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It’s been a rollercoaster ride this year for the big man. So few ups and yet so many more downs. We were told though, time and time again, just wait on him, since the real Sheed will show up when it matters.

Last night though, after the series clinching victory, Sheed summed up his season and in truth, this team’s entire regular season quite perfectly, after being asked about his terrific 4th quarter effort, and whether a moment like that was a reason why he came to Beantown:

“This is why I came here. I didn’t come here for the regular season. These last few games, we have been playing good. We just have to keep the chain rolling.”

Wow Sheed. I didn’t come here for the regular season? Understatement of the year? So blunt, yet oozing with the truth. Sheed finally showed up this series, coming up big last night by playing the entire 4th quarter and doing strong work on both ends of the floor.

With that quote in mind, it’s fun to realize that Wallace is under contract with this team for another 164 regular season games that he didn’t come here for. With an aging core that is likely to return fully intact, (C’s will re-sign Ray, you can take that to the bank), we are likely in store for another couple regular seasons full of trials and tribulations.

Despite the turmoil, you can’t help but be accepting of the arrangement. The regular season champs are making golf plans and the C’s are moving on. Can’t argue with that.

Sheed, like the rest of this team, still isn’t satisfied with just one upset:

“It’s not over yet. If we go ahead and win eight more times and then we could laugh about all of the talk about us being old. Right now we are sticking with ourselves, worrying about everyone here in our locker room and our camp. That’s it.”

Paul Pierce, a penny for your thoughts on the upset?

“I’m really not that proud of this truthfully, because our goal was to win a championship, we didn’t say we wanted to come into this year and beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in the playoffs, our goal is a championship.”

That’s your Captain right there, speaking the truth. Now onto Orlando.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • joe

    i’m off his back. i finally saw him play with passion and actually JUMP and FIGHT for rebounds

  • Sheed showed up for about half of this series–his shooting in G2, his defense in G4 and the big shots last night.

    He needs to play like this in every game.

  • Dave

    Haven’t watch too much Orlando ball lately, I am comfortable with Sheed playing man D on Howard (as well as anyone else). I am not sure if they are moving the ball around enough for him to hurt us with his rotations. Pace seems ok. If Cleveland got Shaq for Orlando, you can say we got Sheed for Orlando/LA. Hope he delivers.

  • joe

    @Dave, sheed can’t guard lewis or odom or any PF that can dribble penetrate. he’s become strictly a center

  • DRJ1

    Sheed’s defining quote, for the rest of his career.

    The Cs are in a unique position in the NBA to have a guy like Sheed do what he says he’s doing. They play in the worst division in the league, and so are virtually guaranteed a playoff spot no matter HOW badly they screw up the regular season (within reason guys, within reason).

    Further, due to its aging core, the Cs need to keep the regular season as physically manageable as possible. So yeah, all in all — and considering the results of this first season of doing things this way — we can expect another 1-2 years of mediocre regular seasons.

    Hopefully, fans will remember 2010 and not get their panties all in a bunch when the (other kind of) fan begins spraying fecaliths all over the place.

  • joe

    @DRJ1, 1000% agree. i thought the notion of you can’t turn it on in the playoffs, especially in the C’s case after 54 games of .500 ball, but i have been proven wrong. so like you said, they’re going to follow the Spurs mindset and just focus on health heading into the playoffs and not worry about homecourt adv.

  • Jay P

    It’s a true statement, and we all doubted his ability to really step up when it’s count. I mean he certainly didn’t do it in Detroit. Granted, that team just didn’t have the ability to beat Boston, I don’t care how good Sheed was.

    However, he was awful then, so it didn’t help anything.

    But, whatever the reason, whatever goes in that crazy mind of his, he was great last night. And he’s been great this series, even the games he wasn’t getting points, you can see the effort, and his defense has really improved. No (well, not as many) stupid reaching fouls, if he fouls, he fouls hard, and their good fouls. And with the exception of Game 1, where he held the ball out on a silver platter for Varejao (on a very key possession) his effort on the glass has been there.

    I have mixed feelings about this whole regular season thing. It’s hard as a fan to accept that “we’re going to suck but wait for the playoffs” philosophy. I love this team, it’s been bred in me since birth, 1 years old at in 86, my dad had me in his arms as he watched them win it all. In he years after, although barely old enough to comprehend it I watched my first game from the Old Garden, where Bird and Magic met on the floor for the last time. I agonized over watching Larry Bird spend time laying on his stomach when he was off the court because the pain was to great to sit. I piece of me died with Reggie Lewis.

    I bleed green, and will always. My one ultimate goal in life is to one day own season tickets. So this whole “regular season doesn’t matter” is a tough pill to swallow, I can’t not watch the regular season, it’s just not an option. I guess I’ll just have to deal with the frustration, and hopefully revel in the elation come playoff time.

