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In the league? No.  The honor of best big man still belongs to Dwight Howard.  However, the Celtics are having a lot more trouble controlling Andrew Bynum than they did stymieing Superman.  Much of the adversity the Celtics have stared down when it comes to guarding this mammoth seven-footer with unquestionable touch from five feet in, comes from the other Laker players of which the Celtics must be mindful.

In Game One, the Celtics tried to play everyone straight up and got the worst of both worlds.  Kobe Bryant had a field day, consistently getting to the tin.  Bryant mesmerized the Celtics help defense and didn’t even have to utilize a Rondo Behind the Back Ball Fake to do it.  By playing straight up man-to-man, the Celtics Bigs also felt they could not completely leave their men to cut off penetration.  The result? Kobe Bryant scored 30 points, Pau Gasol chipped in 23, and Andrew Bynum and his length were the beneficiaries of 10 points on 4-of-6 shooting.

Without Bynum clogging up the paint, using his length to over-power Kendrick Perkins, and not allowing the Celtics to feel comfortable enough to play the necessary help-defense, the Lakers had a field day.

Something had to give in Game Two.  Either the Celtics pack in the paint and bang bodies or they cut down penetration, take charges, and play tough, physical wing defense.  They opted for the latter and Kobe Bryant finished the game with 21 points, and Andrew Bynum went off, matching his counterpart with an even 21 as well.  The result? A nine point Celtics win.

If the Celtics continue to play tough defense outside the paint, Bynum will continue to punish the bigs with his superior size.  There was not better showcase for this type of size and skill set than in last night’s game when Bynum accepted a lob pass with Glen Davis helplessly fronting him, trying to get high enough off the ground to hamper the pass.  A similarly helpless Kendrick Perkins tried to swat the ball out of Bynum’s outstretched limbs but before he could get there, Bynum simply redirected that pass straight into the goal.  No huge flush.  No furious yell of triumph in the face of two helpless defenders.  He just put his head down and ran back up the court.

The Celtics just do not have the tools to handle a guy like Bynum, but more importantly, a guy like Bynum on a team like the Lakers.  Right now, Bynum’s offense does not consist of isolations on the block.  His points are a factor of hanging around near the paint long enough for the Lakers’ wing players to realize that the Celtics lack the necessary physical attributes to match up.

Luckily for the C’s, they don’t have to match up.  They have the luxury of letting Andrew Bynum beat them all day.  This is, of course, if they do their job defensively on the rest of this Lakers team.  The Celtics have to lull the Lakers into taking bad shots because “bad shots” for Andrew Bynum are damn-near impossible to come by.  This is also mostly due to Bynum knowing his role.  He is not going to try and back down Kendrick Perkins and over-power him.  It is just not his game-yet.  He’s going to continue to do what he’s been doing: running the low of the high-low to a T and making sure Celtics lay-ups are products of Rondo’s freakish ability to put it off the highest point on the glass instead of open driving lanes.

Something that may prove even more fortuitous for the Celtics is the fact that Bynum may have paid a heavy price for his impressive production.  Bynum logged the most minutes in last night’s game than any of his previous playoff games this season (39).  The closest Bynum came to this amount of time occurred at the start of this year’s playoffs in the opening round series against the Thunder.  Bynum averaged around 30 minutes for that series before declining sharply in the Utah series (roughly 25 a game) and whittling to nearly nothing in the series against the Suns (roughly 18).  Perhaps even more telling information for the Celtics is Bynum’s Jekyll and Hyde act he has put on in putting up points.

If you look at Bynum’s point totals for each game starting with Game Six of the Lakers Vs. Thunder series, they oscillate more than a “drinking bird”.  Here, in order, are Bynum’s playoff point totals game by game:

21, 6, 8, 17, 0, 6, 4, 13, 2, 12, 2, 10, 10, 21

Despite reminding me of a popular access code that prevents random UNEXPLAINED surges in electromagnetism (can you tell I’m still bitter about the way this season played out?), they also show a distinct pattern in production.  Obviously, point totals are not the end all be all and I would have to go back and watch every game Bynum has played in to adequately determine whether the defense became more attuned to his abilities, his torn meniscus was hampering his play, or he was just laying eggs most 22 year-old basketballs players are accustomed too.

