Post-game Reactions

Did anyone catch the Celtics practice report written by our good friend Chris Forsberg over at ESPNBoston.com?  If you didn’t, you should really check it out not only because Forsberg notes some great quotes in the aftermath of such an emotional win, but also for what some reporter asks Rajon Rondo in the accompanying video clip.

On the notion that LeBron James may guard Rajon Rondo in Game 5, one unknown (or indecipherable anyway) reporter asks:

“Do you take that as a compliment? That LeBron is even talking about…(indecipherable over bouncing balls and what I assume is Tony Allen goofing around)…that he’s even talking about, ‘I need to go guard Rajon Rondo?'”

Let’s think about this for a second.  The day after Rajon Rondo has the most impressive game of anyone in the entire playoffs, some reporter essentially asks him if Rondo’s going to go home tonight and write in his diary about how LeBron James knows his name.


The look on Rondo’s face is priceless.  Something outsiders do not understand, and something that I can really only speculate about, is that to the rest of the players in the league, LeBron James is just another good player on the scouting report.  He is not the “King” and they are not “Witnesses.”

If that reporter wanted to ask a question, he should have asked LeBron after the talk got started about him checking Rondo, “Hey LeBron, Rondo is lightening quick and just put up a triple-double on your entire team.  Are you sure you can even guard this guy?”

If Dwight Howard can get in a tizzy over some writer fawning over his fashion sense, than shouldn’t Rondo have broken some cameras or hurled some expletives?  Anyone feeling me on this disrespect?

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  • urbeltic

    I think Doc is thinking about putting Rondo on Lebron for the full 42. We got this locked up baby!

  • Jason


  • Jason

    In all seriousness, this reminds me of one of my all time favorite quotes (My all-time favorite is Patrick Roy saying he couldn’t here Jeremy Roenick because he had his Stanley Cup rings plugged in his ears.) and it happens to be by our very own Beast.

    “Before the game, Perkins was asked his impression of facing Howard after he won the gold medal. Perkins replied, ‘What’s his impression of me after I won the ring?'”

  • Cptn Bubbles

    Great quote. Nice. Perk is a lot smarter than what most people give him credit for

    I just hope Rajon is prepared for some trapping. The worst thing you can do if they trap is to be passive & indecisive. The absolute worst worst thing he could do when trapped is to pick up his dribble. It looked to me like Rondo was caught off guard & way to wary of the full court pressure that was used in game 3. Instead of just hitting the jets & blowing by Parker, Rajon was way too cautious & burned clock & any rhythm. If 2 guys are running to Rajon to trap, surely he knows, with his excellent ball handling, that he can attack their trap early (before they can close ranks) & go toward the basket leaving 2 would be trappers in his wake. What they fear most is Rajon unleashed in the lane making layups or drawing & dishing. They want to turn Rajon into a jump shooter. But Rajon is way too smart for that ploy. He knows he is most dangerous when he attacks the lane & pushes the ball hard (after he rebounds). He is smart enough to bring the ball back out if the ez transition shot is not there.

    I said way back that I thought the priority for Rajon should be to have #1 lots or rebounds #2 lots of assists #3 some points (most of our guys are better at scoring than rebounding so somebody has to pick up the slack). If Rajon continues to DEFENSIVE REBOUND then we can hold them below 90 which is when we play our best / how we have beat them twice. 2nd possessions kill us & Rajon has to FINISH defensive stops for us by getting that rebound.

  • Paolo

    ^and the good thing about him getting the rebound is it translates into an immediate fastbreak, and with him and his quickness leading the break, it’s almost impossible for good transition defense to be set. the crucial part here is having people running with him on the wing, and most of the time, the only guy capable of running as fast as him is TA.

  • Hey guys,

    I’m a Magic fan (don’t hurt me!) and I just want to say that I am rooting for your Celtics all the way in the current round. Sticking it to the Cavs would make me a happy man. I think they are the most arrogant team that has accomplished NOTHING yet. Celtics have history, respect, and a championship caliber team. . .if Magic play them and lose, we lost to truly the best. If we play you guys and win, then we managed to beat a brilliant team. Nothing but respect for you guys.

    Anyways, in regards to the topic at hand: the reporters have entered a new Circle of Hell in regards to their questions. Rondo’s performance in Game 4 was probably the GREATEST I’ve ever seen. . .I think Rondo should be insulted mainly because a)he’s got a ring, b)he has flew under the radar of not only LeBron and the ‘bigger’ stars but even on his OWN TEAM, and c)Rondo has outplayed LeBron left and right. I couldn’t agree with you more on the disrespect.

