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I am so happy I am not a Magic fan right now because I would be too embarrassed to admit it after tonight….

Before tonight’s game I was nervous that a Magic win would dangerously change the complexion of the series.  I am now more sure than ever that the Celtics will win on Friday- assuming that Kendrick Perkins technicals are rescinded.

More from Brian Robb later…

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  • dave


  • sur 13

    boston got this,yeeeeeeee

  • killa 101


  • boston hater

    seriously. the celtics are so dirty and so whiny and now their fans are crying because they paid for their ongoing dirty play by getting touchy techs. maybe if the celts and perk in particular didn’t whine on EVERY SINGLE CALL, the refs wouldn’t have grown tired of their act.

    I LOVE it. If the Bruins and then the celts lose a 3-0 lead, it would be the best thing to happen in sports all year!

  • Dawood


  • Dwight Can S my D

    hey boston hater… Fuck you

  • Dwight Can S my D

    Fuck you too Dawood

  • How are the Celtics “dirty,” Boston Hater? Because they play defense?

  • rob

    @ boston hater

    people like you make me so amused. You don’t know a single thing about the game or the way it actually works and you prance around repeating things you hear from the announcers and half time show hosts…before you start to talk about the team thats headed to the finals you should get your facts staight

  • boston hater


    boston sucks. i love that their title in 08 is looking so fluky. if the lakers had bynum and ariza healthy, they would have swept the celts. then last year they basically no showed in the playoffs and now they look like they are going to have the biggest collapse in nba history!

  • Eh, don’t feed the trolls.

  • boston hater

    here’s a little secret for you whiny boston fans:everyone outside of boston knows that the celts are the whiniest dirtiest team in the nba. they all hate you, not because they’re jealous like I’m sure you trick yourself into believing, but because the celts are the dirtiest, whiniest team in the league.

    I love it! 2010 will be remembered for revealing the true boston heart and soul – 2 absolute choke jobs from the bruins and now the celts!


  • celtics fan from Toronto

    It is a Laker fan, no wonder it is so classless….LOL

    Doc sounds sour during the postgame conference.

  • legs-diamond

    If the official are there to facilitate, then throwing Perkins out of today’s game was wrong. …. Still the Celtics were probably not going to beat Orlando on this night. … I felt the Magic were on to get this home game, especially after the overtime win, and considering the two home losses to the Celtics previously. …. I am somewhat concerned with the injury situation reguarding Perkins and Tony Allen (and Pierce?), and Pierce’s minutes of late. …. Two evenly matched teams. ….. Celts should never have let them up for air in game 4. … Now we’ll see if the C’s still have some uncommon valor.

  • boston hater

    oh, now pierce is hurt because he sucked so bad in the game tonight? i love it. typical whiny boston fan. i still don’t know how he’s able to play without a kneecap.

  • torpid bunny

    It never ceases to amaze me how basketball fans assume the outcome of a series is determined by one game.

    For the more rational minded here, this game was similar to game 3 against Cleveland in that the Magic simply shot very very well. They hit a ridiculous 13 of 25 3-pointers. Every time the celtics got in striking distance, it seemed the magic hit a three, often an improbable three. People are going to talk about oh the celtics are getting tired, their defense didn’t look as good, etc. Sometimes it really does come down to hitting shots, and given that the magic are built on outside shooting, a game like this isn’t exactly shocking. On the flip side, Boston’s competitiveness is especially dependent on defensive stops. I’m not sure why but they really don’t move the ball as well off of a field goal.

    I very much doubt the magic will hit as many threes in the next game. Doesn’t mean they will lose, but let’s not put too much importance on one game.

  • jon

    boston hater, who they hell are you? Is it a common ritual for you to go to opposing team blogs and write 1000 word essays that only confirm your lack of knowledge for anything sports related. All Im saying is you’re annoying. Wrap up whatever your gonna say and continue your nightly routine… Im guessing it involves rubbing one out to a picture of Pau before self-medicating yourself to sleep.

  • Eran

    Forget the refs. Nelson again played better than Rondo. If that happens again, the Celtics will probably lose again. We need Rondo at his top form in defense and offense.

