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“Our fans won’t let us relax,” (Looks into camera) “Ya’ll won’t let us relax. We going to try to close this out in two games, ya’ll hear me? We coming home to close it out.” (Winks at Camera, before walking towards tunnel and turning to fans) “See ya’ll next year”  – Paul Pierce postgame

So let me get this straight. The Celtics get 4 points out of Ray Allen, 5 of 16 shooting from The Big Ticket, and give up 30 points to Dwight Howard and the C’s still win this one? On the road?

Well you don’t get style points for playoff wins in the NBA, but in this case it doesn’t matter. Boston is simply taking care of business right now, giving themselves their fourth straight postseason road victory and a commanding 2-0 lead over the Orlando Magic, as they head back to Beantown.

Now before we get into the specifics of this one, let me just say how much I enjoyed the conclusion of that Paul Pierce’s postgame interview quoted above, as he spoke directly to the hometown fans, demanding they keep the C’s honest for games 3 and 4.

Yet it wasn’t his dialogue that struck me the most, instead it was that little wink he gave at the end. It was almost as if he was saying to his C’s fans back home, “Hey, let’s keep this just between the two of us, but you guys knew we had this all along? Right? Good. Thanks for keeping it as our little secret.”

Because you know what? That’s the irony of this whole situation. Only us Celtics fans were in on this secret. Nationally, the excuses for the C’s success throughout the postseason, came fast and furious, at all angles. First the C’s destroyed the Heat in 5 games. Yet, despite winning 12 of their final 13 regular season games, the Heat were declared as complete frauds that were an easy walkover for the Green.

Then came the LeBron “chokejob,” where he lacked the horses and aggression to hang with Boston, after being dispatched in a surprisingly easy 6 games. Once again minimal credit was given to Doc Rivers and company as the magnified glass remained transfixed on Mr. James.

Finally, we moved to this series, where the Magic still resided as the heavy favorites coming in, after steamrolling their early opposition. Yet the Green teamers knew they were well equipped to deal with Orlando, perhaps even more so than Cleveland. Obviously, no one expected this, for the C’s to come up and steal both games down south. Celtics fans, and bloggers alike were very confident coming into this matchup though. We liked our chances….a lot.

Paul Pierce did too, but the Celtic bandwagon had lots of empty seats once it left New England. Even after a game 1 victory, the C’s were still managing to fly under the radar, with the doubters out there in full force, but that’s exactly how these veterans liked it. They believed and we believed, and quite frankly that’s all that mattered. As Paul Pierce indicated with his wink, it as our little secret.

Until tonight that is. Enough with the banter though, let’s get to some meat and potatoes here of game 2, as the C’s end up taking the first two road games of a seven games series for the first time…..ever.

I’ll start here with The Truth. 28 points on 8 of 16 shooting. Another 11 trips to the foul line, topping his high for this postseason, which was unconcidentally was game 1 of this series. Pierce and his teammates have harped all week long, how much they liked his matchup against Vince Carter. Like KG picking on Antawn Jamison all last series, Carter is Orlando’s defensive achilles heel for this series.

Pierce came roaring out of the gate again tonight, scoring 22 of his 28 buckets in the 1st half, hitting buckets from all over the floor, looking like vintage Pierce, who had been inadvertently well rested after battling foul trouble against Cleveland. Rajon Rondo took over the reigns from The Truth for much of the 2nd half, but Pierce came through down the stretch, with two clutch free throws in the final minute to give the C’s a 3 point lead, his only points of the frame.

On the other end, he gave himself up, fouling out by hacking Vince Carter on his drive to the hoop. It was the unselfish play, sacrificing himself for the chance to save a couple points and ultimately the right one. Carter stepped to the line, and choked away both free throws, adding to his lure of fading from the big moment, when the spotlight shines the brightest.

I liked the way the C’s managed the ball on the other end, with the ball and up 3 with 30 seconds remaining. They kept the ball in Ray Allen’s hands for the majority of the possession, which dissuaded Magic from fouling the sharpshooter and extending the game. Not a great offensive possession, but ran some clock and got KG a decent look from 20 feet. All you could hope for really in that spot if your Boston.

