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This game felt like another Lakers buzzer beater win in the making.  I actually kept expecting it to come even with it being a three possession game with under a minute to go.  This Lakers team is just that scary.

The Celtics really showed some guts tonight.  Despite tonight essentially being a two man show between Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen.  This team did not show any sign of packing it in after giving up a 14 point lead and after rounds of devastating miscues following long stretches of stellar play.

Rondo sealed the deal with some huge free throws with a few minutes to go.  Props to ABC’s Audio crew for picking up that excellent sound byte of a Celtics player (Nate Robinson?) congratulating Rondo.

The Celtics dominated the first half due in large part to Ray Allen’s 27 points and seven three pointers.  Allen ended up knocking down a NBA playoff record 8 three point shots but credit the Celtics’ screeners for really laying out Derek Fisher and Kobe Bryant the entire first half.

Try to wrap your heads around this: Ray Allen has 27 points at half time.  Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo chipped in a paltry six points, Perkins had a few put-backs and Kevin Garnett only mustered a single bucket.  That kind of box score is straight out of bizarro world.

Rondo played second fiddle to Ray Allen tonight for a couple of reasons.  One, Ray Allen broke an NBA record- okay, fair enough.  Two, this type of performance from Rondo has started to become customary.  Tonight, Rondo quietly tabulated his fifth career playoff triple-double.  The points and assists are nice, but everyone (smartly) said that Rondo had to a force on the glass.  He was tonight and it was huge.

The Celtics were a three-headed monster tonight with Allen, Rondo, and the bench.  Everyone, right down to Shelden Williams, played hard and contributed with hustle and team defense.  Rasheed Wallace entered the game tonight through a time machine.  He played well on D, he shot well, and he hustled- something rarely seen this season.  If Garnett continues to struggle like he has been through the first two games, Doc Rivers will have to heavily rely on Wallace to give good minutes.  So far, he has delivered.

The Celtics have no answer for Pau Gasol, but in a way, that is okay.  If the Celtics can continue to close out hard on Derek Fisher and turn Ron Artest into a jump shooter they have done half of what they need to do win.  The other half being a combination of limiting Kobe Bryant any way possible and completely exploiting the Lakers bench on the offensive end.

Speaking of Kobe Bryant, I am respecting this guy more and more.  I have tasted venom every time I have watched a Celtics versus Lakers game for years now but that is slowly turning into a profound respect.  Say what you want about Kobe the person, Kobe the complainer, or Kobe the teammate.  But don’t say this guy is overrated and don’t say this guy doesn’t play hard.

The three before halftime, the one-man fast break defender, and ability to not pick up a sixth foul and still be aggressive and focused.

I am in no way a Kobe Bryant fan, but I have to give credit where credit is due.

That’s it for now.  Tomorrow, I will type up some of my game notes that I found entertaining and hopefully you will too.

Quick addendum: The Lakers got a raw deal from the officials tonight.  While they took more free throws than the Celtics by a wide margin, it seems as though they lost every 50-50 call and I noted a lot of phantom fouls.  Oh and Garnett was the last one to touch that ball by a mile…

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  • joe

    didn’t i say after game 1 to not panic? Celts respond well after losses.

  • DRJ1

    Even KG showed some signs of life at the end there…. and don’t forget that Paul played his guts out, esp on D…. yet they won, with KG essentially useless out there…. batting rebounds (never actually GETTING them), missing the rim on his shots, not showing on D, etc., etc…. .and yet, they won. Great stuff………..

  • joe

    KG & paul combined 4 fg’s and we still win. what a beautiful game.

  • RBD

    This game took a couple years off my life.

    I still can’t believe they won.


  • Sophomore

    Will going back to Boston hook KG up to the juvenation machine? Gotta hope so.

  • DRJ1

    Yeah… .how the hell did they win this game…. Well… let’s not forget that Ray had an HISTORICALLY great game, and Rondo had a trip-dub…. and Paul was very active on D, and Sheed was good, and Nate was good, and Perk tried…. and even KG woke up at the end. I guess that’s how…………

  • complexity

    Haha. Hey. Nate played good when he was in, so I’m not hating! Not like we didn’t hear Garnett say it for the last 3 years.

  • joe

    joe says:
    June 4, 2010 at 12:07 am

    NEVER DRAW CONCLUSIONS AFTER GAME 1. This will be a long series. Remember game 3 vs. CLE? We’ll be fine.
    The players didn’t panic, the fans shouldn’t have panicked.

