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You knew it was coming; Boston’s defense has been too good for too long, and with its re-emergence as a dominant force in the last two weeks, Thibodeau’s stock has never been higher.

The news comes via the New Orleans Times Picayune:

After completing an extensive head coaching search that involved interviewing eight candidates, the New Orleans Hornets are expected to extend Boston Celtics assistant Tom Thibodeau a contract offer later this week to become their next head coach, league sources confirmed Monday night.

There is no indication yet whether Thibodeau will accept. The Chicago Bulls have asked the Celtics for permission to interview him for their vacancy, and he also is a candidate for the New Jersey Nets’ job.

Thibs is one of the highest paid assistants in the league, with a salary that reportedly tops $1 million. The C’s can’t really offer him much more, aside from the head job if the event Doc leaves the team.

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  • KC

    If he wants to assimilate quickly in New Orleans, then he’ll have to add an “X” to the end of his name.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    Why can’t the Cs offer him more?

  • @KC: Nice.

    @Bubbles: No reason, really, other than teams in this environment aren’t going to blow their bank account on an assistant coach. Keep in mind, he’ll likely be offered a decent raise and the chance to become a head coach. Do you want to pay an assistant as much as you’re paying Tony Allen or Glen Davis?

  • Dave

    Even if we match the pay, I am sure its his ambition to take on the top job. The only way he stays is if Doc decides to go.

  • BunkerHillG

    I remember Doc saying something like he would take lots of time making his decision about next year. I can’t imagine Doc would tell us he is leaving in time for them to offer the job to Thibs before he runs off somewhere else. Its too bad, I hope they copied all his d-fense playbooks.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    If it were me & I had the $ I would do everything to keep Thibs. He is a very active & demonstrative coach. He yells at them on defense & barks out orders & really tries to make a difference while other coaches around the league just sit around writing things down.

    He really makes a difference. His abilities matter & make us better. Knowing what to do & Talking on defense is not some trivial thing. It is extremely important. You get what you pay for. Yeah, I’d pay him a lot.

  • keith popsicle

    Zach, do you think that Doc is actually leaving after this season? Either way (win it all or not) it seems pretty likely he goes. Wouldn’t Thibs be the first choice for the job and wouldn’t he stay if it was offered to him? Simmon’s assertion that Doc leaves for TV money makes a lot of sense. Just wondering what you’ve heard on that topic.

  • DRJ1

    Agree with Bubbles. This is not a normal situation; Thibs is not just another assistant coach. He is much closer to a co-head coach. Why not pay him as such? There’s no question in my mind that he’s valuable enough. Do you think Doc’s smart enough and maniacal enough to sit there for endless hours watching tape and formulating Thibs’ precise defensive schemes? No way. If Thibs goes, the Cs lose a LOT. A LOT more than any of the non-starters are worth.

    The team needs to do whatever is necessary to keep Thibs here. Unless they’re satisfied with 2 championships, that is.

  • RBD

    There is no chance Thibodeau is staying if he’s being offered head coaching positions.