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The Celtics squander a huge comeback, a break-out, bounce-back performance from Kevin Garnett, and a poor shooting night from Kobe Bryant to end up losing Game Three, the first of three in Boston.

Many would say this was a must-win game for the Celtics and in a lot of respects they would be correct.  The Celtics had to come out and show that Game 2 was not a product of poor officiating and Ray Allen’s shooting display was not a mirage.  They did neither Tuesday night.

Things got a little interesting when, in a seven point game with 40 seconds to go, Pierce drove left and banked in a lay-up after being fouled by Lamar Odom.  On the ensuing rebound from the missed free-throw by Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo fouls Lamar Odom, but due to a soon-to-be-reviewed NBA replay rule the Celtics get the ball back.  On the next possession, the Celtics get the ball to Ray Allen, who curls over a KG screen which initially looked like a two-handed merciless shove sending Pau Gasol tumbling to the ground.

I should have known better.  Gasol faked everyone out live, including the refs, but the replay showed the exaggerated flail to the ground that was so monumental it deserves it’s own name and Naismith Hall plaque.  Ladies and Gentlemen, can we put together?  Can we start a petition and gain some traction for what can only be known as the infamous: Flop.

Give credit to Pau Gasol.  He made the game saving play.  Despite a terrific and gutsy performance from Derek Fisher in the fourth quarter, it was Gasol sending himself to the floor with such authority that really put this game out of reach for the Celtics.

Before everyone goes into a tirade over questionable officiating, let’s get one thing straight: on a scale from 1-10 in terms of the Celtics actually deserving to win this game, they get a 0.5.  And that may be a little generous.  The 0.5 comes from the furious comeback (facilitated mostly by the Celtics’ bench) and their ability to get stops, play lock-down defense and force the Lakers into tough shots.

Still none of those barely-positive things to take out of this game, the Celtics still can point to one thing that really lost them this game: their offense.  Let’s just get right to it- Ray Allen was awful tonight.  How do you follow-up a 32 point performance where you set a Finals record for most three point makes with an “O-for”.  That’s right 0-for-13 from the floor, 0-for-8 from three, and 0-for-anything resembling contributing positively for the Celtics.  Ray’s defense tonight was okay, but was drastically out-shined by Tony Allen. The much-maligned TA forced Bryant into bad shots, forced him to give up the ball, and forced someone else to beat the Celtics- they just did.

The Lakers came up with an answer for everything the Celtics tried to throw at them.  The limited Rondo’s aggressiveness in the second-half, they put Paul Pierce in foul trouble the entire game, and they had their usual mastery of the boards (out-rebounding the Celtics 43-35).

The few positives from this game from the Green perspective really begin and end with Kevin Garnett.  The Celtics are supposed to play great defense.  The Celtics are supposed to have the better, deeper bench.  Up until Game One, they were also suppose to get huge production from KG.  Finally, Garnett came up huge with 25 points on 11-16 shooting.

Fans and experts alike keep saying the same thing about both teams: if these players can finally put together a game where they are all playing at their best, they will dominate.  For the Celtics, time is running out.  By winning Game Three, the Lakers have really taken a hold of this series, and the Celtics will have to use everything they have to get it back.

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  • Ira

    Sigh. Ray actually missed the layup after the offensive foul. No one call did the C’s in. I unfortunately was a good prognosticator, telling my wife “This will be one where Ray goes 0 for whatever and we’ll say if he had only been 2 for whatever.

  • Nate

    That Gasol play was perfect. He knew the refs were going to look to make up that Rondo foul, and Garnett made a mistake in making that pushing motion.

  • Rich

    Hey, stunner, Brendan blames a missed call for a loss. Who didn’t see that coming?

    Btw, if you think that was the nail in the coffin, how about before that when Davis, Garnett, and Pierce all watched Derek Fisher run by them and get an and-1 while down 4 with 45 seconds to go? I think I’d be blaming the night on that more than anything.

    And just remember game 2s Rondo flop out of bounds that sent Kobe to bench. But I’m sure that wasn’t nearly as bad as Gasol though…cause afterall Rondo wears green and not purple.

  • Brendan Jackson

    Rich, you misunderstand. The Gasol flop was a great play. A flop, but a great play none-the-less. And don’t you worry, I’m publishing the rest of my recap soon that talks about what I’m actually blaming this loss on, but you can keep putting words in my mouth.

  • I love Green

    Honestly never been so pissed at the Celtics. Game 4 is absolutely must win now. We had a great chance to go up 2-1, and put all the pressure on LA to win game 4, but no one showed up except KG. Ray got a whole lotta good looks, but couldn’t hit anything. Rondo had 11 and 8, which is not even close enough to what we need from him. More points and more assists, and definitley more rebounds. He only had 3 tonight after his 12 in game 2. Seriously the only one that played good was KG. Too bad his game went to waste because the Celtics forgot it was the finals.

  • Nate

    Agreed. The refs did not decide this game. The celtics couldn’t hit anything this game. Pretty lame to blame it on the refs.

  • DRJ1

    My take: Everyone involved was determined to make sure the Celtics lost. Including the Celtics players. And the refs… whose bad calls came exactly when they were most needed…. to assure a Lakers win.

    It’s as if this was all pre-planned. As if we are all being played for fools.

  • joe

    STORY OF THE GAME: ray allen 0-13, not the refs, but ray allen 0-13. how do go 8-11 FROM 3, and then miss every damn shot in the next game. unbelievable. don’t ever mention this guy in the same sentence as reggie miller again.

  • I love Green

    We have to win 4 and 5 or else we’re done. Simple as that if we lose one of those games there’s no way we win the series.

  • Purple And Yellow Not Gold

    in spite of it all it was yet another game in which Kobe is throwing up fade-away turn-around single-handed one-eye-closed jumpers.. we just got so lucky that good old reliable Fisher stepped up.. otherwise this is ’08 all over again..

  • Ira

    Ray is still an all time great shooter. Some days the ball just doesn’t go in. There were other ways to win, including not letting Bynum stick out his leg and trip Tony Allen who was great, injuring him and sending him to the bench for good. If you have a VCR, rerun that play. Regardless, missing 5 more FT than the Lakers and turning the ball over in the 4th plus that give-up 3 point play for Fisher did them in. Also how did Odom get the rebound on that bricked 3 by Fisher?

  • Purple And Yellow Not Gold

    the refs had nothing to do with this outcome.. if anything they allowed Rondo to get away with at least 3 fouls that were him clearly slapping peoples forearms and elbows to poke the ball loose.. so don’t blame it on the refs.. Boston stunk and so did we.. we just stunk a little less..


    I bet going back to LA sounds really good right now. . . . . Champs over Chumps

  • Ira

    Luck also went the Lakers way with Odom’s banked 3, Kobe’s off the front rim up in the air basket and Gasol falling down but maintaining the possession.

    The teams are relatively even and whoever plays better, shoots better and is luckier wins any particular game.

    I think C’s do have heart and intesity and won’t quit, no matter how the series goes. Odds are against them, but they are certainly capable of winning again(even twice) in LA

  • Sophomore

    The refs did NOT cost us this game.