Then, came the rebound with 6 seconds left to J.J. Redick, who made the braindead decision to dribble up the court, before stopping short and calling timeout. Not only did he waste precious seconds by delaying the timeout, his failure to get across midcourt, left the Magic with a lengthy inbounds past from three quarters court with just 3 seconds remaining. For a Duke grad, and a guy with a sharp basketball IQ, you would have expected a better decision there.

The rest of the Magic though bear some responsibility though as well in that scenario. How is Van Gundy not calling timeout immediately right there on the rebound? What are you saving it for? Just poor decisions all around by Orlando, which left them with a half court floater that Jameer Nelson airballed as time expired.

Some quick bullets before we dissect this more later today:

* Rajon Rondo did a tremendous job tonight of picking his spots. After delivering the most lackluster line of his postseason thus far in game 1, with JUST 8 points and 8 assists. Tonight, 25 points on 10 of 16 shooting, picking up the slack in the 4th, with Ray and KG cold, and Paul Pierce being swarmed by Magic defenders. He not only attacked well, but he hit a plethora of mid-range jumpers, making him even more of an impossible cover for any opposing point guard. Also doing it nearly start to finish tonight as well, he will lead the NBA in minutes/game this postseason when everything is said and done. What a trooper.

* Off night for Ray…..only his 3rd stinker of the playoffs through 13 games…..I’ll take that.

* KG with another tough offensive night, he really seems to be laboring around a lot more this series. Still hit the tough turnaround over Howard to give the C’s the lead for good and is still gobbling up boards, coming through with 9 on the evening. Meanwhile, there is an all points bulletin in Orlando in search of Rashard Lewis (5 points, 4 rebounds, 41 minutes)

* Dwight Howard deserves some props for an impressive bounceback effort. He really seemed to gain a rhythm in the fourth quarter there once Perk fouled out. Baby did an admirable job filling in, but Howard got great position and had his jump hook going. He also made his free throws, so he looked like a realistic option down the stretch for Orlando. Thankfully, he failed to touch the ball again in the post after missing one turn-around hook with 5 minutes left. Woo Magic!

* That foulout by Perk was extremely questionable, especially making a call like that with 8 minutes on the clock. Still, C’s can’t complain too much with Baby getting a favorable charge call called on J.J. with two minutes left. Speaking of Baby, standout effort for the power forward on both ends tonight down the stretch. Really liked Doc calling his number too instead of Sheed at that point.

* Again, can’t tell you how much I love this team right now. Having so many different offensive options on any given night, someone ready to step up and pick up the slack whenever needed. This postseason has been the ultimate team effort thus far for Boston.

That’s all for now. Man, I love wins that you have three days to dissect. Let’s hope Boston comes out for a game 3 at home after a long layoff with a little more urgency this weekend.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • rondo-is-love


    I’m so excited. So so so so so excited.

  • Jason

    Wow. HUGE. First, Howard is absolutely defensive player of the year. I thought he was a little overrated, but he completely shuts down the paint and alters countless shots, too. Just a force.

    Ray’s a no show. Pierce no show in the second half. Howard got a lot more of his easier looks, but all his tough looks went down, too. It happens. Even FTs. Without checking the boxscore, I’m having a hard time coming up with a big player for the Cs besides Rondo and Pierce (first half only). KG hit some shots, but missed others. Then again, Lewis was another no-show, KG’s pretty good with me. Pretty much I think Perk did his normal stuff on D, but added at least a little O. Ray nothing. TA missed a few layups. BBD showed in the 4th. Sheed had some contributions, but not much.

    All that no show and Howard goes off, but Celtics still win?

    Again, wow. Love it. Would have been brutal to blow that game. Excellent mental toughness for 48 minutes. So proud of this team.


    Regardless, 2-0 and going home.

    P.S. Looks like Redick is Orlando’s second best player. Ha ha, who knew?

  • RBD


    It’s not Doc slowing down the offense. You should know this by now. He’s always on the players about tempo and attacking.

  • sacbobv

    Great win for Celts, happy next game isn’t on Friday.

