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It’s a recipe for disaster: giving up a good shooting percentage and allowing a lot of offensive rebounds. In Game, the Lakers shot 48.7 percent from the floor and rebounded 12 of their 39 misses—an offensive rebounding rate of about 31 percent. To put that in perspective, only two teams recorded offensive rebounding rates of better than 30 percent this season—Memphis (31.3) and Detroit (30.3).

So Boston, an elite defense, allowed Los Angeles to shoot well and dominate the offensive glass. A good team can win when allowing one of those things to happen, but not both.

How rarely do teams pull off this dubious double against Boston?

Well, the C’s have played 304 games since KG and Ray Allen arrived in Boston. In a totally unscientific data dive, I decided to see how often in those 304 games a Boston opponent has hit at least 48 percent from the floor and collected 10 or more offensive rebounds.

Here’s what I found:

It has happened 17 times in the regular season, according to Basketball-Reference. Boston’s record: 5-12

And it has happened seven times in the playoffs. Boston’s record: 1-6.

So that’s 24 games out of 304—or about 8 percent of all Celtics games over the last three seasons. And as you can see, Boston is now 6-18 in those 24 games.

The Los Angeles Lakers accomplished something unusual last night in decimating Boston’s defense with their shooting and their rebounding, with much of the latter built on aggressive dribble penetration from Kobe, Jordan Farmar and others.

Some other nuggets:

• The Basketball-Reference data shows how sharply Boston’s defense declined during the 2010 regular season. Of those 17 games mentioned above, 10 happened in the 2009-10 season, meaning opponents did the 48 percent/10 offensive rebound thing in just seven games combined over the prior two regular seasons.

• Before the series, Brian Robb highlighted the fact that the Lakers held opponents to 32.8 percent shooting on threes this season, the lowest mark in the league. The Suns, the most accurate three-point shooting team in the NBA, shot almost exactly 33 percent in six games against LA’s defense in the Western Conference Finals.

The C’s, meanwhile, had been hitting their threes coming into this series. They hit 41 percent against the Magic and 38.4 percent overall for the playoffs—the best mark of all post-season teams.

The three-point battle would clearly be a crucial battleground in the Finals, and the Lakers won it emphatically in Game 1; Boston hit just 1-of-10 from three.

How unusual is that?

In those same 304 games since the KG and Ray trades, Boston has it 0 or 1 three-pointers in seven regular-season games and five post-season games, according to Basketball-Reference. That’s 12 total games, which represents just 2.3 percent of all Boston games over the last three seasons.

Again: Some very unusual things happened in Game 1. In order for Boston to get back in this series, all of these trends are going to have swing back to the mean—and well beyond it.

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  • Lorilei

    Usually I’m a silent reader, but I was wondering about something. The article I just read at WEEI mentioned that Kobe scored a lot when Ray was defending him, but Kobe was 0-for-6 with Pierce defending him. Would that mean seeing more of Pierce defending Kobe? Just curious for an opinion here.

  • @Lorilei: Thanks for being un-silient!

    I think it depends on the personnel the Lakers will have in the game. I don’t think Boston is comfortable with Ray on Artest, but if the Lakers are small, with Kobe at the three, you’ll see PP on him.

  • Nowayout

    I think we’ll see Pierce more on Kobe , but not for 48 mins. As it will take a lot from Pierce’s offense and create other problems i.e. Ray trying to guard Artest..

  • Jamie

    It doesn’t matter who is on Kobe if they let him get to the rim at will like he did last night. Ray could not stay in front of him and TA didn’t do much better.

    They have to turn him into a 15+ foot jump shooter or the Cs are going to get killed every night.

  • Tony Allen was positively awful last night. I don’t know if it was the moment, or if his ankle is hurting, but he regressed badly. It is that sort of regression that would have made Daniels useful in this series.

  • Zack

    The Lakers played out of their minds last night. I don’t feel bad about the loss. I do however want a full body MRI on KG.
    One of the things I always try to concentrate on any time I play (coach or video game play) is to get fouls on key players. Artest can’t be as aggressive if he is sitting.
    Also someone needs to own Ka-Pau cause right now he is owning our bigs

  • Nowayout

    As Doc said, any Laker guard were able to attack the paint at will..That makes our bigs rotate and help and allow Lakers bigs get position for a put back which was exactly the case.

