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The Celtics got absolutely shelled tonight with only a few mitigating elements: a) some end of the bench players got some much needed run, and b) all of the nonsensical LeBron-elbow talk got officially put to bed.

Unfortunately for the Celtics and their fans alike, those were the only consolation prizes.  This wire-to-wire shellacking put on by the Cavaliers only highlights how seriously unfortunate it was for the Celtics to fall apart in Game One.  Being up 2-1 and getting dominated in Game 3 is a whole lot easier to deal with than being down 1-2, failing to take advantage of a winnable Game 1 and then seeing the Cavs hit their stride in Game 3.

Obviously as it stands right now, it’s hard to see the Celtics being able to win another game.  The good news is that the Celtics dominated the Cavs in Game 2 almost as severely as the Cavaliers dominated the Celtics in Game 2 (sans the emotional half-comeback in Game 2, of course).

I won’t waste anymore of your time than I have to, waxing poetic about the virtues of getting killed at home when the Celtics had a chance to take a commanding lead of this series (both in games and momentum).  On that note, here are some bullets:

  • A ton of commentary took place this week revolving around LeBron’s health.  Obviously, that is now moot.  Another topic of conversation that caught much of the media by surprise was the fact that the Celtics had won six out of the 8 quarters played in this series.  Well, it took two games for the Celtics to garner this quarter-lead and one game for the Cavs to tie it up.  The Celtics lost each quarter tonight pretty handily.  The second and third quarters may look okay when comparing point totals, but they are actually pretty misleading given that the Celtics were essentially trading baskets when they needed to take meaningful defensive stances.  Paul Pierce played with cement galoshes and Ray Allen could not decipher his gluteus maximus from his ginglymus, if you know what I’m saying…
  • LeBron James was the story tonight.  Let’s just get it out of the way.  Boston sportswriter Tony Massarotti has gone on record as saying that LeBron is not a good outside shooter, an opinion he has expressed over and over again on 98.5 The Sports Hub- and I used to agree with him.  The fact is LeBron is now a good outside shooter.  I want to be clear about this: he is a good outside shooter, not great- good.  Being a good shooter means you can knock down open shots and from time-to-time you can get hot and be unstoppable.  Tonight, LeBron was unstoppable.  Tonight’s game not only became another rung on LeBron’s ladder to becoming a great outside shooter, but it also marked yet another example of his propensity to complain and lobby every call to the officials. It is really hard for a Celtics’ fan to note this little attribute of LeBron’s given the fact that the C’s are home to some notorious pouters: Kendrick Perkins, Rasheed Wallace, and to a lesser extent Kevin Garnett.  None of these guys hold a candle to LeBron.  I honestly don’t blame him.  The league has babied LeBron into thinking every shred of contact warrants a whistle blow.  I personally think this babying is diminishing LeBron’s lore.  He is the indisputable best player in the league at finishing after contact- but that doesn’t mean every bump is a foul.
  • The Celtics had 7 turnover’s tonight.  I can safely say that the number of turnovers the Celtics commit is directly proportional to their confidence level and their aggressiveness.  I can live with the TO’s if the C’s get the W.
  • Rajon Rondo had another solid game with 18 and 8 but got caught reaching on D more than a few times.  It is true that this team’s play is dictated by how well Rondo plays, but it is clear that the Celtics need more than just Rondo to play at an All-Star level.
  • I will get into the individual play of the the C’s later but for now, here’s a preview: it’s not pretty.
  • Anthony Parker cannot play defense.
  • Boston lost the trifecta tonight: Yankees beat the Sox, Cavaliers beat the C’s, and the Flyers extend the series…..uhhgg.

More to come…

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  • I love Green

    Dumb, and stupid, and dumb, and stupid. Why couldn’t I just be a fan of a team that never makes the playoffs. That way I could just jump on the bandwagon of the best team.

    Im totally bummed. Game 4 is must win now

  • JP

    I’m sort of glad I chose to go see Iron Man 2 instead of watch this game. I am pretty pissed about this game though.

  • How was Iron Man?

  • Cptn Bubbles

    Can we just start Rajon at Center in the post since he out rebounds all our bigs & littles ?

    Can we please put TA or maybe even Quis in the game when Paul has the wicked combination of
    A) Not staying in front of bron
    B) Not shooting well
    Seems better if Paul is being really aggressive on D & in foul trouble.

    Our defense tonight was very, very close to our ‘defense’ that we used vs the Griz & Nots @ home earlier this year. Can we just scrap that D & play our away from Boston D?

  • RBD

    Pierce may be cooked. The Miami series aside, I think we’ve seen him enter a new phase this year, and it’s not one I want to see for more than one more year.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    Worst loss in playoff history? I was thinking about some of the Cs other lesser playoff teams in years past. I’m in denial. Is this really true?