If I had to venture to guess, I would say torn meniscus.  I am no Doctor, but my professional opinion would be that having a torn meniscus sucks and playing basketball with that torn meniscus doesn’t do anything to ameliorate that situation.  The minute numbers seem to substantiate this as well.

On April 27th, Bynum matched the point production he had last night in 27 minutes.  The next game Bynumcored four points in the same amount of time.  Those two games really served as the catalyst for Bynum’s decline in minutes.  The next time Bynum played close to 30 minutes, he scored 14 points only to follow that up with 4 points in 20 minutes in the very next game.

If this trend holds up, the Celtics and their fans can only rejoice at the prospect of more time given to the smaller, more “corralable” Lamar Odom.  This could in turn start a chain reaction where Garnett switches on to Odom as the Celtics and Lakers swap Superman and Kryptonite roles by giving Gasol the Perkins treatment instead of Garnett continuing be befuddled by Gasol.

Or this trend could stop.  Bynum’ knee may finally be feeling close to normal.  I mean, he did play back-to-back big minute games (28 and 39) and this is the NBA Finals.  If there’s ever a time to suck up an injury and play, it is now.  So far, Bynum has done exactly that and I think Celtics fans are waiting for that knee to give out or at least slow down.

There is no question the Lakers are better team with Bynum on the floor and in turn, the Celtics have a better chance of winning games with Bynum on the bench.  Right now, the Celtics have to keep up what they did defensively in Game Two and if a casualty of that adds to Bynum’s star-power and legend than so be it.

That is, as long as it leads to Celtics’ W’s, of course.

* All box score information was provided by the lovely people at Basketball-Reference.com.

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  • Korey

    I find this line a bit myopic:
    “They opted for the latter and Kobe Bryant finished the game with 21 points, and Andrew Bynum went off, matching his counterpart with an even 21 as well. The result? A nine point Celtics win.”

    More like, Kobe got in foul trouble. That 21 is easily 30 points if Kobe plays his typically 10 more minutes this game. I’m not saying the Lakers win, but the correlation you make there (which I know is partly for dramatic effect) isnt necessarily the Celtics choosing one or the other. Its Kobe/refs having some “disagreements” to put it tamely in Game 2. (I’m not disputing the calls, i’m just saying that foul trouble was a huge culprit).

    I know we’ll see plenty of articles saying the Cs did a great Kobe job Game 2, and I give them half-credit. It sure did look like he was heating up late in that game and was only hampered by trying to stay away from fouls. Let’s see how this goes Game 3. I take Kobe with 30+ points on 45%+ shooting.

    #2 I may have read your post too fast, but I saw no mention of the obvious theory here: Bynum’s production is directly related to the number of days off he gets before games. … Phil Jackson has mentioned this as well … As such, I think Bynum will not play as well in Games 3/4, but game 5 expect “Bynum the Beast” to be back.

    #3 I used to be scared of perkins v. Gasol, but now? Seeing how Gasol abused Perk Game 2 gives me new confidence. Gasol can dribble around perk, he can shoot over Perk and he can playmake on Perk. The only thing he cant do is rebound over Perk. Granted this was at home, so I need to see proof of this “Road Gasol” and not the 9pt, 7 rebound proof Game 6 in PHX. If past trends hold up, I dont think the Perk v. Gasol kryptonite is in effect anymore.

    #4 I do agree that KG v. Odom may reawaken KG. Odom is so left-handed it’s laughable so KG can key on that. But I have to believe Odom can play no worse so I really look for this matchup to play a huge role games 3/4 while Bynum is limited.

  • Eran

    @Korey Kobe had 21 points from 20 field goal attempts and 5 turnovers. With that kind of performance he can play 48 minutes and the Lakers will still lose. Hopefully for the Cs someone finds a way to stop Gasol because Bryant is not going to play this way in 3 more games. 2 more games max..

  • Korey

    yea its easy to quote 20 field goal attempts when about 3-5 of them came as desperation shots when the Lakers are down 7-10pts and are just trying to get back into it somehow.

    In the last 1:30, Kobe goes 1-4 trying to dig the Lakers out the hole. So 8-20 is more realistically, 7 for 16.

