Post-game Reactions

Via ESPNBoston.com’s Chris Forsberg:

“I’m feeling better, I’m fine,” Rondo said at the Celtics’ shootaround Wednesday morning at Amway Arena. “Nothing to worry about, I’ll be playing.”


Asked how he’s combating the spasms (or cramps as Doc Rivers has called them), Rondo listed all the available remedies.

“Bananas, water, massages, contrast baths, and drinking pickle juice,” joked Rondo, who battled flu-like symptoms earlier this season and did sound a bit nasally while addressing reporters Wednesday. Regardless, Rondo pointed to his early foul trouble as a bigger issue in his performance Monday than any health detriment.

Is pickle juice actually known to cure/ease cramps, or did Rajon just name a totally random thing?

In any case, it’s good to see Rajon  a little feisty. There may not be a player on the court tonight with a larger burden. Unless the C’s make an unexpected defensive adjustment, he’ll have to chase Jameer Nelson over and around a million screens and play much more aggressively on offense than he did in Game 4.

It is a lot to ask of any player, but it’s what the C’s will ask of Rajon tonight.

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  • Jared

    Yes, pickle juice was discovered many years ago by a college football trainer (BYU or maybe one of the Florida schools, I think) as the best way to prevent cramps on the field. Maybe the science hasn’t completely backed it up yet and that’s why it’s not better known in the sports world. But college football teams that use it, swear by it.

  • egorm

    Rondo is totally right about pickle juice. Works really well for preventing muscle cramps. I think it has to do with the high salt content or something.

  • Mark Kee

    Go to picklejuicesport.com They got it all figured out.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    I would like to see Rajon play his best defensive game yet. I don’t care about Rajon scoring 20 or even 10. You could see how much of a catalyst Nelson was last game to their floundering, disjointed offense. Nelson had way too many assists & drives into the lane. Boston is crazy if Dwight is throwing hard fouls on guys, & Nelson is just waltzing into the lane. There should be some hard fouls on Nelson & Vince & Dwight on drives in the lane (Rajon should try to save his fouls till later).

    Stop Nelson from penetrating. Throw an occasional trap on the guy—he is the shortest guy out there so a towering KG trap should work wonders. If Nelson is getting the ball to guys & getting some rhythm going then you’ve got to trap & harass him. If Rondo is playing Nelson closer (ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBLE on Dwight from Rajon) then Rajon should be able to stop Nelson from rebounding so much. There is a real lack of hustle when the shortest guy out there is getting so many rebounds (Nelson out rebounding the best rebounding pg in the nba has got to stop). I expect Nelson to hit some shots. If we can bait him into shooting deep jump shots (non 3s) then that would be great. Nelson wants to shoot 3s & drive so we need to try & force him to give the ball up or shoot deep 2s. I don’t want to see Rajon in a scoring contest with Nelson. Instead, I just want to see Rajon make Nelson’s life miserable with tremendous D.