Post-game Reactions

Fresh from the NBA Press Office:

NEW YORK, May 27, 2010 – Following a review of Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Boston Celtics and the Orlando Magic, the NBA has announced the following:

*    Celtics center Kendrick Perkins’ technical foul with 36.1 seconds
remaining in the first half has been rescinded.

*    Celtics forward Paul Pierce’s foul with 8:12 remaining in the fourth quarter has been upgraded to a Flagrant Foul 1.

Quick Analysis: As expected, the NBA makes the right move in this situation and takes back one of the unjust T’s levied upon Kendrick Perkins last night, putting off a one game suspension for at least one more contest. He probably deserved both T’s to be rescinded, but even the most optimistic C’s fan wasn’t expecting that, as the NBA likely want to save a little face here for their officials.

Say what you want about the T’s, but the injuries to all the other Celtic big men really forced the NBA’s hand here in my estimation. With Glen Davis likely out for game 6 (probably longer) with a concussion, taking Perk out of the equation would be essentially giving game 6 to Orlando. Without Perk, the C’s front line would have consisted of KG, Sheed, Shelden Williams and Brian Scalabrine. Not exactly murder’s row right there. With Perk back in the mix though, that lineup looks a lot better for the C’s chances to contain Mr. Howard.

All things considered, while the C’s rightfully caught a break here, they are still nowhere near to being out of the woods just yet. Perk still has six technicals, just one short of a mandatory one game suspension, so he will need to be extra careful to keep his cool heading into what will undoubtedly be a heated and physical game 6.

As for the upgrade on Pierce’s foul to a flagrant, all I could do is laugh. I vaguely remember that play with J.J. Redick going down pretty hard after a good foul by Pierce.

It’s really harmless at this point, Pierce has not accumulated any flagrants during this postseason, so he is not at risk for any kind of future suspension. Again, this appears to be the NBA just trying to flex their muscles a bit and maintain control in what has been an incredibly physical series. Now if they would only start paying attention to some elbows……

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • Justice.

  • Sweeney

    Hell with justice. What about the first double tech….that was total BS. Perk deserves most tech’s, but these two were totally screwed.

  • Ian

    This is horse sh!t, still. They couldn’t suspend him, so they only take away one (the more questionable one at that) an upgrade another?

    Still seems biased to me. Wheres the review on the people’s elbow?

  • sacbobv

    I suppose that’s good news for the Celtics. What would be better is a directive to the ref crew on Friday to keep a closer eye on the Howard elbow action.

  • Chris

    Sweeney and Ian, Calm Down

    Be happy that at least one was taken away.

    The Celtics need to finish this at home or else they deserve to lose this series go down as history as the biggest choke job .

    The whole city of boston should give up sports for a year if both the bruins and celtics blow 3-0 leads. Its unheard of.

    The celtics still have the advantage and just need to take care of business friday…. or things get scary

    but please stop with the crying, the Technical that perkins got was just as bad as when Vince got a technical earlier in the series. So yes some calls are bad, but thats the game. Please stop crying

  • CG

    Very odd that they chose the second T to revoke. Of the two, that one looked much more legitimate. I guess it doesn’t matter which they revokes, but I’d like to be privy to the thought (I use the word charitably) process of Stu Jackson and co.

  • BunkerHillG

    All I know is that its going to be a hostile environment Friday night. I can personally guarantee that the hostility will be starting in Section 319 of balcony and resonating on down…

  • Sweeney

    @ Chris, I want to see a good product. My time is invested and it is as valuable as a front row ticket. Nationally, commentators are talking about it so it is a big deal. A matter in which is enhanced when you look at what happened with the officiating in White Sox game last night.

    We should be talking about how the Majic killed it from 3-point range. Really, that should be the story here when we talk about this series in the upcoming years. Instead it has the chance of being remembered more for some below average officiating.

    Officials should guide the flow of the game and not direct it.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    Refs are EXTREMELY careful with 2nd Ts when it comes to kobe, bron, dwight, but not so with the majority of other players. Clearly, we’ve got a few refs who have HUMONGOUS egos. They are more worried about their image & perceived slights than the actual game at hand. I’ve seen the majority of refs walk away from the heated moment, & the game was much better off for it. The nba should get rid of some of these diva refs. Having said that, I don’t expect the nba to get rid of any ref when the refs have a union. Therefore, the only solution for a smart player in the league is not to cross one of these thin skinned refs–ESPECIALLY if you already have 1 tech…..Hopefully, this will be a powerful lesson to Perk.