    Before that final sequence,
    Kobe just had hit two shots in a row w/the game in balance including a 3pt play on Perk. lakers went up 3, then artest went bonehead. The previous time when he was in he a 3pt play nullified by a Ray Allen flop.

    So yea 21pts on 20 FGA sounds “all bad” but as always we look at #s and dont consider context.

    In the end, We can play this #s game all day and twist both ways, but I’d be careful about saying how much Kobe got held down cuz to me it looked like the only thing that held Kobe down the 2nd half was the refs (to his own fault). I thought he had yall figured out.

    That’s just me and I’m biased though.

  • Jay P

    I think you just admitted to Kobe’s weakness. Why is he putting up desperation shots in the 4th if they are “trying to get back in it” seems to me the optimum play would be to get Gasol and Bynum some work, seeing as the Celtics had no answer for them, and had obviously tooled their offense for perimeter defense.

    Oh, and the 3pt play on Perk was a BS call, but still, a nice finish from Kobe.

    For anyone who’s now blinded by purple and gold, your assertion that the 4th quarter shots don’t count cause they were “desperation” is just an admittance of Kobe’s inability to subjugate his own ego, even to the detriment of his team.

    But he’s the best closer in basketball right, so god forbid anyone else would get any looks.

  • Dan

    The ESPN commentators were saying last night that when healthy Bynum is – or could be, forget exactly how they phrased it – the 2nd best big man in the league. I think he’s a great player, but he’s not even the best big man on his team.

    As you point out, it’s hard to really say how good he is. Not just because of the constant injuries, but more importantly that he’s defenses 3rd or sometimes 4th concern. I can’t even imagine how terrifying Dwight Howard would be if teams also had to contend with Kobe and Gasol at the same time.

  • Korey

    @Jay P

    It’s a gift/curse bro (can I call a Celtics fan a bro’?…I recant the bro part of that comment!)…

    Same will that will let him drop 81 and close you out coldhearted can hurt. No player is perfect so you gotta accept it.

    Similar feel for Ray Allen. Great, he made 8 3s. But doesnt it seem like he has those 5pt games waaaaay too often for a star? Like how can a guy be so cold and yet so hot?

    A better example is Rondo. You want him to shoot and be confident but what happens when he is bricking Js? Or what happens when he gets rejected 3 times in game 1? Is that bad basketball or just the gift/curse of one player? Its interesting to look at the flaws because it makes you appreciate the strengths.
    A lot of fans lose this though (not saying you did).

    (On a tangent, I think this is what people fail to understand about Kobe. No he’s NOT perfect. He makes mistakes all game. But he makes so many good plays all game too its cool. They have this fake “Jordan” legend that says Jordan avg. 0 turnovers a game, shot 90% from the field and never had a bad game. Heck Magic Johnson was tragic in ’84. Great players are great because the mistakes do make are eclipsed so much by how much they do do well…okay, rant over)

  • mitch

    korey, you’re a moron

  • jonathan

    mitch, right back at you

    Agree with you Korey that you have to take the bad with the good and that we tend to selectively remember those that have come before. Since Jordan’s the one player who I think benefits the most from this, go back and look at his numbers from the second three-peat finals. There’re not as stellar as you might think. Every player has ups and downs and sometime the same qualities that make a player great also hurt in certain occasions.

    Example from the current Celtics, KG’s intense adherence to teamwork probably comes from the similar mentality that always prevented him from taking over games down the stretch.

  • jonathan

    And re: Bynum, I think part of it is him being only 22 (which people always seem to forget when assessing him), but more specifically I think it’s im being 22 and at best the third option for the Lakers, and often he’s sharing that distinction with Odom and also having to deal with Artest, Fisher, Farmar, Brown breaking the offensive for their own shots.

    Bynum has the talent to easily average 20/10, it’ll happen when he becomes a more integral and consistent part of the Laker offensive.

  • Charlie

    It’s funny how everyone talks like we completely shut down dwight. Yeah we limited him but ha had a couple amazing games.

  • Korey


    If I’m a moron, please elaborate to why you would think that way.

    Oops, you cant because the 1 sentence post you put up more than likely just says your are too inept to say something intelligent so you resort to “moron”.