    And, honestly, the Pau call was a makeup that we have no right to complain about. It was probably one of the worst flops I’ve seen, too, from an artistic standpoint – obvious hitch between the light contact from KG and Pau lurching toward the floor.

  • @joe you’re right, never put allen with miller on the same sentence cause miller have never won a game for the pacers in the finals..it was jalen rose, got that???

  • joe

    @travis reggie never came 1 miss away from the worst shooting performance in the history of the finals, that is a fact not a joke. if he woulda went 3-13 its a different game.

  • JMM

    A gift to the Lakers. Not from the refs, from the Celtics.

    Jackson’s notes above are right on the money.

  • jonathan

    Both teams have floppers (Fisher, Allen, Pierce, etc.)

    And refs are in a hard place to keep it consistent. There are a ton of moving screen and other fouls and if they called every fouls we’d be unhappy and if they let everything go we’d be unhappy. No easy answer unfortunately.

  • Jay P

    The Gasol Flop was one of the all time greats. The guy hit the floor like Garnett had stabbed him.

    It was a make up call. Refs went to the tape on the Odom out of bounds, and realized Rondo fouled Odom on that play. But since they missed the foul, and that isn’t reviewable, only the out of bounds call is, they made up for it by calling the offensive on what was in all honesty the worst flop I’ve probably ever seen.

    There’s no way they didn’t see it, completely a make up.

  • Jay P

    But, other posters are right, we lost the game with Ray Allen go 0-13, not that one play.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    I’ve got an idea. We’ve got a guy who is shooting 0-10. The game is on the line now, still a 2 possession game so lets run plays & get this ice man even more shots. Just forget about the guy who is 11-16 or the other guy who is 3-4 from 3 tonight. Why? B/c Doc has to win it HIS way or not at all. If only Rajon had disobeyed & went elsewhere with the ball.

    Another issue is the Cs having guys who do not play hard defensively when their offensive game is whack. Fairly hard not to miss who is pouting & slacking & getting beat on defense.

    Another note, Rajon was voted to the top defensive team. So WHO is he defending???? Is it that….Rajon cannot stop D Will? No, Nash? No, Tony Parker? No. Chris Paul? No. Who is it then??? It’s the 35 year old Derek Fisher who is continuously juking Rajon AND GETTING INTO THE LANE FOR LAYUPS OR SHORT BANK SHOTS. I thought Rajon had lots of speed, but apparently all the interviews & posing he is doing for magazine covers has really worn him down to a frazzle. Fish should continue to go in for layups cuz there’s really nothing stopping him…since Rajon is always behind him.

  • complexity

    Ray’s passing is what spurred the comeback that got Big Baby going. He took a couple charges and did what I’d call good defense. Plus he played pretty much the whole game because of others foul trouble. Don’t blame this whole game on him.

  • TG

    Simmons: Great way for this slopfest of a game to end – on an offensive foul. Although that one was deserved, KG hired Mayflower for that moving pick.

  • Jay P

    If Ray hits even 35-40% of his shots (a very meager % for him) we win though, so it’s kinda hard not to put it on him.

  • Mad miraMax

    Celtics also have to make some damn free throws. Better FREE points and Odom not banking in a H-O-R-S-E shot for and, again, it’s a different ballgame. Oh, and that Fischer 3-point play was sickening. That’s all on the C’s front porch.

    So many little things/plays, but…

  • Zain

    I know you guys all want to blame Ray, but think about this.

    IF we don’t go down by 17, we blow this game out the water.

  • PierceTurth

    i dont know why but this is just a really tough game to swallow

  • legs-diamond

    One question (that’s been nagging at me) for Celtics followers: Kendrick Perkins led all rebounders with 11 during only 20 minutes of play and with only 2 fouls–why, considering the premium on rebounds, is he not playing more in this game? He had the highest +/- for the C’s as well. (…)

  • Hot Sauce

    This might be a killer, we may bounce back, so inconsistant with ray the leader on that.

    So many things from the refs, lakers and the Celtics’s themsleves which lost us this tonight.

    Game 4 here we come

    on another note though as a 7 footer whome it must hurt extra to fall on his ass, pau gasol seems to enjoy landing on it regullarly

  • complexity

    legs because he is an offensive liability

  • Hot Sauce

    I do belive though that if we can play how we can then this wouldnt of happened and game 4 is coming, I dont like predictions I like to see how the game starts and the trends when it plays out but lets just play real good D and run or offence.

  • legs-diamond

    Complexity, et al,

    Okay, but he did have twice as many points in half as many minutes as Ray Allen (alright, silly point). Infact though, he is their best big man defender, rebounds, and does not waste possessions, shooting nearly 60% from the field, and passes well out of the block. And he has been their guy the past three seasons. Is Rasheed really adding that much to the mix?

  • Rich

    In losses, it is so easy to point out a team and a players weakness. When they win, I think to myself that Boston has just great all around defenders, which includes Perkins. But man, when they lose, I look at Perkins and think that he is such a dead spot on offense that you can’t possibly win with him starting. I mean, Shaq has 10x quicker post move than Perkins when you factor in ability to just catch and go, as opposed to catch, bend down, pump up, dribble, gather, eat a sandwhich, build a house, and then make a move. How, after this many years in the league, does Kendrick Perkins not know how to just catch and go.

    He doesn’t have to be a great offensive player. But my god, when he is wide open under the rim, he should be able to just catch the ball and lay it in. But he can’t. It is too difficult for him. Quite amusing as an outside observer, but has to be killing Celts fans.

    I’m still dumbfounded by the Fisher and 1. That game was NOT over. The Celtis were down 4 with 45 seconds left. You get a stop, you have PLENTY of time. But to just watch Fisher run by everyone was totally unexpected and I’m surprised Doc didn’t hit someone (KG) over the head with a chair.

    Finally, Celtics will not win a single game in which Rondo gets outplayed by Fisher. I’m surprised the game was even close with that happening. Rondo is totally afraid to shoot any kind of mid-range jumper right now and it is allowing Bryant to have off possessions on defense.

  • legs-diamond

    Rich, good points. Still, I think Perkins is part of the C’s tough-guy fabric.

    The game was obviously just a few Ray Allen 3’s away from being a different result. He’s a shooter; all shooters go in streaks. He probably had gotten used to the lighting in L.A. and needs a game to re-adjust.

    I do think these teams are evenly matched, and a lucky bounce or two can make the difference.

    If the Celtics can beat Cleveland and Orlando, I believe they are very much in this series.

  • Ray Leighton

    I am in shock. I do not comprehend how someone can hit 8 three-pointers one night, and two days later, go 0-for-13. Yeah, the Lakers played awful defense on Ray in Game 2, and better defense in Game 3, and yes, Ray can be a streak shooter. But 0-for-13??

    The refs did not decide this game. As Ira pointed out, even if they don’t call the flop, Ray still missed the layup.

