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Paul Pierce is back, Ray Allen can still shoot, and Lebron James can be stopped. Put it all together and you get a game of beauty if you are a Boston Celtics fan. After stumbling out of the gate in game 5, the C’s seized control of this contest in the 2nd quarter with a 15-0 run with the team’s floor general in Rajon Rondo resting comfortably on the bench.

The Cavs kept it interesting until halftime, but the C’s dropped a resounding hammer on the overmatched Cavs in the 2nd half, dismantling Cleveland on both sides of the floor, outscoring them by a whopping 26 points on their way to 32 point victory. While the C’s shelled out a similar beatdown in game 2, this time they learned from their fourth quarter letdown when the Cavs cut a 25 point deficit to 10 in the closing minutes of the 4th, before the C’s regained control.

This time, there was no such run. At best, Cleveland was managing to trade baskets with Boston, while the C’s kept up the pressure, stepping on the Cavs throat as the home team had nowhere to turn with their MVP having easily the worst playoff game of his career.

Make no mistake about just how much of a team effort was. It was as if the C’s were passing a baton to each other through the final 3 quarters offensively, with everyone pitching in their fair share. From Ray Allen’s 3 point clinic (6-9 from deep), to Rajon Rondo aggressiveness (12 points in 3rd quarter), with Glen Davis anchoring the squad with a monster 4th quarter off the bench to help put Cleveland away for good.

Paul Pierce and KG also contributed terrific nights offensively, as Paul dropped his passive act and came out looking for his shot early and often. He didn’t hit too much early from the field, but his play opened up the floor for his teammates as the game continued with The Truth contributing easily the team’s best all around line on the night with 21 points, 11 boards and 7 assists.

On the other end, Mike Brown emptied his cupboard, dusting off everyone from Boobie Gibson to Big Z in hopes of slowing the C’s down with no such luck. Shaq was Cleveland’s best player tonight and guess what? A 37 year old Shaq is not going to win many games for you.

Much more on the way but right now the C’s remain in the driver’s seat with a chance to close this out Thursday night in Beantown. Can’t ask for more than that.

Oh and Lebron, how’s that elbow feeling? I saw you get rid of the elbow pad, so I’m sure it wasn’t bothering you much anymore.

Feel good about this one Celtics fans, but know there is still work to be done. You can bet Doc Rivers is preaching that in the locker room tonight, but for now, let’s savor the C’s best all-around performance of the season.

So much more analysis and kudos to be handed around tonight, all on the way………

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • Jason

    Just WOW. And until midway through the fourth, I was still nervous because, well, this team this year has made me that way. Anyway, AMAZING win. Not just win, beat down. Awesome.

  • joe

    I would like to issue my second apology to the C’s and their fans. I doubted BOS again and they proved me wrong. I guess I need to remember that the last team to beat BOS in the playoffs at full strength was….. nobody.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid


  • Jason

    The Celtics outscored the Cavaliers 99-59 over the final 34 minutes. I didn’t think such a statement was even possible. Again, wow!

  • rondo-is-love

    I wonder what’s going on in Plain-Dealer Bud Shaw’s head right now.

    Just kidding.

    Amaaaaaaazing win. Let’s just hope our guys can close out the series at home in front of the fans!

  • LittleManOOPS

    so much balance. every guy on the floor (1-8) for the C’s has skills and is a two-way player. cavs role players simply don’t have the same quality in guys like mo, jamison, shaq… they’re all limited defensively. parker, delonte, z…all limited offensively. unless lebron is everywhere, creating offense for all the other guys, they can’t play.
    great effort by the c’s.

  • Jay P

    Amazing, truly truly amazing.

    The team we saw last night was the team that went 23-5 to start the year… and then some. They were great in every facet of this game.

    Don’t expect another 8-15 from deep in Game 6, but honestly that stat line is only the reason the game was a 32 point win, and not a 12 point win. Even without the incredible 3-pt shooting, they still dominated this game.

    If they can do what they did on the glass, on defense, and attacking the rim, they will win Game 6, with or without the 3s falling.

  • RBD

    Is it Thursday yet?

  • Jason

    I don’t troll other fan sites, but I was reading their comments. They have turned on the Emperor just like that. He mailed in his biggest game. He’s not a winner. He’s leaving and he always knew it. They’re beside themselves, both dejected and pissed.