  • Maigc Johnson and Rob Parker


  • DeVelaine

    I think Zach said that it sounded like Rondo was going to have a “Balls to the Wall” game. I figure the triple double qualifies.

  • sacbobv

    @ Maigc Johnson and Rob Parker – Yeah tonight he was one of the greatest at picking up fouls!

  • Sophomore

    Artest and Odom were just awful, which helped balance the fact that Bynum and Gasol were playing all-NBA most of the game.

  • Allen

    I don’t understand how people on NBA.com are complaining the ref’s were terrible. The Lakers had 15 more free throws than the Celtics. The calls were pretty even.

  • joe

    @Allen. on nba.com & espn.com after every LAL loss they whine about the refs. Think nothing of it my friend.

  • joe

    c’s took CLE, ORL, & LAL’s homecourt. true road warriors.

  • MP

    And the free throw disparity was WAY more significant when you take out all the intentional fouls at the end

  • Magic Johnson and Rob Parker

    The refs were terrible though. Both ways. Horrid out of bounds call on Pau Gasol, which was huge. Two awful calls on Kobe which were total flops by Allen and Rondo. The refs sucked equally both ways.

    Anyway, KOBE IZ THE BEST….Oh, you mean he didn’t play well? Ok, LEBRON IS THE BEST EVAARRRR!!

  • I love Green

    Perkins needs to be given credit for his game tonight. 12 points from him is huge for the Celtics. If I remember correctly he pick up his 4th foul early in the 3rd, and didn’t get another the rest of the game which is good.

    Gasoft still did great, along with Bynum combining for 13 blocks. The biggest thing though is we kept them off the boards. Pau had 8, and Bynum had 6.

  • Rich

    Every fan base whines about the refs when their team loses. Don’t think that is specific to the LA fan base.

    Anyway, where is LAKERSFAN at tonight? Im guessing he won’t be seen.

    This game made my night. Kobe 8-20 with 5 TOs in limited action. Reminds me of LeBron’s game 4..which was equally as bad in a time when his team needed him to take over late.

  • Rich

    Oh, and I think Pau Gasol took one shot in the 4th, which was that three at the end of the game. Excellent offense by the Lakers there. Keep the ball out of the hands of your most effecient offensive player late!!Brilliant.

  • Ira

    OK. It’s a series. Before it started(just like before the Cavs and Magic series) I think the C’s need to win 2 on the road. I think they can but the Lakers can win any road game too.

    One observation: Players are not as flighty as fans and are mentally tougher. When the Lakers made their run over the 2d and 3rd quarters, it was more distressing to me than to Rivers and the team. They just look at what they are doing wrong and try to correct it.

    One more point: ‘Sheed was +18! Except for his poorly executed pass on the penultimate possession of the first half, he was spot on!

  • Bert

    I don’t have too much to complain about, but what about some of the crucial calls?

    Let the officials call the touchy fouls as long as they are called evenly, but pierce and baby’s blocks? Those were textbook, and Pierce deserved that block for his hustle on that play. Oh well, we won.

  • Dan

    Kobe is overrated. He is the most skilled player in the NBA (he can make the hardest shots more regularly than anyone else), but the best or second best? Please.

    I posted this on the refs on Forum Blue and Gold to address the complaints the refs cost the Lakers this game:
    I’m a Celtics fan and was forced to listen to this game on the radio due to some weird power outages in the area and the commentators noted that KG did touch the ball last, but said that the call was compromised because Gasol had fouled KG on the play. In essence: KG only touched the ball because Gasol fouled him and because the refs could not call a foul on Gasol on the play, they gave the Celtics the ball. Also note that this analysis was prior to the actual call being made (they didn’t just try to justify the call after it was made) and these commentators did not indicate any bias (i.e. complaining about any calls that went against the Celtics) throughout the game. While I still have not seen the game or the replay of said foul, in this situation it would seem the refs made the right call.

    Finally, for those who remain convinced the refs cost the Lakers this game, look at the free throw disparity (one which would be even larger if not for a series of Lakers fouls at the end of the game), look at the lack of touches for Gasol and Bynum in the last 5 minutes, look at Ron Artest, and look at the fact that the game ended with at least a 3 possession disparity. The refs did not cost the Lakers this game.

