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If the officials had one articulate defender last night, it was Matt Moore, the lead author of Hardwood Paroxysm (one of the best and longest-standing NBA blogs out there) and a major contributor to NBC’s new Pro Basketball Talk blog.

Matt’s no fan of the Celtics, though he does root for them from time to time. The arguments he made on Twitter last night in partial defense of the officiating are worth discussing, because they get at issues of authority, reputation and player conduct. Here is Moore’s response to Joey Crawford’s tech on Rajon Rondo:

The reasoning is simple and clear: If Joey Crawford warns you that you’re about to receive a technical if you keep yapping, you must stop yapping—even if you yap in a calmer tone than Crawford does.

You can see the logic behind it. But do you agree?

The thornier issue, of course, is Perk’s ejection. Here is Moore’s response to that call, and I suspect this response speaks for a solid minority of fans:

There is no denying Perk is among the league’s biggest complainers. Does that give the referees the right to treat him differently than they treat other players?

Let’s be clear: I don’t think Moore actually believes the referees have a right to come down more harshly—and more quickly—on Perk because of his complaining. Here’s what I suspect Moore means: The refs may have developed—consciously or unconsciously—a shorter fuse for Perkins because Perk complains so often. It might not be fair, just as it might not be fair that police officers pay closer attention to guys with criminal records when they see those guys on the streets—even if said criminals have moved on to live perfectly clean lives.

Let me be clear: I disagree strongly with the ejection of Kendrick Perkins. I think it was a terrible sequence of officiating, starting with the personal foul on Perk that drew out his temper. I disagree with the idea that players with “reputations” should be treated differently than others.

But such biases exist, they are human, and there will be fans out there who say the Celtics in general and Perk (and Sheed) in particular have earned whatever bias might show itself in the heat of the moment.

Here’s Moore on Pro Basketball Talk:

The Celtics lead the league in playoff technicals in the playoffs with 18 techs. 18. That’s a pretty clear pattern that the officials have to be aware of.

Moore added this in an email to me tonight:

Part of your bullying style is that you’re going to get nights like this.

Back to his post on NBC’s blog:

Finally, there’s being in the heat of the moment, as the NBA guidelines stipulate is allowed for air punches (HT: Trey Kerby), and there’s pushing your luck. These guys are grown men, who are responsible for their emotions. Perkins needs to keep his head and keep playing. His team needs him,especially with the injuries the Celtics sustained tonight. It may have been a bad call, it may have been a bad tech, but it was still within his control to prevent.

That last part represents the one knock on Perkins that resonates with me right now, as I write this at 11:35 p.m. after taking a cold shower to calm down a bit. In general, I am unsympathetic toward guys who push their luck knowing they have one technical foul. Now, you could argue that classifying what Perk did as “pushing his luck” is unfair in itself, since he walked away from the scene and displayed a general sense of frustration directed at no particular individual.

And that’s really what it comes down to. Did Perk push his luck? In real time, I thought that he did, and I was upset with him.

Upon watching the replays?

I don’t buy it. It was a bad call. Did you see Marcin Gortat throw a similar little tantrum either late in the 3rd or early in the 4th after the Magic lost the ball out of bounds? Gortat, who disagreed with the call, did a little exaggerated high-step back up the court—away from the refs, just like Perk—and waved his arms in frustration.

Is that a technical? Unless Perk said something nasty about one of Eddie Rush’s female relatives, I’m not sure I see much of a difference between what Perk did to get earn his second tech and what Gortat did later in the game—except that Perk is Perk and Gortat is Gortat.

But here we are. The league is going to rescind one of Perk’s techs so he can play in Game 6. If they don’t, I’ll be blown away. He’s going to play in Game 6.

Game six. Game 6. Holy crap.

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  • Bryant

    The flaw in the “he should expect it” argument is this — it’s NBA-specific. The NFL is a league where fouls are important, and you don’t see the same kind of reputation call that you do in the NBA. Same goes for MLB — yeah, you get one-game flareups and so on, but for the most part it’s not personality driven. If they can get it right, David Stern can as well.

  • wowzerrs

    My only arguement is that if they are going to call a tech for mildly argueing to get Perk tossed then there should have been many more techs called last night. There were numerous times players debated and complained about calls (both teams) that were equally bad, if not worse than Perks outburst. No consistancy. Refs were terrible. Maybe a little dirty too.