    Its cool, I understand man. I’m the moron. And that makes you the ….

  • Tom

    If Bynum doesn’t play with another 7 footer, I wonder how his number is going to change. What if it was Leon or Big Baby playing next to him?

  • torpid bunny

    No one is mistaking Ray Allen for Kobe. But if you’ve watched a lot of celtics basketball you know that Allen has an exquisite understanding of the game and often sets the pace for the offense. He very judiciously attacks the rim at crucial points, and he always smells that point when the opponent is reeling and a quick three will finish them. If he misses, the celtics still hold a lead and are presumably playing strong defense. If he makes the opponent is cut open. Basically, he is a terrific pure shooting guard.

    This series is so exciting. The terrific guard play of the Celtics is matched up against the Lakers inside dominance. The overall intimidation of the Lakers physical superiority and ruthless efficiency is matched up against the awesome grit toughness, and team play of a group of accomplished veterans, everyone of whom knows and has done what it takes to be a champion. I’m so jacked about the next game.

  • torpid bunny

    Dwight did start to dominate but the whole was too deep and Nelson got shot down in Game 6.

    Still a punk though!

  • Ersatz

    Lakers fans kill me. Funny people. They start sentences with words “Realistically” and “Actually” and then proceed to say stuff that’s not only completely unrealistic and counterfactual but obviously their own fantasies. “Actually, Kobe shot 9 for 10 in that game because he didn’t really mean to take those shots that he missed.” “Realistically, if Kareem and James Worthy hadn’t retired in the 80s, the Lakers would have won last night’s game.” “Actually, if Kobe hadn’t accidently left his invisibility cloak in his Lambourghini, he wouldn’t have been called for those five fouls.” Etc.

  • JMM

    Korey, you’re forgetting, Ray’s threes were a gift from the refs who wouldn’t let Fish play D.

    Man, Laker fans.

  • Korey


    Laker fans may be crazy, but no one I know didnt give Ray Allen props for being butter. The officials didnt let Fish hold, so what?

    Are Celtics fans not crazy for continuing to tell me that Tony Allen is a consistent bench player? Or that KG would dominate Gasol and handle that matchup? Or that the Lakers werent tough enough?

    Hmmphhh… Celtics fans, i tell you…

  • Korey


    Unlike some players, I like the fact that Kobe will risk “nice” stats to do the miraculous. If we are down 7 with 1:30 left, who cares if he jacks up shots?

    But you know what really kills me? The ifs/buts/ands/excuses that you yourself make for your players and then try to turn it around on relevant conversation.

    Let it be known, that I dont want to hear about the 2-3-2 format or the refs giving too many calls to the Lakers because:
    – If the Celtics would’ve played better they would have homecourt
    – If the Celtics would’ve signed taller big men, Gasol and Bynum wouldnt dominate them so easily
    – If you didnt trade Eddie House, you may have some outside shooting instead of Tony Allen off the bench

    and lastly, IF KG wasnt so old and washed up, you could’ve won the championship last year and you would be going for 3 in a row, right?!

    These Celtics fans kill me, all their “ifs”….

    Please dont make any hypotheticals from here on out, I’ll be tracking and calling you on it.

  • Jay

    Bynum’s numbers improve dramatically when he doesn’t have another 7 footer clogging the paint. Look up Bynum’s numbers for the first 15 games of the year when Gasol was nursing a sore hamstring and wasn’t playing. Bynum was putting up huge all-star type numbers. Gasol came back and Bynum had just an awful month of December. Lakers fans were wondering if he was hurt or something. Eventually Phil covered for him by saying that he had a respiratory infection of some kind, but he still threw up about 20 bad games in a row.

    As a long time Bynum watcher, a few things you should know:

    1) To contradict the original article, Lakers fans consider Bynum to be a basketball black hole. The article mentioned that Bynum won’t try to back down Perkins. This is sheerly because of his injury; when Bynum is feeling right, when you throw the ball to him 12 feet in and closer, you won’t see the ball again, he’s taking the shot even if he has 2 guys draped all over him. Lakers fans would probably complain about this more if he didn’t shoot 57% for the year. A bad Bynum shot still goes down about half the time.