  • Mang

    Lol @ jon

    Well said, man, well said. I especially like the rubbing one out to a picture of Pau part =D

  • rondo-is-love

    Yeah, Celtics are SOOOOOO dirty, even though their 6’10” forwards don’t tackle the opposing team’s 6’5″ guard or poke him in the eye. Right, right. We could all accuse that particular team *ahem* of being dirty too, but it’s all opinion based. It’s one thing to think that a team is dirty because that’s certainly your own opinion that you are, indeed, entitled to, but it’s really not a laughing matter, regardless of what team it is, when two players end up with concussions in a single game. You’ve gotta have the maturity level of a two year old to be able to point your finger and laugh at another team, or any other human being, when it comes to that.

    Horrible, horrible, horrible loss today. Losing Big Baby is gonna cost them, but they tend to play better with a chip on their shoulder (in all honesty, I think that’s a big part of the reason why they’re doing so well in the playoffs to begin with). I’m no doctor, but if you have one concussion, don’t you become more prone to them after? That means Baby really can’t draw charges or defend as well as he has thus far..

  • legs-diamond

    Apparently Davis will be out for the next game after being knocked out by Howard. And Daniels suffered a concussion as well. …Does Howard get considered for a suspension for putting an opposing player’s lights out? … Some horrifying stuff. Where were the officials?

  • boston hater


  • boston hater


  • Jay P

    It we want to talk about “Fluky” as the poster child for down syndrome above put it. There’s no greater example than both Orlando wins.

    So they need fluke absurd shots from Nelson and game 4, and then an absolute train wreck of horrible officiating, fluke injuries, and absolutely ridiculous shooting (many of which, at least early were contested, difficult shots, that go in maybe 1 in 5, see: every shot Nelson took in the game) to get wins?

    Luck is bound to run out eventually (see: Game 6.)

  • jon

    Thanks Mang. He still hasn’t gone to bed, this guy just has no life at all.

  • boston hater

    look at you guys, making sorry excuses for your dirty whiny team. the thing that made america turn on chowds is that you guys were pretty pitful losers but everyone hated the yankees more. but your steroid fueled series wins exposed that you are HORRIBLE winners. and kg cemented how the country felt about you when he went nuts the past two years acting like the biggest ass ever.

  • Jay P


    Yes you can become more prone to them. Concussion are basically a bruise on your brain, the “muscles” there don’t fully recover like any other bruise. So lesser knocks in the future can cause you to re-hash concussion like symptoms.

    That being said, it’s more of an issue and Hockey or Football where you take repeated hits to the head, then in Basketball, where those hits are rare. Still, its obviously a concern no doubt.

  • Sean

    Boston up 3-2 going back home for game 6. Clinch at home on Friday, the way it should be. If the league maintains EITHER of the Perkins techs, I would be appalled.

  • LakerHater13

    Boston hater….. no show last year in the playoff???? have you heard of KG? are you that stupid? KG stays healthy last year and we are looking at back to back to back!!!! The league will take back not one but both of the Perk techs. That will prove how bad the refs were tonight. 2 bad techs and 2 concussions on our guys and no foul against orlando on either concussion. Howard comes over and throws pierce to the floor after gortot fouls him and nothing extra is called. Refs handed orlando the game.

  • rondo-is-love

    @Jay P

    Nice one… but the ONE TIME I will disagree is when considering 39-point losses in an elimination game with the championship on the line. Wouldn’t call that a fluke. I’d call them Vujacic-can’t-guard-Shuttlesworth or Lakers-don’t-understand-defense. Just sayin’ ;]

  • boston hater

    and btw i am concerned about big baby and daniels. i’m definitely more concerned than doc. the video of him yelling at big baby to get up when it was clear he was hurt will 1)be another example of doc’s poor sportsmanship and 2) definitely shows that even doc know the celts are known as the biggest floppers and whiners and fakers in the league.

  • Jay P

    Ok so he’s a Yankees fan obviously. Typical bandwagoner probably. Lakers/Yankees. Retard.

    I wont even get into steroids talk, this is about the Celtics, and that’s just a retarded argument anyway, face it, most of baseball was using something at the time.

  • Jay P

    Watch the clip again boston hater, Doc yells once, cause he thought Davis was dogging it. Then then immediately realizes something is very wrong with Davis, and you see him go stone gaze with his eyes fixed on him until play is stopped.

  • jon

    How old is this dude? He’s not even being witty with his insults. @Jay P… poster child for down syndrome. Now thats funny!

  • DRJ

    Davis will be back Friday depending on 2 questions: (1) Does he have ongoing symptoms? (2) Does have any amnesia surrounding the hit? If his symptoms lasted a short time (which is what it looked like — less than 15 min) and he has no amnesia, he could easily return by Friday.