  • Paolo

    I don’t know. I was relieved that they were giving breathing room for players and their emotions last series when I saw Anderson Varejao being frustrated and waving his arms around but the refs let him do it. Suddenly, they call this on Perkins. If Perk even confronted the referee, I doubt anyone’s going to complain. We’re all going to be saying that Perk should have kept his cool and all. But the thing is Perk walked AWAY from the referee and was directing his anger at no particular individual. If they called that technical consistently on everyone, I doubt LBJ, VC or even Kobe would ever finish a game.

    For Rondo’s technical, however, I don’t think that’s a good enough reason for the refs to T him up. If Rondo’s trying to tell you something, and you’re the one who gets worked up, and you don’t want to hear it, you just don’t give him a T. The game is not about the referees and what they feel. Suddenly, the focus is not on the play of the game but on what the referees think are right and wrong.

  • George

    I know Perk complains alot but if it comes with the territory, then you’re basically admitting some guys get a shorter rope, which is admitting biased officiating (I know it’s human but it’s a self-implicating argument and therefore a bad one). And in this specific game, the first tech should never have been given (slipped off Pierce’s arm, tough call but they blew it none the less), nor should the personal foul (easier call which they still blew) which led to the 2nd tech (THAT was arguing?). Massive officiating fail. And I have read HP for a long time, but I think that’s over now. Those are some seriously bad arguments we could pick pretty cleanly apart but I won’t waste everyone’s time… Stuff happens, and we were all livid last night, so imagine how the team will be leading up to game 6, which is at the garden. The Magic won’t rain 3’s down like last night again, the officiating can’t be that bad again, etc.

  • FYATroll

    I don’t understand how Perk gets a shorter rope? He complains more than your average NBA player. Therefore, in the amount of time it takes a normal player to complain enough to warrant a tech, Perk has done that much complaining in less than half the time. Same amount of complaining, less time to do it in.

    The 2nd tech was bad, but it’s hard to argue that Perk doesn’t complain an insane amount. Never in his entire life has he thought that he has committed a foul. Not only that, he is pretty excited to let you and everyone else know he doesn’t think he has ever committed a foul. It gets old.

  • embarrassing

    would red, russell and bird cry like you soft chowderhead wusses? my god, the celts have earned every call that has ever gone against them for playing good bball and whining on EVERY SINGLE CALL for the past 3 years. if perk, sheed, rondo, pierce, and kg would stfu and just play ball they wouldn’t be getting ts, pure and simple.

    you guys amuse me.

  • rax

    “The reasoning is simple and clear: If Joey Crawford warns you that you’re about to receive a technical if you keep yapping, you must stop yapping—even if you yap in a calmer tone than Crawford does.

    You can see the logic behind it. But do you agree?”

    Actually, I do. I think it’s lame on the ref’s part to be shouting at a calm player, but if the referee, who is in charge for the duration of the game, says “I will give you a technical if you do X,” you don’t do X. You might appeal later and say it’s bogus, if the referee’s threat was unreasonable he should probably be disciplined for it, but on the court you should know that doing X now means the opponent gets to take free throws they don’t otherwise deserve, and so you don’t do it.

    Of course, that’s easy for me to say from my desk, but I like to think that’s how one should behave in that situation…

  • kevbo

    I wish I had all the games recorded on my DVR so I could go back and count the number of techs issued to C’s players in response to Dwight Howard’s elbows and swipes to the face. Great player, but a liability out there and yet the C’s are the ones who keep getting T’d up for objecting to his dangerous play. I’d McHale-Rambis him next game, but then it sorta seems like the NBA is hoping for an excuse like that to sit a Cs player.

    You know, I said this in response to Game 4, and I think it merits mentioning again, that if you go back and watch the Wallace stretch in the early 4th of Game 4, the refs looked to be deliberately sticking it to Wallace (T after complaining about Howard’s hands to the face and a moving screen) and trying to goad him into an ejection. Regardless of causes, it’s clear that referees are not objective, unbiased participants and that they have unmistakeably large influence on games. That these discussions come up EVERY YEAR is not simply because we’re all paranoid, but because there is a problem with the system and the NBA refuses to get creative in addressing it.

  • w2

    Perks tech was a bad call. But the Celts need to remain composed. They did not. This is one of the hallmark’s of their up and down season. Move the ball, play smart.

    Game 6 has me nervous. Magic are awake. Yikes.

  • Chris O.