    We lost because:

    (a) we missed way too many free-throws.
    (b) the bench was AWFUL in the first half — the bench should be one of our biggest advantages. The bench was much improved in the second half, but in the first half, bench defense sucked in a big way, and we very quickly found ourselves in a big hole.
    (c) We did not have a single player who could hit an outside shot tonight, even with open looks.
    (d) As Cptn Bubbles pointed out, Rajon got eaten alive by Fish.

    Let’s put this into perspective — back to the production differential — Rondo is an elite point guard, and one of the fastest players in the game; his production differential is around +5. Fish is quite literally the worst starting point guard of any team in the playoffs (probably in the league; I haven’t checked) at negative 9. Actually, that’s the worst of any starter in the playoffs this year. Normally, if you are -9 for the season, with that many minutes, then you probably are not playing in the NBA next year. Let’s take that further — Fish’s offensive production for 48 minutes during the season was 10.4. How bad is that?

    Well, if you are an elite defender, someone who has a legitimate shot at being All-NBA Defensive team, then your opponent’s production is typically under 13. But Fish’s offense is 3 worse than that. So basically, on average, Fish plays offense worse than if he were being covered every play by Kobe Bryant. He essentially plays offense as if he were being double-covered. And this guy steps up and single-handedly keeps the Lakers alive in the 4th quarter? And what the hell is Rondo doing to stop this??

    The most painful thing about this was that the Lakers clearly were tired and they clearly were not taking good shots — without Fish shredding us late, the Celtics probably win this, despite the awful shooting night from Ray and Paul. And losing this game after a 17-point lead would have been really demoralizing for the Lakers.

    I also have to question Doc again — we’ve abused Doc a lot this season, and a lot of the time, that abuse has not been deserved. But I do seriously question when Doc insists on his rotations no matter what — we lost this game during a critical interval from midway in the first to partway in the second. An interval where the bench could not play defense — and yet both KG and Perk continued to sit on the bench as the Lakers ran up the score. Maybe putting in one of them stops the bleeding? What difference does it make if KG is more rested if we wind up down 17? Not to mention that with KG so hot, the Lakers would have had to keep Gasol in the game too, so it’s not like Gasol would be getting a rest either. It’s the NBA championship — what are we saving a player for? The offseason?

    I am not really a baseball fan, but I remember Whitey Herzog, the manager of the Cardinals, once being asked why he kept changing relief pitchers so much when the Cards were behind. And Whitey’s response was, “I’m not going to sit there and lose.” Apparently, Doc is willing to do so. If your lineup isn’t working, change it.

    Alright, we were down 2-1 to Cleveland. We are still going to put up the next banner.

  • Laker4Ever


  • Laker4Ever

    Celtics got caught with their pushes and moving screens. Some serious payback from the bad calls last game. You all remember the ball that went off KG and the refs still gave the Celts the ball! Paul P must be watching too many Lebron videos. Overrated player so far this series. Paul talks big but plays small. Whats up with that.

  • Eric

    The Celtics miss Eddie House off the bench

  • Zain

    Lots to analyze, lots to talk about.

    But at the end of the day, it looks like we’re going back to L.A.

    And we’re going back up 3-2.

    Book it.

  • Laker4Ever

    One last thought….you Celtic fans……this loss will feel even worse in the a.m. when you all wake up and stare in your bathroom mirror. That was my experience Monday a.m. following the Laker loss on Sunday. Ray “Flash in the Pan” Allen can play no worse. So much for records……he now is third on the list for 0-ffers in an NBA finals. His mother must be so proud. Lake show is coming to take another one Thursday.

  • LakerHater13

    Lakersfan… havent seen you since game one. Welcome back. Very simple. Lakers out played celtics in first half. Celtics out played lakers in second half. It just came down to execution and and the lakers were able to convert on some great plays by fisher. Doc on the other hand sets up a 3 in the corner with over a minute to go and its a 4 point game. Doc… KG had the hot hand and allen is 0-12. Hello??? If it comes down to coaching lakers take this series fairly easily. Why not bring nate in when allen is ice cold. Jackson may not have drew anything up at the end. Fisher just made solid plays. Doc was awful. I still am saying celtics in 6. I love my team but i was very bummed about the outcome of this one. We didnt fight back with ray allen hitting 3s. Stick to what was working and we may have had a chance. Refs had no factor on this game. Consistantly bad but no influence one way or another. I would like to see a better reffed game. I think all fans have watched all 3 games and been like what the F***. Both teams played poorly. lakers well fisher just had a few solid plays to close it out. oh and celtics just because you miss a shot with a minute to go doesnt mean you should walk up the court and let one of the oldest guys out there go in for an and one. again i love my team but that was pretty sad to watch. heart breaking play.

  • pam

    i disagree about the shooter part. i think 2 years back there is no way he would go 0-13. he had a bad initial playoff in 2008 but he didnt have even 1 game where he was this atrocious. thing is this is where age kills the celts. its not that kg cant jump or ray and paul cant play as many minutes. its just that they arent as consistent as they used to be.
    definitely blame ray for this loss because almost every single one of his threes were wide wide open.
    but we also really need to blame rondo. where was he all night? i dont know where he really goes wrong sometimes. i mean i just feel like every possession he just needs to penetrate and try to draw a foul or kick to a shooter/ cutting big man. i understand the lakers’ length disrupts a lot of his shots but if he becomes invisible we have absolutely no chance in this series.
    plus i think we need to start giving sheed more minutes esp in the 4th quarter. perk plays decent d on bynum but when he is out i think sheed can cover gasol well. just make sure he isnt sitting at the 3 pt line on the offense. too many rushed threes from him today.
    i think a big story might be if bynum is injured as was reported. if he is their length advantage goes and i think taking the next two home games becomes much easier.

  • jonathan

    @ Ray –

    re: Fisher’s numbers.

    If there is one thing I’ve learned watching basketball over the years is that numbers HAVE to be taken in context. And with Fisher, that comes down both to him going easier in the regular season but most importantly to the fact that the triangle offensive depresses assist numbers, which for any point guard, are the biggest component of most advanced stats.

    Now I’m not saying Fisher is a great PG by any means, but to be cliche, he brings a lot more to the table than any statistic will tell you. Phil’s teams with the Bulls and Lakers have always had similar players at the point, not flashy or statistically great, but able to run the offensive, lead the team, and occasionally show up when needed.

  • a lost moment for the celtics?????? ray who? hello????? the lakers just out right out played the celtics tonight…allen can only bring it one game because his body is just too old to come back 2 days later to play again and that was quite apparent by how is shot wasnt falling tonight! someone that age cannot have 2 good games in a row! thats nothing new with an older player….only reason why garnet had a good game is because he’s been off every other game and the same thing will happen to him next game because he’s too old to have 2 games in a row….just look at all the turnovers in the 4th quarter garnet had huh? that shows you he had enough energy to get thru one game out of 3 and almost really didnt even get thru the 4th quarter without turnovers ( a big sign that the player is exhausted)…..paul pierce hasnt even shown up for this series and now doc’s saying the refs cheated tonight! lol!! paul hasnt given credit to the tremendous defensive pressure the lakers are putting on him and thats why he hasnt been able to play! lakers are a much much better team then the celtics and any fool can see that!! lakers in 5 maybe 6 but this series to me is lakers all the way!! boston is just too old to sustain a hard fought game every other night! end of story!!