    Edit: One final note, addressing the complaints that Kobe was “taken out of this game” by bad ref calls which in turn affected the Lakers to a larger extent than the free throw disparity affected the Celtics. Look at the fouls on the Celtics bigs (Shelden Williams had to play it got so bad), who are integral in slowing the Lakers bigs and providing an interior rebounding presence, and look at the amount of points scored by Kobe versus the difference in free throws. Unless you expected Kobe to go off for an absurdly efficient 40-50 points, it’s clear the refs had a marginal impact in deciding this game.

  • Korey

    #1 CELTICS played a great overall game

    #2 At least 2 if not 3 of the foul calls on Kobe were ridiculous. ( I despise Rondo flopping out of bounds and Ray Allen flopping too)

    #3 Ray Allen was butter

    #4 Lakers got FTs because our bigs are more aggressive then yours. It’s that simple.

    #5 KG had 1 bogus all against him, but most were his overaggressiveness

    #6 Celtics were a better team overall tonight.

    That’s it. But it’s a series of the 2 best teams in the league.

    If you dont think LA can go to Boston and take a couple games your crazy.

    With that said, Great Game Celtics. Celebrate till Game 3 and we will renew the battle “one mo’ gen”…

  • Jay P

    We won this game because of a great performance by Ray Allen.

    Now… as great as Ray is (Honestly, in my book, this performance, and the fact that he has the highest career finals % from 3pt, in the history of basketball, make him probably the greatest shooter to ever play the game) we can’t expect a repeat performance.

    To win this series, we need Paul, and we need KG. We don’t need 2008 KG, but we need a lot more than we saw tonight.

    The guy looks like he’s running in tar, he’s got no lift, he’s got no aggression, he’s going up one handed for rebounds, tipping balls all over the place. He looks like a mere shell of himself, and make no mistake, we can’t win a full series without more from him.

  • Jay P


    I’ll see your Ray allen and Rondo flops and raise you Derek Fisher’s, plus the 2 blatantly clean blocks from Paul and Baby, and the phantom foul on Perk for the Kobe and 1.

    Refs were awful for both teams. Really, truly awful.

  • NHBluesMan

    @Magic Johnson and Rob Parker: check the rule book. If two players have their hands on the ball (or if one players hand touches another players hand at the same time as they touch the ball) theres no need to reverse the call. The refs got the call right!

    and as far as phantom calls on Kobe, yes, 1 or 2 might’ve been that way, but there were ALOT of calls against the Celtics guarding Kobe in games 1 and 2, so don’t complain about that.

    and Kobe is not THE BEST, but he is ONE of the best ever (top 5 probably) but thats not enough to overcome a TEAM with 4 future hall of famers.

    Celtics outplayed the Lakers, who had 3 guys score over 20 points, but it wasn’t enough for them.

    We’re heading home now, and that’ll be HUGE for the C’s starters, especially KG. Lakers will probably win 1 on the road, but look for the Celtics to come back to LA hungry and aggressive. I just hope we don’t love Perk for game 6 cause of techs, he did a good job keeping his cool tonight.

    Celtics in 6! BEAT LA!!

  • pilgrimtraveller

    it’s likely that ray won’t match this performance in any of the subsequent games, but it’s also true that the lakers won the first game because artest, fisher, and the bench played way over their heads, and they won’t repeat that performance. we rebounded, we defended, we won. we can do all of that again, and if ray only hits for 18, say, we’ll need more out of pierce. i am worried about garnett, but lakers fans need to worry about bynum having played 40 minutes. can he continue playing such minutes on his knee?

  • I love Green

    Kobe looks pissed off right now at the press conference.

  • ranen645

    2nd Jay P, Korey the fouls were even worse for the celtics, sorry the bad calls went on Kobe but sometimes that happens

  • NHBluesMan

    @ Dan- well said

    @ Korey- yeah, they might’ve been bad, but what about when Kobe got ‘fouled’ on that jumper and NO ONE touched him in the replay? Kobe gets alot of phantom fouls, its only fair that they go both ways.

  • NHBluesMan

    oh, and one more thing- Brendan, i totally agree with the Lakers being that scary. When Kobe hit that 3 at the end of the first half, i kept thinking to myself “The Celtics NEED to keep this game out of reach so he can’t hit one of those to end the game and send it back to Boston 2-0”

    Much respect for the Lakers, but they got outplayed tonight.

  • LakerHater13

    This is why you dont panic after one game. I am curious where the laker fans are after this game. About the refs. They called it poorly at both ends. Ball off KG yes. Baby and Pierce have clean blocks yes. Bad calls both ways. Refs didnt factor at in this one. Great win from the Celtics but still not a great game from them. 12 turnovers at halftime is just awful. Pierce only played at one end tonight. KG not great when he wasnt on the bench in foul trouble. We did rebound tonight which was good. Celtics can play much better. I am still sticking with Celtics in 6. Hoping for C’s in 5.