    This game was HORRIBLY officiated…and like George says Perk was called for three things that were bogus (2 techs and that personal). With the second tech he did what you are taught to do, walk away. He didn’t speak at the ref he walked away about it. Dirty Dwight does more than that most of the time just with a happier face…ridiculous.

  • my friend

    I have a friend who was courtside last night and he said perk yelled out as he walked away something about the ref’s mother.

    i don’t think the league will be rescinding that one.

  • lame

    I love how celtic fans take up the chant of playoff basketball when their team plays a thug style with every other team but against the magic you all cry about how you don’t like physical basketball.

    you guys are the worst fans in the league just like your team is the whiniest team in the league.

  • Mo

    The NFL is a league where fouls are important, and you don’t see the same kind of reputation call that you do in the NBA.

    That’s false. If Brady and Jamarcus get hit the same way, the guy that hits Brady is far more likely to get a roughing the passer. Not to mention, I don’t remember the NBA ever changing rules in the offseason to protect a player like the NFL did after Brady’s injury.

    Also, I don’t see a problem with treating players differently based on past behavior. The constant complainers and hotheads make officiating the game more difficult over the course of the game, so better to nip it in the bud.

    That said, the second tech on Perkins was b.s., he did the right thing and walked away.

  • BunkerHillG

    When are we all going to realize that Howard’s elbows and throw-downs are not inadvertant contact as I was told nearly 10 times last night by the ESPN commentators. Dwight has mastered the art of using his body to inflict a dirty cheap shot on smaller players trying to battle him on the boards. He goes up and he is going to come down with his elbows out or he is going to grab someone to “catch his balance”. Its a bunch of !@#!%. I’m not talking about the flagrant 1 he got called for on KG either. When it happens multiple times per game, every game, perhaps its not so innocent as Dwight’s pretty little smile would suggest.

  • Zack

    tim donaghy looked good last night

  • Chris O.

    @ BunkerHillG – Exactly…they are not inadvertant. On some of the replays you see him look at the other player, then look back up while ‘falling’ and catching another player in the face (like the hand to Rondo’s head or the extra emphasis of Pierce’s shoulder). Guy is legit hitting other people on purpose…this is not a few times it happens, it happens multiple times EVERY GAME.

  • NHBluesMan

    more so than just the calls on Perk. If you watch the replay of when Pierce hit the floor and aggravated his shoulder you see that Dwight came down ON him… no effort to raise his arm out of the way, it looked alot like what happened when he got called for the flagrant.

    its not even like the refs were calling a tight game, it was a tightly (and poorly) called game for the Celtics, and they were just letting the Magic get away with murder. Only ONE foul on Dwight Howard… ONE FOUL!! I’m sorry, but when you throw a player down, give someone a concussion (and apparently knock out a tooth as well), in addition to everything else and you only get ONE STINKIN’ FOUL that is a poorly officiated game.

    When the NBA rescinds Perks T (if they don’t, i will probably just give up on watching the NBA alltogether) he will come back angry, but i hope he comes back smart.

    At least our bench showed some heart last night. It made me happy to see Nate being aggressive and get acouple blocks.

    If we lose game 6, this series is as good as over. It won’t be easy with 1 days rest, a depleted bench, and the potential of having to play 5 on 8 again thanks to Stern, but i hope the Celtics can pull it out

  • Zack

    Perk is getting elbowed in the face by Howard (who apparently has the leagues blessing to do so) and says something about the refs mom, and that warrants an ejection and a game suspension (if Perk has to be aware of this then the refs have to as well)? How about the ref grows up a bit?

  • Zack

    This is from espn.com
    “Daniels got hit in the face while attempting to pass the ball (he was instead called for traveling) and was also diagnosed with a concussion.”
    HE WAS HIT IN THE FACE AND THEY MADE IT ABOUT DANIELS TRAVELING!?! That game had a god damn’d bow on it. A Blue and black bow

  • Sweeney

    I think you are riding on HP’s jock on this one. His argument for Rondo really has nothing to do with last night. Sure, if you tell someone to stop and they continue…well the T is deserved.

    If the NBA had any balls at all they would rescind both technical fouls. Eddie F. Rush is a joke. The other ref Tom Washington looked as if he couldn’t make up his own mind on the first T- call. He was behind Gortat and couldn’t see what happened. He had no clue what he was calling. It was horrible. PERIOD.

