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I set the over/under on half court possessions during which LeBron would guard Rajon Rondo at 12, and I suggested you take the under. Turns out, I was right—for once. 

By my unofficial count (i.e. I haven’t gone and re-watched the game yet), LeBron guarded Rondo intentionally on just eight half court possessions in Game 5. Six of those eight possessions came in stretch of about 3:30 spanning the 1st and 2nd quarters. This was the only stretch in which the Cavs gave the LeBron/Rondo match-up an extended audition.

And guess what? 

It worked, at least by the numbers. And the fact that it worked means Mike Brown must answer questions about why he never went back to it in earnest after the 1st quarter, instead allowing Rondo to destroy Mo Williams as Boston pulled away in the 2nd half. 

The Celtics scored a grand total of one point on those six early LeBron/Rondo possessions. During three of the first four, the C’s went into isolation mode:

(1:47), 1st: The Cavs come out of a time-out with West, Moon, James, Ilgauskas and Varejao. The West-Moon combination was an obvious signal that the Cavs would try Rondo on LeBron, and it shows why Mike Brown isn’t willing to commit to the LeBron/Rondo match-up in any serious way. He does not like the idea of Mo Williams on Ray Allen and Anthony Parker on Paul Pierce—match-ups he’d have to endure if he put LeBron on Rondo within the context of Cleveland’s starting line-up. So he goes big with West (for Ray) and Moon (for Pierce) and unleashes James on Rondo. 

On this play, it works. The C’s isolate Pierce against Moon at the right elbow and have everyone else clear to the left side or the baseline. Pierce tries a step-back jumper over Moon (who is 6’8”). It misses. 

I’ll accept this isolation play if Parker is guarding Pierce. But with Moon in, this is the exact sort of shot Cleveland is probably happy to see. 

(1:24, 1st): The C’s go isolation again, this time with Sheed against Varejao on the left block. Sheed’s reach gives him a nice advantage, but he slams Varejao in the chest with his left elbow as he backs Varejao down with the dribble. Offensive foul. Two isos, two turnovers.

(58 seconds, 1st): The C’s get out in delayed transition, but Bron holds up at half court to take Rondo. Rajon gives the ball up to TA, who drives into the paint, finds nothing and attempts to kick the ball out to Pierce in the corner. He throws it to Moon instead. Turnover.

(15 seconds, 1st): We should really throw this one out of the sample, since it’s an end-of-quarter possession and the C’s therefore spread the floor and let Pierce go to work. The Cavs use their last foul with 3.7 seconds left. The C’s inbound to Rondo, and Parker takes him on a switch with LeBron. Rondo shoots just after the buzzer. An empty trip, but one that really has little to do with the LeBron/Rondo strategy. 

A thing to notice about this stretch: Ray Allen is on the bench and Tony Allen is in the game. The Cavaliers were comfortable throwing LeBron at Rondo here because they could hide a weaker or smaller defender on Tony Allen. The Cavs were reluctant to use LeBron on Rondo when the C’s had both Pierce and Allen in the game. This puts Doc in position to dictate to Mike Brown and quash the LeBron/Rondo match-up whenever he feels like it. 

In any case, the C’s opened the 2nd quarter by attacking the LeBron/Rondo match-up more creatively on back-to-back possessions:

(11:06, 2nd): Boston runs one of its favorite sets, with Rondo dribbling at the top of the arc and a big guy at each elbow. Rondo has the option to pass to one of the bigs and cut or use one of the bigs as a screener. He chooses the latter and draws a non-shooting foul on his drive to the hoop. 

The C’s inbound and run a Rondo/Baby screen/roll. LeBron can’t keep up as Rondo turns the corner and launches a lay-up. It hits high off the glass and misses, but Davis gets the rebound and draws a foul. He hits 1-of-2. 

(10:40, 2nd): Rondo chills out in the left corner while Ray Allen and Big Baby run a screen/roll at the top. Ray gets into the lane but the Cavs deflect his pass to Tony Allen under the hoop. 

The C’s take the ball out and attack this defense the simplest way they can: By giving the ball to Rondo and having him drive at James. Rondo jukes LeBron at the foul line with a nasty right-to-left cross over, draws the defense and dishes to Davis for a lay-up. The Cavs contest it well, and Baby misses. A good idea, though. 

So that’s one point on six possessions. And yet we never saw this defense again. 

