Post-game Reactions

The great Kevin Arnovitz does his video/commentary thing on Ray Allen’s horrific night. Was it Laker defense? Faulty Boston screens? Fatigue? Plain bad luck?

Check out the video to see/hear Kevin break it down and go read the rest of his thoughts at that link up there. And for the record: I disagree with the notion, put forth by a few commenters, that Boston should have gone away from Ray down the stretch, most notably when they were down 84-80 with 54 seconds left. Most of Ray’s shots were good looks, the sort of looks Boston has made its bones on for the past three seasons.

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  • DeVelaine

    Kevin has it right in this piece… “Regression to the mean” is the more likely case. Yes, La played better D on him, but Ray couldn’t buy a bucket with some of his shots. Ray just makes 4 of those 13, and we win Game 3. I suspect he is thinking the same thing – just like with the three missed free throws earlier this post-season – and I fully expect him to be making those open looks in the rest of the series.

    Ray’s a shooter. No open look appears bad to him. He’s going to shoot any open shot with the idea “This is going in” the moment the ball is in his hands. Him going 7-7 from three is just as crazy as him going 0-13 in a game. We’ve seen both, and we won’t see either again this series. Any play designed to get Ray an open look at a three that he can catch-and-shoot is a good play, and anyone who thinks otherwise just really doesn’t understand exactly how good of a shooter this guy really is.

  • joe

    this is completely off topic, but why didn’t KG get more minutes, particularly in the 1st half when LAL was building that double digit lead? I thought that was one of Doc’s few mistakes this postseason.

  • dumper514

    @joe I was thinking the same thing. There was no real reason to take him out either, no foul trouble… first bad decision by Doc

  • choffster

    Other than KG the Celtic starters legs looked a little heavy last night. A lot of shots by Pierce and Ray in that first quarter came up short. I wonder how much that will change with just one day of rest?

  • Dustball

    The only bad misses were on open shots created by illegal screens and that’s just the basketball Gods righting a wrong. Ray had one of those nights. Regression to the mean is the perfect answer.

    I was in vegas a couple weeks ago and was killin it for a solid 25 rolls on the craps table. As soon as I crapped out I took my money and walked away because I knew the table would soon swing the other way. Sure enough, the next 4 or 5 guys looked more like they were playing hot potato than craps the way those dice moved along. It’s life… That’s just how things work.

  • Nick C.

    I have the same concern, Cloffster. I think the Celtics know they have to leave it all on the floor on Thursday and hope the two days’ rest afterwards is enough.

    IF the Celtics are going to win it all, I think they have to do it in 6 games. I just don’t see them having the legs for 3 games (Games 5, 6, & 7) in 5 days.

  • Nick C.

    @Dustball – what a load of crap. Where are the basketball gods when the Lakers set illegal screens that NEVER get called.

    I’m not blaming the refs for Allen and Pierce’s terrible night, but get out of here with that whole “Celtics are the only ones setting moving screens” garbage.

  • I love Green

    I expect Ray and Paul to be big in game 4, while Rondo and KG have decent nights. Then in game 5 the huge 4 finally all play well and we destroy the Lakers.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    I went back to re-watch the game. I had to be sure of what I saw….

    #1 person responsible for this tragedy is Doc. The game was very close several times. How did it get close? IT CERTAINLY WASN’T FROM RAY’S SHOOTING!!!!!!!! Other Cs were stepping up & hitting shots. Should those Cs be rewarded with more shots? ABSOBLOOMINGLUTELY!!!!!!!! If Paul was 3-4 from 3, & Ray was 0-5 from 3 WHO SHOULD BE SHOOTING THOSE FINAL PRECIOUS 3s???
    This is not some aberration. Doc has done this all year. Trying to force one of the Cs who is having a horrific game into having a better shooting game while robbing other Cs having great games of their much deserved shots. It is simply insane. There was 3:19 left in the game & Doc was still running plays for Ray (0-11 at that point)….ignoring KG & Paul

    Rajon is also to blame. Rajon has opted out of Doc’s plays all season long. This was one time he should of totally ignored Doc’s idiotic ‘let’s get the ball to ray plea.’ Several times Paul was wide open in the 2nd half, & Rajon refused to pass it to him holding the ball for Ray to come off a screen. Guess what? RAY DIDN’T HIT ANY OF THOSE SHOTS.
    Prime Example, Check it out, 37 sec. & Sheed sets the perfect pick for Paul coming out of bounds curling to the 3pt line OPEN & QUICK hit. Rajon sees it & ignores it to waste more precious seconds to wait for Ray who is being blanketed by KOBE!!!! Rajon passes to Ray vs LA’s best defender & Kobe runs Ray off the 3pt line = wasting even more time. I thought Rajon was smart & good at evaluating plays, but this game was a step backward.

    To his credit, Ray did drive the ball & make passes to cutters for ez shots. It was successful SOOO let’s go away from it & try Ray at the 3pt line some more, right?????!!!! Ray was horrible at helping Rajon out on picks to spring fish. Check how bad Ray looks when fish gets 2 ez shots to push it from 74 to 78. Back to back ugly while Rajon gets destroyed trying to stay with Fish. Which reminds me…

    ****Is this legal? 4th quarter 9:01 Is Odoms moving handoff into Rajon legal??????

    Seriously, Paul should have slapped Rajon, but Paul made a real bonehead play as well….84-80 still running plays for Ray (0-12), 1 minute left. Paul sets a wicked screen for Ray which completely catches Fish like a fly in a spider’s web….Ray shoots…but Paul RELEASES Fish…very small thing… But Fish, shortest guy on the court MOVES to the basket & gets a CRITICAL rebound while Paul stands there!!!!!!

    Then, Rajon is right there with Fish who is securing the rebound (I mean right in front of him). Fish has to go FULL COURT. Rajon gives zero effort to defend & can be seen trotting up the court POINTING while Fish SPRINTS up the side line. Compare the effort of Fish there with Rajons. SOME PEOPLE POINT & SOME PEOPLE MAKE PLAYS.

  • Coolin

    The game flow of these games is really not good for the casual viewer. The games have no pace due to the atrocious officiating.

    I wish/hope the officials swallow/choke on there whistles from here on out of this series. Let the players decide the outcome.

  • Dawson C.

    Let’s back off Ray for a moment. The guy won Game 2 for us. He helped win a championship for us two years ago. He also played great D on Kobe (10-29). Doc Rivers too — the guy, in my mind, has almost single handedly motivated this team (a fourth seed) to the finals.

    This series is only 2-1. To me, it has mirrored the Cleveland series (remember everyone, the league’s “best” team that we beat). If Boston wins Game 4 (which I guarantee they will), things will be shifted back.

    Further, Boston has been a much better road team this year than a home team. I don’t think they will have a problem winning a Game 6 or Game 7 in LA.

    Let’s take a breath, everyone, and realize our team is mentally tough enough (as it did in Cleveland) to run off three games.

  • dslack

    “Regression to the mean” is absolutely not the answer. That phrase refers to the fact that after an extreme datum the subsequent data point is likelier to be closer to the mean than it is to be farther from the mean. It is used, for instance, to describe why the children of geniuses are usually not geniuses. They are often smart, but usually not quite as smart as their parents. But Ray’s Game 3 performance was not closer to the mean than his Game 2 performance — in fact, it was farther from the mean, just in the opposite direction. His Game 3 performance was like if a genius’s child were mentally retarded. It can certainly happen, but it’s not described as “regression to the mean.” People seem to be implying that after shooting so well, Ray was “due for” a bad shooting night, but to think this is to subscribe to the Gambler’s Fallacy (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gambler%27s_fallacy).