    The majority of NBA players whine. Those who are hating on the C’s, did you actually see Gortat, Barnes, and Jameer last night after they got called for fouls. It isn’t consistent and the ref’s need to be held to a higher standard.

    If a ref calls a few t’s in one game of a playoff maybe they should take a game or two off. Why not? It is obvious that Eddie F… has an axe to grind…

  • go away haters

    pierce is so amazing, playing with no knee and now no shoulder either! he is so amazing, you can tell how hurt he is because every time he is touched or even breathed on, he looks like he has been shot. that means he is really hurt, not that he is whiny or faking it.

  • KC

    Zach nailed this one. I remember thinking that the Gortat move was nearly IDENTICAL, and that it was ignored by the refs. Jameer did his fair share of demonstrative complaining, too.

  • Eric

    So when Dwight elbows people its dirty, but when multiple celtics do something like this:
    it’s all good? Child please. Dwight was coming down when he caught Davis with the elbow. If you honestly think it was on purpose ask yourself how in the world in half a second while completely concentrating on making his shot that Dwight decided, you know what screw it, I’m taking out Big Baby. Or maybe he was just coming down from jumping Davis was wrong place wrong time. The KG elbow was something big guys do all the time! They grab the board and spin around to clear space. Perk, KG, Dwight they all do it.

  • I’m riding HP’s jock, Sweeney? You see all the parts where I say I disagree with all the calls, right?

  • Mo

    Zach nailed this one. I remember thinking that the Gortat move was nearly IDENTICAL, and that it was ignored by the refs. Jameer did his fair share of demonstrative complaining, too.

    Yeah, but the Pierce foul on Reddick at the end should have been a flagrant, just like Barnes’ foul. Sometimes the same thing isn’t always called the same way.

  • rondo-is-love

    I’m still so mad about last night. I couldn’t stop thinking about elbowing Dwight in the face myself.

    The Celtics complain more than anybody? Are you kidding me? Have you never seen Kobe play? What about the Cavs? Leading the league in techs doesn’t make them complain more than the rest. Yes, Perk complains a ton, but did no one see all of Rashard Lewis’s reactions in Game 4 every time he was called for BLATANT moving screens? As if he didn’t get away with more of them. What about Vince Carter’s reaction to when he fell for Pierce’s pump fake? Pierce’s pump fakes obviously annoy any opponent, but really Vince & fans? That method has been around long enough for us to just accept it now, it’s gonna happen. Kobe, Dwight, LeBron, Wade… they all do that crap too. Vince’s childlike tantrum he has after most calls against him should call for T’s if what Perk did was, indeed, a technical.

    Doc’s quote: “We have to take the hits better, I guess.”

    Phil Jackson would NOT be saying that. He’d be playing his typical mind games through the media, pointing out things like, “I didn’t know moving picks were allowed now” or “Eddie F. Rush/Joey Crawford was out to get us tonight.”

    Is there any possible way to really “take the hits better?” It’s not even like Baby was TRYING to get an elbow from Dwight and get a concussion last night. I’m sorry, but did I miss something? Did Dwight become Pierce’s trainer, stretching out his arm for him the way he did last night? Goddamn.

    Had this been Perk’s elbows causing such huge commotion, we all know DAMN well he’d be suspended the next game. In fact, he would’ve been assessed a flagrant 2 and been ejected right then and there. The media would be going nuts about it, but for Dwight, because he’s a happy-go-lucky child, they make sure to call them “inadvertent” elbows. I can’t even count how many times I heard or read that annoying phrase last night.

    If Perk needs to control his emotions, so does the rest of the league. Regardless of how short a fuse the refs have for him, he should at least be allowed to react to those ticky-tack fouls he’s getting called for, especially when his opponent gets called for jackshit. All those hits from Howard and he ended the game with ONE foul. It’s amazing how the media went nuts that Howard had 22 fouls in 4 games in the first round, blah blah, and somehow in a matter of a few more games, he’s learned to defend soooooo well without fouling, right? Right.

  • @Mo: Absolutely. PP’s call is a flagrant.

  • Dave the Ex-NBA Fan

    The officials are corrupt. This has already been proven. Live in denial if you prefer but use your brains and your gut-feelings to judge. Follow the money. Gamblers and advertisers make more on one game than the salaries of both teams combined. There is an agenda larger than the game that is made obvious by these artless referees. The fix is in folks just like Goldman Sacks and just like Goldman Sacks you don’t want to believe it! Trust your gut on this one. Don’t be a sucker!