    There is still a huge lack of justice here because Perk missed the 2nd half when the Cs clearly needed him. It is now admitted that his ejection was WRONG, but we can’t get that back.

    If the focus continues to be the refs then we are in trouble. The biggest problem is the Cs defense. We do not consistently beat teams that score over 100 points. We have a fantastic record when we hold teams to 90 or less points. We are 9-0 in the postseason when we hold teams to 90 or less points. Doc & Thibs better be making some adjustments. There is no way that Nelson should be driving STRAIGHT DOWN THE LANE for multiple layups. That & running people off the 3pt line would be a good place to start on defensive adjustments. We HAVE to have someone to stay IN FRONT OF Nelson & Williams. If Rajon is injured then give Nate & even Lafayette & Ray several minutes on Nelson to see if one of them can do something. I really thought Nate would be fast enough to frustrate Nelson’s dribble. If all else fails then start throwing some traps. At the very least, Nelson should be fouled hard & sent to the line instead of giving him all these layups.

  • Zack

    Justice? JUSTICE? He was taken out of game 5 by the refs, whats to stop them from doing the same in game 6?
    And the peoples elbow was for the people. Dwit doesn’t deserve the label the peoples elbow. Also had Perk, KG or Sheed thrown any of the elbows that took out players there would be a cry for blood. Imagine what Dwits stupid smile would look like sans some teeth. We need a good Goon

  • Zack

    I still can’t get over that statement. Justice? The only thing close to justice would have been for Stern to call during half time and tell them to take it back. The game was given to the Magic by the refs taking Perk out. I don’t care what Perk said, the same way he needs to grow up the refs need to grow a pair. If Perk is an adult then so is the ref.

  • DRJ1

    @Brian– You need to stop writing that Davis will likely be out Friday or longer. It’s not true. It was a first concussion with no loss of consciousness and apparently no amnesia, with symptoms lasting less than 10 minutes. The recommendation for that is 20 MINUTES of rest. Got that? 20 MINUTES…. not multiple days.

  • Tim Donaghy

    Even I could see that the first tech was the more questionable call. If they the second tech was deemed unwarranted, then the first one should have been rescinded as well. This just shows that the NBA cares less about fair play and more about preserving official Eddie F. Rush’s pride and ego.

  • Jay P

    Both Ts should be taken away. It’s nice he’ll play Game 6, but the league still fucked this one up.

  • willybeamin


    likewise for section 328.

    I pray we get off to a good start and then god help the magic cause things could get ugly quickly in that atmosphere

  • rob

    If perk gets another technical during the next game will he be immidiately ejected or will he just not be able to play the next game?

  • Jamison

    Tell you what, I give Howard no more benefit of the doubt elbows, if I’m Doc. The next time one of my players takes an elbow above the shoulders, I’m sending in one of the end of the bench guys to send a message. I put whoever on Howard, the moment he gets the ball, player x says “keep your elbows down” and then he’s getting slammed. You think Shelden wouldn’t deliver a hard-ass foul if it guarantees him a roster spot next year? Protect our team just like the old school.

    I’m being serious – nothing dangerous, but so far he’s concussed Davis and jacked KG in the back of the head, with that one being a bit less accidental. If our roster can avoid elbows to Magic players heads, why can’t D12?

  • DRJ1

    @rob– he would be suspended in the NEXT game. And there would be another 1-game suspension after every SECOND tech thereafter.

  • mike

    the officials were a joke before the 2nd T….the magic were already shooting free throws at that point and had only been called for 1 foul…any magic fan telling celtic fans to stop crying should shut it….you wouldn’t want to lose a game because the refs sent one of your players to the locker room for no apparent reason…

  • Lunk

    This is the reason America hates Boston fans. Totally illogical and so self absorbed that they believe the rules simply dont apply to them. Bad calls are made on just about every possession of an NBA game. It is part of life, just because the calls were bad doesnt mean the rules should be suspended. Stoudemire did far less than Perkins yet he was forced to miss a game that cost his team the series. This selective justice is an embarrasment…as are the illogical arguments being made by Boston fans.