  • Anthony

    What an exhausting game. Dont think I’ve been this anxious for a game since game 6 in the 2008 Finals. They had to win. I think had it gone 7, the Celts might have lose some confidence and lose the series.

    When Sheed hit the 2 to go up 12, I jumped out of my seat and said Game Over! When Sheed plays with intensity, the Celts will be hard to beat. I was in awe when he jumped and fought for rebounds in 2 straight possessions. Admitedly, he was frustrating to watch in the first half though. I expected Mo Williams to be a no show in the second half but Lebron is Lebron. I expected him to make his run and see which Celts team would show up to counter. Up 9 with a minute and a half to go and WOW. I can say, I’ve never seen a team give up like that, let alone the Cavs in important Game 6 of the playoffs.

    I think everyone is in agreement that they did not want to see the Cavs in the second round but I think it ended up for the better. They need to knock the Cavs out before they get into a playoff rhythmn. Just like the championship season, Atlanta had the best chance to knock the Celts out while they were still trying to find their rhythmn.

    I’ve watched some a couple of the Orlando game and I was impressed but come to think of it, they played the Bobcats and a Atlanta team that gave up. NO WAY jameer nelson will be able to play that well against Rondo. I mean he had Raymond Felton and Mike Bibby guarding him for god’s sake. Perk/ Sheed/ Big Baby will be able to neutralized Howard. If the Celts can handle annoying cry-babies like Q-Rich and Varaejo, Matt Barnes shouldnt be a problem. No comment on Vince Carter since he wont show up. So the only problem the Celts might have is Rashard Lewis. The only reason the Celts lost last playoff against the Magics is because they ran out of gas after the grueling Chicago series. And they were without Garnett and confident Tony Allen. All 4 of the regular season games were close and the last 3, Celts were up by 11 at halftime. But it was a team that loves to give up leads unlike the team now that’s playing harder, with more confident, and more focused. Should be interesting.

  • I’d be cool with Sheed if he didnt wear that damn Flyers hat to the post-game. Fuck philly.

  • What More Can I Say?

    @Jay P

    Speak for yourself. I never doubted Sheed in the Offs. Unfortunately…the guy is wildly inconsistent in the playoffs, just like the season. The difference is the effort won’t be inconsistent, just the overall performance. Built in the Robert Horry mold, but way less clutch and a lot better defensively.

    But I do feel where you are coming from about his comments. But that is why I like his ROLE with the team. Off the bench…the C’s don’t have to depend on him night in and night out. I know this is premature, but I REALLY hope the C’s invite Leon to workout with the C’s in training camp.

    Can you imagine getting Powe back and having him in Sheldon Williams’ spot???

    Bring on Orlando!!!!

  • NHBluesMan

    THIS was the Sheed i was hoping for when i heard we signed him. I’ll admit, i was calling for a trade of him (even though i knew no one would take him) but if he keeps showing up like this in the play-offs, i’d say it was worth the Big 3 going to get him.

    I was wicked excited watching him play last night. He actually JUMPED!! lol. Keep bringing it Sheed!

  • Anthony

    @JayP – Same here. Pretty much a Celtics fan all my life as well. Never felt so bad for someone I didnt know personally, as when Reggie Lewis passed. Never had a more agonizing sports moment than Game 5 of 87′ Finals when Magic hit the hook shot. Or when the Celts got screwed with the Tim Duncan draft and even the 07′ draft. Can you imagine Durant in Celts green? But Garnett, whether incoherently or not, summed up the emotions of ALL true Celtics fan after the 08′ Finals. It was just a real moment. If we win this year, it will be worth suffering through the frustrating regular season.

  • Jay P


    I’m always left to wonder about Durant. I’m convinced in the C’s even got the 1 pick, they’d of taken Durant of Oden. Ainge was a big fan of Durant, and openly admitted it.

    But if we got him, does the KG trade happen. Granted all the pieces were the same, and it could have, but does he think with Durant and Jefferson in his team, he has a great future and just waits it out for them to develop. Does Rondo develop in the same way without the guidance he’s had from the Big 3, could he have coexisted with Durantula?

    Don’t know, but it is fun to think about.

  • DRJ1

    @Jay P– Wonderful post. Thank you for sharing that.

    I’ve been a proponent of this “switch” approach. But I completely understand the dilemma of the dedicated local fan, who pays good money to go to games. (I’m too far away for that to play a role.) If it continues this way, it’ll probably be for just another couple of years. Maybe you can adjust your expectations…..

  • DDG

    Portland fan here! Watched the man for years… Strange cat, but he’s a winner at heart, and not afraid to take the big shot, like you saw last night…

    I watched him at the start of the season and almost laughed out loud. Man, he was fat! He NEVER looked like that in P-town.