  • NHBluesMan

    watching the game, i couldn’t help but feel like alot of stuff was swinging the Lakers way and not much was going our way. The Lakers out-hustled the Celtics on the boards, and if we wanna stay in this series, that CAN’T happen again!

  • Coolin

    Rondo’s defense is turning into a liability, he can’t stay in front of anyone he gaurds anymore. The Celtics look better with Nate Robinson in the game than Rondo, Nate is a better defender.

    The things the Celtics should do:
    Never pass the ball to Tony Allen unless it is a dunk.
    Never pass the ball to Glen Perkins unless it is a dunk.
    Play more Glen Davis and Rasheed Wallace.
    Challenge Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett’s want. They both were atrocious on both ends.

  • Jay P


    Ya man, totally. We should see some Scal and Tony Gaffney in there too. Actually, screw it, get Lucky the Leprechaun out on that floor, DUNK THAT LUCKY, YOU GOT THIS.

    I hope you got the sarcasm, cause I laid it on pretty thick.

    Everyone needs to relax, it’s one game. This isn’t the time to start blowing up line ups and lining up on the Tobin bridge to jump off. Stick to the game plan, it’s worked so far, you just gotta bring it in Game 2, because it’s obvious LA isn’t about to lay down this year, no matter how “soft” we thought they were.

  • @Coolin: The idea that Nate Robinson is a better defender than Rondo may be the craziest thing posted on this blog this season. Rondo’s defense is reason #901 that the C’s lost last night.

  • joe

    KG has to be KG. it looked as if he & gasol switched bodies. we all know boston is a TEAM, but it has to begin with KG. he missed that easy layup & on another possession he had the ball at most 7 feet from the rim but instead of goin up over odom he passed to rondo under the rim messin the play up. KG must show up.

  • joe

    basically if we rebound, we’re fine. the initial defense is strong, we just can’t corral the Laker misfires. Also, LAL got to the rim waaaaaay to easily. That obviously can’t happen.

  • Korey

    Let’s review the storylines from game 1…

    Celtics fans “believed” Rondo would be dominant, Pierce would do his thing vs. Artest, KG would handle Gasol, Bynum was too hurt to contribute, and Kobe would be handled just like every other superstar Boston faced.

    Wrong. Kinda Right. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

    For all the “Rondo is the best PG in the league” talk, I dont see it. The best PG in the league needs a jump shot. You got Kobe Bryant playing him in the lane all game and daring him the shoot. He’s refusing, driving into the lane and trying to finish not only over Kobe but the trees in there. So unless he gets a foul, he’s typically not making a percentage play driving in the halfcourt. Hate to say I told you so but I did. If Rondo doesnt get 20/10 or a triple double, Cs will be hard-pressed to win. Rondo only was successful via Kobe brain-farts trying to double team. So they need to do some more for Rondo. Becuz the Lakers are just laying back on the P/R.

    On Pierce/Artest, the verdict is out. Through 3 quarters , Pierce had 11 pts. But more importantly, Artest set a tone the 2nd play. This wont be the typical “I punk Radmanovic” series. HOWEVER, Pierce started using the pick and roll to get Artest moving his feet and had more success in the 4th (although the game is over.) To me, *THAT* is the lone bright spot for the Cs. Artest in the P/R is vulnerable and Pierce was able to do his “fake”, I get a ton of FTs thing. 1/1 Artest defended Pierce well and made him take/make tough shots. In the P/R it was too easy.

    No need for me to comment on Kobe/Gasol. There’s 100 articles documenting that. Only thing I will say is that the people who thought Tony Allen could do anything vs. Kobe were sadly mistaken. Its Pierce or no one for that matchup.

    So there you go Celtic fans esp. the ones who said “I just dont see how we lose this series. We’re tougher. etc. etc.”. WELL, Game 1 is how you lose this series. Bynum rebounding over Perk, Gasol going AT KG, Kobe abusing the Allens and the lakers containing Rondo.

    Alas, this is Chess not Checkers.

    Celtics, your move.

  • @Korey: I’m not sure I know a single Celtics fan who believed all of those things. Or let’s put it this way: If any Celtics fan believed KG would “handle” (i.e. easily outplay) Gasol, that person has not been paying attention to the NBA closely for the past two seasons.

    Pau Gasol is a better basketball player than Kevin Garnett now. It’s actually not really that close anymore. If KG can get that match-up as close as possible to a draw, that’s a huge victory for Boston.