  • Ray Leighton

    @Jonathan — I agree with you that the Triangle tends to depress a PGs assists (although I should point out that one of the reasons for running the Triangle is exactly because you don’t have an elite PG and it tends to hide that weakness). However, to get a 10.4 (which is a 48-minute stat) means that you either are getting very few points and very few assists or it means that you are missing a lot of shots or turning the ball over a lot, or some combination of the above. 10.4 is really, really low. KG may have “taken it easy” this season, and he still had top-ten production numbers at his position, and still put up elite defensive production numbers.

    Anyway, I’m willing to concede that Fish probably is not that atrocious, and this is not the first time that he has come up big when it mattered. That said, there is simply no way that he should be scoring like that on Rondo who is not only much quicker etc., but also is widely considered the best defensive point-guard in the game. In Ray’s case, he can have an awful shooting night; as bad as he was, he was trying. But defense involves effort, and Rondo just didn’t seem that focused on stopping Fish when it mattered.

  • Korey

    I know its a Celtic blog. Some I’m not preaching to the choir, I’m preaching to the underworld depths of the gutter.

    But it’s kinda pathetic that we get all those words about the Gasol flop but NOT ONE obvious mention of the previous play where Rondo clearly fouls Odom to get him to lose the ball out of bounds and then the Celtics get the review and get the ball back.
    “soon to be replayed rule”? Seriously, that’s all you got?

    That was clearly the WORST call of all time considering that it was obvious that the only reason it was off Odom was because Rondo fouled him.

    Kudos to Gasol for recognizing that an immediate MAKEUP CALL was needed the next play and we got it.

    Lakers up 2-1.

    Take that Celtic fans.

    (btw, I talked bad about Tony Allen but he played decent this game.

    Fisher is the MAN…huh, what pilgrimtraveler? I thought he would always play bad?…yup!)

  • Biology



  • pilgrimtraveller

    korey, glad to see you show up again. i admit that fisher surprised me tonight; i doubt he will match that performance, but he was the difference tonight, and i’ve got to give you that. and while odom showed a little something tonight, the best players off either bench were big baby and tony allen. the uncalled foul that took him out of the game made a big difference. no, bynum’s foot to allen’s neck was not intentional; even so, it was a foul. i was worried from the start tonight, despite garnett’s strong start. rondo seemed to be moving in slow motion, without urgency. now we’ve got to win the next two.

  • Evan

    Can everyone please stop complaining about the officiating? The Lakers were the better teams in G1 and G3, the Celtics were the better team in G2.

    Did Pierce’s foul trouble hurt the Celtics in GM3? Of course, But it hurt the Celtics no more than Kobe’s GM2 foul trouble hurt the Lakers.

    Did Pau flop on that Garnett pick? Of course. Did Ray Allen flop when Kobe picked up his 3rd in GM2? Of course. Both teams flopped.

    The officiating in the NBA is always awful but it is rarely biased. Why would they send Big Baby to the line tonight after receiving ZERO contact from Bynum on that one play if the officials had an agenda? Come on people.

    Finally, more on that Pau flop. Let’s say Pau didn’t flop. Let’s say he simply ran into the pick and didn’t say a word. It is still an offensive foul on Garnett. That is a moving pick, ladies and gentlemen. did Pau draw attention to Garnett’s rule book violation? Sure.

    The point is, don’t blame these things for the outcome of the game. This will be a long series and in the end, the better team will win. Which team that is, I’m not sure any of us know at this point.

  • jonathan

    @ Ray – disagree that Phil’s ever run the triangle because he lacked a PG, but doesn’t really matter.

    Agree with you on Fisher, but he’s a role player for the team. And his role is to initiate the offensive sets and hit spot up jumpers. Every once in a while he’ll come up with a game like this one. But you’re right, there is no excuse for Rondo to play as apathetically as he did.

    Rondo in generally has been poor this series, with the very notable exception of the fourth quarter of game 2. I think the Lakers, especially Kobe, made sure to find him when the ball went up and box him out. And without Ray hitting his outside shots, his assist numbers were not as gaudy as in game 2. It’s a rant for another time, but I think the triple double is one of the more overrated stats sometimes. Usually it shows a player had an outstanding game, but sometimes it’s just the product of a “stat grab” game.

  • jonathan

    @ Ray – disagree that Phil’s ever run the triangle because he lacked a PG, but doesn’t really matter.

    Agree with you on Fisher, but he’s a role player for the team. And his role is to initiate the offensive sets and hit spot up jumpers. Every once in a while he’ll come up with a game like this one. But you’re right, there is no excuse for Rondo to play as apathetically as he did.

    Rondo in general has been poor this series, with the very notable exception of the fourth quarter of game 2. I think the Lakers, especially Kobe, made sure to find him when the ball went up and box him out. And without Ray hitting his outside shots, his assist numbers were not as gaudy as in game 2. It’s a rant for another time, but I think the triple double is one of the more overrated stats sometimes. Usually it shows a player had an outstanding game, but sometimes it’s just the product of a “stat grab” game.

  • jonathan

    damn double posts

  • Shooter

    WTF Ray Allen,i love you Ray you’re one of my favorite players of all time but let’s face it we lost this game because of Ray’s pathetic performance.I can’t recount how many times where we were on a run and we had an opprotunity to either cut the lead to 1-2 points,tie it or take the lead, Ray has a good look from 3 and CLANKS it off the rim.
    That last 3 he took i was 99% certain he would make that shot and he would’ve cut the lead to 1,instead he misses, Fish dribbles the ball down court and gets an and1,the lead increases to 7 instead.Ray won game 2 for us and he lost game 2 for us.
    Remember the 4th quarter where Fish and Kobe runs that screen from the high post……….was Ray’s defense absolutely terrible on that or what!!!! Seriously go back and look at how Ray tries to defend that play………it was ATROCIOUS.That was the turning point of the game because if i recall Fish scored 4 straight points on that play alone.Rondo and Ray needed to switch on that play don’t know if Doc told them about it but oh well.
    One last thing………i was praying for Doc to play Tony Allen in the final 4-5 minutes in the 4th.Why not….Ray couldn’t hit the side of a barn door or a barn,he was a liability defensively so why not play TA.Kobe was scoring at will on Ray Ray,everytime TA was guarding Kobe he either forced a turnover or he made Kobe throw up a bad shot.
    That one hurt because KG hasn’t had a good night like that since the Cleveland series and we could have gone up 2-1.The only positive is Boston have shown they can beat the Lakers at The Staples but we need to take care of business here in Boston first and foremost.

  • Shooter

    Meant to say Ray lost game 3 for us

  • Ray Leighton

    Korey, get real. The worst call of all time? The Rondo foul should have been called, but the foul itself obviously was not the reason why Odom lost the ball out of bounds; it was on the opposite hand. The radio announcers on ESPN (I listen to them with the TV muted) even argued that it was incidental contact as it had nothing to do with the outcome of the possession. It wasn’t even one of the ten worst calls of the series.