And the question Mike Brown has to ask himself is: Should we have seen that defense again? Because the Celtics tore the Cavaliers apart once Cleveland went back to its traditional defense, and they did it by attacking the Cavaliers weakest defender: Mo Williams. 

The Cavs went back to the Anthony Parker/Rondo and Mo Williams/Ray Allen match-ups to start the 2nd half, and Ray Allen promptly made back-to-back three-pointers over and around Mo Williams. So what did Mike Brown do? He switched Mo Williams onto Rajon Rondo, who at that point had scored 0 points on 0-of-2 shooting. 

And Rajon Rondo went crazy. A lay-up, an assist to KG on a screen/roll, two more lay-ups, a mid-range jumper, a trip to the line, a pick-and-pop to KG and a dish to Ray for a three-pointer.  All of this happened between the 9:47 and 4:24 marks of the 3rd quarter, a stretch in which the C’s turned a 10-point lead into a 21-point lead. 

In that 5:23 stretch, Rondo scored 9 points and dished 3 assists, one of which led to a three-pointer. That’s means Rajon accounted for 16 points in 5:24. 

That stretch effectively ended the game. They say you should dance with who brung ya, or whatever. Mike Brown did that, and he paid the price.

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  • Paolo

    I think that part of Mike Brown’s decision not to try it again is because Doc has shown him a new lineup that is effective against the Cavs. This was the lineup Doc used in the 2nd quarter where he had the big three, TA, and Big Baby (I think), and it caused the 15-0 run during that quarter that officially started the C’s run. This lineup did not feature Rondo who seems to be the main focus of all the Cavs’ defensive adjustments.

    But then, this is just me guessing around.

  • Rav

    Yeah, Mo Williams really cannot stick it against superstar PGs.

    Would Toronto sign-and-trade Bosh for a package which includes JJ Hickson? Then the Cavs would have Bosh and LBJ. Fill the other three spots with solid perimeter and interior defenders (the PG and SG must be able to shoot 3s) and CLE is ready to go.

  • 1 Lebron [on] Cavs win game 1
    2 Lebron [off] CELTICS WIN
    3 Lebron [on] Cavs decimate CELTICS
    4 Lebron [off] CELTICS WIN
    5 Lebron [off] CELTICS WIN*
    (also removes magic sleeve protecting “injured elbow”)

    I do not see a Celtics domination, rather clear instances where Lebron just simply did not turn up. Injury? or Perjury?
    I suspect the later. The whole scene seems like some big manufactured drama, that gives attention to an incredibly bland NBA playoff series this year, totally absent the riveting drama of a bulls/celtics triple overtime matchup. Instead, we were gifted with the Jerry Springer-esque domestic violence of Paxton versus Vinne Del Negro.

    I suspect we are simply watching the professional wrestling of Round Ball.
    “In a Do or Die Game- Micheal Jordan’s heir apparent overcomes a debilitating elbow injury, not once, but twice, defeating Boston almost singlehandedly in game 6 then returning triumphant to Clevland for game 7!”

    Wincing slightly as he cradled his elbow, Lebron repeatedly deferred and deflected questions on his injury and the obvious pain he was battling through:

    “So Lebron, that steal on Paul Pierce on the 1st possession of the 2nd quarter, is that where you could feel your trademark dominance was coming back?”

    (wincing slightly)
    “WELL, OF COURSE, I’M NOT ONE TO MAKE EXCUSES, BATTLING THROUGH EXTREME PAIN IS WHAT I DO, ALL THE MORE EXTREME SINCE I TOOK OFF THE PROTECTIVE SLEEVE ON MY ELBOW.. I’m not going to really discuss my elbow, or how hard it was to battle through the extreme pain, shooting through my arm! Actually, each dribble, verily, each dunk was like an episode of 24, where Jack Baur tortures a terrorist to save America!.. I felt in my own way I was saving America too, It is the American Way to battle through pain and adversity! ‘Just Do It’ – THAT is my personal mantra (no relation to any corporate slogan) that motivates me!

    The pain, after all, was just like Nicks in my armour! Detractors to my suffering and ultimate perseverance? just more Bulls! My job tonight was to bring the Heat, which i did!

  • Jay P


    Great point, I thought that line up was very interesting. Honestly, I think a lot of people (the entire Cavs team included) were so awestruck with Rondo’s Game 4 performance, they forgot who else is on the team.