    Anyway, dude is a first class flake in all sort of ways, but in the end he’s somebody you want on your side, not the other side, and bringing a guy with his talent off the bench is a ridiculous luxury. Bottom line, you guys should be glad to have him. He’ll be dialed in from here on out. Just watch…

  • Anthony

    @JayP – Assume they get the pick, their line up would consist of Pierce, Durant, Jefferson, Rondo, Gomes (who I think is a very solid player). They still have ratliff’s contract and definitely some trade-able pieces. Its hard to say whether I give up #17 to give a chance for Durant-do. If he can have such a great year playing with Westbrook, I can only imagine him playing with a pure pg like Rondo. I think I rather be bitter about the Duncan draft. Damn it!! Couldve been up to like banner #20+

    The line-up for the next 3 years will be Big 3 (they’re gonna resign Allen, it’s almost given), Perkins (dont see how they dont keep him), Rondo (he’s the future), Baby, and Sheed. Dont know how much flexibility they have to keeping the team a contender. Who can they even add maintain a championship team?


    Sheed is ok in my book. i like the idea of playing it safe in the regular season and turning it up in the post. Keeps our core fresh.

    Let everyone else fight over the bigger names i would love it if we got back Joe Johnson. Dont see how C’s would fit the numbers but its my top want in the offseason.

    C’s fan enjoying the ride baby!!!!!

  • Jay P


    Agreed on the Duncan part, just another example of a dark 20 year stretch where the Basketball Gods decided the C’s had their run and it was time to end (case in point Bias, Lewis, failure to secure any decent lottery.) Added with some pretty bad decisions (Payton, Baker, Wilkins, etc…) this kept the Celtics in relative obscurity for a long time.

    Anyway it’s all just what ifs, we are where we are.

    I think Ainge went into the 08 trades and new he’d have to mortgage a couple years at some point. I think their still contenders next year, but maybe as much as the Spurs were true contenders this year, which is debatable.

    Beyond that, let’s just hope Wallace doesn’t take his option and decides to retire so we have a little wiggle room. If Pierce re-negotiates (decent chance) and Allen signs at a team friendly deal (good chance, he wants his family here) we’ll have a few options. Not great ones, but with how good Rondo is becoming, Davis getting his shot back (And signed for another years) and the emergence of Tony Allen as a solid bench contributor, I think they still got a shot to add maybe one more piece, and still be in the running.

  • DietrichKaiser

    DRJ1, a 50-win season isn’t stunning but it’s certainly not “mediocre.” At some point in the future, one or two of the Big Three will have to come off the bench, so we’ll need a younger and *good* starter, that means, not that kind of garbage fill-in the Cavs have made of Mo, West, Jamison, Varejao, etc. Guys of that caliber CANNOT start for the Celtics. Trades and money availability can make things possible. We will see how it goes. Winning this year will make it hard (to say the least) to even consider trading Ray-Ray or any of the big guys.

  • JP

    Sheed was great last night. I’m surprised he turned it on for the playoffs, didn’t think he had it in him. I love Pierce’s comments too.

  • Chris O

    Pierce’s quote was DOPE btw got the best EMAIL


    LeBron Raymone James, Cleveland, OH Age 25 D.O.B 12/30/84.

    Reported missing 5/11/10. Last seen being taken to school by Rajon Rondo (Boston Celtics). Not heard from since Nike stopped running puppet commercials. Last seen in false NBA crown. James may be in need of medical attention for elbow. Any info helping authorities find LeBron or his game, please contact 1-800-fake-mvp.

  • jena

    Rasheed was there to give us that edge when we needed it. KG, I tell ya I just love his style of play, his level of emotion it’s great. Rajon what can I say about this young Celtic? He’s awesome. Last night someone shrugged him off when he wanted to bring the ball up court and they ended up losing the ball. Let his man orchestrate and will be okay. I love what Pierce said about not coming into it trying to beat the Cavs as the final reward but he needs to step it up. I like him but I want him to produce more and talk less. Perkins, I love the fact no one intimidates him. Shaq tried but Perk let him know it ain’t happening here. Ray Allen, you just keep draining those threes. You’re bad, you’re bad..

  • I want to be completely honest here. Orlando is playin great ball, but coming into these playoffs, I was WAAAAY more afraid of Cleveland. They played good D and had the baddest player on the planet. I honestly feel like we matchup alot better with Orlando than Cleveland. Call me crazy, but I dont think we’ll have a problem with Orlando. I don’t think theyre mentally tough enough.

  • @ Chris O
    I found your missing person. Saw him house shopping in NYC.

  • rav


    Well played. I knew Sheed would show up. And it’s against Howard and Bynum he can be the most useful.