  • pilgrimtraveller

    yeah, lunk, like you speak for America, like you would recognize logic if it bit you on your fat ass (you’re the yahoo who named yourself lunk, after all). why did you bring stoudemire into the argument? last time i looked the celts weren’t playing the suns. how do you know that i, for example, didn’t complain about that call? (in fact, i did; i thought the suns got shafted.) the point is that, yes, basketball is viciously difficult to officiate, but no one here is asking for the suspension of rules. we’re only asking that they be fairly and evenly applied. “selective justice” is, to use your words, “an embarrassment”, and if you had bothered to read most of the recent complaints by boston fans, you would know that they are complaining about “selective justice.” focus your attention, if you have enough adderall to do so, on yesterday’s game. pierce’s foul on reddick was upgraded to a flagrant. okay, that seems fair to me. but why not howard’s tackle of pierce? why not the elbowing of garnett? if perkins deserves a technical for vigorously complaining about a call, then so do several magic players. to many basketball fans, and not just celtics fans, there seem to be different sorts of refereeing: one for stars, one for the rest of the league, one for home teams, one for away teams. the elbowing incidents yesterday aside, the fact that dwight howard was called for just two fouls in the entire game is a sick joke. well, okay, turnabout is fair play. tomorrow when howard plays timidly for most of the second half, because a fair number of his fouls are actually recorded as fouls, and the celts have twice as many free throws as the magic, keep your tears to yourself, or share them with your mother, if, in your grief, you can drag yourself up from her basement.

  • Mike

    “@Brian– You need to stop writing that Davis will likely be out Friday or longer. It’s not true.”

    Agreed. Not all concussions are the same. This wasn’t Brian Westbrook lying motionless on the field.


  • jonathan

    the reason they rescinded the second tech instead of the first was most likely because then they would have had to rescind the tech given to Gortat

  • zack

    So because the NBA officiating is broken its OK? No you dumbass. If something is broken or wrong we should fix it. That’s what AMERICA DOES. Don’t tell me what America thinks. Don’t speak for everyone. Speak for yourself. Fuck you for speaking for America.
    Selective justice? Like calling a T on Perk for complaining the right way (In America we get to complain), while Howard can elbow anyone he wants because the refs suck? If someone were to shoot you but nothing happens because of it, do you try to do something about it or just go “oh well, shits broke”
    STFU. This is Celtics Hub you troll. You get an Anti Tommy Point for sucking

  • rondo-is-love

    Oh my gosh. THANK YOU, NBA, FOR GIVING BOSTON THE HONOR OF PERKINS BEING PERMITTED TO PLAY IN GAME 6 AFTER THEY ALREADY FREAKING LOST GAME 5 BY RESCINDING ONE OF TWO QUESTIONABLE TECHNICALS! Eddie F. Rush couldn’t contain his goddamn humongous ego and hold himself back from making a HUGE change to the game.


    Every time I saw Dwight getting an easy bucket over Baby, I couldn’t stop thinking about how wonderful and refreshing it would feel to kick Eddie F. Rush where it really truly hurts (then again… I have a hunch his reaction would be too similar to Varejao’s, thus making it not refreshing at all).

    When I saw Baby go down and then stumble into Joey Crawford’s arms, I couldn’t stop thinking about how that could have been prevented if Perk hadn’t been ejected.

    @ zack
    HAHAH, anti-Tommy point for sucking. That just made my day.

  • jonathan

    wow, this blog used to be mostly filled with classy comments; now’s it’s just becoming another celticsblog.com. sad..

  • @Zach: the justice you speak of is Game 6, when Orlando walks into a human buzzsaw. (See Atlanta Game 7 2008) Bringin the pain.

  • sacbobv

    @jonathan: Nobody stopping you from leaving, hell I’ll even open that door for you. All we’re doing is venting on the lopsided ref job and giving our opinions on this debacle.

    @zack: I’m putting you in charge of the Anti Tommy point posts, keep us giggling please.

    And of course this, Our Celtics will be on fire and focused for the game 6 win.
    Go C’s!!

  • Ray Leighton

    @Zach, like most of us, I know that you are mad as hell, but I want to thank you for making me laugh out loud with the anti-Tommy point.

    @Pilgrim — similar sentiments as above for the adderall comment.

    It was nice to burst out laughing even as I could feel our collective bloodpressures rising.

    Where’s Maurice Lucas when you need him?