  • Worst home loss in terms of margin.

    For the record, I disagree with Brendan about LBJ being a worse pouter than Perk and Sheed. Those guys whine about every call.

  • Mike

    Zach, while Perk and Sheed are worse pouters, I think what Brendan is saying is that LBJ has more influence on the referees with his whining. Perk and Sheed whine but it doesn’t change anything. LBJ whines and the call goes his way.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    Perk & Sheed whine & get T’s. Bron whines & changes fouls from possession out of bounds to 2 shot fouls with the refs holding their palms out, gently telling Bron to just calm down while they work it out (for him). Just look at the refs faces when they are talking to their king. It’s worship.

  • i wonder why there were few set plays for ray tonight..if he plays and scores well, celtics most of the time wins..and what’s goin on pierce these days? he’s been shooting miserably..

  • rondo-is-love

    You know… I had a horrible feeling since the blowout win in Cleveland that they were going to lose Game 3 at home. It was just bound to happen, especially considering the show-boat style of the Cavs.

    Then… the horrible feeling got worse during the opening minutes when they didn’t start out attacking like they did in Games 1 and 2. It was so frustrating to me because it all started with Rondo… sure Parker was giving him a ton of space but every time he tried to drive, he got into the paint (I’m pretty sure he scored on 2-3 straight possessions doing so) but he continuously settled for jump shots that he shouldn’t be taking in the first place and ended up setting that type of tone for the game. Horrible, absolutely horrible. By the way…. is it just me or does it feel like it was the first time this series seeing KG take so many long jumpers instead of exploiting that Jamison mismath?

    For now, I will still keep my head up about this team because after all, they still had that beautiful blow out win in Cleveland. If they lose Game 4, though… it’s going to be tough to do so anymore.

  • pam

    pierce gave us such false hopes this season with his incredible 3 pt shooting. but a complete no show in the playoffs against a 3 who actually defends him. i still hope he can single handedly win a game for us but the truth is that unless he can get lbj in foul trouble he cant seem to operate. and getting lbj into foul trouble is probably as rare as a perk 3 pointer. tis impossible.

  • I love Green

    ^^^ Yeah Lebron’s probably never gotten over 3 fouls in one game.

  • legs-diamond

    Only 2 boards for Perk, and 4 for KG (who though otherwise went for 19 points on 8-11). Rondo was fine, and T Allen was consistently good. … The only plus/minus plusses were Shelden Williams and Nate Robinson…. Turnovers once again prove a meaningless statistic for the Celtics (low TOs indicate poor ball movement)–Cavs had more assists tonight. ..But overall, it’s the Cavs rebounding 45-30 edge…. Celts need to sweat blood this next game.

  • Rich

    It’s normally difficult to get a perimiter player into foul trouble. Not something you go into the game thinking about doing, because it isn’t something that can easily be done. Just the position.

  • dcrash247

    35 more free throws in this series is nuts. all I have to say is the more you watch besketball and the refs the more Donaghy looks innocent. The NBA has set this series to go seven games to make money. The refs gamble and when will the NBA learn less is more. Flagrant foul are you kidding me if that is a flagrant why didn’t Shaq get one in game two against Rondo knocking him to the ball which he never touched. GO NHL great officiating allows underdogs to win.

  • dcrash247

    To respond to not getting calls and be Lebron why is it he stares down at the other team or Mo williams can tuant after a dunk. Or even give what the NBA calls gang signs in the middle of the game. Lets not forget the fine that Peirce recieved for the blood sweat and tears sign that he got

  • Chris O

    Again its like I said the league ‘COWERS’ to LeBron. It’s ridiculous, it really is. Pierce is not a no show just because of LeBron but because of the refs. Pierce can’t play offense when LeBron is allowed to mug ppl. Its bad enough that LeBron is taller, faster, stronger, better. But its hard when LeBron hasn’t had more than 3 fouls called on him in a game since December. That guy can literally punch someone on the court or body slam Rondo and the refs will look the other way.

  • jack

    To be fair if we are calling for the refs heads that the cavs were whistled for 2 more fouls than our celtics in game 3…

  • No excuses here. If you want something bad enough, you’ll go and get it, whatever the costs. Home floor, chanting fans, playoff atmosphere, Celtic pride. Not sure what else they need to motivate them. Its all about the want, desire, and passion to win. Celtics didn’t give a **** about the game. Now they can sleep in the bed they made. Absolutely embarassing.

  • All you Celtic fan’s will have to live off the title that you won two years ago because it ain’t happening this year… This series is OVER! I repeat…. OVER! LeBron won’t let the Cavs lose.