  • Jason

    It’s absolutely Doc. You can not walk the ball up the court 15 straight possessions and say the coach is telling them to do something different.

  • RBD


    I absolutely can. He’s hit this point again and again and again and again. And that’s just during the playoffs.

  • RBD

    Orlando’s broken.

    This series is completely in our hands.

    They can’t win. We can only lose.

  • Jason

    So Doc says run, run, run and Rondo walks, walks, walks. And Doc says push, push, push and Rondo walks, walks, walks. And you’re saying this is how it’s going down? Seriously? That’s your position?

    Yeah, Doc preaches run in general and in sound bites, but he’s absolutely switches philosophies late, especially putting the ball in Pierce’s hands instead of Rondo’s. I have no idea how you could dispute this. It’s a 3 year running theme.

  • DRJ1

    RBD, Jason– We can’t KNOW which of you is right. It’s weird either way. Why would Doc make them slow it down, but say the opposite? But why would they slow it down so often, over and over, if Doc’s telling them not to over and over. Weird either way… and we just don’t know wtf is happening.

  • RBD


    Last two years it was true. But Rondo’s handled the ball more and more in the fourth quarter this year, and especially the last two months.

    Let me understand your position though. Doc repeatedly tells his players to attack and keep the tempo up and not walk the ball up (and it’s probably been a dozen comments at minimum over the last few series) and yet that isn’t really his position? Because HE DID SAY IT.

    If you want to think he’s saying something else in the timeouts and to his team when we can’t hear, more power to you. But I’ll trust he’s not lying.


    hmmm well i can understand the happiness celtics fans must be feeling even though it makes me sick out here in LA but hey im not concerned…as far as im concerned the magics best lineup is nelson carter redick lewis and howard and that leaves a weak defener in vc or redick on pierce and allen…sry pierce but a man named ron artest is going to have some fun with u…and if u celtics fans really think ron artest isnt going to make life very tough for pierce…you can just look at KD who is a much better player then pierce who got the ron treatment…i wont even go into the other matchups i just hate pierce so much…such a phony, such an actor, i cant believe LA actually produced such a piece of garbage…ray and kg are actually likeable

  • DRJ1

    Hey, LA: We’re a little busy now. But we’ll get back to you real soon.

  • RBD


    Appreciate you screening out the Laker trolls.

  • RBD

    Paul Pierce tweeted:

    “Anybody got a broom?”

    Wow – the captain is cocky tonight.


    a troll doesnt make valid basketball points im just pointing out the truth lol no pun intended….ron artest is 100 times the defender redick or carter are….pau , LO and drew have much more capability on offense, drew isnt as athletic but he def has nicer post moves…so itll be much different series..we dont just jack up 3s like we are in a pickup game…different year too i dont want to hear about 2008 much has changed

  • complexity

    LMAO @ that tweet by paul pierce

  • Chris O.

    Well actually we can know which of them is right…considering the show Doc saying ‘push push push’ all the time if you watch their games. I’ve never heard him say ‘shut it down’. Anyways, C’s up 2-0, we still haven’t played our A game yet. Garnett 2 sub-par games (missing more shots he should hit). I got tickets on Saturday, I am tweaking…if the C’s take it too them expect Orlando to be DONE. Vinsanity shooting those FT’s was CLASSIC the look on his face was like he wanted to cry even before he shot, a true closer like Kobe or Jordan would have looked like Tyson in the 80’s…ready to eat children (I know that quote was wayyyyy later).

  • PierceTurth

    the thing that i love about boston is that they are not happy with 2-0… they want 4-0…
    i also loved paul pierces comment to the magic fans. after his interview with dorris berke… he walked to the tunnel and told the fans there “see yall next year”… dont know why but i absolutely loved that

  • rob


    I think if we can contain dwight howard, the best center in the league we’ll be able to handle “drew” and kevin garnett’s just gonna bully your little spanish poodle. As for the pierce artest match up we’ll see.