  • boston hater

    A) I hate the yankees
    B) clearly it goes without saying that the red sucks series wins deserve an asterick when you’re two best hitters test positive for cheating.
    C) I’m just a guy telling it like it is, the country hates the celts. if you don’t realize that and more importantly, don’t realize that it’s because they whine more than any team and have dirty classless players like kg and sheed and pierce and kendrick, then you are delusional.

  • @boston hater..i think this guy’s gay..im pretty sure he won’t show up after game 6 seeing his desperate magic lose pathetically..let’s see how much you got..

  • rondo-is-love

    Isn’t it just amusing that a fan of a team with the biggest active flopper in the league is complaining about C’s flopping? He flops so much that ESPN had a special article about him called “The Art of the Flop.” No lie.


  • boston hater

    i’m a laker fan because i delight in a celtic choke job? nope, that makes me a fan of any of the other 29 teams in the league.

    3-0 3-1 3-2 3-3 3-4

  • Jay P

    I’m no doctor either, but I understand the basics of sports medicine. Generally hits like you saw Davis take are low-grade concussion, he kinda took it on the forehead/nose, the forehead if much harder and absorbs a lot of the impact, and the blow near the face tends not to cause to deep a bruise in the brain tissue.

    Direct hits to softer parts of the head near the top of the skull are far scarier.

    And Yes, DRJ is right, low grade concussion can often clear up nearly 100% in a 24-hour window.

  • Matt

    Hey Boston Hater… Even IF the rest of the country “hates the celts,” we still love them. So leave us alone.

  • boston hater

    “i think this guy’s gay”

    you’re right, i can’t be that witty – it takes a classless whiny boston fan do be that witty.

  • jon

    I got it, this guy cant be older than 15 or 16. Hey boston hater, you weren’t alive for the 80s. If you were, you’d remember McHale tackling the shit out of Rambis in the finals. Dirty? Hell yes! And we love it! The C’s are the grittiest team in an age of pussy ball. Get used to it.

  • Jay P


    I have a million dollars, I have a million dollars…

    Damnit! I really thought just saying something like it was fact made things true. Shit.

    If the joke went over your feeble, down syndrome infected mind, what I’m saying is just because you, an obviously biased person, hates the Celtics, doesn’t make it true.

    And personally, I could care less if anyone hates the team. Kiss the rings bitch.

  • Alex

    Boston with 18 techs…That’s all I’m saying. There’s a pattern here.

  • jon

    Hey C’s fans, we can stop ripping on this little bitch. He finally reacted to some of the personal stuff we were putting. Him getting all defensive only means one thing… crying himself to sleep a race car bed in his moms house.

  • boston hater

    jon is the only guy who gets it. and i can appreciate that you embrace that they are dirty. it’s the whiny classless part i think you would be a little embarrassed by.

    and i do remember the 80s well. i remember the team of the decade getting 5 titles and the celts getting 3.

  • boston hater

    3-0 3-1 3-2 3-3 3-4

    philly and orlando will be your least favorite cities from now on.

  • jon

    Thats the lowest you’ve gone all night. Magic’s baby hook still gives me nightmares. Whats next? Gonna talk about Len Bias? Reggie Lewis? Larry Bird’s Back?? You’re a miserable piece of Shit!!

  • i can’t imagine how boston hater’s face would look like if he sees the lakers lose tomorrow..whining all day..miserable..

  • jon

    One more thing, I’d rather be up 3-2 than be tied 2-2.

  • Jay P

    Lakers are a great team, and a great franchise. You’ll notice no one hear bad mouthed them. And although I despise Kobe as an individual (really, he should have went to prison) I respect his abilities as a player.

    Nothing but respect for the 80s Lakers either, they were a great team.

  • jon

    Jay P, you’re a good man. Good to have you on the side of the good guys.

  • Paolo

    Boston Hater, this is a Boston Celtics blog. Even though you have your opinion and you are fully entitled to say what you want, we would appreciate if you would do it somewhere else. It’s just not being classy. Thank you.

  • Jay P


    Doc made the point on the techs when asked about Perkins 5 prior to this game. He made a good point, 4 of them are on double-techs, and due to the Refs solution for anytime a game gets physical or people start jawing, to T up both players and keep the game under wraps.

    It’s a broken rule, because Perkins is the one battling underneath for position. If those situations where both players are at fault, Refs need to let it be, separate em, let em get their frustration out, and play on. Ting up both just to get control on a game is wrong, and we’re seeing the end result of it now.