  • tm

    Did anyone get angry over the garbage minutes Shelden useless Williams gave. He single handedly gave back (mininum) of 5 pts by not finishing a dunk, turning over on dumb passes and not rebounding. That play at the end of 2nd got me screaming, god I hate that guy.

  • sacbobv

    @tm: Agree, I was pizzed off!
    Scary that I’m thinking that Scal might be the better guy off the bench if we need a big body.

  • crizik

    Key to victory: After giving away 10 possesions in the first half, most of them lousy tournovers, the C’s had only three in the second half.

  • dslack

    It’s funny, I’ve been clamoring to get some Shelden for a long time these playoffs. When he first got in the game, I actually thought he played really well, active on defense, running the floor on offense. But he still rebounds like his hands are in cement blocks, and then those last two minutes of the second quarter reminded me why Doc’s the coach and I’m not. The perimeter foul with 1:40 to go, the pass to Kobe for the 3, the second pass to Kobe for nearly another 2…. He was dreadful.

    I think bad calls went both ways tonight, as people ahve detailed. I was amazed to see the Celtics hang on to win this. I would not be shocked to see the Lakers run off 3 straight now (thought I expect this not to happen), and I would also not be shocked to see the Celtics run off 3 straight (though I expect this won’t happen either. But it’s nice ot see that the Celtics can hang with these guys, even if it requires shooting 11-16 on 3-pointers.

  • Brad

    To Dan especially who heard the game on the radio and comments about the out call the refs gave to the Celts. I don’t care what the radio guys said, I watched the game. Garnett was on Gasol’s back, so I don’t know how Gasol fouled Garnett. I thought Garnett would be out of the game after that. Replay clearly showed Garnett’s hand hit the ball out. It’s one thing if Kobe is out for real fouls, but three lame calls, go figure. Your bigs got fouls because they’re having a heck of a time guarding taller guys and Garnett is a little slower than he used to be. Would you be happy to trade Ray Allen (especially after tonight) for three or four bench players, even if they were better than average bench players? Of course not. Cleveland doesn’t win if LeBron’s not in a game. Lakers can win without Kobe, Celts can win without one of their best, but when it’s the finals, it’s just not right for the refs to help decide the games. I thought game 1 was reffed pretty fairly. Game two was tight until the last two minutes. I think the refs made the difference in this game. There’s no excuse for that in the finals when every game means the difference between who wins the championship.

  • clasher101

    On ray

    i see a lot of comments that ray might not be able to put up these type of numbers again, I say until the lakers find a way to defend him he goes off again game 3.

    second, because ray shot so well it opened up the court for rondo to attack. see second half.

  • Korey

    @ Jay P

    What makes me the most sick is the “makeup call”. As if a phantom call for Fisher makes up for calling a foul on freaking Kobe.

    In terms of Fisher flops, Ray Allen damn near fouled Fisher out on BS calls running around picks. Fish couldnt even touch him. I suppose that’s makeup for game 1 and Ray fouling out.

    And that KG out of bounds was unimaginable. What’s the use of replay if you aint gonna get it right. That’s a jump ball at least.

    If we want to go tit/tat we can. Horrific is the only way to describe it.

    Overall, it’s disgusting. There’s way too many ifs/buts in these games cuz the calls. If we eliminate all these dang touch fouls then it would be OK. If someone gets bumped on the perimeter, i dont care. Both ways. Its just dumb.

    Lastly, I have no sympathy for the moving screen calls on the Celtics. Even the staunchest C supporter knows yall set some of the “movingest” screens in the league.

    Oh well. I expect the foul calls to go crazy in Boston favor game 3 via the HC. Unfortunately that’s the game.

    But even w/that, the fouls wont decide the game: The players will play through.

    Game 2: Celts were obviously the better team for the majority of the night.

  • Lee

    Everyone is saying Ray flopped on that Kobe offensive foul. Watch the replay closely, Kobe bumps Ray in the mouth. The broadcast has a few closeups where you can clearly see blood on Ray’s teeth afterwards. Sure Ray sold it well, but there clearly was contact.