  • Perry

    But…the Celts were a +10 with Nate on the floor. Not sure if it was foul trouble plaguing TA, but Quis would be a welcome addition if he can get his head on straight. Forget Kobe’s 30, 14 of his 22 shots came in the paint. Come Sunday, Celts will convert better than 12 for 27 at the rim, and knock down more than 1 three point shot.

  • Perry: Aren’t you one of the guy always telling us to be cautious about stats 🙂

  • Jay P


    Absolutely, no question about it. I was absolutely shocked last night with KG. I mean I knew he wasn’t the old KG, or even the 2008 KG… but good lord. Gasol made him his whipping boy on both ends of the court last night.

  • DeVelaine

    My opinion? The C’s played like they wanted to lose last night.

  • Korey


    Okay, fair point in that no Celtics fans probably believed “all” those things. I just glued together all the arguments I’ve heard on this blog the past week.

    Probably a subset of those points are what led many to believe that the Cs would win this series.

    It’d be fairly easy for me to find comments that say “KG v. Gasol” would be a wash, which ironically, I had to at least hedge and agree to. KG’s “name” is bigger than his play. I like the quote he is a “caricature of hisself” lately.

    Now, its Game 1 and the Lakers are at home. I cant be naive enough to think that the Cs wont come out super motivated game 2. That is almost “The series” with the 2-3-2 format.

    But considering the subplots I mention before, I gotta say Pierce in the P/R is the lone bright spot from this game.

    I expect Ray Allen and Rondo to play better, but I’m really questioning Rondo’s effectiveness. He’s good but he needs to be All-Star/dominant good for the Celtics. Kobe on Rondo and are bigs really limit him in a halfcourt game.

    So I look forward to figuring out what are the Cs going to different? Play zone or pack in the paint more (Artest cant keep hitting 3s right?). Push the pace more for Rondo? A more Pierce-heavy offense?

    The cop-out we fans always say is my team played terrible, their team played the best ever, we’re OK. I dont think that’s the case here. Neither team played amazing last night and we have some clear trends going forward that Boston must deal with.

    Again, I am EAGER to hear what you are going to do Cs fans…

  • Jay P


    Ya, only the biggest Homers of us believed all of those things. That being said, I thought the Gasol/KG match up would be a wash, I didn’t expect Garnett to outplay him. But well, last night was a whole different story, Gasol dominated KG, badly. I don’t think even Laker fans really expected what we saw last night, at least not the educated ones.

    Pierce was ok, he was about what I expected in that match up. He got his, but Artest obviously affected him.

    Rondo was pretty solid, but they obviously need to do a better job filling the lanes when he gets inside, or he needs to hit that floater rather than going right at the bigs. He’s obviously having difficulty finishing. And the up and under lay up is just not a good % play.

    Ray Allen was hurt by all the ghost fouls. The fifth one being the most atrocious. Him being off the floor changes everything defensively for the Lakers, they don’t have to respect Tony Allens shot, and that creates a lot of spacing problems. I’m not cry conspiracy and playing the “woe is me, Refs F***ed the Cs” card. Just saying, if the refs call the series tight all the way, it hurts the Cs more than the Lakers, and the fouls on Ray Allen definitely impacted last nights game.

    Kobe Bryant was spectacular. He is a man possessed right now, and had his way last night. We obviously need to do a better job, but this is another area the tight calls hurts us. If Ray isn’t allowed any contact, he can’t stay with Kobe, no human being can stay in front of him 100% without so much as a bump. Either way, Kobe hit tough shots as well as the drives, there’s only so much any team can do if he continues to play like that. But… regression to the mean… regression to the mean, we have to hope the laws of statistics will hold true there.

    Bynum has a lot more pop in his step than I expected, we’ll see if it lasts. His ability to stay in the game will have a major impact as the series moves forward.

  • Anthony

    Watching the game last nite was just bad. As much as everybody wants to buy into the media calling the Lakers soft and how they outhustled the Celts for the win, I still thought the Celts beat themselves. Can they also stop motivating the Fakers by calling them soft? Dont think any Celts are saying that. Can the media stop feeding Kobe’s ego and say how great he was when he blocked T-Allen’s shot?? It’s pretty clear T.Allen lost the ball when he went up and even then Kobe hit his hand.

