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LeBron at the Point?

The Cavaliers are debating several line-up tweaks, ranging from going small (with J.J. Hickson seeing more time) to going big (with Jamison at the small forward position so as to remove the horrific KG-Jamison match-up) and LeBron James at the point guard position (so as to remove Mo Williams entirely).

This is according Brian Windhorst, the Cleveland Plain-Dealer’s ace beat guy.

So: everything is on the table for tonight. The Cavs are a like a Major League Baseball gearing up to bring its starters out of the bullpen in Game 7.

Windhorst adds this assessment of Cavs:

The Cavs players were very loose and laughing and joking before shootaround. No one more than James, who isn’t exactly starting the day off with a tone of focus. When he played very well in Game 3, James put headphones on and said nothing before shootaround as he got ready to work. Not sure what is so funny. There is a detached mentality with the team that is remarkable over the last week. We’ll see if they are laughing later tonight.


There is zero doubt of the under current within the team right now. There is frustration with the coaching staff because of some of the substitution patterns and perhaps the game plans. There has been grumbling behind the scenes for days now.

Eight hours till tip-off.

  • JP

    This game is going to be huge

    I don’t know if anyone caught the ESPN Roundtable discussion about the game, but I couldnt barely make it through the article. The ESPN analysts are giving the Celtics no credit for Game 5.

    Hollinger wrties “But here’s the other part nobody is talking about: Boston scored 120 points! The Celtics aren’t even a good offensive team, so there’s no way they should be scoring this easily on Cleveland.”

    Really? Not even a good offensive team? The team does have one of the best shooters of all time (Ray) a great scorer (PP) and a point guard who can get to the basket at will (rondo). This is getting absurd, sure LeBron had a terrible game, but I mean give the Celtics some credit. They scored 120 on the Cavs and it’s not like that is unprecedented (Easter they scored 117 on the Cavs). Anyone agree?

  • Jay P


    Completely, it disgusts me all this talk about the Cavs and how bad Lebron was. They act as if the Celtics had nothing to do with that game.

    It’s Lebron James’ world, he wins when he wants to, and loses when he doesn’t care, no one else has anything to say about it huh?

    I think a lot of it has to do with the Celtics regular season performance. The Celtics aren’t that good of an offensive team because… well they haven’t been, all season. There’s no denying that, they were a .500 team, with some horrific losses that made them look like they didn’t even belong in the playoffs, never mind a championship contender.

    People keep looking at that and refuse to believe that this team is different now, so their going to rationalize everything by focusing on what Cleveland did wrong not what Boston did right, because Boston can’t possible be that good… idiots.

  • http://www.livefromapt.blogspot.com w2

    Media can say what they want. The players know. LeBron knows. Maybe Holinger will come out of the stands and brock a KG turn-around jumper.

  • JP

    @Jay P

    I know what you mean. Part of me I guess enjoys that everyone is discounting this team, I think they play well when they face adversity (games 2 and 4 come to mind, as well as game 2 against the Heat, along with their stellar road play for most of the season and playoffs).

    I am also disgusted with the notion that as you said, LeBron wins when he wants to etc.

  • meridenmatt

    I hope LeBron “spoils” Celtics fans with his play tonight.

  • http://hoopstersworld.blogspot.com miss j.moxie

    I’ve been anticipating this game so much that last night, I dreamt some guy gave me free tickets to the game – only to discover that anyone who took the free tickets would become wanted for rebellion.

  • http://hoopstersworld.blogspot.com miss j.moxie

    P.S. Perhaps I’m just too easily amused, but I love how we have a JP and a Jay P talking to each other.



  • DeVelaine

    @moxie: This game is so big, that even if that were true, I’d still take the tickets.

  • http://secureimmaturity.com Will

    I think the Cavs have to be one of the worst run franchises ever when it comes to succeeding. Their approach is single-minded.

    In 2009, they built their team to beat you guys and were overwhelmed by the Magic. This year, they restructured their team to beat the Magic and are now getting run over by you guys. Haha. I find it comical. On top of that, they’ve maintained this champion-arrogance when they have succeeded at nothing.

    I say they are laughing because of nervous fear as oppossed to confidence.

    In a bizarre example: actor Alan Alda always said that to prepare for a dramatic scene, he’d goof off and laugh to not get nervous while, during comedy sketches he’d be uber-serious, taking in the moment. Cavs nervous perhaps and trying to laugh it off? We’ll see tonight. Good luck.

  • Jay P


    I’m not convinced that Cavs team would of beat us in 09 either, even without Kevin Garnett. Never mind if he ever got hurt, so if they “Built it to beat us” they failed, badly.

    Moot point I guess, Garnett did get hurt, so the world will never know how good the C’s could have been.

  • http://secureimmaturity.com Will

    @Jay P

    Yeah, no disrespect intended. But they were worried about getting through you guys since you edged them in 08. My point was that they just think about who beat them in the past and not who COULD beat them which, as we saw last year and this year, is an approach that fails.

  • DRJ1

    @JP & Jay P– This is GOOD. The one (and only) unfortunate thing about the Cs breaking out in Game 5 was that suddenly the whole world switched from thinking we’re old and we suck to ‘Oh my, the Celtics are back.’ Well… I like it better, and WE’RE MUCH BETTER OFF, when they think we suck. I only wish that they would continue to think that right up until, and including, the Finals. The Celtics seem to shine brightest when everybody else thinks they’re in the dark.

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