Post-game Reactions

Stan Van Gundy, via Adrian Wojnarowski’s jarringly gleeful evisceration of Vince Carter at Yahoo!:

“At some point, somebody is going to come from 3-0 down and win a series,” Magic coach Stan Van Gundy said.

Hey may as well have followed up with that familiar refrain: Why not us?

In other news:

• Rajon Rondo was suffering from some sort of muscle spasms when he left the court before halftime, and he was complaining of fatigue before that (via Chris Forsberg at ESPNBoston.com). Doc and Rajon downplayed the spasms:

“I didn’t even know [about Rondo retreating to the locker room],” Rivers said after the game. “I knew early on he said he was fatigued. He told, I think [trainer] Eddie [Lacerte] and maybe when he went in, that was the spasms he was talking about. Honestly, I didn’t check. When I came in at halftime, he said he was good. I don’t really ask. If the trainer comes to you, then you know it’s something serious. If he doesn’t, you just let it go.”

• Rondo also appeared “a bit steamed” about the final play call of regulation, when Doc opted not to call a timeout (even as Rajon paused and looked to the bench, expecting one), though Rajon’s quotes on their own don’t betray much anger:

Asked his thoughts on the final play and not calling a timeout to set something up, Rondo noted, “That’s what Doc wanted, we just didn’t come up with the shot.”

And did the play develop as it should have?

“Yeah, we wanted [Pierce] with the ball, [but] they made the play.”

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  • Jay P

    And why did you want Paul with the ball… just because it worked agaisnt Miami doesn’t mean you should do it again.

    The Miami case was just bad defense, that’s not going to happen, and Paul doesn’t have the ability to get past good defense on his own anymore… especially when they obviously know it was coming and were ready to trap.

  • What More Can I Say?

    Pierce did have a phenomenal game. He might of got caught up in the moment with the “HERO Ball” thing at the end of regulation. Still…it is just one loss. Let’s not get like the media and start making things bigger than what they actually are.

    Game 5 will be a tough challenge, but a shot at cleaning up the mistakes made in game 4.

  • Sophomore

    In overtime, the team really looked gassed. So much standing around on offense, and tired jump shots hitting the front of the rim. TA and Sheed’s bad games really hurt, and it looked like Rondo hit some kind of wall. Hopefully he’s ready again by Wednesday.

  • NHBluesMan

    watching the replay of that last possession, Rondo was WIDE open.I know he’s not the most clutch, but an open look from Rondo when the worst that can happen is go into overtime is better then Pierce trying to play 1 on 3.

  • NC

    Pierce didn’t pass enough the entire 2nd half. I understand going with the hot hand but

    A) You still need to move the ball on offense
    B) At some point, Ray was the hot hand not Paul

  • The Blind

    It’s impossible for guys to stay intense mentally every game.

    It showed in Game 4 the intensity of Celtics was not at the same level as the 1st 3 games. At 3-1, I think it is a fair reflection, after all, Magic won 59 games in the regular season. They are a highly talented team, just not as good as the Celtics in terms of execution and mental toughness.

    Previously I mentioned that SVG is not as good as Phil and Doc when choosing the right players to play. I didn’t watch many of their games this year, but when Brandon Bass came in late in game 3, he showed that he has the energy and determination to play in this series. Bass is Magic’s Big Baby. I do not know why SVG did not play him more in the 1st 3 games.

    Sun’s Lopez also provides the same energy and determination, and a strong presence in the lane. I think he is one of the major reasons the Suns took game 3.

  • ihatemarquisdaniels

    Pierce is good… not as good as he thinks he is though

    I guess you need a selfish player on a basketball team of unselfish guys and Pierce fits that role for us

    still i get so frustrated watching him in late game situations… He did have a great game but he was only really on fire in the first half. He made some great moves in the 2nd but his shooting touch was a little off

    I would have much preferred a timeout or just putting the ball in Rondo’s hands. I mean there were about 9 seconds left and we were in transition… thats not PP’s game… thats what rondo does for this team

    It would also be nice if we got more shot attempts for Ray.. both in OT or in the 4th cause he was clearly stroking

  • Jay P

    Any shot is better than no shot. And yes, Rondo was open.

    It was a terrible play, and a selfish one by the captain. It just can’t happen again, ever.

  • guest
  • NHBluesMan

    that was a clear case of the ‘me’ mentality leaking back in. I’m not overly concerned, i expected the Magic to win 1 or 2. I’d love to close this out on the road, but we’ve shown we can win a big game 6 at home when it counts (see Cleveland series).

    Celtics just need to play TOGETHER like Doc has been stressing. the Big 3 are all talented, but none of them can do it on their own.

    We need Rondo, he’s the floor general and the key piece. If Celtics get back to their defense that got them here, and lock down on the Magic like we did in games 1-3, we can squeak out a win.

    I actually wanted the Magic to win game 3 if they were going to win either in Boston, cause at least that way if we won game 4 we’d be going back to Orlando with momentum. It’ll be tough, but i think the C’s can close this out in 5 or 6, if it goes to 7… i don’t want to think about that

  • Rocci

    Is it me, or does Woj always seem to absolutely rip people in his articles? Ouch.

  • @Jay P: I’d hesitate to call it selfish, I think. Doc called the play, and what happened, happened. It was sloppy, but I’m not sure it was selfish, though I understand why people would disagree.

    As for Vince, I fear a 35-point explosion.

  • NHBluesMan

    and thinking about it in retrospect, we could be tied 2-2 or even DOWN 1-3 if acouple more Magic shots had fallen in the first 2 games.

  • Perry

    @Jay P

    It’s pretty amazing a time out wasn’t called when you consider the success rate of Doc drawing up final possessions. Clearly Pierce was gassed, but I think he should be cut some slack based on a 32 point, 11 rebound performance, which featured a power dunk and some very well timed makes in the fourth quarter. By the way his +/- was a net 5; Rondo’s a -5.

    I’m not sure of the extent of his back spasms, but he was not even close to a 100%. So his health going into game 5 is a mild concern. I give Doc credit for trying some different combinations when he got into foul trouble, but Finley and Nate turned up snake eyes.

    Clearly without his presence this team opts for isolation rather than ball movement, and that’s when Pierce gets himself into trouble. Why they didn’t get the ball more to Ray in overtime is an enigma.

    If Zach has some time I’m sure we’ll get a taste of what really unraveled the Celts. Rondo was superb staying under those screen rolls in game 3, but looked like a boy who lost his dog last night. Give credit to Nelson. Celts couldn’t find him off the picks and he made them pay over and over again. Doc could have opted to double, but I doubt it would have done any good because Nelson was on his game, and when that happens Howard can shoot better than 60% from the filed, which he did last night.