    And as for Fish, the probabilities were in Pilgrim’s favor.

    Underworld depths of the gutter seems more than extreme. Why do you Lakers’ fans come here, just to spout abuse? Are your lives that pathetic? Do I go onto the Lakers’ website and talk trash? It would be easy to do so but I don’t. But you think it is OK to come to our site and insult us? Maybe you need to rethink who is in the gutter?

    I’ve looked at a lot of sports blogs, and this is the only one which I have ever thought was worth my time. And the reason for that is that it is far and away the smartest blog that I have seen. Zach’s films alone are worth dealing with the haters.

    There are always going to be fans who complain about the calls against their team. There also were an awful lot of people on this blog who didn’t blame our loss on the refs.

    Are you suggesting that Lakers’ fans always point out when their team gets a favorable call? How many Laker fans acknowledged that Ron Artest dribbled the ball outofbounds in Game 1 (and his reaction made it clear that he knew it)? How many Laker fans who were complaining about the KG-Gasol possession call in Game 2 acknowledged that Gasol and Bynum pretty much were allowed to foul at will in the third quarter? I used to live in SoCal, and I would say that Lakers’ fans whine more about officiating after a loss than any fans of any team in any sport. So? Who cares? Why is it so important to you what fans of a team that you don’t even root for do? It’s basketball; it’s not like we are arguing about global climate change.

    I have a friend who used to be a ref in the Olympics and in Europe. He loves basketball, but he doesn’t like either the Lakers or the Celtics. And so far, he thinks that the officiating has been really awful, but he also thinks that it has generally favored the Lakers more often than the Celtics.

    If you don’t want to hear Celtics’ fans complain about calls sometimes, don’t come to our website.

  • Korey, you’ve seemed reasonable this whole series, so I assume that you’re just drunk or wired, but I think all the reasonable Celtics fans on this board have already conceded all the points you just made, and “worst call of all time” is a stretch. As Jay P said, after a replay, they can’t call a foul they missed the first time around, they can only review the out of bounds call. It was indeed a heady play by Pau, knowing there was a makeup call coming, as Brendan said above. It seems silly to bother to review plays and then not be able to make a new call on them, but at the same time I don’t want it to turn into the NFL with the refs wearing wireless fast-food headsets and giving a short speech on every call.

  • clasher101

    c’mon now, yeah ray played horrible but he sure as hell didn’t give the lakers a 17 point lead. win as a team, loose as a team. like Doc said. together.

  • stephen

    Ray Allen blew this game for us tonight and possibly the series, We finally get KG back, outplaying Gasol and Ray goes 0 for fucking 13. Celtics Defense had the Lakers on their heels in the 2nd half and if Ray hits 1/3 of his shots tonight the C’s win this one. Adding insult to injury we allow Derek Fisher of all people to close us out, Plus Paul Pierce probably should learn to keep his big fucking mouth shut with all his guarantees that he makes. Back it up ”Truth” BEFORE TIME RUNS OUT.

  • ray has got to drive more to the basket if his outside shots ain’t falling..he’s a great penetrator..i know he’ll be back with redemption on game 4..never lose hope..series is way too far from over!!!

  • stephen

    Celtics have 48 hours to decide if this series is over. If the Lakers go up 3-1, Kobe starts smelling it believe me it’s over,

  • Jeff

    The term flop is really overused these days. Watch soccer if you want to see real flopping. Zero contact = gunshot to the chest. Garnett clearly fouled Gasol with the moving pick, selling it so that the refs can catch it isn’t flopping.

    Biggest play of the game was the Fisher and 1. Shut the door on a game that could have gone either way for about 6 minutes straight.

  • rofl

    you seriously talking about the flop, when Paul Pierce and Ray Allen have shown an equal ability to win a grammy, but of course this is a celtic bias blog, so no way are they flopping, right?

  • German Dude

    I think we could have won this game even with Ray’s bad offensive showing (honestly, that’s what cetlics basketball is all about, right?). If you add it up he missed 6 fewer shots than Kobe:) Usually it’s enough if 2 of the Big 4 get going. This time it was only Garnett. I think Pierce in Foul trouble was the bigger problem, cause w/o him on th floor Rondo has fewer space to create and there is only one outside thread (or none as we’ve seen).

    Actually I don’t even know how the C’s kept it that close. Gotta give credit to the bench!

    Let’s hope it turns out like the Cleveland Series.

  • dumbfish

    Lakers fan here trying to understand how Big Baby can be so effective. Am I crazy or has he not been the C’s most consistent offensive player? I don’t watch the C’s enough to know if the soft touch close to the rim and smart use of his width is typical or exceptional for him. It’s like Pierce ate 75 lbs of hamburgers.

    Also, disagree with the TV types saying the one shot Gasol made over Baby means putting Baby on Gasol is dumb. It was one shot. I don’t care for all the “soft” talk about Gasol, but I thought the reason he couldn’t get post touches in this game was that he quit fighting for his spots.

    Anyway, neither team’s executing very well, but you gotta love the effort from both teams.

  • Korey


    Did you change this post?

    I think I went at you too hard because you did mention Rondo fouling LO.

    My bad. -1 for me.I’m “pathetic” not you.

  • jay c

    I don’t think Pau is the only player that has flopped in this series. Truth be told I’ve seen Ray sell a few of his own.

    But, yes, C’s did not deserve to win the game. IMO they don’t deserve to win the series because they have not been the better team. Game 2 was really a fluke: officiating going against Kobe, Ray blowing up, etc etc.. and even then it was STILL close. Notice how hard the Celtics have to play to even have a 5 pt advantage. The Lakers simply execute more fluidly and easily.

  • JMM

    Korey types:

    “That was clearly the WORST call of all time considering that it was obvious that the only reason it was off Odom was because Rondo fouled him.

    Kudos to Gasol for recognizing that an immediate MAKEUP CALL was needed the next play and we got it.”

    That was clearly the DUMBEST blog comment of all time.

  • JMM

    Besides, who cares about the reffing? The refs didn’t decide last night’s game, the Celtics decided last night’s game. They gave it to the Lakers. That’s all.

    It’s entirely up to the Celtics who wins this series.

  • Chris O.

    @Jay C – Really you think game two was a fluke? And games 1 and 3 were not? This horrible officiating (yes it has been HORRIBLE) in all three games means nothing? I’m not saying its the reason the C’s are down 2-1 but the officiating has been controlling games…and I know we got to hear all about Kobe’s foul trouble wah wah wah, every game a major Celtics player is in foul trouble for doing things like FIGHTING FOR POSITION. The Lakers don’t execute ‘fluidly and easily’ which was told in game two by them having more FT points than FG points and Ray Allen at one point having more FG made than their entire team. Also in game 3 they went like a 5 or 6 minute stretch without making a FG. That is not ‘fluidly and easily’. It is what it is but so far this ENTIRE SERIES has been a fluke. The Lakers one based on the FLUKE that Ray Allen had an 0 FOR and Paul Pierce shot like shit and was in foul trouble…that is as much a fluke as anything from game 2. Its like Hollinger (who I detest) said before game 3…this entire series has been made up of Outliers…still the C’s have a chance, go win game 4 and it’s still a series.

