Post-game Reactions

Bad news first: Kendrick Perkins and KG missed today’s practice with injuries, according to the team’s Twitter account. Both are expected to play Friday. Perk: Hyper-extended knee. KG: Mid-foot sprain strain.

More details as they come in.

Here’s a not-good sounding update from Paul Flannery at WEEI:

Of the two, Garnett’s is apparently more worrisome. He suffered what the team called a right mid-foot strain late in the fourth quarter of Game 2. He arrived for practice but was told to shut it down by Doc Rivers.

“Honestly today if we had a game I don’t think he could have played,” Rivers said. “We just have to wait. I doubt if he’ll practice tomorrow. We’ll see. Perk we think will be all right. I don’t know if he can practice tomorrow either.”

Recall that Paul Pierce missed a handful of games this season with a mid-foot strain.

Good news: Rajon Rondo was named to the NBA’s All-Defensive first team.

Only Dwight  Howard received more first-place votes than Rondo, who received 23 of a maximum possible 29 first place. (The 30 coaches vote for the first- and second teams, and coaches cannot vote for their own players).

First team: Howard, Rondo, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Gerald Wallace

Second team: Tim Duncan, Dwyane Wade, Thabo Sefolosha, Josh Smith, Anderson Varejao.

Kendrick Perkins and Kevin Garnett each received one first-team vote.

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  • MP

    We can’t win this series without KG playing at least to the level of Games 1 and 2. Or without Perkins playing his usual brand of help defense. Not looking good.

  • I love Green

    Ruh Roh…

  • Berkcelt

    Well that just took my day down a notch.

  • JP

    What a huge deflation to my otherwise happy day. I hope the layoff till Friday helps both of these guys out. We dont have anywhere near enough depth in the front court to have our 2 starters be injured. This is bad news.

  • Ruh Roh is right. Only bright spot: It’s not KG’s knee.

  • DRJ1

    Maybe it’s a decoy, to give CLE something to hope for…….. [crossing fingers/hoping against hope/etc.]

  • Jeff

    sTrain or sPrain?
    The first could be OK by Friday, the second? Ruh Roh is right!

  • Jay P

    I think this is being blown out of proportion. I really don’t see it affecting KG that greatly.

    Even Paul mentioned when he went through the same injury, he wanted to play through it and Doc said no. Regular season obviously Doc is erring on the side of caution, getting people healthy for the postseason.

    KG obviously wanted to practice, Doc is being careful. And we don’t need KG to dominate a game like he’s done in the past, I don’t think this slows him down enough to be this huge deal people are making it out to be.

  • Curlandwe

    Don’t worry Celtic brothas. This is kind of genius. Now there are whispers of a Celtics injury story too, and I expect the C’s to rise to the challenge – like they’ve always done – and take care of business. This is a great equalizer in the series, and it will reveal a lot. I expect the Celtics to respond like warriors. Not like a melodramatic, psychosomatic queen.

  • RBD

    What is a mid-foot sprain?

  • I love Green

    Perk will be fine, and if its just a strain, then KG will be fine.

  • Banner 18?

    Has anyone thought of the potential upside here? Suppose KG can only play limited to no minutes in game 3. That means Sheed, Baby and Shelden will get whatever’s left. If you start Sheed and he plays like he did last game (I know its stretch to ask for 2 good games in a row) then you have KG plus the treyball and a slick baseline fade minus the 10 boards a game. Sheed can, when motivated like the last game, exploit Jamison the exact same way KG did for the past 2 games. Then, instead of Sheed and Baby you have Baby and Shelden. We were all clamoring for some Shelden-time (Shelden-time (noun); An appearance from the rarely seen Shelden Williams, yes Duke fans, the same one) when Sheed’s per was hovering near 4, and I think he would match up well against a back-spasm plagued Varejo (if you take away his energy he is SO average), Hickson (Shelden is quicker than Sheed, allowing for better containment on the pick and roll and even one on one isolation) and possibly Z. All of that, plus KG would be rested for a pivotal game 4…

  • Rav

    Just so we can even up with the Cavs 😉 so LBJ has no excuses

  • Ross in Maine

    Injuries: folks have seemingly forgotten about our secret weapon: Paul Pierce. Its PP time, I predict that Paul will step it up and have a big game 3. Don’t look for Sheed to pull it off again, because that would be a miracle. Baby is good, we’ll get some reasonable production from him. Notice above how I call Paul ‘secret’ … how many times have you been watching the C’s and at half time, or start of the 4th the announcers will show the box score and Paul will have 18 points, and you say “what? how did that happen? I don’t’ even remember Paul being on the court much. He’s there, being a good leader and taking care of all the little things. Paul has big games when we need him to have big games. Friday may be one of those times.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    I heard that Rajon received the 2nd most votes, 2nd only to Dwight (who does deserve the most votes). I heard that some coaches did not vote for LeBron on 1st team, which seems kinda amazing. I did think Wade should have beat out Kobe (Kobe has been less than stellar due to a lot of injuries). Anyways, Congratulations Rondo!!!