  • Jrmz

    LAFAN says:
    May 19, 2010 at 12:33 am

    a troll doesnt make valid basketball points im just pointing out the truth lol no pun intended….ron artest is 100 times the defender redick or carter are….pau , LO and drew have much more capability on offense, drew isnt as athletic but he def has nicer post moves…so itll be much different series..we dont just jack up 3s like we are in a pickup game…different year too i dont want to hear about 2008 much has changed


    Last I checked, Rondo runs circles around any point guard out there. You wanna talk about match ups for Pierce, lets talk Rondo vs Fisher/ Rondo vs Brown/ Rondo vs Farmar..hes proven hes an All-Star unlike your bench subs, and hes considered one of the top 5 PGs in the game. So what is LA going to do? Put Kobe on Rondo like the Cavs did? Like he did on Westbrook? Last I checked, Rondo then just found a way to get everyone involved and everyone else got hot and he just racked up assists.

  • complexity

    I agree, the dude should able to come in here and sound off his opinion. Not everyone on here has to agree with one another, just because its a celtics blog. But on the other hand, with the way the Celtics are playing, Kobe is going to need to play x2 better than Vince Carter, Lebron, and Dwayne Wade, and if he doesn’t, they don’t stand a chance.

  • Hillcrestwildcat

    Hey first time poster, part-time reader. A word about this whole Reddick shutting down Ray BS. UM..NO

    1) Reddick looks better against Ray because he is suited to play Ray defensively at the style in which the celtics use..ie a shooter.

    2) Ray would annihilate Reddick if he was used as an iso wing player instead of shooter faster than you can say Sasha Vujacic. Ray has that in his repertoire and did it often in Seattle and Milwaulkee and occasionally in Boston.

    3) Much like the luxury we have of Perk and KG in the middle Reddick has the Defensive Player of the year in the middle to bail him out and alter Ray’s shots if Ray took a different tactic and drove at Reddick into the paint

    4)Our bigs can’t commit to setting the kind of screens to get Ray open against Reddick because of the spacing issues created by the other magic players (Nelson, Vince, Howard, Lewis)

    5)I don’t think him taking six shots (5 of them threes which he all missed) and making the lone 2 pointer is not exactly being shut down, I think Ray saw Paul and Rondo having their way and generally didn’t feel the need to get himself going which is one of the great things about this team…UBUNTU

    Lastly I think a few days of practice and film and Doc and the braintrust might find a way to adjust the offense so Ray can take advantage of his advantages against Reddick since I’m sure they’ll soon be looking to put a lock on the Captain. That’s the best thing about this team’s starting 5 with the BIG FOUR. And with Ray and Paul in particular teams have to pick their poison.

  • Evan

    lol ESPN News under the box score it said “Boston escapes collapse to win game 2”

    Lol. Boston led the entire game up until a 5 minutes left in the 4th, and then immediately took back the lead. Now yes, you built an 11 point lead and lost it but…Orlando is a good team, Boston didn’t collapse, Orlando just started to finally show up. Ugh. Ever since Boston started winning championships this past decade the national media CONSTANTLY acts like “ye…Boston won but how about THESE OTHER STARS!”

  • Jay P

    STOP! Red Light!

    Don’t get sucked in, let’s focus on the Magic first, than we’ll worry about the Fakers… I mean Lakers.

  • Chris O.

    I’m not even going into the possible LA series but just know this. I told everyone we match up good against everyone left in the 2nd round of the playoffs except ATL and PHO. I would rather play LA than PHO just like I would rather play CLE and ORL than ATL. Regardless at this point the C’s are playing GREAT ball (even though we haven’t seen their A Game yet this series). Wasn’t ORLANDO just a buzzsaw that was 8-0 with a more than 14 ppg differential…now we just beat them twice…I’m not going to pencil anything in but I am stoked….

  • COMPLETELY agree with you Evan. I just about freaked when I saw that headline. What a joke. Orlando is the defending eastern conf. champs. Theyre at home against the ropes. I’m pretty sure theyre gonna make a run. Next thing you know, ESPN will read “Celtics escape as 2010 Champions”

  • Jay P


    Ya it’s just another example of the media’s bias right now. Boston cant win, other teams can only lose.

    And you’re right, the game was back and forth from the start, lead changes throughout the first half. Both teams made runs, Boston happened to open up a decent lead at one point, but the game was still close. Orlando is too good of a team to not expect it, but they took care of business when it mattered and got the W, that’s what winners do. That’s what Champions do.

