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The Herald reported last night that the Bulls are close to offering their head coaching job to Thibodeau, and Marc Stein follows up at ESPN by saying the Hornets have moved on to Portland assistant Monty Williams. Sources say a single tear slowly flowed down the left cheek of New Orleans GM Jeff Bower’s face as he de-friended Thibodeau on Facebook and deleted all of Thibs’ e-mails. *

*Sources may not have said this.

Stein also reports that Thibodeau is “no longer interested in the Hornets job,” and cites a Chicago Tribune report that the Bulls may make Thibodeau their offer by the end of the weekend. 

There will be those that criticize Thibodeau for stringing the Hornets along as he waited for better offers to materialize. And I get that, considering that Bower was (as Adrian Wojnarowski at Yahoo! put it in criticizing Thibodeau’s handling of the situation) the first NBA GM to give Thibodeau a shot at the top chair.

But this is business, and Thibodeau wanted the Bulls job. And it’s a better job, with a superior young nucleus, cap space galore this off-season (or next, if things don’t work out this time) and a foundation of players that can play outstanding defense. Not Derrick Rose, but you know what I mean.

What a testament to Thibodeau’s work in Boston.

He’s about to get one of the league’s prime head-coaching jobs at a moment in which every front office coaching move is framed around the question, “Does this guy appeal to Wade/Bosh/LeBron?” 

Bulls fans: You are getting a guy with prime pedigree. Winning is never guaranteed in the NBA. Coaching success isn’t, either. But Thibodeau’s record suggests he is ready.

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  • Perry

    For all the reasons you just mentioned I don’t know how Thibs could turn down the Bulls. It will be interesting to watch how the mass exodus of free agents react. Arguably the Bulls are one superstar away from contending in the east. Add a credible coach to the mix, and chances are they’ll be able to coax one of the top 5. Not sure what effect Ferry being thrown overboard by Gilbert will have on Lebron, but would he want to follow in Jordan’s footsteps even with Thibs on board?

  • Ersatz

    I’m actually pretty impressed with the Bulls for doing this. The safe thing to do would be to leave the spot open and see what their potential superstar signees want to see as far as coaching. Clearly Chicago recognizes that winning championships starts with D and so they’ve signed THE guy in the league right now. It may not be a sexy choice, but it’s a clear signal they want to win. If LeBron, or whoever, doesn’t want to sign with them because of Thibs, then they aren’t really interested in winning championships.