    No complaints on the officiating except for a couple of calls here and there. But thats expected since it on the Faker’s home floor. The double-technicals 30sec into the game was pretty stupid for both teams.

    Were the Celts outhustled? Yes. They just seemed old and wasnt ready for the Finals. That’s just unacceptable!! It was a 1 pt game before back to back drives by Farmar and Brown to end the 1st quarter and put the Fakers up 5 pt. Finley cant guard anybody and T.Allen makes 2-3 straight bonehead plays. Rondo makes a bonehead play when farmar stole the ball from him. Garnett missed 3 point-blank shots!! Two was from that 1 series where I’m sure everyone said “WTF, are you kidding me??”. And during this 2 minute stretch, he cant grab/ chase down 3 rebounds and turns the ball over on 2 really bad passes. This all came after the Celts climbed back to 11 with a chance to cut the lead to under double digits. Then the Sheed technical which I wasnt really sure what he was mad at but that’s Sheed.

    All said, at least there are some positives. The whole team could and will only play better. Pierce found some wiggle room against artest with the high-screen pick and roll. Nate did a good job subbing and guarding fisher, brown, and farmar. Ray can only play better. Sheed and Big Baby played ok. Garnett?? If he has any pride he gotta step up for game 2. The key was to at least steal 1 game from the first 2 and regain homecourt advantage so not all is lost. I’m sure all the Fakers fans are overjoyed with winning a game they were supposed to win. Now if the Celts can win game 2 and we’ll see if they’re still overjoyed.

  • Coolin

    Anybody who doesn’t see that Rondo’s defense is crappy is just drinking the Green Koolaide. All the times he goes for the steal and doesn’t get it, which is a lot, the other team gets to play 5 on 4. I have yet to see a guy get by Nate off the dribble and I see it periodically with Rondo. For being regarded as a smart person, I don’t see it on the basketball court with his circus shots and dumb passes. I just want him to play under control and within himself. Nate also stretches the defense and Rondo well he is awful at shooting from the outside and his free throws are an embarrassment even for Shaq.

  • Perry

    Touché Zach!

    see what happens when I hang around here

    …just trying to find anything positive after a very dull and disastrous night

  • Dawson C.

    Although we should be concerned, all that has happened is that LA has won one home game. That is it. If the C’s win Sunday, we are in the driver’s seat.

    First and foremost we have to rebound better — if the rebounding is even, that game is even.

    Rondo, KG, and the rest of the C’s have to finish at the rim better. Rondo was beating people, but then trying to get to cute with reverse spinning layups that never made it to the rim due to the LA’s length.

    In short, just be stronger. On boards, at the rim, on pick and roll. If so, this series is even at 1-1.

  • Can’t believe Ray Ray hasn’t had a burger since he was 19! Let’s start a movement!!

  • Jamie

    If KG is going to look like mid January KG, then they got no shot. He has to neutralize Gasol and make someone else beat us. Gasol dominated him on both ends last night. I really wonder if KG is physically capable of what he needs to do to combat Gasol.

  • Korey


    I’m not a Celtic fan, but I would be crazy to say that Rondo isnt an A+ defender.

    The problem is he’s not really guarding someone who needs to be defended (Fisher).

    Nate Robinson played surprisingly under control last night. I highly doubt given big minutes he doesnt go into “Krypto-Nate” mode though.

  • You have yet to see a guy beat Nate off the dribble? Have you ever watched basketball?

  • Korey

    @Jay P

    As for the refs, I totally agree they SUCKED.

    You see it from the Cs view, but from the Lakers view Fisher picked up 2 cheapies early, Artest picked up 2 cheapies early, Kobe got in trouble and so did Lamar.

    The block foul that was called 2 seconds late on a Ray Allen blown layup was ridiculous.

    I”m not sure the quick whistle helps us all the time because of depth. I guess the quick whistle benefits the home team because role players played better but OVERALL I thought the game was called sucky both ways and I wish there was more flow.

  • Animus

    On the plus side KG’s wife made most stylish NBA wives. Maybe Brandi can put a body on Gasol.


    As a KG fan my whole life, it is kinda disheartening to see how fast he has become mortal. Yes mortal. Check youtube of his 2004 days. There was a time when he was considered top3 NBA if not the most versatile.