  • Chris O.

    @JMM -agreed the Celtics need to play their brand of basketball more, however the refs do decide a big factor…like how much defense is allowed to be played, and so far for most of the NBA Finals playing and semblence of defense equals a foul (on both teams usually). This type of officiating however more greatly affects the Celtics type of play.

  • Todd

    Looking back on last night’s game, it seems to me very much a mirror image of game 2 – in this case the Lakers control most of the game, Celtics claw back, and in the key stretch at the end Fish takes over in much the same fashion as Rondo did.

    Admittedly, as a Lakers fan, Fisher’s offensive output was surprising and an aberration. But what’s not an aberration is the guy’s toughness, heart and clutch play. He’s one of the most beloved Lakers of all time because he almost always comes up big when it counts. His statistics do no just to the impact he has had on the Lakers championship teams over the years. Whether it’s making a big defensive play or hitting a big shot or just his general leadership skills, he always seems to be there when the Lakers need him most. That’s why no matter how old he seems or how much his play appears to have deteriorated during the regular season, Lakers fans want him on the team. As far as most of us are concerned, he should have a spot as long as he wants one.

    And should he choose to retire, Angelinos will be happy to have him as our mayor.

  • Korey


    Even your Celtics blogs friends dont agree with you (e.g. Chris O.)

    Shows how “weak” your comments are and out of touch. There is sunshine in L.A. man, you dont need to suffer in Boston all your life! …ahahahah (I could not resist)

    If you dont think a makeup call was in order after Rondo so obviously got away with a foul and benefitted from a loophole in the review system then you can sit in your Celtics corner and stew.

    I’ll admit when the Celtics were robbed (e.g. Pierce got at least 2 WTF kinda calls against him).

    Now admit not only that that was a world-class, bad call, but that the Cs lost because the Lakers were better.

    Point. Blank . Period.

  • joe

    the only silver lining I can see is that I can’t think of another wrinkle that LAL can throw at BOS. Doc & Tibs will study the Fish-Kobe P&R and develop a sound strategy to stop it/slow it down. The only way BOS loses the series is if they get demoralized by this loss, which I doubt they will.

  • RIch

    Omg, are both fanbases just going to cry about the refs everytime their team loses for the whole series? Good lord, the refs weren’t terrible last night, suck it up.

  • RIch

    Doc would do well to never play Nate Robinson and Tony Allen at the same time again.

  • feng

    Terrific blog. That’s coming from a Lakers fan

  • German Dude

    joe, that’s what I’m talking about. They have yet to play with their regular rotation and capability. I don’t think LA can raise it’s game from what we’ve seen. C’s have surprised in every series so far, and always overcame adversity (KG Suspension, Game 3 Cleveland, Games 4/5 Orlando).
    Let them just do their job!

  • Hot Sauce

    after that flop Im going to call gasol mr floppy form now on

  • Anthony

    @Rich…I politely disagree. Obviously, I’m a little bit biased since I’m a Celts fan but as a basketball fan, I think the refs have been horrible thorughout the playoffs. They just dont allow either team to just play. It’s the Finals for God’s sake! For the record, even ESPN posted that one of the ref, Bill Kennedy, is Lakers friendly and the Lakers are 4-0 when he officiates. All that said, I thought the Celts worried and tried too hard to sell alot of the fouls. They just arent as talented floppers as the Fakers. They did still have their chances to win, so its definitely a tough lost to take. But the refs did make it tougher to take. All those stupid instant replays only made the game worse, in my opinion.

    A couple of points I thought worth noting. With Celts up 7 in the first qtr, Rondo gets called for “touching” Kobe’s elbow on an And 1 jumpshot. Horrible call, Lakers finish the qtr on a 21-4 run. Fourth qtr, damn Kobe kicks T.Allen on the neck! Celts were down 4 but had momentum. T.Allen sits out and Kobe scores 7 pts after and Fisher goes for whatever he had with Ray murdering the Celts defense. I think I yelled out “Where?” to all the fouls called so many times, I drove myself crazy. Its done and over with so on to Game 4.

  • Todd


    I agree that the officiating has generally been bad insofar as they’ve been over-officiating. It’s disrupting the flow of the games generally and making it easy for those on the losing end to point to bad calls as a key factor. It’s frustrating because it takes away from what are clearly evenly matched teams engaged in hard fought contests.

    I understand your frustration with that Rondo call on Kobe – it looks like a silly touch foul. But it’s also a dumb play by Rondo. Touching a jump shooter’s elbow is the oldest trick in the book and when you do it that much out in the open you’re going to get called for it most of the time. It’s a willful defensive play versus the incidental contact of the Kobe kick on Allen. That isn’t to say that a foul couldn’t have been called on Kobe, just that Rondo’s is a more obvious, if touchy, one.

    I generally think the officiating on shooting situations has been fairly good – with the usual phantom call here and there as is par for the course in any game, playoffs or otherwise. From my perspective the main problem has been with the over abundance of reach-ins and fouls called on players jostling for position. Those are “let em play” situations in the playoffs that are having a demonstrable impact on the game – getting guys into needless foul trouble and putting the teams in the bonus early in quarters.

  • Jay P


    I’d match rather prefer Refs get the calls right the first time than need to call a make up on what was one of the all time great flops.

    Seriously, Garnett barely had his hands on Gasol and the guy hit the floor like Oprah had just fell on him.

    But whatever, refs have sucked complete ass all series, so why would this game be any different.

    Either way, I take a lot of positives from the game. They shut down Kobe, Ray got good looks (which I have complete faith he’ll make next time) KG went off finally. Once Paul wakes up, if the defense can continue to play that way (except Rondo, who cannot let Fisher get free in the 4th again, inexcuseable) I like our chances.

    We have still yet to see a game where all the Celtics stars finally put it together. Paul, Ray, KG, and Rondo are fully capable of 26, 18, 16, 12 point types in one game. With that kind of balance, and a little help from the bench, LA doesn’t have a chance.

    Oh, and TA looked amazing last night, did you notice? Funny, I vaguely recall telling you he was a valuable bench contributor.

  • JMM


    I don’t believe in makeup calls.

    In any event the refs didn’t decide the game. The Celtics did. The game was a gift from the Celtics to the Lakers. Enjoy the gift. I don’t think there will be another.

  • Jones

    I knew the whinning and crying would start after you guys lost. Bohoho! Rivers is up to it again and hopefully he gets fined.

    If gasol flopped, it was because he learned it from the master of divas: Mr Pierce! HE always looks like he is run over by a truck every time he gets touched!!

    You guys lost because Allen and Pierce were stone COLD from the field. Period. Now stop crying over your soup!

  • Iggy Pap

    I just consulted with NBA officials, staff, fans, and players. And the consensus is that Celtic players have not once tried to sell a foul. Not once.

    The NBA. Where putting the blinders on happens.

  • CelticFan in Orange County

    Why isn’t anyone else saying the obvious: DOC RIVERS BLEW GAME 3.