  • celtics fan from Toronto


    Well said.

  • Marley

    Boston wiill go home and win the series..

  • boston hater

    sheesh paolo and jay p, you guys are giving your team a bad name by being so polite in asking me to lay off. in any case, i love the rivalry but man do i think the current edition of the celts are whiny (pierce in particular) and totally unlikeable (kg, kendrick and sheed lead the way here) and complete fakers (pierce makes italian soccer players look modest).

    Anyway, good luck in game 6, but GO MAGIC!

  • dan

    I haven’t heard anyone else mention this, but does anyone else think that Dwight Howard is at serious risk of suspension after this game? If you all will recall, he had the two flagrants before this game so if he gets one more he will be suspended. The league upgraded the elbow on KG to a flagrant yesterday after the refs called it a personal foul (or was it technical?). The elbow on Glen Davis tonight was very similar to the one on KG the other night, the only major exception being that it did far more damage than the one on KG. Given that, it seems to me like the NBA should (if it is gauging these calls consistently) deem a flagrant on Dwight for that elbow, leaving him suspended for the next game.

  • Sweet_Child34

    Honestly, I’ve always loved Dwight Howard, but with the way he always “inadvertantly” throws elbows, can we not call him a dirty player yet? He does it EVERY SINGLE GAME. And other than being called for a personal against KG in game 4 (which was rightfully a flagrant, imo), he always gets away with it.

    Meanwhile, Perkins gets called for fouls when he just exhales to strongly and gets tossed out of the most important game of the series for being human and showing some emotion. I swear I try not to be a conspiracy theoriest, but then I watch games like this and it seems plausible.

    Anyways, I hope Baby’s back for the next game. It is never a good thing when Sheed is your best big off the bench.

  • Paolo

    I’m not asking you to lay off the hating. You are a Boston Hater, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I can’t tell you to be something you’re not. I’m just asking you to probably do it somewhere else. Yes the C’s are unlikeable in some way, but most visitors in this site are C’s fans and we can’t help but be loyal to this team. It’s just not the proper venue, I think.

    Good luck to whichever team you are rooting for as well.

  • sacbobv

    @Sweet_Child34- Good post and I agree with what you’ve said. I find it funny on the day that his foul is upgraded to a flagrant, he continues to do it and not get called on it.

    As for Perkins, I feel bad for him getting a T for doing the right thing by walking away. If the refs would scrutinize Howard like they do Perk, these last 2 games might have had a different outcome.

    I Hope both BBD and Daniels are okay both short and long term. Had a concussion from a car wreck and it took a few days just to start feeling normal and be ready to return to work.

    Tonight’s game really was pretty bad, but I believe the Magic have just made the same mistake Cleveland did in game 3 and they will go down on Friday in FLAMES!

    As for you Laker Trolls, you might just be going fishing yourselves soon, so stick to your own boards and strut and preen there all you want.

    This is a Celtics board and we LOVE our team.

    Go CELTICS!!

  • Chris O.

    @Sweet_Child34 – Yes I agree….I never really noticed it before but Dwight is a DIRTY DIRTY player. He elbows people and hits them more while falling than anyone…he is very good at concealing it like it is accidental. If you recall he banged Pierce’s shoulder a little more than he needed to, he also hand to the faced Rondo during another fall I believe in game 4. He clearly brought his elbow down HARD on Baby (I am sorry but just because you are 4 inches bigger than someone and a big guy doesn’t mean you elbow them on the way down like that…). He swung his elbow on the Garnett flagrant and on the Pierce flagrant he clearly want for the head and added a little extra with NO PLAY ON THE BALL. It is more and more clear to me that Dwight is dirty. My friend pointed this out to me last year at some point and I didn’t agree but I am really starting to think you cannot hit so many people with inadvertant elbows and smacks to the ‘above the shoulders’ areas. Unless I am to believe he is the walking uncoordinated.

  • dan

    Yes, Dwight is a dirty player, but does this elbow on big baby mean hes getting suspended? What do y’all think will happen with this?

  • Chris O.

    @ Sacbobv – Yea I also thought if Dwight got techs and was treated like Perk he would foul out or be ejected in the first half of every game…even on his blocks he usually creates SIGNIFICANT body contact which is not called (he lands on Rondo after the block from behind play which is a foul regardless that he got ball).