    By the way, I really like Emperor as a derogatory nickname for him. Pretty sure most posters here will get the meaning behind it.


  • ranen645

    @ jason i completely agree… Cavs fans sayin Lebron threw the game cuz he knows he’s goin to knicks… We all know it was celtics defense and team play

  • What More Can I Say?

    That win was the best blowout I have ever enjoyed. The C’s gotta do it one more time so we can send the King HOME though.

    I’m Cloud 9 right now. Euphoria.

  • DRJ1

    Yep… was saying after Game 2 that the “king” has no clothes…. Emperor’s better 🙂 Hard to imagine this dejected, frightened Cleveland team can win on Thursday in Boston. There was real fear out there…..

  • joe

    i have officially retired the theory of “You can’t turn it on in the playoffs”

  • butch ruiz

    watch out kobe….they’re back….

  • RBD

    Lots of flaws in that Cleveland team. They only have one star, and teams with one star can be shut down. And any one star can be shut down on any given night.

    So they’re incredibly dependent on role players. And as we’re learning – Mo Williams is a little girl, Parker is no better than when he was stinking it up for the Raptors, and Varejao is ineffective unless his defender is rotating to stop LBJ at the rim.

    And on that point – what a magnificent display of defense. Fratello did a nice job pointing out how the D slides across the paint, in the mid-range, and how PP funnels LBJ into it. That happened all goddamn night.

    If this team has FINALLY learned to come out, play hard and play for 48 minutes, we’ll blow them out again on Thursday. I really want to believe they’ve turned a corner. The evidence is mounting that they have…

  • NV

    Go Celtics!!!!!!!!!!!!!Kick them out in Beantown!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jay P

    @ RBD

    I don’t think you need today’s game to see that this is a completely different team. The evidence was there even before. With the exception of Game 3, which let’s be honest, was a fluke. They’ve played great, in every single game throughout the playoffs.

    And the emergence of this bench unit astounds me. Their all playing with energy, their all doing great stuff. Yes, even Sheed.

    I think we need 3 names now.

    The little Big One
    The Big 3
    The Little 3
    The Ogre

    …It’s late and I’ve had a few beers.

  • hank

    Not to be a downer but I’ll believe it when i see it. I don’t want to see a let down in game 6.If the celts lay an egg it will throw this game out the window.

  • Jrmz

    who knows, lebron watches this and signs with us next year for the MLE. 🙂 can always hope for the impossible? as KG says, “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBBBAALLLL”

  • Jason

    Celts win by 32 and the four letter network puts the Emperor’s pic across their website. Freaking joke of an enterprise. Wouldn’t be surprised if Stern is giving him a reach around as I write this.

    Think Stern wants the Emperor’s oust to be so miserable, he’s more apt to jump to NY? Not only Stern’s favorite team, but a franchise the league as a whole wants/needs to be relevant again.

  • rondo-is-love
  • I agree with Hank a little here. This was an amazing win. Still, it is just one game. And although it has often been pointed out that the C’s have won more quarters in this series, we have also seen that the Cavs have managed to eliminate 10-point C’s leads in as little as 2 minutes. This means that even if the C’s win the first 3 quarters of a game, the Cavs can win the 4th quarter and make up so many points in so little time and end up winning the game.

    Perhaps I’m just being overly cautious, afraid to make wild declarations only to have my heart broken (as it has been before). I won’t go as far as saying we have this series in the bag, but we definitely have a legit chance.

    Go C’s!


    Hmmm as an La fan i cant say im happy the celtics won but i hate the cavs just as much if not more…im interested to see if the celtics are going to lay an egg game 6 although i dont see it happening. Lefraud doesnt have the will it seems. the green grandpas should be able to beat orlando it seems and lakers celtics rematch? ahhhh revenge sounds soooo good

  • DRJ1

    Moxie– Clearly, you are not alone. It was hilarious to see all of us on here scared crapless when the Cs were up 17 at the end of Q3, worrying about the game. Too funny. But it happened, and I was one of them.

    But this team has turned some kind of corner. They certainly ‘flipped their switch’ at the start of the postseason… now they’ve “turned the corner” — a figure meant to convey that they’ve taken another quantum leap, into what I believe is their topmost level. Where the D is on par with the best of 08, everybody’s healthy, and every single player is all in. We may have less to worry about than we know.