  • Coolin

    @ Zach Lowe I have yet to see a guy beat Nate off the dribble in the playoffs. He is a pitbull out there while Rondo is aloof. His on court and off court demeanor is not one of a LEADER.

  • Jay P


    Absolutely agree with you. They were equally crappy and tight calls for both sides. Refs sucked on both ends. And you’re right, if that stays consistent it could hurt LA more in some games, since they don’t have the same depth. It just happened to hurt Boston more last night cause it took Ray Allen out of the game.

    But, in general, a tightly called game has a better chance to hurt Boston because they tend to play a more physical game, and it stops their ability to play the in your face, harassing defense which has gotten them to the finals.

  • lakerland

    @korey @Jay P ron artest set the tone early in the beginning with the double T and the refs didn’t want it to spiral out of control from there so they started calling alot of touch fouls…which definitely works in the lakers favor…nice move ron ron….also, hes definitely working against paul pierce when hes on the floor….i’m suprised he didn’t start the 4th quarter and that was when PP got 6 straight points before Phil called a time out and put him back in…

    @coolin there is a reason rondo is all defensive first team…he just doesnt guard a very offensively relevant player(fisher)…who was held to under 50% shooting

  • Korey

    So, what’s next for the Celtics and Lakers…

    My preliminary report on the Lakers is short:
    – Lamar Odom can and will play better
    – Rondo off the ball needs to be handled. Thats a foul problem waiting to happen on our big men
    – Paul Pierce on P/R needs to be revisited.

    For the Cs:
    – Rondo has to be more effective attacking the “sag” defense. He has to take the Jameer Nelson-like blinders off and drive to pass probably and less to shoot over the teeth of the D
    – More RAy Allen on Fisher in the post?
    – Paul Pierce needs more shots and has to get going..
    – Tony Allen and Big Baby cant play play horribly
    – Rasheed needs to stop hacking fouling and..wait..its sheed!
    – I dont think you can bank on getting offensive rebound but maybe protecting the defensive glass
    – What am I missing?

    Taking the overreactionary view out of it, Game 2 should be a doozie and probably decide if this is a series or coronation.

  • Jay P

    Some points:

    The Celtics have still only last back-to-back games once, in the Orlando series in games 4 and 5. And Game 5 was a complete anomaly, of ridiculous officiating that had Perkins tossed from the game. And absurdly high % shooting from Orlando which, given their Game 6 performance (on many of the same shots they didn’t miss any of in Game 5) can be described as nothing but a statistical fluke.

    Any other time this team has lost, they’ve bounced right back and answered the call. It’s not time to panic just because LA did what their suppose to do and defended their home court in Game 1.

    @Korey’s comments:

    Sheed wont change, he’s a physical player who gets in people’s heads with that type of play. If they continue to call the series tight, he’s just another example of how much that type of officiating will hurt the Celtics. You can’t ask a tiger to change his stripes.

    Tony regressed horrible in Game 1, not sure if it’s his ankle or what, there’s no question we need more out of him. Baby the same, I hope he’s recovered after the concussion, but last night certainly wasn’t his best stuff.

    Ray Allen should post up Fisher, absolutely, Fisher can’t stop him, and if help comes from the middle it should open up lanes cutting, or Paul on the perimeter.

    Lamar Odom might play better, but he might not either. I think the more important point is what can Bynum give you. If he’s able to give the same type of minutes he gave last night, it’ll be huge, if the knee gives out or slows him down, things could change drastically with what the Lakers are able to do. Bynum off the floor lets Perk play Gasol, a matchup (given KGs very obvious decline which was so apparent in game 1) I like much better. KG has still proven the ability to stop the athletic 3/4 swing PFs like Lewis. I like him matched up with Odom better than I do with Gasol, who Garnett just simply can’t stop in the post anymore.

  • Game 1 vs Cleveland: Road Loss, but competed. Eventually won the series.

    Game 1 vs Orlando: Road Rout. Won the series

    Game 1 vs Lakers: Routed.
    The Lakers built a 20 pt lead until the bench gave it away. Had we kept the throttle down, this could’ve been a 30 pt rout.

    Oh well. There’s still some hope for those of you in C-land. It IS only one game. Remember the Memorial Day massacre back in the 80’s?
    You guys killed us. However, the Lakers came back and won the series.
    Lakers in 5 (just like last year)

  • Jay P

    Ray Allen being on the court changes an entire game, more spacing means more room for Paul and Rondo to get into the lane.