  • pilgrimtraveller

    a couple of observations: given how badly garnett is playing and how well bynum and gasol are playing (while kobe is kobe), one would think the celtics should be down 2-0. but 3 players don’t make a team. artest, no matter what he did today to slow pierce, is a serious liability; fisher played today as he will play for the rest of the series—badly. the lakers bench is essentially non-existent (the difference in bench scoring is the difference in the game score). and the lakers can’t defend allen and rondo. yes, allen won’t continue setting records for playoff-threes, but he will still require defending. how long can kobe, bynum, and gasol play 40+ mpg? kobe might survive doing so, but i doubt bynum will.

  • LakerHater13

    @ Brad. 41 fts for the lakers. 26 for the celtics. at least 6 were intentional at the end. 2 clean blocks called for fouls against the celtics. refs did not decide this game. ok lets call those 2 blocks clean blocks. now you minus 3 points from the lakers after 3/4 shooting fts. then you give la the ball after KG hits it out and your down 6. lets say La hits a 3 and your still down 3 with the celtics getting the ball back. cry all you want about kobe on the bench. we had to have shelden in the game and shelden litterally handed you the ball and let you back in the game in the first half. so maybe kobe should have had 3 or 4 fouls instead of 5. You cant tell me all 12 fouls on our bigs in the first half were all legit. Besides bryant was -9 when it comes to +/- when he was on the court.

  • sean

    will someone please tell stuart scott that this is not rondo’s fourth triple-double of the postseason? seriously, how is this guy on the air? every other thing he says is embarrassing. a shame considering the tnt crew is superior in virtually every way.

  • tom maynard

    The replay showed clearly Garnett touching the ball last that to me was the game changer when the Celtics got the ball back.
    Really bad call.Whats the point of replay?

  • Korey


    It seems like you are the definition of “homer”.

    I am on a Celtics blog so I should expect it.

    Saying Fisher will play badly the rest o the series is ridiculous. Check his playoff box scores and get back to me with some real analysis.

    Or, I guess I should mention that you have NATE ROBINSON and RASHEED WALLACE playing well for you…
    Like that is something you can count on nite to nite.

    Each game is different, dont act like Kobe will have 5 fouls next game just like I wont act like KG will be totally inept next game.

    Respect the players’ skill sets. These are 2 NBA Finals teams here.

    You are so “Certain” of what’s going to happen next, when in reality this series is officially a toss-up.

    You know nothing.

  • Hillcrestwildcat

    @ lakerhater exactly! Free throw disparity in Lakers favor pretty heavily. @Korey I agree the officiating has been bad for both teams this series but take away the Lakers free throw disparity (which is substantial) in this game and Ray had shot yall out of the game way before the end. And I agree with someone above Ray might not hit 8 3’s again, but multiple threes and a good efficient scoring night that can and likely will happen again, and now Phil Jackson has to make a decision, leave Fisher on Ray and risk his continued hot shooting or switch Kobe onto him more to the possible detriment of his offense because he expends more energy on defense and allowing Rondo a clearer path into the lane.

  • Korey

    Anybody who wants to WHINE about calls one way, but not recognize calls the other way is outrageous.

    I’m looking for some real basketball fans here. The fouls *did* matter, but quantity is not the issue. Time of game and momentum are changed. But there were so many shifts who could say “this” foul changed everything.

    I bet if KG played the whole game , you guys would’ve probably lost cuz he sucked tonite. That worked in your favor. Whose to say, Odom wouldnt of kept playing bad and Bynum woulda got less tick. This is ridiculous. Nobody has a time warp.

    Both teams were screwed. Support your side of the issue, but acknowledge that the other team got screwed royally at inopportune moments too.

    i do know this:
    – Rondo was ballin
    – Ray was ballin
    – Gasol was ballin
    – Bynum was ballin

    Our “ballin” players did damage quarters 2 and 3. your ballers went quarters 1 and 4.

    And really, that’s the reason you won.

    I’ll check back tomorrow and see if this blog is full of homers or full of realists.

    Until then…

  • jonathan

    thanks brendan for acknowledging that the refs hurt the lakers this game. the c’s played well and deserved the win, but i don’t think they do without help from the stripes (if that makes sense)

    and for people pointing out the plays by baby and pierce, baby got the ball clean but he hit bynum down low with the body, it was the correct call, easy to miss if you only look at the ball

    and the pierce block looked pretty clean, but i think that was minor contact in a situation that refs anticipate blowing the whistle, probably should have let it go, but you have to understand that contests on 1v1 breakaways, especially attempts from behind are usually fouls… except if it’s lebron…

  • Hillcrestwildcat

    We need KG to show up though and we need a way to slow down Gasol he is killing the Boston frontline our backcourt cannot carry us this whole series, not gonna win like that. I actually think Nate has earned 10 minutes a game, and Sheed has been our best post defender this series easily. KG looks much better in there with Sheed. This series is officially a tossup though. I think the next 3 games is a 2-1 split now the fan in me says in Boston’s favor, but it could very easily be the lakeshow. My feeling has always been though if Boston wins title 18 this year it will be on the road. Neither one of these teams is taking 3 in a row from the other.