  • Fenger

    The most important question is…if the Cavs lose this series to the Celtics, will Lebron congratulate the Celtics players or go straight to the locker room like last season when they lost the series to the Orlando Magic in the playoffs???

  • RBD


    I think you and I have agreed about this in the past – when the C’s are on their game (and that doesn’t take superhuman games – just solid focus and effort) they are almost impossible to beat. By anyone.

    Biting down on the Cavs in game four. Blowing them out in game five. Perhaps the lackluster game three was the last deadbeat performance we’ll see in these playoffs. Maybe they really, finally did get it together.

    I feel confident about our chances going into Thursday night. Everyone looks good, including PP, who broke out of it in a big way tonight, controlling tempo and the game, even when he was missing shots. I see no reason why we can’t beat them soundly Thursday night and send those poor, long suffering Cavs fans off to another miserable summer.

  • never been this ecstatic for the celtics…first time i saw pierce so aggressive and focused..and ray’s simply smooth-swishing..kg and rondo, where would C’s be without you guys..

  • Gomezd

    Glad to see this win, seeing how my team just got sweeped out of the playoffs is great to see a competetive series. Not just that but I’m delighted to see cavs getting beaten up, I’m sick of their attitude, their stupid photos pre game and sick of lebron dancing on the sidelines in the middle of a game, nothing would make me happier than seeing cavs losing game 6 (well aside from phoenix beating lakers).

    Go Celtics.

  • legs-diamond

    Great work by the starters tonight. I am still noticing just how key Tony Allen is–he’s the missing piece of the puzzle. And Davis gave great energy as well.

  • dennis

    yes !!!!!!!!! knew it ! celtics are a bigtime contender no doubt about that !
    lets go steamroll cavs in g6 by 40 !

  • Evan


    Ok, chill out, I’m just preparing you all for what’s to come from the Cavs Camp and of course the national media at large protecting LeBron. Elbowgate 2010. Prepare yourself.

  • eidos

    Altough cavaliers are a better deep team they are lead by barely an average coach, where celtics with his 3 fading stars and a (suddenly discovered by the press) new emergent superstar are leaded by one of the best strategic coaches of NBA.

    On game 3, mike brown did the adjusts to blown celtics on the first quarter and got a steal, this is not to happen now, we are in the 6th game, by now the teams new the other , and he is not good enough to bring to the board anything to surprise the Celtics. Cavaliers are toasted, the serie is in fact over

  • t4inc

    I was watching the live post-game videos on NBA.com and the instant reaction box beside it was filled with Lakers fans saying that this proves Kobe is better than Lebron. Trust Lakers fans to use that forum to rag on their idol’s biggest rival.

    This is the same Kobe that watched his team lose a 25-point lead in game 4 of the ’08 Finals to the C’s, right? The same Kobe who could never get his offense going and who nearly bawled it out during the post-game of Game 6 of the ’08 Finals?

    I hate that these other fans are not acknowledging that the Celtics are playing their best defense since ’08. Of course, we all know the truth: when the Celtics are playing their brand of masterful defense, there’s no team that can beat them, no star that is too difficult to contain.

    Also, if anyone is looking for ineffable proof that neither Lebron nor Kobe is the “next” Jordan, they need look no further than game 5 of this series and game 4 of the ’08 Finals.

  • mitch

    eidos, you’re a moron..the cavs blow

  • Urbeltic

    Two 3s by Ray to start the 2nd half?! It blows my mind to think he was on the trading block this year. Oh, and UNO UNO seems to have found his jump shot….nice little bonus to round things out.

  • RBD

    Shifting to all-caps for emphasis:


    An absolute must-read:


  • DRJ1

    @RBD– that was a good one. The link below is even better… it tells the story of what’s happening inside the Cavs team which I had no clue about… kinda explains what we saw on the court last night…. and also — most interesting and important — from what this article says, it seems very unlikely that the Cavs can get their act together for Thursday.


  • hallik

    I think it was early in the third quarter Doc called a time out and told them “I know everyone wants to win but we can’t win individually, as a team we can…” I believe that was a huge turning point. Celts went on a huge run after that, Doc did a great job managing the game. Good effort across the board. Can’t wait for Thursday!! Go Celts!!