    So Rondo goes out and you think… TA running the point, psh no problem, we can relax a bit. Oh but wait… they still got 3 hall of famers on the floor right now. Crap, now we’re down 20.

  • Jay P


    I appreciate your attempt at humor, but please stop talking.

    I don’t care if Lebron shot 100% tonight, even if he didn’t miss a shot he scores 32 points (took 14 shots, 4 of them 3s) So that adds another 17 points to the Cavs total. Oh wait, they’d still lose.

    Get off the bullshit “James isn’t trying” nonsense or stupid conspiracy theories about elbows and just give the Celtics some god damn credit… they played a great game.

  • Anthony

    A rather enjoyable game if your a Celtics fan. The entire team played well and just deflated the Cavs confidence. Did anyone else see Sheed’s big rebound in the 2nd quarter?? I think it was during their 15-0 run after the Cavs were up by 8. For the first time in a Celtics uniform, Sheed jumped and hauled down a rebound over 2-3 Cavs. I know its one play but it goes to show how much better the Celtics are when Sheed give a f&*#k. Let’s finish off the Cavs in Boston so Lebron can go fishing and relax his elbow.

  • Anthony

    @zackdaddy – good stuff. very insightful and accurate portrayal of David Stern’s mindset. LOL. Lets see how many calls the Cavs get in game 6. BTW, how the hell does a team that played like shit and no aggressiveness go to the line 34 times?? Hmmm???

  • What More Can I Say?

    Piggybacking off of Jay P.

    It’s crazy how the media, led by Barkley, is so dissapointed at Bron and Bron didn’t do this and didn’t do that. What the hell is going on here? Boston played a phenomenal game and now it’s what is wrong with Bron?!?!?

    It’s all good though. I just want to take this moment to give Big Baby his props. We all know Garnett can have his way with Jamison…but watching Big Baby school him too really just let the world know that Cleveland inherited 20+ million of salary cap filler to have a great regular season record ONLY.


  • joe

    the reason people are asking what’s wrong with bron is because bron himself said that BOS’s defensive schemes haven’t changed. so LBJ is the common denominator. if in one game a guy goes for 35 7 8 and the opponent plays the same defense the next game and he goes for 22 4 7, then it’s the player, not the opponent.

  • joe

    additionally, bron was noticeably less agressive in his bad games AGAINST THE SAME DEFENSIVE SCHEME

  • @Joe: Yes, the scheme last night was the same. Nothing unusual about what Boston did.

  • Daniel

    Game 5 was a case of LeBron quitting on his coach. You can see it when Brown decides to bench LeBron (don’t remember the exact time) early in the second quarter. The camera has a close-up on LeBron shaking his head thinking why the f$#*! is Mike Brown taking me out now. Next thing you know, Celtics are on a 15-0 run. At that exact moment LeBron is thinking no matter how well I play, Brown is going to ruin our chances, so why even bother. Same thing happened when Shaq was taken out in Game 2 when Cavs had momentum. Shaq was shaking his head. I think the Cavs players have quit on their coach with LeBron leading the rebellion.

  • Jason

    This is so funny. I was both worried and not worried about the Emperor on Rondo. I think it’s a winning strategy, but also think Mike Brown is a terrible coach. Alas, both things came to pass.

    I would LOVE to jump on the Emperor like everyone has, and I agree he was really weird in the game, but c’mon he’s a great player. I still think if he wanted to, he could take it to the rim every single possession and at a minimum foul out the entire team in one half. After two days of roasting, he might just come back and do that.

    Also, an under reported aspect of Game 5 and would have been completely front page if the Cs had lost was Rondo’s first half. That was ridiculous. Completely passive, none of the mindset or activity that this team needs. Fortunately, Pierce came out more aggressive, KG hit everything and Ray went 6-9 from 3. The Big 3 still exist and thank goodness all of them showed up last night. If not, people would be all over Rondo for showing up to the game 24 minutes late.

    And unless you have solid arguments and good breakdown don’t tell me 1) Rondo was just letting other get involved, 2) letting the game come to him or 3) the Cavs D for set up to stop him.

    Active Rondo is the best way to get others involved. Active Rondo takes the game to others, not the other way around. And the Cavs D was not noticeably different in that half.

    Still, I would love to read others thoughts about Rondo’s first half, good, bad, excuses, no excuses, whatever.