    Ray should have been benched in the 3rd. You have Daniels, a 13 ppg scorer last year sitting on the bench, Nate a far more consistent 3 point shooter as of late sitting, and TA much stronger defensively.


    So much wasted talent sitting on the pine. The only concession is this will hopefully be Doc’s last season as Celtics coach if he continues to blow the series.

  • Jay P


    That’s probably the dumbest comment I’ve ever heard.

    You’re out of your mind if you think Tony Allen or Marquis should ever be on the court over Ray Allen. And Nate presents WAY too many defensive problems to roll him out there with Rondo.

    Ray Allen is one of the best shooters in the history of basketball, I don’t care if he’s missed 100 shots in a row, I still want him out there in crunch time putting up a big shot.

    And how is Nate a more consistent 3-point shooter, did you freaking watch Game 2, Ray set and NBA record for gods sakes.

    The shots just didn’t fall, those things happen, but if you really think putting anyone else on that court was a better idea, lay off the pipe dude, your losing it.

  • Any mention of a Pau Gasol flop should include a mention, I think, that the C’s only had the ball because Rajon Rondo fouled Lamar Odom clearly and obviously, and that the refs completely blew it by awarding Boston the ball.

  • Jay P


    No ones arguing the refs decided that game. They influenced it, no doubt, but they’ve influenced every game so far because it’s been god awful officiating for both sides.

    There’s no question Pierce and Allen’s off shooting nights were the story of the Celtics loss.

    That being said, Gasol flopped, hard. Your blind if you don’t see that. It’s just the fact of it, and I have no doubt the Refs only called it because they say they blew the Rondo foul on the replay the play before.

    I’m not even arguing there’s anything wrong with it, certainly if the same thing happened to Boston I’d be yelling that it was just karmic justice.

    But it was a flop, without question.

  • roy

    Note to players, coaches, and fans of both teams, if they referee are calling it tightly, adjust your game. If you don’t adjust, it’s on you. STOP whinning on the officiating, both teams playing hard and the series has been fun so far … enjoy and hope this goes 6-7 games.

  • CelticFan in Orange County


    You know why Ray tied a record for most misses since 1948? Because NO TALENTED COACH IN 50+ YEARS HAS ALLOWED HIS PLAYER TO REMAIN ON THE FLOOR IN SUCH A CRITICAL GAME ON AN ‘OFF’ NIGHT. Much less, call out a plan for him to take the key shot in the final minute!


    1) A coach should take responsibility. “The refs didn’t let Pierce play” is the most flagrant, misdirection of responsibility and pathetic post-game comment of the series. Lakers fans have a right to have fun with that one.

    2) If Doc is so great, how then do you explain a bench that for every player across the board, has dropped in PPG and productivity since last year? Did EVERY bench player just lose talent over the summer or in signing with the Celtics? Of course not, Doc can’t cultivate talent, it has to be given to him on a platter (like in ’08) for him to do anything with it.

    3) If you’re not going to have defense, ala allowing a 34 year old to run full across the court to pass 4 guys and score, bring in fresh legs and offense–Robinson can change a game, but not sitting on Doc’s “I don’t know what to do with this talent” bench collection.


  • L’Hoo……..S’herz

    You just gotta love the double standard.
    When the Celtics lose, they had a bad game. When the Lakers lose, it’s the Celtics prevailing defense.
    Just face the fact that the Lakers are a pretty darn good defensive team and are outplaying Boston at both ends. If it weren’t for Ray’s record-breaking-career performance in game two, the Lakers would be up 3-Zip with plans on flying home Friday .
    Cleveland is the only team that may have beaten us in the finals as they match up to us a little better. So we thank you for getting them outta our way.
    The Lakers will get one more in Boston (if not two more).
    Lakers in 6

  • CelticFan in Orange County

    @ ForumBlue

    Lest we remind you that Rondo broke game 2 open with 10 points and solid defense in the 4th.

    We even put in our sadly developed #13, Williams who cost us 8 points in sloppy play for the crazy foul calls you guys got 30 points off of.

    I sit here in LA and never do Laker fans concede to the Celtics playing well. There’s always some excuse as to why it happens.

  • I echo Roys comments about the officiating. They have been consistent on their calls. The players need to adjust.
    The refs have scouting reports too. They are well aware of KG and PP cheap shots. That’s what is frustrating them. They’re not getting away with them. Yet they keep trying and end up in foul trouble. After every basket in the paint, you’ll see KG push a Laker in the back. How many times (in this series alone) have we seen KG push off on Gasol then throw his arms up as if he didn’t do anything? The refs aren’t falling for PP drama-queen bit either.
    I must say though, Rondo has earned my respect cuz he just goes out there and plays his game without trying to coax the refs into calling fouls.
    Maybe if the rest of the team just went out and played ball instead of playing the drama-queen game, you guys would have a chance. That would be a stretch though.
    Just play the game and quit crying.
    Lakers in 6

  • CelticFan in Orange County

    @Roy & Blue

    We’re all in agreement–your professional players and coaches, adjust your game to the refs.

    And, I’m not sure where Doc gets away with this quote from last night’s game: “[Pierce] was getting calls and HAD to be taken out.” Since when does the NBA rulebook say a player must be removed from the game upon receipt of a foul call?

    Only if your players can’t control themselves afterward, control their flagrants, our you, as a coach just haven’t developed your team enough to close the game with an ’09 starter from another team who is now on your bench, I guess…

  • Jay p

    @Forum Blue

    You’re an idiot.

    That argument makes no sense. Because just as many LA fans were saying “LA playing terrible, Refs screwed Kobe” after Game 2. Or just claiming Ray’s ridiculous shooting, and that no one else on Boston did anything.

    Oh, and by the way, LA still only put up 91 points last night, so the Cs defense was pretty damn good. And if you wanna take about “well without Rays…” then without Rays nearly record break bad shooting night, then LA is down 2-1 right now, and Boston is making plans to sweep it up at home.

    Get a clue, your a moron.

  • Jay p


    You can’t blame Doc for the Celtics getting back into transition. He can yell and scream all he wants, the plays have to execute game plans.

    And who’s production is down right now? Wth are you talking about?

    Wallace wasn’t in Boston last year, and got a lot more minutes in Detroit, can’t compare the numbers.

    Nate, same thing.

    TA, he was hurt last year.

    Baby played a lot more minutes last year, can’t compare those numbers.

    So honestly, I don’t get wtf you’re talking about.

    Phil Jackson is considered one of the best coaches basketball and after almost every single game makes a comment like that. He did it after Game 2. So… again, wtf are you talking about?

    Again, Ray Allen is one of the best shooters to every play the game, no Coach in the NBA, no announcer, no expert, no sane basketball mind would ever think it’s a good idea to take him out for Tony Allen or Marquis Daniels, I don’t care how bad he was shooting that night.

  • jeff

    @Jay P

    Was there a foul on that play or not? Didn’t Garnett commit a really obvious moving pick? It’s not a flop if there’s really a foul. Flopping = acting to get a call when there is no foul.