    Ya gotta start trying to ignore the media now, it’ll only drive ya crazy.

  • DRJ1

    @Hill– I prefer the simpler explanation that Ray just missed shots. It happens. He’ll come back.

  • Hillcrestwildcat

    @ LAFAN not THAT much has changed. Say you stick RonRon on Paul (which is very likely) Is Kobe capable of guarding Ray absolutely, is he with his trick knee (or even without it truthfully) gonna chase Ray around a million screens all game..probably not, he’s never been in to that even when they played 4 times a year.

    Then there is Rondo on Fisher….need I explain that. We got the finally awake Rasheed Wallace for Odom, ironically the older and younger version of themselves on each other….and who does that leave on your bench not Vujacic…I guess Shannon Brown but we have Tony Allen and we have a more mature Big Baby…the results don’t look any different on paper really…

  • Evan

    Ya good stuff Jay P and lol Josh “escape as champions” haha had me crackin up.

  • Rich

    Did I think Boston could do this before the playoffs started? No. I absolutely thought my Cavs would walk over them.

    That said, I need to toot my own horn a bit here. After the Cavs series I said Boston would have an overall easier time with the Magic. I knew people were overrating the talent level on Orlando. Either that or underrating the talent level on Boston. Everyone in the world is talking about the lack of talent on the Cavs compared to the remaining, but it is becoming clear that Boston just has more than most. Like I said before, Boston has 4 of the 5 best players in this series. The only different in this series is that the gap between Howard and Perkins is not as big as the gap between LeBron and Pierce. That is the reason this series will be over quicker.

    So, either people (the media as a whole) needs to rethink how they view the talent on the Cavs, or they need to state that the Magic ALSO don’t have enough talent. Which is it? I say it’s the former. Boston just has a ton of starting 5 talent because of Rondo and the resurgence of KG.

  • LakerHater13

    Celtics did not escape with a win. We had it locked up then Allen finally hit a 3 which would have put us up 9. The refs waved it off to call a moving screen on Perk. The same type of screen Howard sets every time down the court. Pierce is cocky but I think this series will go at least 5. Celtics win easily.

  • Dennis

    celtics !!!! wohoooooooooooo


    Hurry up so we can whoop your asses.

  • DRJ1

    Isn’t it a LITTLE early for the Lakers trolls to be coming out? Already??

  • Anthony

    whoa there LAFAN…. just how good do you think Artest is?? I know you would’ve rather kept Ariza over him. Seem like you’re about to say Artest is as good as Lebron. Are you hating on an Orlando team that the Fakers had trouble with too?? Are you talking about the same weak carter/redick defense that held your mighty Kobe to 4-19 and 12-30 shooting??

    Dont hate on Pierce cuz he single handedly led the Celts back from a 24 point deficit in game 4. Guess you’re still bitter. Fish will get destroyed by Rondo….absolutely destroyed! Fish is the king of floppers. Kobe will not go off against great defense. I repeat Kobe will not go off against great defense.

    I know I’m still bitter that the Fakers got so freaking lucky that Yao was injured, then the Nuggets decide to be retarded, and then Orlando playing with an unhealthy Jameer Nelson. Not to mentioned a depleted Celts team that shouldve made the Finals. Dont forget how they robbed Memphis to get Gasol. Here’s the breakdown of the trades before you have a rebuttal.

    5th Pick (Jeff Green), Delonte West, and Wally (a lot salary cap room) for Ray. Green is a core piece in the thunders team. Not such a one-sided trade.

    Ryan Gomes, Gerald Green, Al Jefferson (potential all-star), Theo Ratliff (a lot salary cap room), Sebastian Telfair (thought to be big part in Twolves’ future), 2 first round picks (which was Rick Rubio and another first round pick (might have been Johnny Flynn) and cash. Not our fault they’re stupid to take rubio/ flynn instead of say…brandon jennings. Again, not such a one-sided traded.

    drumroll please….Kwame Brown, Javaris Crittenton, Aaron McKie (he was already too old when he was playing in philly), Marc Gasol (his decent play was totally unexpected) and 2 garbage first round pick. hmm… that kwame brown is sure a beast.