  • rokomer

    I thought you needed 4 flagrant points for a suspension? Probably little chance Dwight gets 2 more even if the league reviews this game very closely…

  • Chris O.

    @ dan – I don’t think the league suspends him, but seriously I think he should be suspended if and until Big Baby can return…

  • Chris O.

    Dwight already has 2 flagrant points (elbow to Garnett, play where he mauled Pierce’s face), if they gave him a flagrant two for the baby elbow he would be suspended…that is not going to happen tho

  • dan

    @rokomer – ah, you’re right. crap. i think the league will give him the flagrant then – it seems in line with the garnett flagrant and because he wont get a suspension yet the stakes are lower. hopefully the league calls it as a flagrant 2 (unlikely) or he picks another flagrant up in the next game (if it goes to seven).

  • rondo-is-love

    Dwight is the one of the league’s posterboys. There’s no chance in hell he’ll be suspended for the elbow to Davis because it was immediately deemed an “inadvertent” elbow. The league is still apologizing to him for suspending him for a game last year in the first round and for fouling him out so many times in this year’s first round.

    Seriously, though, I don’t understand why the hell his elbows were going downward in the first place… that’s the part that makes me absolutely doubt the inadvertent-ness (not a word, I know, but I couldn’t think of anything else!) of that particular elbow.

    It leaves a ridiculously bad taste in my mouth when I have to worry about my favorite team’s players’ safety during a game due to some asshole’s elbows.

  • RBD

    What a fucking awful night. Can I say that? There’s no other way to describe it. Pretty much everything that could have gone wrong, did go wrong.

  • Magnus

    Dan, seriously… flagrant on Howard? Coming down off balance after his wrist was hacked by Nate? Afraid the only flagrant review will be the blatant one when a frustrated Pierce shoved Vince out of bounds after the call.

    Perkins’ first T is obvious (elbow to the ribs – BS on it being unintentional), second one will probably be rescinded (although noone seems to think about the fact that we have no idea what he said to the ref).

    Seriously Boston fans – I respect your franchise and its history, but the whining about officiating being against Boston this series is comical. Game 2 was at least as lopsided in the Celts favor in a super tight, critical game, and if Dwight exaggerated contact the way Pierce does Boston’s bigs would have 24 fouls every game.

    Looking forward to Game 6…

  • carmen

    I am a huge C’s fan. I honestly don’t think Howard is a dirty player. He just not aware of his elbows. They are very lethal. Big Baby is not the first person he has hurt and it sure wont be last.Hell… Courtney Lee needed a face mask after his blow. However, I do mind the leauge being consistant with the flagrant fouls.

    and @ Rokomer is right.. in order for him to be suspended he needs a flagrant 2 or 2 more flagrant1’s.

  • Manuel Perez Pabon

    Dwight Howard got away last night with the most flagrant and dangerous fouling in televised NBA history….. NBA officiating credibility has fallen to a new low since the last game fixing story….. Boston Celtics should file aggravated assault charges against Howard, the video speaks for itself…..

  • Playoff basketball

    First of all, I hope Big Baby and Marquis are ok – been there and it’s not a good thing.

    But let’s not get carried away – at least three out of the five hardest hits in this series have been by the Boston bigs against Howard. At that point it was called “tough, physical play” and “playoff basketball” by Boston and “mental weakness” by the Magic. We are the most physical (I won’t say dirty) team in the league and take pride in it – and now we’ve started complaining about physicality? If the game continues to get called this way it clearly favors us if we show up to play.

  • RBD

    I do have to say that Howard’s continual hammering of people above the neck with his elbows needs to be addressed by the NBA. Somebody is gonna get seriously hurt if they don’t get that under control.

  • rondo-is-love

    Your reactions would be so different if you had to start worrying about your players’ safety and health when a guy who’s “unaware” of his elbows continuously doesn’t get called for any of that. Fouling isn’t always intentional, so really, being “unaware” of your elbows doesn’t make it a non-foul.

    For a guy who’s been in the league since 2004, and has also been playing basketball since prior to that, shouldn’t he be much more aware of his elbows? What would the rest of the league/fanbase be saying had those elbows been Perk’s elbows or even any center in the league that’s known to use his physical strength defensively and isn’t a happy-go-lucky child like Howard? They’d be quick to start accusing him of doing it on purpose and being dirty.

    The league suspended KG for a game, despite being ejected during the game, for his elbow to a guy standing behind him. I’m not saying that wasn’t a legit punishment, but shouldn’t the same go for Howard?

