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There are 8 teams left in the NBA playoffs. There are 15 players on the three All-NBA teams released today. Seven of the eight playoff teams placed at least one player somewhere on those three All-NBA teams. 

That means one lonely team remains in the playoffs despite not having one of the 15 best (sorted by position, naturally) players in the NBA.

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  • Matt

    Yes, but i would consider that this version of Rondo is a top15 player in the NBA.

  • DeVelaine

    Gee… Sounds like they’re calling the C’s “too old and too slow” to be any good. That’s okay… It’ll be more steam for the Green Machine.

  • JP

    which team? Suns?

  • PJ

    I love not having any of the 15 best players! (even if I’m not sure why)

  • JP

    my bad, read that totally wrong, i thought it was talking about all-defense teams

  • Dan

    Who voted for KG? Probably the same guy that put Captain Jack on an MVP ballot.

  • colincb

    Good. Makes it all the sweeter. IIRC Hollinger claims Bill Russell was only the 6th best center of all time too. Sportswriters don’t necessarily know WTF they are talking about.

  • Ray Leighton

    You know, I know that the fans love this bs, but let’s face it — all of these individual awards ignore the fact that the beauty of basketball is that it is the game that defines teamwork. All of last year, we had to listen to this ongoing argument about whether Kobe or Lebron was the MVP, with maybe an occasional bone thrown to Dwight Howard or Chris Paul. But no mention of any Celtics. And yet despite that, the Celtics had a 19-game winning streak, the best record in the league before KG started having injury problems, and we still finished with the 3rd best record in the league. And again this year, the same MVP talk with some of the names changed. And do we ever hear about a Celtic being considered for the MVP in the last couple of years? No — because who would you pick? You can’t — because it’s the whole team.

    I think that the fact that we have nobody on those lists really is an indication of how balanced a team the Celtics are. We have a truly team defense, we are unselfish, and we have a lot of weapons. And I would rather have that than Lebron.

    @colincb — I’m something of a Hollinger fan, but (a) he doesn’t have the data on Russell to make that call, and (b) it’s hard to argue against how good someone is when they have more rings than fingers. Russ was the man.

  • Alex

    in boston tonight everyone sitting behind the backboard needs to be givin a white towel in recognition of our boy,Danny Ainge, and during every foul shot cleveland takes they should toss the towels in the air

  • Cptn Bubbles

    @Ray Well said.

  • The C’s not being represented in the all-NBA teams just goes to show that for the Celtics, perhaps more than any other team, the whole is greater than just the sum of its parts.

  • What More Can I Say?

    @Ray Leighton & miss.j.moxie

    GREAT point. The C’s balance and unselfishness is so beautiful to watch….but the media loves the individuality of the sport and it is constantly highlighted. This is a real tribute to Michael Jordan. He brought the league SO much money, I really can’t fault the league in trying to replicate the same success through Lebron or Kobe.

    But the C’s will get the accolades and their teamwork will start getting publicity as soon as they handle the Cavs and meet up with Orlando next round. That’s why I love Doc Rivers too…the guy knows exactly what he is working with.

  • @all: Just for the record, I don’t think anyone on the C’s deserved a spot on those three teams. Rajon is close, but he’s not a top-3 PG yet.

    I just thought it was worth noting that the C’s are the only post-season team without anyone on those three All-NBA teams. It’s worth nothing that 23 percent of the league’s teams have 9 of the 15 All-NBA players.

  • Joel W


    I was just saying to my roommate how it’s weird that they don’t have reserved Point Guard/Shooting Guard spots. Wade and Kobe on the first team, Nash and Deron on the second team, and then Roy and Joe Johnson on the third team.

    While Rondo isn’t a top-3 PG right now, with Paul hurt for so much of the season, I think he’s 3rd team all-NBA if they reserve a PG spot.

  • Eric

    Rondo was most certainly a top-three point guard this year. Williams was better and so was Nash, but Paul was too often injured. Who else was better than Rondo this year? Rose, maybe, but he was very bad the first half of the season.

    Problem is, the three all-NBA teams only had one PG. Which doesn’t really make sense.

  • Bill Russell’s rings > Bill Russell’s fingers
    Thats just nasty.BTW, I’m a huge bball fan, and I play all the time, so I completely agree with Ray. Theres nothing sweeter than great teamwork, chemistry, and hardwork! Thats what the games about.