    2) The injury isn’t the only thing that keeps Bynum from having consecutive good games. You can tell how Bynum is going to play from the 1st quarter. If Kobe/Gasol don’t make a concerted effort to make him feel like a part of the game in the 1st quarter, he’s taking the rest of the game off. Could it be because he’s 22 and immature? Possibly. Most NBA observers compare him to Joe Barry Carroll, also known as “Joe Barely Cares”. There’s something wrong with his drive in his head. If being coached by Phil Jackson and on the same team as Kobe Bryant isn’t motivating him, that’s probably a bad sign for his later career.

    3) Offensively, Bynum probably is the 2nd best center in the league, 2nd only to Yao. Overall, Bynum is probably 3rd best only to Yao and Dwight. This presumes that Amare, Dirk, Gasol and Duncan are PFs (which they are), although as sacreligious as it sounds, Bynum tends to beat up Duncan head-to-head. Duncan has submitted some true stinkers lately when matched up vs. Bynum. He has a pretty decent variety of post moves, a semi-reliable hook from 8 feet or closer, he’s easy to find on alley-oops and his drop step move is quite good when he’s healthy.
    This kind of breakdown sounds wrong, but there are very few actually talented centers out there. Shaq is decaying. David Lee is not better than Bynum. Bogut is not better than Bynum either. Neither is Kaman.

    4) Bynum is a very poor defensive rebounder. Gasol/Odom cover for him, but it’s something I can’t believe the national press didn’t really cover. Bynum played extended minutes in this game and the Celtics pounded the Lakers on the offensive glass down the stretch. This is very familiar to Lakers fans and was no coincidence whatsoever. The more minutes Bynum plays, the more offensive rebounds are there to be had. The more minutes Bynum/Gasol play together, the more guards/SFs pick up rebounds. Rondo creaming the Lakers on the offensive glass down the stretch was terribly predictable.

    That’s Bynum 101 for you. Hope I helped some fans from “the other side” understand him a bit.

  • pam

    @Korey i respect your opinions etc but please dont throw the ‘you didnt sign 7 footers like gasol and bynum’ shit on a celtics blog. the lakers stole gasol and everyone knows that.
    and before you try to say the same thing about kg- think about this- the celtics were actually pretty afraid of letting al jeff go. he was supposed to be a superstar in the making and just ended up getting injured a lot in minn. plus while we are pretty stoked about this year, we are pretty scared about our future.
    and another point- if we didnt trade eddie house, ta would still have played as much in this series because ta is in the game only to guard kobe. eddie would possibly have played instead of rondo. this move was covered on this blog stating the trade has forced the cs to increase rondos minutes which has helped etc.etc.
    plus call me crazy but i def prefer having nate in the game defensively over eddie. he is so tiny that he can really fight through screens and he can def contest shots.
    and the kg washed up/injured scenario last year is the same as the argument that if bynum was playing in 2008, the celts would have found it tougher. i actually agree with both points. if kg and leon hadnt gone down last year, i think a repeat was def on the cards. and if bynum had played in 2008, it would have forced perk to guard him and thus gasol wouldnt have been as badly mauled. all i am saying is understand that every argument has two sides.

  • Aboog

    First off, let me start off by saying the lakers are in NO trouble at all after a game 2 loss. A game 2 in which Rondo had only the 8th triple-doub in finals history and Ray Allen had a night to remember making 8 3’s and after all that…..the lakers were leading going into the last 5 mins and if not for the game becoming a WHISTLE fest, were on their way to an epic close out of the game which obviously NEVER had a chance to happen.