  • Bruno

    Wow. A lot of you people are making real Boston sports fans look bad. We should be talking about stopping the Magic’s pick and roll and keeping them from shooting 50% from behind the line. I’m glad they rescinded one of the T’s for Perkins. They should have. The fact is though, we have all praised Wallace and Garnett for their extracurricular elbow activity, but then Dwight Howard is a dirty player? That just makes all of you hypocrites. We didn’t lose game 5 because of the refs, because Perkins was ejected, or because Davis got knocked out. We lost because the Magic dominated on both sides of the ball. If we had lost by 2 instead of getting blownout, maybe you could question those things. In the meantime, think about you say, because the Celtics are partly famous for playing the way Dwight Howard plays.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    You’re right Ray, Zach & Pilgrim should be posting more.

  • pilgrimtraveller

    bruno, i both agree & disagree with you. the celtics didn’t play well last night, and they gave game four away. in particular, they haven’t defended the pick & roll well. and if i were the coach, that is what i would be emphasizing, because that is what the celtics can control. they cannot control how the referees call the game. but i am not a coach; i’m a mere fan, and it seems to me that the refs called last night’s game even worse than the celtics played it. i’m not excusing any nastiness by the celtics. all i’m saying is that if pierce deserved a flagrant, and i believe he did, then so did howard on at least two occasions. in the previous series by the magic, he was close to fouling out in every game. yesterday he miraculously was called for a mere two fouls in the whole game! pardon me, but i think i saw him commit more than two fouls. as many moving screens as the celtics committed, the magic committed as many, or more, that were not called. and frankly, i’m tired of trolls (of which, you are manifestly not one) libeling the celtics as a dirty team. they play rough, i admit it, but i’m not dismayed when the other team plays rough, too. calling the celtics dirty in this series with the magic is like calling sand dirty when you’re wallowing in mud. when perkins was still in the game, the game was still within reach. when perkins was ejected, on what the ref immediately signalled by his expression was a bad call, the game was essentially over. you can’t say the call didn’t affect the game. one reason the magic dominated as they did is that the refs permitted them to commit mayhem. and as physical as wallace and garnett play, neither has routinely hurt players with their elbows as howard has.

  • I love Green

    So Big Baby is going to play friday??

  • steve

    Let’s see, game 4, D. Howard wacks KG in the head with an elbow and barely gets called for a foul. League review and, sorry, our bad, that should have been a flagrant one. So of course the Celtics would have gained a point or two in that exchange had it happened during the game. And of course lose in overtime. When Howard hit Davis in game 5 it didn’t look that bad at full speed. In replay that appeared intentional. But, not as intentional as pulling Pierce to the floor, again. Pierce is already getting fouled at the hoop when Howard flys in, rakes his arms down on Pierce, and gives him a little extra what for on that right arm as he goes to the court.
    Bonus rant: Perkins called for illegal screens once or twice a game. Howard has to literally hip check you sidways to get a whistle.
    While the Magic did play well in game 5 all these other issues start to make me a reluctant NBA fan again, strictly Celtics fan.

  • Green4life

    What I want to know is how many more concusions do we have to get untill Dwight finally gets called for those elbows. Also, where are we getting these refs, every time a Celtic player even touches a Magic player they call a foul, but when someone from the C’s gets hacked they call nothing. Seriously, what is up with that?

  • Cptn Bubbles

    Dwight sets A LOT of screens. He has been moving on some of those screens. If they’re not calling Dwight then Perk should not be called. All we want is for the game to be called the same both ways. You would NEVER see Dwight foul out on an illegal screen call like Perk did (even Jeff Van Gundy while broadcasting the game live said that was a bad call vs Perk). Perk is getting some really questionable calls while Dwight who played way over DOUBLE the minutes of Perk & is a kazillion times MORE ACTIVE on defense is getting only TWO fouls??????? The truth is all the whining from Stan Van Gundy & Dwight (Dwight even complaining via the net last series) about Dwight getting too many whistles has worked. I wish our coach had the backbone of Phil Jackson so we could try to swing the pendulum back some toward fair on how Dwight is officiated. If Doc is too scared to say something than Danny should speak up before we have a decapitation. Either call Dwight the same way Perk, Sheed, & Glen are called or let Perk, Sheed, & Glen swing their elbows, camp out/ play a zone in the lane, & give them an extra 5 seconds when posting up.

    Dwight is so anxious to block Rajon that Rajon should be able to lure Dwight into a block & pass it to a cutting big (Dwight’s man) or another cutter. The problem is we have ZERO guys cutting when Dwight goes for the block. If you cut & have your hands ready Rondo will find you.

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