston has been great getting here. la beat teams that they clearly should have beat easily.

  • RBD

    If Bynum is out, or can’t provide much, this series is ending in six. He’ll have to give LA something for them to win this.

  • dslack

    Hope you’re right, RBD, but LA is a great team even without him. Ray is capable of an oh-fer any time, Rondo is hit-or-miss, … any game could go either way with or without Bynum.

  • RBD


    It could go either way. But it won’t.

    Boston is gonna start hitting shots one of these games.

  • urbeltic

    We lost two games to LA in 2008 sans Bynum.

  • Korey

    This series is starting to become an alarmingly simple analysis.

    If Bynum averages over 25 mins a game the next 2/3 games, the Lakers will win. With him on the court the Lakers have controlled this series except for a few temporary spurts by Boston. Over 4 games, even the hardest Cs fans would admit that the Lakers have been in control despite the 2-2 lead. So unless some new trend happens, and Boston can get more than 1 of the Pierce, Truth, KG trio to play well in a given game, I dont see Boston winning esp. given Bynum’s renewed emergence.

    If he cant, the Lakers will probably lose.
    Depending on Lamar Odom is like depending on Nate Robinson. Not really comparable talents, but comparable in inconsitency.If Odom would get his head out his arse and play against KG like a man, the Lakers would be fine.All the goading, pushing, prodding, is irrelevant. Block it out and play through.

    Gasol has got over the mental Celtics hurdle and IMO the Celtics dont know what to do with him. Too skilled, too diverse. The only thing they can try is bullying , but now that Gasol has got his flop game up, the bullying results in more fouls and FTs. We’ll take it.

    There’s not many Laker fans that would put $ on Odom getting his life together in a game esp. on the road. I’m not going to sit here and tell you what Odom is going to do because nobody ever knows probably not even Phil Jackson.

    A riddle wrapped in a enigma wrapped in a question.

    Buuuuuut, thats why we have Bynum! If he plays there is no “Baby” explosion, and this series is 3-1 Lakeshow. Finally, he’s not playing and now we have the central subplot in the series: BYNUM.

    Off 2 days rest, though you’ll get BYNUM’s best game Sunday. Celtics better be ready.

  • Korey

    whoops…2-2 isnt really a “lead”…. my bad…

  • Korey

    Through 4 games, Boston hasnt hit shots save for Ray Allen’s historic game. Heck if we go back through 6 games I dont think one team has played ‘super well’ offensively between these teams.

    Why do you think Boston will all of a sudden start hitting shots? Maybe the Lakers D has something to do with it????

    Here’s why Boston wont be “hitting shots”:
    – lakers will focus on defensive rebounding game 5. It’s 1 and done most possessions.
    – Rondo shooting jumpers. That’s not a scary proposition for the Lakers but scary for the Celtics. But the effect of that has allowed Kobe and other defenders to sag and play help D on other Celtics defenders…
    – Transition . The Lakers have mainly been hurt by Boston in transition. But if you rely on transition to get you going that’s not something that is going to happen every game.That’s simply thwarted by the Lakers taking a better shot selection and matching up on D.

    The only thing the Lakers really cant guard is Ray Allens quick release, but we can make it tough enough so that he doesnt just get a bunch of wide open looks.

    What’s my point? I dont think one team will all of a sudden start “making shots”.

    This series has been more about second shots and rebounding. With Bynum playing, we win that Bynum > Perkins, Odom > Baby, Gasol > KG (in terms of rebounding battles) and the Lakers control.

    But if that’s rearranged, Perkins > Gasol, KG > Odom, Baby > Nobody on Boston’s Bench.

  • NHBluesMan

    i don’t think it should take anything away from the Celtics IF they win (not gonna start counting my chickens just yet). If anything, it would show that the Lakers aren’t good enough to make adjustments, or have some of their fans realize that they’re a top heavy team with not much bench talent.

    The play-offs are all about adjustments, and losing a player, however key, is an adjustment that a coach needs to know how to work with.

    Knee injuries are the worst and i with Bynum a full recovery… after the play-offs are done and he’s had to sit out the last few games, haha..