  • Chris O.

    @ Magnus – Ummm maybe you should watch the game again, clearly Perkins loses grip of Pierce and his elbow goes back into Gortat (who he isn’t even looking at). BTW Gortat should have gotten something for hitting Pierce after a play was over.

    @ Playoff basketball – I agree if they (the refs) called it (the game) in tough, physical play mode we would be at the advantage, however this game was called much tighter and many of the ‘tight’ fouls were called against the Celtics battling with Howard for position in the paint. Why doesn’t Dwight get called when Perk battles him for offensive position in the paint…Dwight just doesn’t give him spots down low either and nothing has been called.

  • Chris O.

    @ rondo-is-love – Exactly how I feel Howard has masked it well…and unless we are to believe that this man has no coordination or no awareness of his elbows than it is intentional. Not to mention even if it is unintentional it can still be a foul. Even in a pick up game with people not calling fouls and playing street ball you rarely see a player of any varying size compared to the others elbowing people so consistantly. Its not like this is every NBA player, it is Dwight repeatedly getting elbows to contact above other players shoulders. If this was Perk or so even Shaq the suspension would occurred long ago. It really is a Superstar league.

  • JosephK

    To a Celtics fan, Howard’s a dirty player; to a Magic fan, he’s a smart player, who’s just playing professional-grade defense. Back in the ’90s during the Bulls’ epic virtual six-peat, people used to say the same thing about Bill Cartwright–a guy who would routinely send much bigger centers to the locker room with concussions, broken noses, and gouged out eyes (remember Hakeem Olajuwon?). In Chicago, we thought it was a distinctive asset, The Cartwright Elbow to the Achilles Heel.

    Like it or not, Howard’s not getting suspended. Even if the blow to Baby is ruled a flagrant, you need four to get a full game suspension.

    As for Perk, I have to respectfully disagree with Magnus. The first tech was CLEARLY inadvertent; he was just caught up in the heat of the moment and didn’t even look behind him after moving the elbow. The second tech was an even more egregious call; he was justifiably outraged at being called for a touch foul, screamed no more than two words at the ref, and then turned around and blew off steam in a neutral corner. It was the kind of reaction we’ve seen 1000 times, and it’s never a tech.

    As far as I’m concerned, losing Perk at the end of the first half cost the Celtics the game tonight. The +- is terrible on the Big Three + Rondo + Sheed or Baby. They just don’t integrate into the starting lineup for some reason. Probably swung the game by 5-10 points or more. Add Baby’s concussion, Garnett’s foul trouble, and it’s maybe a 10-15 point swing.

    Bottom Line: The decision to rescind Perk’s tech may determine the outcome of the whole series. Our fates lie in the corrupt hands of David Stern and his henchmen.

  • RBD

    I wonder if Howard thanks God he never gets called for his dangerous use of his elbows. Perhaps God loves concussions?

  • rondo-is-love

    What the hell is it with Boston’s opponents’ elbows this postseason anyway?

  • Magnus

    @Chris O – I hope that’s how the Celtics’ players are looking at this game (we were robbed by the officials, Howard is a dirty player). If they are, they’ll be losing the next game. Noone in this league is the recipient of more dirty fouls than Howard – particularly Howard in a Celtics game. It actually seems like you honestly believe Howard should be suspended for that incident… and I just don’t know what to say to you.

    Re: Perkins’ elbow – I agreed with you when I saw the angle they showed at the time. It wasn’t until they reviewed it from the other angle at half time that it became obvious. No way that tech get’s rescinded – the other one yes (hopefully, I’d like to see both teams at full strength).

  • MagicFan

    Better not lose Game 6….

  • david

    All I have to say is I hate this game. This game made me angry.

  • david

    Lose game 6, I don’t think I can handle a game 7. Bruins were enough. Please not again – in a 3 week period nonetheless.

  • Manuel Perez Pabon

    This series is looking more like a UFC venue. Officials credibility is at its lowest point since the revelation that games were fixed. The FEDS should take a closer look at the NBA

  • david

    @manuel perez. After the second quarter, I was convinced this game was rigged. My opinion hasn’t changed.

  • celtics are my favorite team

    clearly the refs hate the celtics. did you see when pierce’s arm was almost ripped off? I mean Pierce is easily the most fouled player in the league and they rarely do the right thing by calling the flagrant fouls! He must have about 10 flagrant fouls against him every game! I just think it’s so great that no matter how injured he looks every time he is fouled he always somehow ends up being able to get back up and continues to play.