  • Anthony

    While I agree that yes Perk does have a fair share of complaints, he’s playing the most physical position. As a ref, you have to let them play. I couldve sworn it was the playoff! And the game from a physical standpoint was not getting out of hand…what’s there to control?? If you consistently make bad call, how can players not complain?? If you look at (I believe) Eddie Rush’ face after the 2nd Tech… he had that “did I just fuck up and got a very important player thrown out of the game” look on his face. He knew he made a bad call. He is an absolute disgrace with all the bad calls he made. This would never ever ever happen to Kobe or Lebron. Look at the Magics players, they complain and talk to the ref after EVERY call, i kid you not.

    “These guys are grown men, who are responsible for their emotions” In response to this statement… arent the ref grown men also?? they have such control over the game it’s crazy. Why are they allowed to act on their emotions and not exercise any judgement what-so-ever?

  • review

    I do hope they review the game and then they can give pierce an oscar for his performance when his shoulder was apparently removed from his socket one minute, and then his teammate helps him up BY PULLING ON THE SAME SHOULDER!

    What an absolute loser. Just like anyone who thinks the celts got bad calls last night. play thug basketball, you are going to get calls against you. you guys are like the 90s knicks – no talent so you have to thug your way around.

    first the bruins, now the celts!

  • brad

    i missed the first half of the game, does anyone have good clips of the relevant plays available? specifically gortat/perk double t, perkins’ second t

  • Wes Lukowsky

    I’m a Celts fan living in Chicago. Bulls number 2 for me. Question for the group. When will Howard’s action result in a rep as a very dirty player. Last year (I think)he tried to decapitate Dalembart, twice this year he knocked Derrick Rose out of games and laughed about. He’s picked up two flagrants in this series – both deserved – concussed Baby and cost him a tooth and last but not least tried to hurt Pierce when Pierce got the shoulder stinger. Watch that replay Looked like he was trying to pop the leg off a roasted chicken. IMHO

  • HLopes10

    I could go on and on and explain how terrible the officiating was last night and how inconsistent it is game after game, but what’s the point. Those of you who saw the game and know the game of basketball can see it for yourselves. The refs are terrible in the NBA and the games are fixed. Tim Donaghy was on WEEI radio in Boston and he said he knew that the magic were going to win because it means more money for the league. The refs new what they were doing. it was not a fair game at all. The NBA needs to be investigated, As someone who played in college, the refs should never decide games. Games should be decided by the players. Fans do not pay their money to see refs officiate, they come to see a good game. This series should’ve been over in 4 games, but i guess the Nba had other thoughts. The Celtics will come out hungry tomorrow night and stick it to the magic. Dwight Howard is a one dimensional player. He has no post moves and cant shoot a simple 10 ft jump shot. All the greatest centers could do that. all he does is dunk. everything is a dunk. Rashard Lewis is a bum and cant create his own shot. He has noo heart. They shouldnt even let matt barnes score. As for Jameer, rondo will bring him back to reality. Orlando is not a better team and the celtics will exploit them tomorrow night.

  • At all: In general, I think relying on Tim Donaghy is not good.

  • Anthony

    Aside from the horrible officiating, why are the Celts collapsing in the post? in both game 4 and 5. Howard’s post game will not beat you. Their 3pt shooting will!! How do you allow a team to hit 10 of its first 16 three-pointers and finish 13-25?? Celts need to stick to their gameplan from the first 3 games.

  • Berkcelt

    @Zach, I agree re: relying on Donaghy, but David Stern has no one to blame for Donaghy’s continued presence as an “authority” but himself. While I hope one or both techs get rescinded, if they do, that is as strong an indictment on the referees performance as anything.

  • MC

    I love in all the talk of the “horrible officiating” and howard’s vicious elbows that no one here has pointed out that robinson hacked the christ out of howard’s arm on the play where howard concussed davis. This has been an extremely physical series with a lot of complaining on both sides, and in my opinion every game has been very difficult to officiate because of all the contact. Plus, the refs had warned the Celtics before Perk’s second T to cut it out. Perkins didn’t. His first T was a mistake and will be rescinded; in light of the warning, I think his second T was okay, but seeing as how Perk already had one T I don’t think he should’ve gotten kicked out for that. Either way, Boston was down 10 with Perk in, and down 11 without him. The T’s and any “shady” officiating didn’t decide this game (and overall I didn’t think the game was poorly called outside of the questionable T’s), Orlando’s ridiculous shooting did.