  • CelticFan in Orange County


    I hope you’re right. I’m Celtics through and through and it’s hard living out here in L.A. when we lose and when guys like Doc and Pierce leave the press with memorable quotes that say anything other than, “we need to play better.” I’ve got Lakers fans texting me now with laughter about game two’s “we’re not going back to LA” comment.

    The first three minutes between Rondo and Garnett were the moments of brilliance we all tune-in to see. That gives Celtics Nation hope.

    Let’s bring it on for 4 & 5 and go back to Los Angeles and steal it on their court like we know how to do!

  • RIch

    I love how Doc Rivers is suddenly a horrible coach.

    If Ray Allen makes that 3, every single person calling Doc Rivers terrible would instead be saying “WOw, what a call! It takes a great coach to trust his player enough that even at -12 he calls a play for him. Great stuff from a great coach.”

    Oh, and people love to claim that the refs should just “let them play” except when they think their guy got fouled. Then it’s a blown call.

  • choffster

    Derek Fisher! How does this happen? Derek Freakin’ Fisher is the difference maker in this game. 11 4th qtr points? I am speechless. Unbelievable!

  • DeVelaine

    “What’s the closest a series can be after three games?” We all know Doc said that. The answer is 2-1. Which is where this is. Last time the team was asked that, they responded with three straight wins against Cleveland to end LeBron’s season in impressive fashion.

    First team to win back-to-back games will win this series.

  • roy

    To Laker fans:
    1. Odom was in foul trouble game 1 and 2 because he fouled
    2. Kobe was in foul trouble in game 2 because he fouled – should be called for more technical with his whinning after every play that does not go his way
    3. Artest was called for fouls because he fouled – the second one he picked up yesterday was a dumb foul on his part, nothing referees can do about that.

    To Celtics fans:
    1. Garnett was in foul troulbe because he fouled in game 2 and 3 – should have been called for some cheap shots he takes before or after play
    2. Pierce in foul trouble the last two games because he is reaching instead of being in proper place to make the defensive play.

    I must admit referee have blow a call or two here and there but that is always going to be the case. The team that is more agressive end up taking more foul shots (Celtics in game 2, Lakers in game 1 & 2). Stop whinning, stop using IF this or that, etc …

  • steve

    gasol a flopper. ha. just giving the c’s a taste of their own medicine. how does ray get knocked over by a pullup jumper by fisher? FLOP!

  • Jay P


    No, a flop is over exaggerating the contact to get the attention of the officials. Whether or not there was an actual foul doesn’t really matter.

    The point is, what people hate about the flop, is it should be up to the officials to make those calls and see the fouls, not be forced to make a call because somebody flops to get their attention.

    I don’t know if it was a foul on Garnett anyway, it was a borderline call no doubt. And I’m not ever saying anything about whether or not it was a smart play from Gasol… if they make the call then obviously you have to say it was.

    All I said is it was a flop, that’s it.

  • Jay P


    The things that infuriates most fans for both sides, is the same “fouls” Kobe in Game 2, or then Pierce in Game 3 are being called for are stupid touch fouls with no consistency game to game.

    The same “foul” can occur 10 times in a series, and it will be called a different way each time. It seems as if Refs almost decide “well, Kobe was in foul trouble last game, so lets not call the touch fouls today. Now it’s Paul’s turn.”

    Call it the same, one way or another, and people will be hap… ok, well less upset.

  • Korey

    I hate to say it Celtics fans (well, I love to say it), but The LAKERS DESERVED TO WIN.

    We were up 17 points. You tried to steal it but the better team ALL NIGHT won.

    Just like Game 2, the Celtics built that 13 pt lead , they were the better team the majority of the night. Whatever calls happen, the Cs were just better that night.

    Give the Lakers the same props Game 3. You dont get a 17 pt lead by luck. And that 17pt lead was built WITH Luke Walton guarding Paul Pierce and with KG going bananas and Kobe colder than the freezer drawer (okay, that wasnt that clever)…

    Ray didnt show up, Rondo was OK, Paul Pierce didnt get to play.. Cs lost…

    Game 2 , Odom didnt show, Kobe didnt get to play…Lakers lost.

  • Laker guy

    As a laker fan, i am really impressed with the commentary – its not a hate fest but rather honest communication.

    As for the series and sports in general; I think we are in an era where everything is instantly pronounced the “best ever” before a series or career is nearing completion.

    Case in point. In hockey, Sidney Crosby isnt the greatest ever, yet – let the kid play 10 years or so and then decide. As to this series – Rondo is a really really good point guard – but he’s not the best point ever. He is still growing – a nice player, but i think too much is placed on him. If he isnt racking up a tripple double with 20 points people want to think he had a bad game. Not the case, give him a break.

    Finally,this series wasn’t over after game 1 and isnt over after game 3.

    I think two challenges Boston is facing is the length of the lakers – the celtics have been “out blocked” 28 to 10 so far this series, a stat that isnt affected by officiating or anything else; and Boston is a step slower that two years ago. I was watching the video posted on Ray allen and watching Davis set screens, and noticed him hopping to move the defender off the screen. Also i was watching the help defense of Boston and noticed teh “off hand” of the defender (Pierce and Allen are really good at this) down at the waist line grabbing shorts or jersey affecting the lift/jump of the shooter. Perfectly fine if not called, but a symptom of being beat around a corner and defending from the side.

    All taken together, this is still an epic series despite the frustrations

  • Walton

    Can’t believe Doc is complaining about the refs, sure Fisher flops and Gasol sold the Garnett foul well, but Garnett did foul. He always sets illegal screens and they call it one every ten times maybe. So I dont get why Doc is complaining, the calls were bad both ways last night. Look at the way Rondo fouled Odom but the Celtics still got the ball back.

    Sure it led to Ray allen curling off the illegal KG screen, but if they didnt call the foul, allen still missed the shot so no points would have been awarded.

    Doc has the third best flopper in the NBA after Varejao and Ginobili in Paul Pierce, and he is complaining about the Lakers flopping? Please if anything the Celtics are getting lucky with the refs

  • Anthony

    I say no more comments on the horrendous officiating. Doesn’t matter if you’re a Celts or Fakers fan, you’re only frustrating yourself over these calls. I’m just spent trying to understand and figure out if any conspiracies are out on the Celts. It’s a lose lose situation. Nevertheless, I say move on to the next game and watch it as calmly as you can and hope you’re team is the better team that day.
    Go Celts!!

  • CelticFan in Orange County

    Doc Rivers is embarrassing himself, the organization, and all us loyal fans with his latest PR move in a video sent to the NBA refs: http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/playoffs/2010/news/story?id=5268744

    Doc, just focus on your team and maybe don’t take your only scorer out after 5 minutes of play (Garnett in game 3). It’s painful for us Celtics fans in L.A. when you’re full of excuses but no plans…

  • arjay411

    LAKERS won coz their resilient….SUCKTICS complaining about no calls and flopping make me laugh. doc making the game (NBA) look bad with His whinning. cry me a river Doc Rivers. Can’t underestimate the heart of the defending champion.