  • Jay P

    I have to disagree with you about the Pierce call. It was clearly a foul, but not flagrant. That’s just a good hard playoff foul, and it’s to be expected when you drive the lane.

    He just got caught in an awkward position is all. I don’t blame Howard on that one.

  • Spankies_space

    The officials should be fired. What a sham. And I used to think Howard was really “Superman”. What a fake.

  • DW

    seriously folks, have you forgotten the celts are still up 3-2. magic have to win 2, celts only one. im sure the magic fans were unhappy thinking the refs were procelts in game one and two. if this series were to be rigged, dont you think the nba would prefer the celts tradition over orlando. there is no doubt the suits want a boston/lakers finals. it would be better for ratings. the swings in momentum have been so dramatic from game to game, who the hell knows whats gonna happen friday night.

  • janonny


    I could be wrong but I don’t recall a foul being called on the incidental elbow to big baby’s face. With no foul there is nothing to review. I also highly doubt that he did it on purpose as well. You should know that Dwight’s imfamous elbow has also taken out his own team mates in the past (he broke C-Lee’s face last year) It was two competitors fighting for a rebound Davis is just unlucky because he is short and wound up underneath.

    Dwight is really not a dirty player. Just a big active body. If Rondo were as big as Dwight he would cause the same kind of damage.

  • Air France

    Man this blog is something, one of your contributors writes
    “I am so happy I am not a Magic fan right now because I would be too embarrassed to admit it after tonight”
    Embarrassed by what? Thrashing the Celtics, not very embarrassing.
    I come over to this site to see what the other side has to say not to talk any trash, but what should be embarrassing to Celtics fans is this column.

  • Hi Air France,


    Here is just a short list of why I would be embarassed to be a Magic fan:

    1) Kendrick Perkins and Glen Davis needed to be out of the game before the Magic could actually do any thrashing yet the Magic fans act like they are the better team.

    2) Magic fans booed (loudly) two concussed players.

    3) Dwight Howard’s unintentional elbows are anything but.

    Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you Friday night? Saturday morning perhaps?

  • birdland

    @Brendan Jackson

    I’m with Air France on this one (to an extent).

    -Magic fans have no need to be embarrassed of a win. Saying that they needed Davis and Perk to be out is just conjecture. They already one a game with them in, this is a non issue. It was hardly proof that the Magic are the better team however. That will be decided later.

    -The booing was because they thought he flopped, but was in no way justified. I’m with you on this one. Not a classy thing to do.

    -Dwight does throw some intentional elbows, but the one on Davis was not. Playoff basketball gets rough sometimes, just ask Steve Nash.

  • Air France

    Hey I guess everyone sees things with their own bias.

    To me it looked like the Magic were going to win the game prior to Perkins getting himself ejected and Davis being injured, but apparently you disagree.

    To me, I doubt any fans knew the extent of any players injuries.

    To me it didn’t look like an intentional elbow to Davis but I guess you know better. I’m sure it was intentional when Howard broke teammate Courtney Lee’s nose with an elbow in last years playoffs.

    To me it looked like Perkins threw an elbow into Pietrus throat in last years playoff series and the NBA agreed, but I’m sure you just called that playoff basketball.

  • gomeer

    if u guys think howard should get a flagrant for that foul on davis… what about piere pushing redick after basically landing on him. stop whining boston fans…

  • Mike

    What a joke. The Magic are not the Refs… So they are going to fold on Friday because the Refs made bad calls?

    Ya right dream on, the Magic will play just as hard on Friday and I suspect will finish the greatest comeback ever.

  • Bill

    i want to comment on that since the refs have been orlando sided the last 2 games how can the celtics be sure to get a fair break in game 6

  • MarkNO

    Hornets fan here, just wanted to second that Nate Robinson SLAMMED Dwight’s wrist on that play, which may have resulted in Dwight’s arm swinging down extra hard. I really don’t think he knew Big Baby was there. Also, he is 7 feet tall, and jumps ridiculously high, so it makes sense that his elbows are coming down on people’s heads more often than not. He may or may not be dirty, but when you jump up, you have to come back down somewhere.