    Not to mention the scoring he can give you. Don’t downplay the effect of him only getting 20 minutes, and having to play a tentative 4th had on that game.

    They got beat in many other areas of the game as well (rebounding, second chance points, and points in the paint the biggest problem) but it definitely impacted that game.

    If you’re in LA land, you can’t expect to win the same way again. Ray Allen wont be spending 20 minutes on the bench again, don’t count on Boston going 1-10 from 3 (many of which were great looks) and don’t count on Bynum being able to bring that much to the floor every night with his knee problems. This will be a long series, enjoy the win, cause you still got a hell of a fight ahead of you.

  • Ersatz

    From my perspective, whenever Pierce had the ball against Artest, he did whatever he wanted. When Pierce did that spin move for a layup in the first quarter, Jackson looked like he’d seen a ghost. So what happened then? ?Then he got Artest in foul trouble and went to the line. Then he got Kobe in foul trouble. Then… they stopped going to him. I was amazed. When your only offensive threat has 12 shots, you can’t win.

  • Jay P

    By the way, I continue to stick by my original prediction.

    Split in LA, 2/3 at home. Boston in 6.

  • gone green

    @Korey If you think this seies is over you are crazy all the Lakers did is what they are suppose to do they won on thier home court. ONly odsurd people thought this was going to be a sweep. I am no Kobe Fan actually dont like him becuse he wants to be too much like Mike and not be Kobe (Thats for a different day) Any team with Kobe on it has a chance. What I am SAying is everytime during the playoffs Boston has had some adversity they have bounced back fine. I dont expect La to out rebound Boston like that, I dont expect KG to have as horrible a game as he had, I expect Rondo to attack Kobe More even if Kobe is sagging off And more importantly I dont expect the game to be officiated as closely as it was last night. See me after Game 2 If this continues into game2 then i will say the Cs are in trouble but i dont see it. This is 2 heavywieght champions in the ring, round one went to LA but there are 6 more rouns to go we have seen many times before were one person is wobbled in the 1st round and come back to win the fight. I fully expect Boston to come out hngry sunday night. KG will be up to the task of keeping gasol of the boards and Ray will not be in foul trouble and Rondo will bounce back with a good if not great game

  • stephen

    Hey, you have to call it the way you see it and it is clear who wanted game 1 more. The Lakers outhustled the C’s, won all the 50-50-plays,killed the C’s on the boards etc. It is only 1 game and the C’s will make adjustments.If KG doesn’t show up early in game 2, the C’s need to put Perkins on Gasol or they are gonna get killed. Rondo needs to be much quicker to the rim before the Laker bigs get set-he was to damn tentative. Tony Allen was completely worthless. Now as far as the officiating goes–It sucked-They went beyond calling this one tight,they completely interrupted the flow of the game and if it stays this way the C’s are in trouble because of the two teams there is no question the C’s will be affected more by it. Don’t get me wrong the calls were ridiculous on both teams,however based on the way it was called from the get go I could clearly see how the C’s started backing off and became tentative. Oh and if your gonna call Ray Allen for a bunch of touch fouls trying to stay with Kobe –then we know what the outcome of this series will be. Round 1 to the Lakers—Now let’s see if the refs let the teams decide this thing!!!!

  • gone green

    Please stop bashing Rondo Last week hes the best thing since sliced bread this week hes a liability. The whole damn team sucked. The Lakers defense had a lot to do with it. But Doc will make adjustment and the Cs will prevail

  • Jones

    The main thing that happened last night to account for the loss was that the dirty play normally expected of the Green Cheaters wasn’t that effective last night. It won’t show up on the stats, but you can see it in full display as Pierce tried to wrestle Artest then do an impersonation of “I just got shot and didn’t they arrest the offender” act. I don’t know what you green cheaters are going to do next, but expect Doc to resort to his whining and moaning on the sidelines even more. Oh well…start the whining right here on the blog, please!!

    BTW, there is a new chant to deal with the cheap beat LA chant. LA is now going to use F U Boston!!

  • Dustball

    For all the bad fouls called against Ray, there were just as many against Lakers defenders on Pierce. PP spent the entire first half at the freethrow line.