  • Chris O

    zackdaddy says:
    May 12, 2010 at 9:37 am
    1 Lebron [on] Cavs win game 1
    2 Lebron [off] CELTICS WIN
    3 Lebron [on] Cavs decimate CELTICS
    4 Lebron [off] CELTICS WIN
    5 Lebron [off] CELTICS WIN*
    (also removes magic sleeve protecting “injured elbow”)
    I would change it to

    1 Celtics control game, NBA refs and emotion take over the 4th [on] Cavs win game 1
    2 Celtics [on] CELTICS decimate Cavs
    3 Celtics [off] Cavs decimate CELTICS
    4 Celtics (Rondo) [on] CELTICS WIN (faily easily again)
    5 Celtics [on] CELTICS DESTROY Cavs

    Not Celtics dominance my friend? Then you are not looking. Realistically the only game the Cavs should have won was game 3 (like last years ECF when the Cavs won a game but Orlando should have swept)…games 1,2,4 & 5 the C’s were better (usually somewhat significantly).

  • joe

    @Jason, rondo has never been much of a scorer. i think that 29 in game 5 was close to his career high. before his got his extension one of the reasons teams wouldnt shell out the big bucks for him was because he wasn’t really a threat to get 20 like nash, paul, d williams, etc…

  • Jason

    It’s not the scoring and it’s not the rebounds either. It’s the aggression and what flows from that which on the offensive end is usually attacking, collapsing the D, getting assists (he can get 7 a half easy) or hockey assists. Sometimes it also leads to a few layups and/or foul shots. He had none of that. Pretty hard to explain that away as a circumstantial, meaning he was doing all his normal Rondo things but the stats didn’t follow. In observing the game, you just saw him walking the ball up, passing it off and drifting away. He wasn’t pushing, orchestrating, driving, pressuring, dishing. Nothing. If the Cs lost, everyone would be all over him. They won big so he’s getting a free pass. That Rondo can’t show up for Game 6.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    enough about this on/off stuff. this isn’t darts, the two teams actually compete against each other on O and D.

    the Cs have played great defense and have not allowed lebron to get comfortable and do what he normally does.

    note: this applies even to game3 where lebron destroyed the Cs. the whole 1st quarter he just kept hoisting jumpers – and made a ton. this opened up the floor for everything that followed. BUT, as i watched the tragedy unfold, i was still thinking….i hope this happens every game because eventually it will fail with lebron shooting them out of games. if the Cs continue to play great D thus forcing lebron to take iso Js, they will win. period.

  • joe

    @Jason, if he was playing as horribly as you’re describing BOS wouldn’t have had the lead by 6 at the half. Rondo was simply playing mistake free basketball and he turned it up in the second half.

  • Jason

    That’s a fairly simplistic conclusion. First, I didn’t say horribly. Second, the Cavs could have scored a lot more and the Big 3 could have not made as many shots as they did, therefore they could have been down 15 as easily as they were up 6. So, I really don’t see that as holding water. He may have been mistake free, but maybe only because he wasn’t really involved in the first place. And if he could simply turn it up when he wanted, then why didn’t he want to in the first half?

  • Paolo

    Doc said he took him out because he thought Rondo looked tired. Being in the first quarter and the game just starting and all, I’m not sure to what extent that is true. Maybe his superhuman performance in game 4 finally caught up with him? I’m not sure. But I do agree that Rondo did not look as dominant as he did in the first half last night, but if it gets the Big Three clicking for the rest of the series, I’m all for it.

  • joe

    @Jason, u said he was being passive, and passive usually leads to sub-par stats i.e. bad stats. and using hypotheticals is a bad point. obviously if CLE had made more shots and BOS didn’t they would’ve won the game because simply that is how games are won (you outscore your opponent) and rondo is not a good enough player to turn it on/off when he wants. he got simply got in a rhythm vs. Mo in the 3rd quarter

  • JP

    Yeah the LeBron isn’t trying arguement makes no sense, I’d rather accept that he’s hurt. If he’s not trying in the playoffs against the Celtics, who he hates, then he’s not a good player in my opinion. Great talent, poor basketball player. Like Rasheed in some ways, although Rasheed has done more in the playoffs.

    Anyway, James might be hurt, but I doubt its that bad if he can go off for 21 in a quarter. He just isn’t playing hard, and theres no excuse for that.