    Even Magic Johnson said Celts are the best team right now. How dare you go against Magic?? LOL

  • still enjoying #17

    The Big Four strikes again! I love this championship run……..reminds me of a certain year.

  • still enjoying #17

    Rondo for President! His highlights are ridiculous. I love it when we are at the sports bar over here in Cali and its all 4 of us Celtic fans vs the rest of the bar. Classic.

  • Rondo’ed

    It’s their 5th road win this postseason. One in Miami, Two in Cleveland, and another Two in Orlando. Not 4th. But it doesn’t matter now. Celtics in 4.

  • I suppose winning the NBA champ is about having skills, mental toughness and ball execution. Last year without KG, Celtics did not have the highest score in skills, but definitely has the highest in the latter two.

    Glad to have him back.

    Magic have the skills, but compared to the Celtics, their level of mental toughness and execution is below the Celtics. (Just look at how Pierce handled the hard fouls and the ball executions at the end)

    This year, I think only Lakers has all the 3 factors at the highest level.

    2010 NBA Final: Celtics vs Lakers

  • Ray Leighton

    To the Lakers fans — the one thing that clearly has not changed from two years ago is that most of you still believe the media and still think that you ought to be favorites. You also haven’t figured out that for you to win, Kobe has to be great game after game after game. And time and time again, he’s proven that he can’t do that. Kobe has made a career of choking in the playoffs. Whereas the Celtics can have bad games from any player on offense, and it doesn’t matter because someone else picks up the slack, and because our defense is so good. So what if Artest plays good defense against Paul? Lebron played great defense against Paul, and he’s still at home watching the playoffs on TV. Last I checked, it’s still a five-man game. Not that a typical Laker fan has ever figured that out.

    If I were a Lakers’ fan, I would be sweating the fact that the Lakers have Kobe and….. oh yeah, nobody else in the backcourt. Do you realize how badly Fish/Farmar/Brown are going to get abused by our guards? Even Vince Thomas, probably one of the most savvy analysts in the NBA — and a lifelong Lakers’ fan — doesn’t think that the Lakers have a bench. You aren’t going to win a championship with four guys.

  • Joel W

    Contra Brian, I’m not sure I think KG is “laboring.” The man looks as good as I’ve seen him look all season. There was one play where he threw the ball down, and I just thought “god it’s good to have him back.”

    He’s missing shots.

  • Joel W

    Also, just how good is Perk defensively? Look at his minutes played in game 1 versus tonight, and Howard’s game. Perk is just The Beast defensively, and as much as I want to kill him on offense, it’s completely worth it: Just stop shifting your hip out Perk! Sometimes you miss the screen, Ray will keep running.

  • DRJ1

    It is too early to start actually answering the trolls. I understand that, but can’t resist pointing one thing out…… How well do you think Kobe can play anyway, with his knee leaking fluid all over the place? It’s like… SPRAYING out of him, all over the court ferkrissakes. Sorry (not).

    Let me put it this way. Gently, even. There is higher probability of Kobe ending up in a hospital than of him holding Mr. O’brien in 2010.

  • MP

    Got no problem with the Lake Show thinking they’re going to murder us.

    Fun to be the underdog for once!

  • LW

    First time poster all the way from Singapore! I think what Paul Pierce said sounded good and all but isn’t anyone worried about over-confidence? I remember there was another very good Celtics team in 2002 which almost reached the Finals and which had beaten the Nets in all the regular season games. And then PP said they didn’t know how to guard him and played dismally in the series. Bu never mind, Celtics still went on to lead the series, including the then biggest come-back from a deficit in game 3 – and then all the commentators were saying this is all over for the Nets, they are mentally done and guess what happened? They didn’t win another game!

    So when does confidence (good) spill over into arrogance and complacency (not-so-good).