    Cs fans, ya’ll gotta back off on Rondo. 2 things… He’s no longer guarding the position from which the offense is initiated. Unlike in previous series, and throughout the season, where his on ball defense and activity helped to disrupt a team’s offense, he will not have that impact here. The Lakers do not need to initiate the offense from the point, and generally don’t. Second, I said this before the series started and got all kinds of heat, the Lakers are a better defensive team than either Orlando or the Cavs. Rondo is not going to have free lanes to the basket in this series against Kobe. Kobe gambled early and got burned by Rondo’s cuts, but he cut that out quickly.

    In this series, there are no great advantages on the floor for the Cs offensively, and they are going to have to take Ray off Kobe or he will be in foul trouble constantly. Kobe is too good for him to guard 1 on 1, and early double teams are just going to result in him getting double digit assists.

    Cs will play better in game 2 though. No doubt about that. However, the Lakers didn’t play spectacularly either, so there’s a big jump that has to be made for this to be competitive. Don’t count on Odom having as many or more fouls than rebounds or points in any other games in this series.

    @Ersatz – Pierce looked good in garbage time, but 11pts on 3-7 shooting in the first 3 quarters is not exactly doing whatever he wanted.

  • Jay P


    Knew it wouldn’t take long for some moronic LA fan to come in here and post something stupid.

    Take a note from the educated LA fans who have been posted on this site like Korey, if you’re going to come to a Celtics blog, fine, but come with an argument and an educated opinion, not complete idiotic statements and bullshit.

  • Korey

    @gone green

    Please go back and read the posts before talking so virally.

    When did I say the series was over?

    If anything, I’m saying the chess match has just begun.

    The Lakers struck first and a lot of it wasnt luck.

    Bynum’s not getting shorter, Kobe is staying on Rondo and Gasol v KG is still a premium matchup.

    The question I pose is simply: What’s the next move?

    Game 1, Cs got rocked. Game 2, I expect the return blow.

  • Jay P

    @gone green

    With Korey on that one dude, not sure where you get he’s saying the series is over. Kinda just stated what we already knew.

    The Cs got beat, bad. It was no fluke, it was no bad luck (save the crappy officiating, but that’s a different argument, and even with out, even with Ray Allen on the floor the whole game, might not have changed the outcome) but just outright outplayed, out worked, and out fought.

    Things have just begun, and let’s hope it was a wake up call to Boston.

  • The Dude Abides

    With all the crappy officiating (and it was crappy), they called it crappy both ways. I’m not going to complain as much if it’s crappy both ways. The difference between the 2008 Lakers and the Lakers of the past two seasons is that the team perseveres through one-sided whistles. In Game 2 of the 08 Finals, the Celtics had shot 25 FTs to LA’s 2 FTs halfway through the 3rd quarter, and 38-10 for the game. Boston victory. In Game 4 of the 2009 Finals, Orlando had shot 18 FTs to LA’s zero from the start of the 4th quarter to five seconds left in OT. Laker victory. The 2008 Lakers would have checked out mentally in that situation, but the 2009 and 2010 Lakers won’t do that.

  • NUFF SAID ….
    The Lakers beat down the C’s in Game One.
    Stop crying and looking for excuses. The C’s will make adjustments as will the Lakers. That’s the best part of the finals. Two great coaches finally having to earn their salaries.
    The Lakers were, by far, better prepared for this game. We’ll see what happens on Sunday.
    The real pisser for both teams is that after Sunday’s night game, they both have to fly cross-country for game three in Boston. That favors the Lakers who will get to stay at a local hotel while Boston will travel to wherever they reside, spend time with family, kids etc, then have to prep for game 3.
    This will be a game for the Lakers to steal.

    Lakers in 5 (just like last year)

  • DL

    I think Ray Allen’s foul trouble in G1 was the fault of Ray Allen. Period. Early, the refs made it clear last night that if you’re going to crowd Kobe in the perimeter you have to concede his drive and vice-versa or else it’s a foul. They made it abundantly clear but Ray kept doing the exact same thing daring the refs to call it. Ray, especially now, can not expect to keep his body on him from 20 feet and stay stuck to him wherever he drives. Take away the drive or take away the shot and funnel him towards help, but if you try to do both you compromise the offense by riding the pine.

  • So this either means that game 1 was a statistical anomaly that’s unlikely to happen again OR that the Lakers are so good that they caused the C’s to play this poorly and can/will continue to do so.

    I really hope it’s the former.

  • nice game, it should show the tricky to play game enjoyable