  • MC

    Tim Donaghy’s a real winner. Yup, the refs were solely responsible for Orlando winnning by 21. Gotta love WEEI reaching out to him the day after a questionable ejection goes against Boston. That station is a joke.

  • willybeamin

    What HP needs to realize is that this is the ECF and despite what he thinks is justified to be called as a technical, the referees should not play such a large role in the outcome of the game.

    None of what occurred last night NEEDED to be called, so it shouldn’t have been.

  • morey grundmaN


  • Ab

    That’s a horrible arguement. If Perks rep is so bad, him flaring up and then walking away should be enough.

    And I’m sorry, these are grown ass men, not 2 yr olds, is there a rule in the book that says you must obey every whim of a ref? Rondo is talking to Rush calmly and Crawford T’s him because he doesn’t like it? Same idiot that kicked out Duncan on the bench, get him out the league.

  • Anthony

    @MC…i think NBA refs are horrible in general but I dont mind it as long as it’s consistently called on both sides. Its not an easy game to officiate but if you make ticky-tack calls on one end, you should also make it on the other. Why was rondo (and sheed and perks) not given the same leeway as every Magics players? They complain and talk to refs after every call. And to say that techs did not decide the game is not a completely accurate statement. Perks gets thrown out and Sheed in foul trouble most of the game forced Big Baby to play more mins. The howard elbow might not have taken place otherwise. Howard also made several jump hooks against a much shorter Big Baby. Also, game 4, when sheed got the Tech, Celts lost the game in OT. It’s hard to to quantity how much impact it had but to say it didnt decide the game is inaccurate.

  • NHBluesMan

    there really wasn’t that much wrong with Bostons offense in the past 2 games. Our defense is what is falling apart right now. If we get back to the defense we played in games 1 and 2, and with the Garden rockin’ with the Celtics faithful, and if the refs call a somewhat fair game, the Celtics can pull this out.

    it won’t be a blow-out by any means, but i’m hoping they can find their rhythm. Otherwise the series will stand at the end as BOS-3 ORL-3 REF-1

  • Tom

    Any status update on Baby, Sheed and Daniels? Do we really have to use Shelden Williams? I might consider bringing Scal back to play PF against Lewis since he did a good job on him last year. Once again, Lewis burnt Pierce at that spot in the 4th quarter, something he couldn’t do against KG and Scal.

  • CG

    Both Ts on Perk were pretty BS, but you can’t argue that Perk has to be smarter than that. His over-complaining has been a problem all year. Maybe he will finally get the message that it genuinely hurts the team and needs to stop. I don’t care if it is right or wrong that the refs look at Perk differently than other players. It is a fact that they do, because of his long history, and he just needs to deal with it. Ditto with Sheed. Does anyone truly believe that all the griping at the refs EVER helps? Working the refs is an art many of the Cs have yet to master or even recognize. It is just “embarrass the refs and get them mad at you.” Nice going, guys.

    That being said, I’m really tired of refs making this about them. No one pays to see you ref. Leave the attitude at home and just do your job. There was a moment – pointed out live by JVG – where T. Washington could have stepped back from the brink, but he had his pride invested at that point and couldn’t do it. I guarantee he probably had a moment where he thought, “damn, I forgot Perk already had one T. I wish I’d let that go.” He earned himself some extra scrutiny with that call.

  • DRJ1

    Moore and his ilk are saying, correctly, that the NBA is what it is and good players adapt and thrive. The problems with this “argument” are at least twofold, the first being that Perk DID adapt — he WALKED AWAY. The second, much bigger problem is obvious, but usually goes unsaid: IT SHOULDN’T BE THIS WAY. Why are ACCEPTING this nonsense and calling what happens in the NBA a “sport”. It’s not a sport if we end up watching narcissistic old men determine outcomes.

  • mike

    how about game 4….rashard lewis juming AT an official and doing the hand swing, no call at all….

  • maine

    anyone have links to video clips of the techs?

  • Sweeney

    Again, I say…only rescinding one? C’mon that is such a total lack of leadership in the NBA. Both should be rescinded.

    In addition they should be announcing a 25K fine for things DOC said after the game about officiating. Though, all Doc did was gush over how good Eddie F. is. C’mon Doc, and take a stance. Heck, even Ainge thru a towel to help us out.