  • NHBluesMan

    and @ Korey, if Bynum had been in during game 4, we can’t say Big Baby wouldn’t have had his run. Sure he probably wouldn’t have gotten as many points, but he was feeling it on the rebounds as well, and despite being small is great at boxing out. He would’ve had to earn those points from the free-throw line. Regardless, its going to be interesting to see how these next few games play out.

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if during game 6 in LA, Bynum did something to injure his knee even further then had to go off the court in a wheelchair? Maybe THAT would make all the Pierce haters quiet down

  • Korey


    I give Baby ALL THE CREDIT in the world.

    My pops went to school at LSU, so I’m a low-key biggg baaaabbby fan.

    But let’s be serious. With Bynum in the game, Baby has to CHECK OUT THE GAME because of the height advantage Bynum has.

    He can still be effective in spots, but eventually the free layups on put backs is a huge differnce. There’s no way he can be that productive with Bynum on the court for a lenght of time. To me, that’s just fact.

    He can punk Odom a bit with effort but I thin he has no chance with Bynum.
    And wishing someone to get hurt is a no-no Mr. Blues. As Mark Jackson would say, you’re better than that!

  • Sophomore

    @Korey – no question LA is a better team with Bynum on the floor. But to say LA surely wins if he plays is nonsense.

    Consider that Bynum had, arguably, the best game in his career in game 2 and the Lakers lost. Consider that by game 3, KG had snapped out of whatever funk had control of him the first two games and showed he could bring his game even with Bynum on the floor. If not for a world-historically bad shooting performance by Ray Allen, the Celtics probably win that game. And before you give the Lakers D all the credit for Ray’s game-3 shooting woes, check out the Arnovitz breakdown on ESPN. Did the Lakers bother him? Yes. Did Ray miss several open shots? Yes. If Ray even goes 4-13, the Celtics win game 3.

    My point is NOT that the Cs would definitely beat the Lakers with Bynum, or that the Lakers aren’t better with him in. It’s that even if Bynum is in, the Cs have shown they can win. To say they’d be dominated with him in goes against what we’ve seen in the series.

  • RBD

    Boston MIGHT beat L.A. with Bynum playing.

    Boston WILL beat L.A. without Bynum playing (or playing like he did in game four).

  • RBD

    For the record, I love this Bynum kid. Playing with a ton of heart, on one leg, with pain and swelling. And he’s had injuries to his knees before.

    Nobody should ever question this dude’s toughness again.

  • JMM

    Korey embarrasses Laker fans once again.

    Game 2, Bynum plays great, 29 minutes, Boston wins.

    Game 3, Bynum plays solid, Boston gives game to LA with horrible shooting on open looks.

    The Lakers haven’t been in control over 4 games, the Celtics decided the outcome in 3 of those games.

    The Lakers’ D has nothing to do with Pierce and Allen missing open shots. Lakers’ defensive rebounding, Rondo shooting jumpers, and transition play have nothing to do with Pierce and Allen hitting open shots.

    Here’s the thing – Bynum’s injury hurts LA because LA has no bench. Boston’s bench is superior. Boston can beat LA just fine with Bynum in if Boston’s shooters make a decent share of their open shots.

    Boston determined the outcome of three of the first four games. If Boston’s shooters step up and their bench stays solid, they’ll win the series, whether or not Bynum plays.

  • Korey


    You embarass yourself with your screen name (what is a JMM and hiding behind the invisible cloak of the internet is pathetic).

    Your silly analysis is more applicable to a preschool spelling bee than the NBA Finals.

    Fact: When Bynum plays the Lakers control the game. Game 2, the Cs won with a late Rondo run, but the Lakers had control none the less midway through the quarter.But Bynum’s dominate play set the tone.

    Game 3, The Lakers blew the Celts out , and the Celts had a nice gamelong run to get back in and fell short.

    Game 4, The Lakers *still* controlled the game until barely in the 4th quarter.

    The common them in the Lakers CONTROLLING this series is that Bynum prevents the 2nd chances and makes Gasol/Odom better rebounders. Thats undeniable.

    Dont be silly and say Boston lost cuz they didnt make open shots. You sound like a fool. They lost 2 games because they didnt make open shots and the Lakers D and rebounding had noooothing to do with it.