  • eidos

    i am impressed at your sharp and deep arguments to refute my post.

    Definitively the cavaliers blow..up.

    Still in 6 🙂

  • matthew


    i am equally impressed at your well-thought out quip about doc rivers (“one of the best strategic coaches”) and your horrific grammar.

    rivers is more of a motivational coach; not a strategist. oh and by the way… while coaches do have a significant role in games, it’s the players who still determine the outcome.

    Lebrick choked big time when it mattered while the Big 3 came through… And that’s the bottom line.

  • eidos


    i disagree with your appreciation of Rivers. Without going into deep, he has been able to work nicely adjustments in game many many times before.

    About my grammar, (i dont know what has to do with the vality of my opinion btw, well) i could type much better in my one of my two native languages (neither of one is english obviously).

  • Rav

    don’t go crazy guys this was supposed to happen. people thought at the beginning of the season we could go 73-9 remember 😉

    But those who say LBJ is not a winner ought to shut up. He messes up one Game 5 and everybody turns on him? C’mon, the guy once scored 22 straight points against the Pistons.

    LittleManOOPs got it right. All the Cavs players except LBJ and maybe Delonte are pretty much one-way players. Williams and Jamison are big-time chokers. There’s no way LBJ can win in the playoffs with this team.

    I’d advise him (unless the Cavs have a solid plan to get REAL role players) to go to NYK, join up with Bosh, and take the first few years to rack up good draft picks and MLE players till the team can become a dynasty. It’s okay, ‘cuz Boston’s window is only this year and next two.

  • DRJ1

    @eidos– Welcome. Figured you were foreign, from the name and your writing (seemed more like translation than grammar issues).

    I can’t agree that the Cavs are a “better team”. I don’t think they are, actually. They have the best single player, of course. But that’s about it. Coach Brown is a terrible coach, agreed. Doc has thoroughly outcoached him. And….. what’s with all those weird grimaces and oral gesticulations when Brown talks to the media? Has he even seen himself on TV?

  • matthew


    you should look into detail then why rivers has an associate head coach then in thibs. the former isn’t the ONLY ONE making the adjustments.

    oh, and i was just having a go with you on your grammar. i can type better, too, in one of my two native languages. you must think i’m american… i’m not.

    anyway, i must reiterate. it’s not the coaches who win games at the end of the day. it’s the players. the PLAYERS.

  • eidos

    If having a go to my english makes you happy, please dont deny yourself the pleasure, but use your better gramm to prove your point, will you? Why you think Doc Rivers is not a good playing the xo of the game. ,do you really belive that lebron james needing 3 quarters to score a board is just because he was taking a mental holiday to malibu? Rashed Wallace and Big baby with 4 fouls almost all of them against Lebron was not a tactic set to keep him cold?
    Ey Doc Rivers is not being the only one making adjustments, sure he is not. But on this serie i am still trying to think of any adjustment from coach Brown that has worked in game. And make sure, is in game adjustments where you find who is the better coach.

    (give LBJ 15 points more to his stats, that would have not changed anything on this match).

  • Anthony

    Lots of great comments but still 1 more game. I cant be too comfortable until #18 is raised. Orlando is playing pretty damn good too. It would definitely be a good series if/when it gets to that point. Celtics would’ve beaten Orlando last year, even without KG, if not for the Bulls taking so much out of them and Powe getting injured.

    Couple of additional points – the celts really havent gotten enough credit for slowing down Lebron. I totally forgot how they shutdown Kobe in 2008. Am I wrong but Kobe is just as good if not a better offensive player than Lebron. Nothing is wrong with Lebron. His elbow doesnt affect his legs, he can still run, play D, attack the basket, and his elbow look fine on his FT.
    Love how Rondo is dismantling Mo Williams to the point where he has to argue, bully, to try and throw Rondo off his game. I know Sheed thinks he never fouls but Varaejo is far worst. The guy complain about every call!! Didnt realize the Cavs have 3 of the biggest cry-babies in the league.. bron, mo, and varaejo. they should be called the Big Three Babies.
    @rondo-is-love…. awesome link

  • Anthony

    Forgot to say, this series should’ve been over had the refs not bailed the Cavs out in Game 1.

  • Good post. Thanks for sharing…