    Now, as far as Bynum goes….ppl have been talking about his knee since the middle of ROUND 1 and hes still performing at a the level the lakers need him to. I think his 21 pts in game 2 were encouraging seeing that kobe, ron and lamar had terrible nights.

    the celtics won the regular season match-up in LA so of course their capable of winning 1 here but, the lakers or should i say KOBE stole 1 in boston earlier this season too, so the lakers are more then capable of winning 1 and maybe even 2 in boston. and lets not forget one HUGE factor, thanks to sportscenter, kobe and the entire lakers squad has had to chance to hear paul pierce ONCE AGAIN prematurely count out another team…..thats gonna fuel kobe and his energy will be contagious in game 3.

    with all that being said…if the lakers can get back to the match ups from game 1-fish on allen (it was successful in game 1 regardless of the skeptics) and kobe on rondo (kobe kinda playing a mix of man and zone on rondo really worked)- and get back to boxing out and scoring IN THE PAINT preferably w/ kobe playing in the post more, I think the lakers can steal game 3 and maybe even game 5.

    its something about a phil jackson coached team going 47-0 after winning game 1 of a playoff series that just seems like…………more of an indictment on the coaching philosophies of the zen master

  • Andy

    To be honest, I don’t really find the NBA that interesting until the Conference Finals. You pretty much know who is going to be there. The only constant is Cleveland seems to choke along the way.

    I just like good basketball. And the intensity and crispness of the hunger in the playoffs makes the last two rounds entertaining.

    I actually picked Boston to beat Cleveland ,but i fell in love with Orlando and saw them going to the finals. L.A. was never going to be in doubt. Their match ups just got easier and easier as they went on.

    But the majority of prognostications and biases of big-name media writers and sports figureheads towards the Lakers have me wondering where they are getting their cheeba from. I mean please tell me you have the Celtics winning in 5 or 6 games? And without looking into the tangible and intangible aspects of the series, they were throwing around phrases like “Kobe’s drive for five” or “Revenge” or “Home court” or “Lesson Learned from 2008”.

    Here is the one crystal clear point that is the telling factor of who wins a series. Get your pen out, open MS Word up, whatever… but document this:

    The Boston Celtics have more players that ‘want’ it more. They have that hunger in their eyes. That look of determination. The hunger for the Championship. The Lakers have a few (Bryant, Gasol, Fisher). The Celtics have more (Rondo, Allen, Pierce, Garnett, N. Robinson, R. Wallace,). The Lakers have more clowns (Artest, Bynum, Odom, Farmar, Vujajic, Brown) than the Celtics (Davis, Perkins, S. Williams).

    Celtics in 5 or 6.

  • JMM


    “Laker fans may be crazy,” “crazy”? I don’t know. But, ignorant, uninformed? Certainly.

    “no one I know didnt give Ray Allen props for being butter”

    In fact Phil Jackson, the source of my sarcastic comment above didnt give Ray Allen props for being butter. In the post-game press conference Phil whined that the reason Ray got off was the refs picking on Fish.

    You type a lot Korey but, you don’t really say anything. And often, what you do say is simply wrong.

  • Yeah

    Lakers down 3, KG taps the ball out of bounds (clearly off his hand). Refs call it off Pau. Celtics get the ball, Rondo hits a wide open 20 footer to extend the lead to 5. That’s the game right there.

    Everything else was a back and forth slugfest. No point claiming you “KNOW” who’s gonna win this.

    Lakers want it badly. Celtics want it badly.

    Stop pretending you can predict the winner accurately. Otherwise, put your money where your mouth is.

  • JMM


    Celtics in 6. I know it.

  • Jay P


    Phil is the master of mind games, have you ever known him to be the coach to come out after a game and say “Wow, that guy was good, he just torched us.”

    It’s not his style, and he’s always going to blame something else rather than give a player his due. You can expect nothing less.

  • JMM

    Jay P,

    I know what Phil was doing. He was trying to get better calls in game 3. My point stands – the Lakers were blaming the refs for Ray’s work.

  • Bob

    @ JMM

    “Celtics in 6. I know it.”

    Talk about ignorant and uninformed…

  • Cptn Bubbles

    Korey, have you watched every Celtic game this season? Based on watching all those games, can you explain how exactly TA went from sitting on the bench to a very important part of the rotation? Did you even see TA play Wade & Bron etc. in the playoffs? Do you judge players only by box scores & numbers? I don’t think you should be trashing TA if you’ve only watched him for 2 games (even in those games, he has already blocked Kobe & bothered some of his shots & forced multiple turnovers on D).

    I could start talking trash about the lake’s bench, but I’ve not been watching them until now. I think if you reach the finals your bench has to have some talent. The lake bench has made some mistakes, but they have also done some good things. They are much faster & better penetrating then what I was expecting. I was also expecting Fish (starter) to be slow, but I was wrong. Fish is also very smart, crafty, & one of the toughest Lakers.