  • Michael

    Of the 5 major pro sports, the NBA has the worst officiating. Granted, the action happens very quickly, and basketball is a tough game to ref. Nevertheless, with 3 officials on the court, they should be able to get a higher percentage of the calls right… and it’s obvious to anyone watching the replays that there are far too many mistakes made. The league would have been better off giving all these officials their walking papers when they went on strike before the start of the season. Fresh faces with good eyesight would have helped solve this problem.

  • Daniel

    When Rondo got a technical he was calm and wanted to consult a referee about his offensive foul. Joey Crawford was not the one who made the call, he doesn’t need mediate. The refs last were absolutely ridiculous. I understand that they want to gain control of the player but this is the eastern conference finals and these are grown men. You have to allow some physical contact between players. Soft league

  • massappeal

    @Zach, has anyone gone back to the game tape to count how many Celtics Howard knocked to the ground without being called for a foul? I didn’t watch the whole game, but I count at least three:

    *landing on Rondo after Howard’s chase-down block in the first quarter;
    *offensive charge (not called) into Pierce (1st half)
    *Davis’ concussion and lost teeth.

    In addition, Howard’s favorite offensive move (just like Shaq) is lowering his left shoulder into the defender on the left block, and going from there.

    If none of those are fouls, then yes, Howard is unstoppable.

  • gone green

    The whole game was officiated badly. Dwight cannot be allowed to pitch a tent in the lane when coming of the screen roll. The Defender cant just step aside and allow Dwight to gain position without putting a body on him. Rashard Lewis was allowed to put his shoulder into PP and RR on succesive posseion. This gave RL and advantage that he was able to take. Basketball is an emotional game and during the heat of the battle you are going to be upset with a call but you cant T a guy up that walks away from you. Kobe is a guy that believe every shot that he takes that he is getting bumped or hit on the wrist and everytime he is allowed to complain to the refs. Kobe cries more than perk albeit Perk is more demonstrative. Ia gree with everyone as an official (and I officiate High level AAU ball)you never want to be the one to determine the outcome of a game, and when you find yourself doing that then something is wrong.

  • AA

    There is the matter of the double techs that have been called during the series. Some of those double techs serve as a warning and in Perkins case a majority of his techs came from double techs.

  • Arvin

    I am currently disgusted with the NBA. The refs have been in general good, but Mr. Stern has to do something this off season about double techs (like making them double personal fouls or each man shoots a free throw). He also needs to address teams that trade players. A player should not be able to return to the team that traded him the same season. Get to work Mr. Stern and fix some things instead of sitting pat with your laurels!

  • radfad

    Howard has been a thug the last two games in particular – it has been alot of cheap shots the announcers missed the Davis shot and DH was extending his elbow – the Celts have been pointing this out to the officials on at least 5 occasions but they miss it – it’s Sheed’s time to respond in kind

  • Matt

    This argument is dead at its inception. Referees need to keep the game under control for two main reasons: 1) so that nobody would get hurt; and 2) keep the game entertaining for all those sane people who are not fanatics about one team or the other. Players who don’t get it would be penalized until they do. Dwight Howard kept doing it in the first two series, and even in the East final and he – and his team for that matter – got penalized. All the referees are doing is sending signals to the players reminding them of the authority figures in the game. Players will do themselves – and their teams – a favor to keep their anger and frustration under control.

  • FYATroll

    Wow, Celtic fans are so overly paranoid it’s astonishing.

    You guys were saying that the fix was in last series against Cleveland. Did you just fight through all the odds and win in 6 while playing 5 on 8? Or did you decide maybe the fix really wasn’t in?

    I love the arguement I read up there that went something like “Yea, the Celtics do have the most techs in the league, but that doesn’t mean they complain more than anyone else.” Really? What does it mean then? Ahh..don’t answer, I already know. The fix is in. Yep, the fix has been in for Boston since the NBA started. They have just somehow managed to win umpteen championships even though the refs and the league are against them.

    And while I want the Celtics to beat the Magic, the whining about the Howard elbows is wow. You guys love when the Celtics get rough and tough with opposing teams and call it “playoff basketball.” Dwight Howard starts lobbing some cletics around like rag dolls, and he becomes the dirtiest player this side of Bruce Bowen. Love the double standard.