  • JP

    Also, I think Rondo in the first half was letting the Big 3 get going. Why would he expend a lot of energy when he knew the defense would focus on him after what he did in game 4? He let the other guys kill the Cavs in the first half, and came out in the 2nd when the Cavs were worried about Pierce, Allen and KG and he dominated. He picked his spots and I thought he was great. Could have used more assists though.

  • George

    The Celtics signed Rondo to be a playmaker and floor leader. These are Rondo’s stats for his 2 years at Kentucky. From Wikipedia.org
    He finished his freshman year at Kentucky averaging 8.1 points, 2.9 rebounds, 3.5 assists and 2.6 steals.
    In his sophomore year he had a career high 12 assists against Ole Miss, despite playing just 23 minutes, and 25 points against Louisville. Rondo also set another Kentucky Wildcats record for most rebounds in a game by a guard, with 19 rebounds in an early season loss to Iowa. He was not known for being a shooter, however, going 18-66 from three with a 57.1% FT average. He averaged 11.2 points, 6.1 rebounds, 4.9 assists and 2.1 steals per game in his sophomore year.[11] Rondo was also named to the 2005 USA Men’s Under-21 World Championship Team, which traveled to Argentina for the FIBA World Championships.He averaged 11.0 ppg and 4.5 apg in the eight-game tournament, garnering much attention from NBA scouts.

  • Ray Leighton

    I think that everyone is paying too much attention to the “basic” stat line on Rondo. I agree that he was less aggressive in the first quarter, and that he may have been a bit tired. But I also thought that the Cavs were more frequently packing an extra person in the paint to cut him off and Rondo was intelligently not trying to force things — if the Cavs defenders are cheating over to help, why not pass the ball to the guys who have a hot hand?

    If you look closely at the first quarter, Rondo still distributed well — he had a couple of hockey assists, and there were three or four plays where the player receiving the pass either missed the shot, got fouled, or it was one of those cases where it could have gone either way as to whether the statkeeper called it an assist. Rondo very easily could have had six assists before he left in the second quarter, in which case, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. And he totally shut down Williams. In the second half, the Cavs realized that they couldn’t afford to keep Rondo out of the paint because it gave too much room to Ray, who was eating them alive.

    As I noted before — Cleveland’s defensive woes were not just focused on Rondo — the Celtics have too many weapons.

  • NHBluesMan

    while it might not have been JUST that he wasn’t trying, there were times where you can tell LeBron looked bored or was giving alot less than 100%. When Pierce got the and-1 on Lebron (after TA stripped parker and it was TA, Ray, and Pierce on LBJ) Lebron didn’t even look interested in stopping Pierce, he just kinda slapped him. Other times, LeBron was standing at the 3 point line just WATCHING his teammates try to compete… it was like 5 on 4.

    watch the Daily Dime video and it’ll show exactly what i’m talking about

  • NHBluesMan

    regardless, i think in the end, this game will fall on LeBron for the loss, but the series will fall on Coach Brown. I don’t know why they’ve kept him around for so long

  • Celticsfan2010

    @zach Tell me when you wake up from your dream. Cavs could have (should have) lost game 1 when Lebron was “on” and they lost game 2 and I would consider him “on” in that game. So your theory is faulted. 1v5 Will never win a series maybe a couple game, but not a 7 game series. TY GL C’s

  • FACT: LeBronze (not Gold) is over rated, over hyped, over exposed still pretty f*king good, but limited.

    FACT#2: Cleveland Organizational Fellatio prevents anyone from pointing out to “King James” what those faults are. (Not an uncommon trait) In fact, only Phil Jackson and George Karl and Greg Popovich seem to have the authority to speak out)

    Rondo was somewhat tired

  • Shanique Mackey

    Celtics have out played the Cavs and pure and Simple Doc Rivers has out coached Mike Brown. Coach Brown is a regular season coach where Doc has proven he can coach regular season and post season. The Cavs had the best record last year going into the playoffs and lost and the same thing will happen to them this year. The majority of their scoring must come from LBJ while the Celtics is evenly balanced no one needs 40 points for the team to win any one can be the Man on ANY given night. I saw this coming long time watch as the Celtics hit stride and go to the FINALS

  • (oops, clicked submit by accident)

    Rondo was somewhat tired, but could have asserted himself anyway -wisely didnt, because he didnt have to. The defense loading up on him, relaxed on pierce – If you notice, they both operated on (wait for it….) OPPOSITE SIDES OF THE FLOOR!
    that totally fragments defensive double team schemes and prevents effective ballside overloading which, humorously enough, the Celts employed against the Cavs to good effect.