  • pilgrimtraveller

    korey, i’m not a no-nothing, and i’ve been quite respectful of you. i’d appreciate it if you refrain from insulting me. check what fisher has done against in the past the celtics; he can’t stay with rondo or with allen. as for wallace, he’s doing what we expected him to do when we signed him. rebound, play defense, and hit threes. he’s smart, unlike artest. no, he didn’t do what we hoped in the regular season, but he’s done it for the playoffs. i don’t expect much out of robinson; all we need is a little energy and for some discipline. i do respect the respective skill sets. both teams have obvious strengths and obvious weaknesses. i happen to like our set of strengths and weaknesses better than those of your team. we will be struggling to keep your frontline off the boards; you will be struggling to keep our backcourt from scoring; and you hope your big three can play big minutes because they have essentially no backups.

  • Mason

    The Pierce block/foul was for his left hand. Right arm reached clean for the ball, but the left arm catches Crazy Pills’ left shoulder/arm. Attempts to block from behind on the break are almost always called fouls because they almost always are. Anticipation plays a role, because when one player decides to jump through another to get to the ball, there’s really only one possible outcome. You can’t jump through another player and expect not to get whistled.

    Unless you’re LeBron – who will have two fewer rings than Scalabrine or Adam Morrison at the conclusion of this series.

  • bob

    the officiating in this game really dictated the flow.

    hats off to the celtics (mainly rondo and allen). allen really picked up the slack on offense in the first half. rondo…beast on those boards…i don’t really know how we’re gonna stop that.

    sloppy game in general in my eyes. i dunno how you c’s fan see it but i felt the whistles really prevented both teams to get into any sort of flow, so the whoever had the transition game going took it (celtics)

    hopefully the lakers come out stronger and make our adjustments. we did a great job on allen in the 2nd half. hopefully it will carry over. i figured game 1 was all about figuring each other out.

    we can’t expect the 40 minute games outta bynum…LO has got to make an impact when he’s out there…otherwise he’s just like KG.

    good game…see you guys in boston.

  • Anthony

    I expect all the Fakers fans to use the refs as excuses even though the FT disparity was 41-18 (plus 8 intentional FTs at the end of the game). Like everyone said the Pierce and Big Baby block were clean blocks! There was no contact from either Ray or Perk on Kobe’s and 1! There was contact on the Rondo/Ray fastbreak on Kobe. Gasol hit KG’s hand to knock the ball out. What about all the contact on Big Baby when he grab like 4-5 rebounds during the 2 min stretch. Did the Celts get a couple of calls? Yes. Did the Fakers? Yes. It was badly officiated on both ends but yet Fakers fans are not happy with a 41-18 FT disparity!! Think this is clear who had more calls. Watch how long Gasol and Bynum plant themselves in the paint. They can be called for a million 3 sec violations. Yet these “fans” love how it was officiated in Game 1. Did the refs not take out Ray out of his game in Game 1? Celts were forced to spread the floor with T.Allen. Don’t think that worked very well.
    I think most Celts fans can agree they played poorly and without much effort in Game 1. The Fakers played harder and better and that’s why they won Game 1. Celts responded and played through all the Fakers runs and closed it out at the end. Celts were the better team tonight and it resulted in winning Game 2. Plain and simple. Now to Game 3 and I can guarantee if the FT disparity were 41-18 in the Celts favor, I would not complain. Go Celts!!

  • Anthony

    @pilgrimtraveller – Yes, lets keep it civilized. It’s clear Celts fans disagree with what Fakers fans have to say and vice versa but lets keep it civilized and enjoy the series for all the good and bad. Go Celts!!

  • Who said the lakers will be celebrating on the Celtics’ homecourt? You can only dream for that..Lakers fans just saw their last home game..hahahaha

  • Phil

    Garnett’s play really concerns me. Paul had a bad game, but you could tell it was nothing more than an off night. KG on the other hand, looked completely lost. He couldn’t shoot or rebound, and he played less defense on Pau than Scalabrine. I spent the 4th quarter hoping that he would foul out so Baby or Sheed could come back in. People love to throw out things like Ray won’t hit 8 threes, or Bynum won’t play another excellent 40 minutes, but those things all more or less cancel out. The one thing that can’t happen if the Celtics expect to win is for KG to play as badly as he did tonight.