  • Matt

    Perkins should have said something loud enough for Ed Rush to hear while walking away. Otherwise referees don’t call a tech on the player walking away. Celtics should be happy that the league rescinded the tech after probably – it is my hard guess – talking to Ed Rush. It is a dangerous proposition that some people are calling Howard’s physical plays deliberate, hence calling for reprisal in kind. That kind of attitude may work two ways, and nobody in his right mind should advocate such thing.

  • CoachBo

    I find Moore’s argument bereft of logic. Orlando players cry after EVERY call that goes against him, yet Howard seemed to get a free pass to initiate contact last night.

    His bias is showing.

  • Q

    It seems like ‘suck up to the Refs because they can do whatever they want to you’ argument is kind of like saying ‘if someone is pointing a gun at you and demanding your wallet, give it to them’. Sure, it’s good advice in that situation, but it doesn’t mean it’s just or fair, or that we can’t blame the thug with the gun.

  • Gentlemen, lets not complain. On the contrary, we should be glad game 5 went the way it did. I want to personally thank Eddie Rush, Joey Crawford, and Dwight Howard for making pissing us off so much, and jacking us up so much, that Game 6 will be like lambs before the slaughter. Its gonna be a buzzsaw my friends. Never give the green motivation.

  • Howard’s End

    Here’s to hoping one of the Celtic bench players gives Howard a back brain kick. Fuck that piece of shit.

  • AB

    The problem with the officials is that several of them are more concerned with authority than with the game and with player’s safety. If they were concerned with safety, they would be paying closer attention to Howard’s ridiculous elbows. Its obvious that his elbows aren’t there to intentionally injure, but it does indicate his play is borderline reckless. I’m all for physical defense, but elbows (as it showed last night) are very dangerous. So, while it sounds ludicrous at first to suggest that the Celtics retaliate, it might be the right decision. Right now, Howard is the only guy on the court regularly throwing elbows around (he hit Garnet in the face twice in two minutes in Game 4). If the Celts big men start playing the same way, the refs will be forced to call it on both sides.

  • T

    Does anybody notice the elbow Howard is getting away with.He slapped paul in game 2,He elbowed KG twice in game 4 KG got a tech,and he gave Davis a concussion last night.

  • T

    LOL I guess a lot of people noticed.

  • Josh

    To everybody complaining that Dwight needed to get called more and he is intentionally hitting people. This may very well be true, but you are conveniently forgetting how much your guys (Perk, Rasheed, and Big Baby) have been manhandling him from game 1 of the series. Your boys jostle him, elbow him, “punch” him when he tries to post up so he can’t get in proper position, whack at his arms/hands/upper body every time he goes up. Some of it gets called, but a lot of it doesn’t because Dwight is so strong it doesn’t look like he is getting hit as hard as he is. But the Celtics openly said from the jump, their goal was to single cover Dwight and use every one of the 18 fouls those three guys can rack up to keep him contained. Now Dwight has decided to play physical back and you are complaining? The Celtics are a very physical team but they are also dirty and get away with a lot of cheap shots, I can’t really faul Dwight for giving it back.

  • LnGrrrR


    I don’t think you quite understand how fouling works. Fouling a player across an arm is legal. Elbowing them in the head, falling down on them after a play, etc etc, is not.

    There’s a difference.

  • Matt

    Stop crying and play the game. Think if you will have enough warm bodies to suit up.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    If Dwight is ‘giving it back’ then he should be called for the same fouls that Perk & Sheed are giving to him. The refs are scared to death to call 6 fouls or 2 techs on Dwight. It’s like Jordan status for Dwight. He is above the law when it comes to fouling out.

  • mitch

    look at some of these faggot magic fans in here talking a whole lotta mess, when the c’s win game 6…you can go back to being a playoff choker and irrelevant for years to come….

  • get real c fans

    you guys are an embarrassment to a once proud franchise. Anyone here who remembers the cs of the 80s remembers a tough, no nonsense, no excuse team. Now all there are are excuses and whininess.

    Be real – your team got beat and your team is so damn whiny that refs are sick of you.

  • csschap

    Rush is known for being effected by the emotion of a home crowd and his officiating is known through the league as being suspect. Had he been officiating at Boston, the Magic would have had more fouls called on them. If you think that isn’t true, bookies also put odds on games depending on who the ref is. If it’s Rush, you’d do better to put your money on the home team. It’s the safer bet.

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