Post-game Reactions

Some tidbits before we put Game 3 to bed:

• The Cavaliers 59.5 percent mark from the field is the highest shooting percentage a team has recorded  in a game against Boston since the KG/Ray Allen trades, according to Basketball-Reference. 

Opponents have cracked 55 percent just seven times in the regular season and once in the playoffs since KG and Ray arrived at the beginning of the ’07-08 season. 

• This was only the fifth time a team has scored 120 or more points against Boston since the KG/Ray trades, and just the third time a team has pulled it off in regulation, according to BR. It happened twice in the regular season and twice in the playoffs, but both of the prior post-season games were overtime games in the Chicago series last season. (One was a double overtime game, and one went to triple OT). 

• Ray Allen has played in 85 playoff games. He has scored 7 or fewer points in six of those 85 games. (He scored 7 points on Friday). All six have come in Boston, and three have come against the Cavaliers, including the only playoff game in Ray’s career in which he scored zero points, according to BR

• The Celtics grabbed 30 rebounds in Game 3. They recorded 30 or fewer rebounds in just four games this season.

• The Celtics turned the ball over just 7 times in Game 3, according to box scores at both ESPN and Yahoo!. How rare is it for Boston to lose when they cough the ball up so few times?

Since the KG/Ray trades, the C’s are 12-1 in the regular season and 3-1 in the post-season (so 15-2 combined) when they turn the ball over 8 times or fewer, according to Basketball-Reference. (Note: Those records are from games before Friday night’s debacle). 

What about when the C’s turn it over 10 or fewer times? Before last night, they were 26-5  in the regular season and a not-too-impressive 8-5 in the playoffs, according to BR. 

So, yeah. Game 4 is on Sunday.

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  • rondo-is-love

    At least they’re not in as big of a hole as the Spurs are…… right? =\

  • crash the boards come sunday pls..and all series long..we’ll most likely win..

  • Cptn Bubbles

    I think the worst thing I’ve heard is from Doc’s post game comments. He said they had 2 terrible days of practice, that it was like pulling nails (I think he meant teeth). Immediately, you wonder what made the practices so bad. Is it 1 or 2 or more players? Are some players tuning Doc out? Refusing to run plays? What is it? You get the feeling that after this year either some players need to go or Doc needs to go or both.

  • Chris O

    The sky isn’t falling, not yet. Take game 4 and the series is reborn.

  • I’m a C’s fan but I’ve been saying it all year. I despise Paul Pierce. He kills ball movement, drives weakly to the basket hoping only to be bailed out by the refs, and doesn’t play much D. His “bread and butter” iso plays at the end of quarters/games works 3 out of 32 times, and hes got an ego the size of Perkins. Shut your mouth, man up, and play some ball. Lebron is making him his ***** out there. Pierce is being served a nice big piece of humble pie, and he needs it.

  • JP

    a win sunday would really really help the C’s confidence. If they lose series over.