Post-game Reactions

Major hat tip to Chris Forsberg at ESPNBoston.com, who has a piece on the history between Paul Pierce on Ron Artest. I forgotten Artest had done this to Pierce back when Artest played for Indiana. Make sure to watch the full clip, which ends with Artest’s apology to Pierce, in song form. 

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  • Zach, how could you for get about this? This is something I have saved for posterity. It’s currently the third thing on my list about what I am going to tell my kids about Paul Pierce.

  • Allen

    ^ Care to share what the other two are?

  • dslack

    Wow, Pierce looked so quick in that clip.

  • Sophomore

    There’s a joke in there about locking something down, but I can’t see it.

  • complexity

    Michael Jordan recommends all players do this.

  • Jay P

    I encourage you to check out the related clips, like watching Artest chuck Ariza’s shoe into the stands.

    I forgot how much of a punk he is since he’s been pretty tame with LA. But wow, what a monumental jackass.

  • Coolin

    I remember that game, Piere literally put a clown suit on Ron that game and Ron like the strange person he is tried to de paints him for it. Is it Thursday yet!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cptn Bubbles

    If we could bean Ron with a nice cold beverage would he have a flashback & be way too busy whacking fans in the stands to play basketball? Or could we give Rony some packages to carry down some steps??? Or offer Ronald a new recording contract to make a follow up/break out rap album if he can hit 15 shots from behind the half court line during each game ???

    I think Ron’s techs are way down so can we get his counselor/psychologist to talk to Sheed & Perk?

  • hillcrestwildcat

    Reading some articles from around the net I’ve realized Paul is in for a much tougher series than I imagined. Although it will be a committee. Paul is gonna see a large amount of time (possibly the most) guarding Kobe, and see primarily have Ron on him on offense, that is an exhausting set of circumstances and if he can keep his playoff average (around 16 pts a game) that is one heck of an accomplishment.

  • waynehead

    How could you not post Ron Artest’s apology song?