    Both teams play great D. Neither team is going to shoot well. Its about defense and rebounding.

    When Bynum plays we have the rebounding advantage and thus we are the better team.

    Point . Blank. Period.

    (and I’m going to need to see your high school diploma before you are allowed to talk anymore. Thanks.)

  • JMM

    Ahh, poor Korey, reduced to name-calling.

    Each of my points stand unrebutted.

  • lakershater13

    Korey… Please explain why celtice had the rebounding advantage in game 2 when bynum played so well. you just said:

    “When Bynum plays we have the rebounding advantage and thus we are the better team.

    Point . Blank. Period.”

    Celtics are the better team. If the lakers lose you want an excuse to why they lose. If bynum plays 40 mins a game the rest of the series and has great nights and lakers still lose what will you say then? Bynum had a great game in game 2. Lakers had 3 guys with 20+ and you still lose. Im so tired of the whole bynum excuse for not winning.

  • ducksawce

    Uhm Korey…who won the rebounding battle in game 2? Tell me again.

    When Bynum had his best statistical game by far, the Celtics not only won, but they also won the battle of the boards. Your theory is bunk. Having Bynum on the floor does nothing to guarantee that the Lakers will outrebound the Celtics. In addition, Bynum’s all-star performance did nothing to stop Rondo from penetrating and scoring at will. Bynum’s presence on the floor in game 2 was a not a cure-all for the Lakers.

    Bynum’s presence does make it MORE likely that the Lakers outrebound the Celtics, but it is far from a guarantee.

    Also, how many open shots did you see the Lakers miss in game 4? How many did you see the Celtics miss…especially those that are their “signature” shots…KG’s 18 footer (4 misses)…Ray’s 3’s and 15 ft jumpers (too many to count)…Rondo’s LAYUPS. I’ve got no doubt the Laker defense had much to do with the Celtics not getting AS MANY of these “pet” shots as they are normally accustomed to, but you can’t tell me with a straight face that it caused them to miss shots that they were making earlier in the season with no trouble…in particular during game 2!! These were all literally open shots…like 60%+ shots for these guys when their open.

    I’m not even going to argue over “missing open shots” or whether “the Laker defense caused them to miss open shots”. The proof will be seen in game 5. I’m of the opinion that while the Lakers missed a lot of hotly-contested, ill-advised shots, the Celtics missed primarily uncontested, normally-made shots. If I’m wrong, it’ll have to be admitted that the Laker defense is causing them to shoot out of rhythm.

    I don’t think I’m going to be wrong though, and we’ll probably see the Celtic Big 4 shoot more normally. Will this be enough to counter Kobe and Gasol. Yes, because I think those two will be fatigued from having tried to go all out in game 4. Who knows? Pure conjecture there…we’ll see.

    All I’ll say is that it is still “pressure on” for the Celtics. They CANNOT lose tomorrow and hope to attempt winning twice in LA. That’s exactly why I think the Big 4 will come alive in game 5.

  • stephen

    To hear Laker fans talk you would think we were talking about losing Kareem Abdul Jabbar here.The only reason game 4 was even close was because the Celtics missed 8-10- gimmies at the rim in the 1st half. This happened when Bynum was on the court much of the time. How did the C;s get to the rim so easily with Bynum in the game? Bynum is a pretty good shot blocker but he is not all that good as a low-post defender. He is a better then average center healthy or not which isn’t saying much in today’s NBA. If the C’s go on to win this thing then Laker fans will say a ”HEALTHY” Bynum would have been the difference,so whether he can go the final 3 games or not Laker fans already have their excuses lined up so don’t bother trying to reason with them.Remember, if the C’s take this that will be a 10-2 advantage head to head in the NBA Finals. Oh, and as far as I’m concerned the Lakers of Los Angeles shouldn’t be taking credit for the 5-6 that were won in Minnesota.

  • mitch

    I didn’t see Korey in here when the lakers lost, he was probably douching somewhere in a crummy L.A motel room bathroom

  • stephen

    I am a C’s fan out here on the left coast and I think I did see Korey ducking in to that motel. He was with his boyfriend “”Biff ”