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Great Moments in Celtics-Lakers History: Toine’s 3

In honor of the buildup to what will surely be another epic NBA Finals between the Celtics and Lakers, we here at CelticsHub will be looking back through the rivalry daily, to bring you some of our favorite memories. Most of them will be positive memories for C’s fans (hey, what do you want from me? This is a Celtics blog) but we will mix in the good and bad all the way through.

To kick us off, we turn back to a regular season affair back in February of 2002. The Lakers were enjoying the peak of the Shaq-Kobe era, while The Truth was carrying a resurgent Celtic squad back to being a contender once more in the Eastern Conference. The clip starts with the Lakers nursing a 104-102 lead, with the ball and just over a minute left.

Plenty of familiar faces to go around, in what is maybe, my favorite C’s-Lakers regular season matchup of my lifetime. I think my parents are still mad at me for the victory lap I did around the house, waking them up at 1:30 a.m. after the Walker drilled that 3. Enjoy.

  • NHBluesMan

    i fully expect every game of the series to come down to something like this. Lets just hope more often then not they turn out to be in the Celtics favor

  • joe

    well considering bynum sits out the last 6 mins or so of the 4th, that makes the matchups KG-odom and Perk-Gasol. Advantage-C’s

  • willybeamin

    HA! Thank you Brian… good times! for a mid-twenties celtics fan this was as good as it got for awhile…

  • Mindaugas

    With all do respect to the C’s, but didn’t Kobe get that shot at time, thus the C’s won of a referee mistake?

  • MP

    I thought he got it off in time too, yeah.

  • Jay P


    I’m not so sure that’s a good thing for the C’s. Gasol is a more difficult match up for Perkins, as he has the ability to step back and catch the ball near the shoulder, and either drive on Perk or knock down mid-range jump shots.

    He’s certainly less mobile than Odom, but he has the ability to get a good 1-2 steps in on a drive, and Perk will have to react quickly. Mobile defense is not exactly Perk’s best strength.

    Yes, he takes away Gasol’s Post-Up game, but Gasol can hurt you in a lot of other ways, that Perkins just might not be fast enough to stop.

  • joe

    @Jay P, in ’08 those were the matchups, and perk did a solid job on gasol.

  • Jay P

    Gasol ’08 is not Gasol ’10 as much as Rondo ’08 is not Rondo ’10

  • Jay P

    Actually, to be fair, neither is Perk ’08 not Perk ’10.

    So ya, you could make the argument that he’ll check Gasol well. I certainly hope you’re right, I’m just saying I definitely have some doubts.

  • urbeltic

    I think the one thing that both LA & Boston fans can agree on is that Rick Fox’s hair was ridic.

  • mitch

    Gasol of 08 is gasol of 2010
    the numbers are basically the same
    Gasol lead spain to FIBA gold in the world tournament in japan 2006…plus gasol has been playing since 2000 on the spanish national team and the grizzlies. So to compare rondo’s success to gasols success is futile…Gasol had Olympic success before that series with the c’s in 2008. So go compare another 3 year man (rondo) to a guy whos been playing for 10 years…..haha moron @ jayp

  • Dan

    @Mindaugas: Looked that way to me too.

  • http://carlosrizik@gmail.com Carlos R.

    I watched that game, and I did some victory lap too. 8 Years!!. It’s amazing how fast time passes.

  • Chris O.

    Jay P says:
    June 1, 2010 at 4:43 pm
    Gasol ‘08 is not Gasol ‘10 as much as Rondo ‘08 is not Rondo ‘10

    Jay P says:
    June 1, 2010 at 4:45 pm
    Actually, to be fair, neither is Perk ‘08 not Perk ‘10.

    So ya, you could make the argument that he’ll check Gasol well. I certainly hope you’re right, I’m just saying I definitely have some doubts.
    Actually like someone else already said, Gasol ’08 is actually very similar to Gasol ’10….ppl just didn’t realize this because he came from Memphis…the only real difference is now he has a ring and is on his third finals appearance, Rondo is by far leaps and bounds better than he was in ’08.

  • Jason

    Paper ring. The Fakers owe their 2009 rings to KG’s injury, otherwise the Cs would be working on a three-peat.

  • Sean

    It looked to me like the shot barely got off in time. But it also looked like the clock may have been a touch slow in starting after Kobe caught the inbounds pass. Maybe that had something to do with the decision.

  • Anatiuy

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  • lala

    Why don’t you give the youtube person credit for their video. It wasn’t you

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