    I’m just hoping its some kind of slump that he will come out of very soon, and not a de facto season ending injury that he suffered at some point earlier. The Celts don’t need Cleveland series KG, they just need 14 and 7 and some hint of defense.

  • JMM


    The Celtics dictated the flow. The only things for which the refs were responsible were Phil Jackson’s whiny, nonsense, excuses.

  • Korey


    I’m just saying you are being overly disrespectful to one of our key players.

    It’s fine if you want to do that, but how many times are you going to say “Derek Fisher cant hit that….oh wait!”. The man has done it for years now. Dont hate.
    Derek Fisher not playing well is the anomaly for us not some type of harbinger for all future games.

    I could easily say “Rondo will never hit a jumper again”, or “KG will stay sucky”, but we all know its not true.There’s a lot of “anomalies” game to game, so I just hate it when the postgame analysis is “your team had all this fake stuff happen…”.

    You have every right to say what you want on this blog. But when you say something outlandish like Fisher is going to always play bad, I’m calling you on it. That’s just dumb, sorry. He has too big of history even *this year*.

    That’s why I said “you know nothing”, because if that really is your analysis of this game, then what else am I suppose to conclude?

    Call it NBA Finals Checks/Balances.

  • Jay P


    Really in response to your last few points. So ya:

    1) Sorry for the homers, but ya, you gotta expect it here, we all have our moments. On pilgrim’s point though, you can’t count on Fisher to tip the scales for you, and obviously you’re not. As much as we can’t count of Sheed/Robinson, their all too inconsistent.

    2) I completely agree with your other points about the refs, it’s infuriating to watch for both sides.

    3) The adjustments the Lakers can make to stop Ray open up all sorts of other problems. Don’t forget, look at the second half, he had one 3 and they kept him in check most of the half. But the Lakers still lost, because Rondo was able to control the game, the closer they play the body of Ray, the more spacing there is, and the harder it is for the Lakers to transition and cut off lanes.

    4) I honestly worry about Bynum’s health, it’s very clear he’s putting everything he has into this series. I seriously hope he doesn’t cause any long term damage, because he will be the most dominant big man in the game if those knees don’t sideline his career.

    I had more to say when I started writing this, but I forget now. Oh well.

  • Korey

    @Jay P

    the key adjustment on Ray should be a simple one. It’s just trailing screens and not go over the top.

    Note to overreact to RAy is the problem. He did all that shooting and they were only up 6 at half.

    When Ray goes off, it sucks for us BUT he doesnt get anyone in foul trouble (unless the refs are being turrible both ways), and we can kind of hang in there.

    On Bynum, we’ve probably seen his best game till game 5 when he gets some rest. BUT, The clock is ticking on Odom, He has 2 bad games so far so its about time for him to contribute. Also expect Kobe to have a HUGE game 3. I’m expecting Pau to cool off. I also expect one of Fisher, Artest, or Farmar to hit some 3s.

    On Boston’s end, KG and Pierce will play better, but Ray will cool off. The question STILL is how much better can KG play? If he’s just going to go from ” sucky to OK”, Lakers almost have a better chance to win with him on the floor.

  • pilgrimtraveller

    korey, my comment regarding fisher was written in the heat of the moment. in the particulars of my phrasing, i probably was responding to the wild talk among lakers fans after game one that the lakers must now re-sign fisher more than i was expressing my full and well-considered opinion about him. he is a crafty veteran, who, left open, can knock down a shot; and—in knowing how to play within his skills—is an integral facilitator of the lakers offense; and—for all the complaints of lakers fans regarding rondo’s and allen’s flops last night—it must be said that fisher is an accomplished flopper (and, yes, he knows how to take a legitimate charge). but at this stage of his career and against the celtics, fisher is a defensive liability. he isn’t mobile enough to stay with either ray allen or rajon rondo. the lakers coaches must scheme to try to hide him on defense in order to keep his skills within the triangle offense on the court. of course, fisher’s defensive liabilities have knock-on effects, one of which is ratcheting up kobe’s defensive load, another is rondo flying around the court in the second half, swinging the rebounding battle in favor of the celtics. i overstated my case in my post last night, but i believe fisher, in sum, handicaps the lakers against the celtics. criticize that view, if you want to; point out what i am missing; but don’t tell me i know nothing. and, yes, right now it appears that garnett is handicapping the celtics. from what i’ve read about his knee surgery, he won’t finish his recovery until this coming off-season. i don’t think his career as an nba star is over, but it appears he can’t now be counted on for 10-15 points a game and a passel of rebounds. that causes huge problems for us in dealing with your front-court, which is at two positions better than i had thought. bynum is playing not merely well, but courageously; but, seconding one of jay p.’s well-expressed thoughts, i have to say i hope he isn’t pulling a willis reed. (jay p., i am willing to bet that we’ll get more out of sheed than the lakers will get out of fisher—which is a big deal, given that fisher starts while sheed comes off the bench.)