    But my original point is not refuted in ANY way. LeBron is/was CLEARLY not invested in the game. THAT rather disturbing observation is what distracted and disconcerted his teammates. NOT Celtic pressure!

    Did LeBron quit on his team/coach?
    ..not logical.

    Here is the FACT: A major contract /free agent offseason coming up.

    If he drives the lane and is put FLAT ON HIS ASS… could he lose out on the signage millions due to injury?

    For a player of his inside advantage, LeBron goes to the line surprisingly few times, choosing to take advantage of a wayward jumper and a happy saunter back on almost defense.
    Is defensive acumen relies too much on his arm slaps not being called – challenged by a gifted offensive strategist or an honest, non star-struck referee, LeBron is hobbled.

    Still, his performance is all the more surprising as (as has been stated above by others) NOTHING HAS CHANGED IN THE CELTIC’S DEFENSIVE TREATMENT OF HIM. – Furthermore, his attitude (or lack of same) was obvious and clear on the court.
    Perhaps he knows what we do not, that he has exemplary physical skills (as well as the behind the scenes Matrix like manipulations of the KeyMaster…um..i mean..David Stern, and his band of Mr Smith referees!

    The first 10 minutes are going to be dammned important, it will be Phantom Of the Opera (or Boston Garden) as spurious fouls waft up from the hard wood ensnaring Perkins and Garnet alike!

    Its easy to predict.
    Look first for a ‘shuffled starting line up’ with 4 regulars and new, hitherto unplayed individual who will pick fights (aka ‘be aggressive in the paint’, go after loose balls -and no doubt, fully attached balls- with ‘energy’!
    Soon, the game will be called by our all knowing announcers as being “chippy”

    Then LeBronze will go to work, “relentlessly attacking the basket” (otherwise known as, ‘being a black hole with the ball, dribbling as the ball is sucked into the event horizon of the 24 second shot clock, then flailing his arms skyward, 23 seconds in, with the foul called on the nearest unfortunate fellow (Last game it was the popcorn vendor)

    If the Celtics arent up by 12 in the first quarter, and by 30 5 minutes into the third, they will lose this game.

    Luckily, the narrative wont be “Major Choke Job by Aging Diva’s”

    rather it would be:
    “LeBrondo beats The Rondo!-Battling injury, pain, and the thousand Haters, King James wills his team to victory!”

    Although I was carried of the floor in the 2nd quarter – (I must admit, the Wheelchair for a sprained elbow did seem a bit excessive) I never quavered,quivered or wavered in my resolve (did I also mention that I am a Champion Scrabble enthusiast? Please See: KingJamesScrabble.com, and buy a t-shirt!)
    Oh yeah, where was I…yes.. so as they applied the hot burning scalpel to my flesh-which I endured the way I do all my medical procedures – without anesthetic, I thought of my team, and what we’d been through.. I could not let them down!

    They were talking too long to sew me back up, so I did it myself! running out of silk, I noticed a spider web , not caring that it held a deadly black widow spider! Even as her deadly fangs pierced my skin, her spinnarets wove their silky web over my impromptu surgical wound, sealing it!

    I returned to battle, and engineered the final result.

    Of course, I did not do this feat alone, for that, I have to thank my teammates, who never lost faith in me! ..like…
    Mike Soleck of Nike- “Just Do It son!”

    Steve Jobs “You’ve been wearing a PAD for years my boy: Now play like it!”

    GatorAde: “We’ve already been screwed by Tiger – dont let us down son!”


    The choking sound heard around the league Thursday night was not in leBronze James’ exemplary performance (if by ‘exemplary’ you mean more turnovers than assists!)

    Instead, the choking sound was the gagging sound of Linda Lovelace Gilbert, Cav’s owner, as he added up the expenditure in player salaries, knee pads and tissue, and contrasted that with the number of won championships.

    A chagrined LeGone James admitted:
    “In retrospect, I guess you could say working on free throughs, cutting down turnovers and a few offensive moves may have been a better investment than dance choreography – who knew?”

    http://www.youtube. com/watch?v=xX5NdToD jfk&NR=1