    Or maybe its just our Asian context where humility in victory is regarded as a virtue…

  • DRJ1

    @LW– Do not confuse OUR jubilation — and yes, confidence — with the Celtics’ attitude. We know how they feel about it. They’re confident, but not overconfident. They take their steps one at a time, staying focused and never celebrating ANYTHING… until the end of the last game of the Finals. If you don’t understand that, watch some of the video here: http://www.csnne.com/pages/celtics_video

  • MP

    That 2002 team really wasn’t that good, honestly. They would have gotten destroyed by the Kings/Lakers if they had made it past the Nets. Also, they were only up 2-1 after that comeback.

  • LW

    DRJ1 – That’s good to know… I will be hoping for the sweep. Too many of the teams I support (Singapore national teams for one) have the ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. That to me is more painful then being blown apart

  • eidos

    2 wins to go…

    I want the lakers at the finals, oh yes I want them so badly. Pity they will have the bynum excuse when they are torched…

  • matthew

    anthony, i agree with what your post. except when you said pierce “single handedly led the Celts back from a 24 point deficit in game 4”. he didn’t do it alone, man. far from it.

  • urbeltic

    I think one of the magic players may be shaggin R.Lewis’s mom. The dude just seems totally off.

  • rav


    well played

    @ zach (the article)


    “Yet it wasn’t his dialogue that struck me the most, instead it was that little wink he gave at the end. It was almost as if he was saying to his C’s fans back home, “Hey, let’s keep this just between the two of us, but you guys knew we had this all along? Right? Good. Thanks for keeping it as our little secret.”

    Because you know what? That’s the irony of this whole situation. Only us Celtics fans were in on this secret.”

    Not really. about 45% of us thought the team would go out in the first round, and 80% said we’re home after round two. barely anybody believed before the playoffs, and not too many more after round 1. most Cs fans didn’t think we had this until Round 2 Game 5.

    I’m happy to count myself as one of those who thought we’d win the championship the whole way through, and to say: told-ya-so 😉

  • Mike

    I liked Magic Johnson’s post-game comments the best. He’s a anti-Celtic living legend, but he had nothing but praise and great respect for the men in green, and Rondo in particular. I know that had to hurt him to the BONE to that publicly, but the Celtics performance on the court is demanding homage from everyone. Laying down the law!

  • Jay P


    I’d like to count myself in the “doubting faith” fan category. Where I still loved the Celtics, still had faith, but just couldn’t shut my brain off with all the mounting evidence agaisnt them.

    But in my heart of hearts I still believed.


    I think people over-estimate Magic as a “Celtic hater” certainly during his playing days he was. But since then he and Bird are great friends, and I don’t he really hates the franchise. I mean he’ll always be a Laker at heart, and you can bet he’s rooting for him if they meet in the finals again, but he can still respect the Celtics (actually, he always did, he’s just that much of a professional.)

  • Anthony

    While I wasn’t a big fan of Pierce’s twitter comments, as long as he backs it up, I dont really care. He’s putting the pressure on himself to have to back up his words so he gotta answer the call for Game 3 and 4. Orlando has too much fight in them so the shorter the series, the better.

    @eidos – dont forget the Fakers and the entire media will also use all of Kobe’s injuries as excuses. And you thought Le-Elbow was bad. How can the media be so biased?? When he has bad games, they go on and on about how he fights through pain, this, that, and the other. Then he goes for 40 and they dont say a word.

    @LW – I wouldnt go as far as to compare the 2002 team with this or the 2008 team. That team did overachieved a bit, toine was locked down by k-mart, and pierce isnt the crafty/ smart player he is now.

  • Chris O.

    Magic is not a Celtics hater. If it were up to him I’m sure he’d love to see Celtics vs. Lakers everytime in the Finals….he’d just root for the Lakers to win.

  • Chris O.

    Anthony says:
    May 19, 2010 at 11:10 am
    While I wasn’t a big fan of Pierce’s twitter comments, as long as he backs it up, I dont really care. He’s putting the pressure on himself to have to back up his words so he gotta answer the call for Game 3 and 4. Orlando has too much fight in them so the shorter the series, the better.
    They weren’t Pierce’s comments on his Twitter as he was literally talking to reporters (the Media) answering questions at that time….did you see him on his phone updating via a TWEET…no because he was talking about the game.