  • Ron Flanders

    I disagree on the Garnett touching the ball call. The officials had replay and they saw the same thing we all did…which is that while Garnett’s hand was the last to touch the ball, Gasol’s hand PUSHED GARNETT’S HAND TOWARD THE BASELINE. A hand is part of the ball. If Gasol doesn’t push Garnett’s hand, KG gets the rebound. You don’t call a foul there, but it’s Celtic ball.

  • @Ron

    I can agree with that but calling a foul there would have been insanity and if you watch the replay KG’s got Pau’s arm hooked. I know that’s expected contact downlow but it doesn’t make it legal. It was such a back and forth decision on my part as to whether or not the call was correct. I still have to say that taking all tihngs into consideration, that’s a Laker ball.

  • FYATroll

    Oh, and the block/charge call Glenn Davis drew on Kobe was so terrible I almost cried.

    That call wasn’t even kind of close. Kobe was in the air while Davis was still moving BOTH feet. Refs totally blew that one.

  • Jay P


    Interesting point, I didn’t think of that. I’d have to check the rule book, but you’re right, if the Refs decided that the ball only went out because Gasol pushed Kgs hand causing the ball to go out of bounds, then yes, it’s either a foul, or at the least Celtics ball. Might have been the judgment call they made.

    Although, Lakers fans definitely have an argument that even that is BS, because you’d then have to say, without the Gasol “push” that KG would have gotten the rebound… which I’m not sure you can make that argument.

    Either way, it’s a valid point, and might not be as cut and dry as “his hand touched last” as people are making it.

  • Jay P


    They were only up 6 because of complete mentally retarded moments from the Cs. Not to take away from the Lakers, they capitalized, but they should have never had the chance. Just really stupid, careless plays from Boston.

    That lead should have been 15 at halftime.

    You have a point about Ray though, but you made a point earlier about “phantom” calls on fisher in the second half while he was guarding Ray. Look at the tapes again, they weren’t phantom fouls, clear judgment calls, but Refs have been calling it tight all series, so why are you surprised by that? There was very obvious contact by fisher as he tried to fight Ray off his spots and disrupt his motions going around screens.

    It’s very clear to me that LA made judgment call in the second half, that they were going to be more physical fighting Ray, bump him, push him, get him off his routes and don’t let him get to his spots. If the refs call fouls, so be it, but they weren’t going to let him just get to whatever spot he wanted to in the second half, like he did in the first.

    But you can’t call it phantom fouls, just tight officiating, which is the way it’s been all series.

  • Cal


    They were lucky, no help from KG. Personally, I still do not see the Celtics winning this thing. Kobe had a rough game, couple poor foul calls, and he played without his normal aggression. The Lakers bigs absolutely dominated the Celtics bigs. Ray Allen will not drop more than 5 threes in anyother game this series, they shut that mess down second half. Boston plays a man down anytime KG’s on the court. Ron Artest has absolutely neutralized Paul Pierce. Make that two men down. Rondo’s not gonna hit open jumpers every night. The Lakers are just better in everyway.

  • Jay P


    There is so much homerific splendor in that post I don’t even know where to begin.

    Please don’t come back to this blog with blanket statements of “truth” that have no basis or argument.

    Let me just say this to your one “argument” which really wasn’t an argument but a statement of opinion as if it was fact. Artest has not neutralized Pierce, Pierce missed open shot. Good shots he hits at a good clip most nights. It was an off night for him, and it he gets the same kinda looks he did in Game 2, in Game 3, he’ll score 20+ easy, they were great looks.

    If you wanna say anyone was “lucky” well, then Ron was lucky Paul didn’t knock those down and then LA Fans would want his head. “You go 1 of 10 AND you cant stop Pierce, YOU SUCK ARTEST”

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