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I Knew This Would Happen Sooner or Later…


Last year the Celtics and Magic had a fairly epic Eastern Conference Finals series lasting seven games in which the Magic eventually prevailed.  The kicker?  Neither Jameer Nelson nor Kevin Garnett suited up for a single game.  The news swirled around how big of an impact the Garnett injury was the Celtics while Nelson’s generally fell by the wayside.

Why? Because they are obviously incomparable.  Jameer Nelson, while a great player, was not Orlando’s best player like Kevin Garnett was for the Celtics.  If you were to interchange Nelson with Hedo Turkoglu or Dwight Howard, I would entertain a conversation on  the relative impact of their injuries.

Last year, after the Magic prevailed in seven games and given Stan Van Gundy’s proclivity to play the “No Respect” card, Van Gundy was appalled that no one gave the Magic any credit for beating the Celtics without Nelson- seriously, this guy feels slighted when people mistake him for Ron Jeremy rather than the other way around- but that is beside the point. 

The point is the Orlando Magic are ready-made excuse makers, and today’s AP article on ESPN is their first crack at it: Lewis says he has viral infection.

I say, “Here we go again.”

The most telling quote from Lewis is the following:

“Regular season, I probably would have sat out,” Lewis said. “Not to make no excuses, it is the playoffs. You just got to go out there and give it 110 percent. It’s the playoffs. I’ve got to drag myself out there if anything.”

Did you catch that?

Don’t you love when people say thing they aren’t doing something when it’s the very thing they are doing.  Not to make excuses…you mean aside from this one?  It’s like saying, “No offense, but you’re an ass.”  Of course they are meaning to be offensive!

As Zach would say: Game 5 starts in less than six hours…

  • Jay P

    Completely pointless statement.

    “Not to make any excuses… but here’s an excuse.”


    Compare this to Rondo’s lines today “I’m fine, I was in foul trouble, it’s nothing.” And you can see the difference between a contenders attitude, and a pretenders attitude.

  • RBD

    I join Brendan and Jay P in calling him a jackass.

    Series ends tonight.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    I’ve also heard Rajon say many times when questioned about an injury (after saying it was nothing) that everybody has something wrong with them–you just have to keep playing.

    Most of all, I want to see the defensive effort from game 3 with hard (not flagrant) fouls. I want to see the diving, clawing, scraping effort with everybody (especially Ray, Paul, & Rondo) helping out on the DEFENSIVE boards. No more 2nd shot opportunities.

  • DRJ1

    This statement begs, implores, pleads and PRAYS for somebody to ask the question: If Lewis was so sick WHY DID HIS COACH PLAY HIM SO MUCH — an average of ~42 minutes per game in the first two games?!

    They have a deep bench. If he was so sick — needing IV fluids, no less — since the beginning of the series, what possible excuse is there for playing him so long and not replacing him when it was evident that he couldn’t hack it because he was sick?

    This story does not add up. More likely, if there is ANYTHING going on at all, is that maybe he GOT sick, possibly for game 3 when he played only 27 minutes, and is now expanding that excuse to the whole series. Any way you look at it, Lewis’ story is an attempt to excuse himself AT THE EXPENSE OF HIS COACH.

    I think we can all sing along: “Bullsh*t makes the flowers grow, doo-dah, doo-dah………..”

  • celtic love

    Series over tonight guys so dont worry because i am not they won one now their done boston is just better team than orlando just that plan and simple.

  • sacbobv

    Just setting himself up to be blameless after they’re dispatched to the off-season by our Celts.

  • http://www.hotmail.com Josh

    Guys cmon. I think we need to Rashard some slack. If anyone of us was exposed to the crap he called playing basketball for games 1-3, we’d be sick too. That shit takes a toll on a guy….(pun intended)

  • Big George

    Maybe Lewis should goon up on the steriod juice again like he did last year, since he knows he won’t be suspended til after the season. The still irks me.

  • Anthony

    “not to make excuses”… but the refs are a fucking joke. Seriously??

    Let them play!! it’s the playoffs for god’s sake.

  • http://facebook danny

    i think howard should be suspended for the elbow to baby davis head thats y he got the concusion in game 5

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