  • Bill

    so since he felt big babies hand before that it means nothing not to mention its not the only time he has done it

  • MarkNO

    Sorry, you’re correct that he was probably aware Big Baby was on the court with him. I meant that I don’t think he knew that his face was in that exact spot, since he was still looking up at the ball. And no, it doesn’t mean anything that he’s done it before, if in THIS instance it was clearly unintentional, and facilitated by having his arm hacked by another Celtic. Just like I don’t think that because Perkins has a history of being dickish with the refs, he should have been T’d last night. Again, I’m not saying Dwight isn’t dangerous/dirty/incautious with his elbows in general. Just not on that play.

  • Bill

    so how much you got on the series

  • MarkNO

    Zero. Just hoping for good games. I’m pulling for the Suns, and I think that either team out of the east would make an entertaining final. I do think that the Magic would have a better chance against the lakers though (because of their size, health [sorry], depth).

  • Bill

    so if you want good games dont you think the the refs should call it fair?i mean this game shouldnt have been played since pierce should have had 2 foul shots at the and of game 4

  • MarkNO

    Yes, the reffing has been terrible, particularly last night. Boston and Orlando are very physical defensive teams, which must make it tougher, but hey, if reffing was easy everyone would be doing it. My main point was that all the “Dwight Howard is a monster who wanted to knock out Big Baby” rhetoric appears from the replay to be a little unfair, with regard to that particular incident.

    I’m actually a big fan of Glen Davis, and am psyched to see how good he’s turned out to be with the Celtics. I really hope he can play tomorrow.

  • Bill

    yeah well maybe there has been a little cash involved dont be so naive and think a bit about what you say.every one would be doin it there is a career choice for ya.

  • stephen

    If the league doesn’t resind at least 1 of Perkins technicals and suspends him for the next game then I’m certainly buying in to the conspiracy theory. Perkins inadvertant elbow to Gortad while helping Pierce off the floor and then getting called again while walking away from the official is nothing short of absolute bull shit. In the mean time Dwight Howard continues to get away with F*****g WWF style takedowns underneath the hoop. I smell that creep David Stern behind all of this. He’s still F*****G pissed he’s not going to get his little golden boy Lebron-Kobe matchup in the Finals. I’ll say it again. Stern’s behind this. Business as usual with him. Concerned only with 1 thing–Revenue,Revenue and more Revenue!!!

  • @stephen

    I’m a Magic fan. . .you know the team with NO titles. . .and you’re saying Stern is conspiring against one of the greatest NBA teams in history (you know, the one with 17 titles) who ALWAYS make an NBA Finals interesting because he’s mad about LeBron? And don’t you think he’d want at least Kobe in the Finals. . .that series looks to be 2-2 and could go either way.

    Trust me. . .no one, not even Stern, wants the Magic in the Finals. Celtics-Lakers fits into the ‘dirty’ Stern’s agenda moreso then a Magic-Suns Final. I’m a Magic fan and I can admit that.

    And they rescinded the foul so you’re fine.

  • Arvin

    Dwight Howard is the second coming of Mutombo. Very sharp elbows, that he uses often! I bet the league is already aware of this and watching Howard. Big Baby got hit by accident. KG was a purposeful hit. oward is dangerous on the court. Now the Celts need to finish him off in Game 6!

  • DW

    c’mon boston fans, you are better than this whining about conspiracies and poor officiating. we all know the refs do an unpredicable job in these games, and it does seem one sided. i was sitting with magic fans who were wondering why pierce and sheed were getting all the touch fouls going their way. i agree with will that the stern conspiracy angle is ludicrious. an orlando-phoenix finals, while it would be entertaining, it would be a ratings nightmare for the nba. really noone outside phoenix and orlando would care. cant market a product noone is watching. boston is up still, and if they can bring their a-game the series is theirs to take, but if they dont, the magic could poach it. so quit whining about the refs and stern and hope your team brings it. im expecting an epic game on friday. oh and one other thing, i was at the game on wed and the fans didnt boo daniels and davis. they only booed pierce when he pulled his typical drama queen, im dying but ill muster up the ghost of willis reed and somehow make it through, then act like nothing happened routine. it was silent when davis went down and the crown applauded when he got up on his own. i hope that adds some alternative perspective to your thread.

  • I can’t wait to ref game 6. I’m gonna screw those Celtics over sooo bad. Me and my boy Eddie are gonna leave are handprints allll over that game. You thought Timmy Duncan’s “tech” on the bench was bad? You boys ain’t seen nothin yet.

  • DW

    hey, are you really gonna bash a very little man (see napolean complex) that was willing to try and catch someone at least 100lbs bigger than him?