  • Berkcelt

    I love that quote by Perk.

    I can see the disrespect in a question that implicitly is ball-washing Lebron, but it’s not really surprising. Reporters ask a lot of couched, leading questions because they are trying to formulate a story. I think it’s pretty boring, I can only imagine what the players. Thankfully we have Perk and KG to keep it interesting.

  • DeVelaine

    @Will: We typically save our disdain for Orlando until we actually have to face them, though I’m not sure they’ve yet been tested in the post season this year. Charlotte played like they were happy to make the playoffs (probably were, and will probably play better next year), and the Hawks folded after that haymaker of a Game 1 they got smacked with. Whoever they play next though will be well tested, and will be the real measure of how ready they are for a title.

    As for Rondo… I think it shows more class for him to not react to the disrespect by the reporter. He knows who he is, and his confidence (which used to be cockiness) keeps him from doing something that shows that you can get under his skin. He knows that even if LeBron’s on him, someone in green has a mismatch that he can find a way to exploit. This is why LeBron hasn’t checked Rondo for more than a possession or two so far.

  • @Will–I appreciate your coming here in peace. Most of the time, when we get visitors (i.e., fans of other teams), they basically come in here to talk trash/tell us we suck/tell us they’re better and will beat us. I can recall only one other nice visitor this season, so it appears you’re of a rare breed.

  • JP


    Orlando has a great team this year and I don’t think that a series has ever been over in one game before like the Magic Hawks series was.

    Anyway, Rondo is smart enough and talented enough to figure out what the Cavs are going to throw at him. If they put LBJ on him, hopefully that will allow Pierce to come back from the dead and carry the team for a bit. I don;t think LBJ can stay with Rondo. Also, maybe Rondo can draw some early fouls on LeBron and force him out of the game.

  • pam

    @JP early fouls on lebron is wishful thinking (esp in cleveland). the only reason i am worried about this matchup is because i dont think the refs will be willing to call a bump on lebron as much as they would on say mo or one of their bigs. im not complaining about the refs but lebron def gets (and deserves?) superstar treatment.

  • Shiban

    ya i feel you, total disrespect.. the guy just torched us, virtually outplayed and dominated lebron in games 2 and 4, a has established himself as arguably the 3rd best pg in the league and he gets asked if its a privilege that lebron is going to guard him? i mean really? its just stupid to me, hopefully this doesnt anger rondo, i dont want him torching us again..

  • Shiban

    btw howard is a douche, the guy was complimenting him, and even repeatedly apologized after.. he shouldnt diss em like that..

  • Ian

    Rondo doesn’t give a flying F about the press asks him. If he doesn’t care about what LeBron is saying, he certainly doesn’t care what this no name reporter is asking him. He brushes off the question and talks about his team like any other press interview.

    Not saying this a bad thing at all, but theres no way Rondo’s going to take this as a personal insult and start flinging chairs and swearing. He’s focused, and thats what makes him great.

  • NickFaldo

    Some writers? You’re the one who slammed Tony and KG in your last article. Chris Forsberg? He’s the guy who wonders whether this has been Doc’s best coaching year. It’d be interesting to find out how you guys got hired. I’d be shocked to find out you get paid for this. You are to sports writing what Frank Burns was to the medical profession.

    That wasn’t that bad a question. Maybe Rondo should feel honored that a player would offer to play out of position, because he was playing so well.

    Now here are some Brendan quotes from the other day.

    “Conversely, usually unreliable Tony Allen was electrifying.”

    “Kevin Garnett had another solid game in this series with 18 and 6. This type of consistency is much-welcomed considering his reputation of being a no-show in the earlier rounds.”

    “Golly…Some Writers…” would include you.

  • Thanks for reading Nick! Although, the one thing I have to request is that the next time you quote me, can you please also link to the article so everyone can enjoy.

    Here is it: http://celticshub.com/2010/05/09/resolve-celtics-97-cavaliers-87/

    Thanks again!

  • Chris O

    @NickFaldo -Why are you so angry guy? Who pissed in your Cheerios?

    BTW as a Boston Fan I don’t dislike Orlando, but I do dislike Atlanta and I hate Cleveland. To me LeBron went from being one of my favorite players in the league to someone I loathe because he has turned into an uber prima donna. The should really call him Queen James…

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