  • tyrel nowlin

    itold yall aint readii fa dem celtics

  • Wow, things are getting heated in here.


    um no to the idiot who said id rather have trevor over ron….im sure even a blind celtics fan can admit that Kevin Durant is a better play with farther range, just flat out hes better at every single offensive facet of the game besides maybe passing then raggedy faking phony my kneehurts wheelchair pierce..DUDE WAS ON A WHEELCHAIR..wow..anyways back to logic..if ron ron can force kd into 35 percent shooting and 28 from three in the playoff down drastically from reg season numbers of 47% and 36% respectively how is pierce gonna do?…kobe has already shown he can guard quick pgs…even if rondo is faster then westbrook its by a very slim margin but russell has a much much better jumpshot midrange wise…rondo is gonna be shooting dumb long jumpers and threes when the black mamba is on him..lastly pau is a different player then 2008…we have won twice on ur home floor the past two years..we know we can beat you old guys…pau cant be guarded single coverage ull see…man revenge sounds soooo sweet….how i hate boston


    i mean we had Vlad Rad guarding pierce in 2008 lolol…and yea trevor was on the roster but he just came back for the finals from being hurt so he was not very effective…trevor was effective last year much more so…ron is just a lock down defender maybe not on quick elusive guys like wade or ginobili so much but he will make pierce cry…we’ve all seen that before right? and we didnt have drew in the finals…this is just all different im not saying boston is incapable of winning they r playing very very well and they play great D but im just saying its a much different year..our defense hasnt been this good in our years of contention lately…and whoever said you would rather play PHX then LA..put down the drugs pal

  • celtic love

    We took them seven games last year without kg now that we have kg back and also the best point guard in the playoffs this is a no brainer Boston win champions 2010. This team is talented

  • Rich

    Rashard Lewis is owed 60n million over the next three years.

    Stats this year-14.1 ppg and 4.4 rbg. Um…yikes. 20 million next year for that? Excellent decision Otis Smith.

  • Anthony

    @LAFAN…nobody was questioning that Durant is better than Pierce. But lets just say Durant doesnt have a Finals MVP. How can you questioned Pierce’s toughness?? The guy came back three weeks after nearly getting stabbed to death; made a buzzer-beater in the same game in which he had his front two teeth knocked out.

    You want to talk shooting %?? Kobe shot 40% in the 08′ finals, 37% if you discount his 1 good game. And he wasnt dispencing a lot of energy on defense since he was guarding Rondo most of the time. Are you saying he’s a better player now than in 08′??

    Westbrook averaged 20.5pts, 6 rebounds, 6 assists against Kobe. Funny you didnt mention that. Are the Fakers the best team in the west… probably. Though I think Denver with healthy K-Martin is better. Dont hate just to hate. Give the Celts some credit for beating the best team in each round. They dont need to play “very very well and great D” to beat the fakers. I know I’ll never forget Magics hook shot in 87′ finals but I also know, no matter how hard you try, you’ll never forget the 08′ beatdown. Live with it.


    im not talking about the 08 finals i know boston was the better team you moron…my point was vlad rad was guarding pierce if you have ever actually played or know anything about basketball you know vlad is an idiot and ron isnt and there is not even a word to describe how much better d ron plays…yes kobe is better right now hes smarter….as for your russell numbers thats what he averaged for the series buddy…his last two games in which kobe started to guard him he had 15 pts 6 dimes 5 reb in game 5 with EIGHT turnover and 4 for 13 shooting and then game 6 he played much better at home got 21 pts 9 dimes 5 rebs but he still 7 for 20 and 1 for 6 from three point land….is that just an accident? no thats because kobe was on him..russell is a much better jump shooter then rondo anyways and pau actually has post moves unlike the robot dwight….my last point about ur diva pierce…listen man the man left the game on a wheelchair and then comes back and everything is A ok…i have no respect for a guy that had two hall of famers and then considers himself the best player in the league…like common even your not that big of a homer to admit pierce isnt even top 10 probably and FOR SURE no way top 5…..dont ever put pierce and toughness in the same sentence please if he had kobes injuries hed be wheeled in every game…WHEELCHAIR PIERCE lolol what a loser

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