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Injury Updates on Sheed, Rondo, Baby, & Daniels


A quick report on the C’s first official practice in Waltham, since they defeated the Magic Monday night. Only Paul Pierce and Doc Rivers addressed the mob of media (including myself), before the team was to depart for LA at 3pm this afternoon on the team charter. There was a lot of talk from both The Truth and Doc about the rivalry between the C’s and Lakers, as well as the the differences between now and 2008 for both sides, among other things.

First things first though, let’s get to the injury report from Doc. Let’s get the bad news out of the way first.

-Marquis Daniels is out indefinitely with a concussion. According to Rivers, “”Marquis is out, I don’t know if it’s the whole Finals, but right now he’s out.” 

The opening in the active roster should again bode well for all you Brian Scalabrine fans out there (myself included), who will be the one to dress until Daniels can go. Don’t kid yourself though people about Scal. That guy didn’t see the floor in the 2008 finals run, and this team is better than that. Still it would be fun to see him come in and knock down a garbage time three before this series is over. Daniels injury really doesn’t hurt Boston here

-Rasheed Wallace is still hurting and is the team’s main concern right now on the injury front, besides Daniels. Here’s Doc again:

 ”Rasheed is not right yet, he did the skeleton offense stuff, but other than that, we didn’t allow any contact. So if we have a concern right now with anybody, Wallace would be the only one.”

The rest should help Sheed, but a cross-country plane trip probably won’t deal anything to help a cranky back. He gutted it out well in game 6 and will almost assuredly look better on Thursday, but this sounds like something we are going to have to monitor all series long.

Further updates on Rajon Rondo, Glen Davis and Tony Allen, after the jump

Doc was optimistic about Rondo’s progress since his scary fall on Friday night. Rondo participated in drills and 5 on 5 play with his teammates and was playing on the floor for the media portion of the practice session before sitting out the final 2 minutes, being replaced by Oliver Lafayette on the floor in the starting lineup for the final couple plays on defense as they battled the 2nd team. Rondo looks like he will be close to full strength for Thursday night all things considered. 

On a side note, how would you like to be Mr. Lafayette right now? Coming from NBDL a month ago, to now practicing on the same unit as a team with three Hall of Famers on the verge of the NBA Finals? Just like he drew it up.

-Glen Davis appeared to be an after thought in the injury update as was Tony Allen, who wasn’t even mentioned by Rivers when he was asked about the injury problems. A good sign for the guy who, before he was injured, may have been the C’s most consistent bench player for the first two series. He will be needed to help contain Kobe Bryant as much as possible during the next 7 games.

Much more to come today, including the first of many preview podcasts and a look at the rivalry talk between these two squads.

  • I love Green

    We’re going to really need Rasheed for this series. We have 4 big men, Lakers have 3. We’re going to need Rasheed’s offense and defense, and fouls to win the frontcourt matchup.

  • DRJ1

    Well, I’d hope Quis could help on Kobe, since he’s the only guy tall enough other than Paul. Guess not.

    Strange story, this Quis concussion. He wasn’t hit all that hard.

  • Bojo

    Bigger question here is, does Lafayette get a ring if C’s take the Larry O’Brien trophy back to Boston?

  • DeVelaine

    I’m going to check on that, see if anyone else actively on the roster in 2008 but never suiting up got rings. I think he would, actually.

  • DeVelaine

    And in response to myself… I don’t remember Scot Pollard or Gabe Pruitt (I didn’t even know he was even on the team then, because I don’t recall seeing him until 2009) suiting up in the 2008 playoffs at all, but having been on the roster like Scal has been until recently. Both are credited as being champs as far as I can tell.

  • Jay Cutler

    Severity of a concussion is not just a function of how hard you were hit but also HOW you were hit

  • Urbeltic

    I gotta say…the Q concussion was very strange. He seemed to bump into Gortat’s chest and it looked like a bazillion physical plays before…except for the fact that Q crumpled to the ground. Very strange.

  • Ian

    Yes, Lafayette would get a ring AFAIK

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