    I think you have expertise with the lake, but don’t make absolute declarations about the Cs which are based on 2 games. To act like TA has not made ANY positive contributions is ridiculous.

  • JMM

    Good one Bob! Zing!

    You don’t understand sarcasm do you? See, while I do believe the Cs will win in 6. My comment was intended to poke fun at Yeah for taking himself so seriously.

  • Bob


    Haha…it’s all good man. Hey, I’m at a c’s blog so what else should I expect? I just like coming here to see a different view of the game. I respect your opinion and honestly it’s not far fetched. You guys made great adjustments and now its our turn.

  • Korey


    OKAY, lets not get started on “fair trades”.

    You guys maaggically got ray Allen and KG out the sky.

    Memphis gifted us Gasol.

    Last I checked, Memphis looks way nicer than MInnesota after their “gifts” from above.

  • Korey

    “I don’t think you should be trashing TA if you’ve only watched him for 2 games (even in those games, he has already blocked Kobe & bothered some of his shots & forced multiple turnovers on D)”
    He did all that huh. Super effective huh? ok.WOW…. Wait, Seriously….hahaha…No seriously?

    I’ve watched 90% of all playoff games.

    ITS OK for you to say one of your players is NOT SO GOOD.

    Sasha Vujacic has hit 2 3s this series, I’m not yelling he is great from the rafters.

    I can understand you back Tony Allen. He is your own.

    But if he is playing more than 20 minutes a night you will lose.

    I’ll get off Tony Allen, obviously he has done something special in the Boston community such that everyone gives him credit for being some great rotation player that the rest of the world cant see.

  • First you speak for all Lakers’ fans and now you speak for the entire world. Perhaps you should try being a little more myopic…..


  • JMM


    Play more than 20 minutes a night? How many Laker’s subs play more than 20 minutes a night?

    You should consider not drinking during the day, you LA girls can’t handle your liquor.

  • Aristotle

    Honestly I don’t see why they wrote this. They talk about letting Bynum score and stop others from scoring. Are you serious? The reason why the Lakers lost was from Kobe being in foul trouble and not being able to defend how he normally defends. Come on now! If Bynum gets 21 again and Kobe isn’t in foul trouble, just call it a game because no one on the Celtics can guard anyone on the Lakers team. Trust me on this one. Allen can guard Kobe? nope! KG on Gasol? nope! Perkins on Bynum? nope! Pierce is roaming around because they want Artest to take shots, he’ll make them, trust me. Rondo also roams and that’s how he gets his steals and rebound. Lakers is just a better team period and those 55+ foul calls per game is rediculous. Let them play and you’ll see why the Lakers are a better team.

  • Michael

    I’m still confident after game two. Ray Allen hit like 47 3-pointers, Rondo was clutch as hell and the officials didn’t let Kobe play yet, with about 3 minutes to go, the Lakers were in a good position to win the game.

    I was looking for a fired up Boston and that’s what I got. Though, something tells me that Ray Allen won’t be that hot for the rest of the series. Honestly, Boston’s front line was ass-raped in games 1 and 2. That to me, is a concern mainly because a perimeter game comes and goes but post play should be constant, and for Boston it hasn’t been.

  • Korey


    So you agree Tony Allen shouldt be playing more than 20 minutes a night?

    So if he is only a 10-15 minute a night player, WHY in the world are you defending him so hard?


  • Korey


    I’m not sure what you are scoring other than maybe not reading the posts!

    I dont think I ever spoke for all Laker fans. In fact, I was making fun of your C bloggers that say “Laker fans think this…”

    And of course, there is satire in when I say “The world cant see Tony Allen’s greatness”.

    Actually, that may not be satire. Cuz there is no greatness or goodness in Tony Allen for anyone to see!!!!

    You’re striking out Brendan, gotta come harder than that if you want to come to roundtable and battle it out in the depths of the blog posts!

  • Yeah


    I ain’t taking myself too seriously bro. All you Celtic Blog “experts” are.

    Such knowledgeable folks. Wonder why so many of them are on welfare…

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