Post-game Reactions

Via ESPN.com:

The Cavaliers say James was re-examined Wednesday night by team doctors, who took more X-rays and an MRI. The tests revealed the strain and a bruised bone near the elbow.

James will have daily treatments and another MRI next week. The NBA’s MVP has been wearing a padded sleeve over his elbow, which has been bothering him for weeks. He said his elbow occasionally goes numb.

I still say this is a non-story until proven otherwise, though I concede LBJ shooting a semi-important (but not actually that important) foul shot left-handed may constitute proof in some courts of law. The elbow has been bothering him for “weeks,” and he’s been regularly dropping 35-8-8 sort of lines in the post-season.

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  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    dear lebron, save the drama for your mama.

  • DeVelaine

    Is there anywhere on the internet we can get the data on how well he shoots with his left compared to his right hand? I know someone’s compiled that sort of information. I wonder if there’s something in there we can get some hope for on shutting him down.

  • zeus

    Will he be more tempted to penetrate and drive less; less contact ; if the reports of a bruise and a strain is actually true.

  • zeus

    If i am a magics fan, i wd be salivating ; Hawks are still stuck in round one, Celtics and Cavs series should be tough esp on some of the older guys and perhaps Lebron ; and Magic would be all ready and rested.. I dont like Lakers to win ; if not for Celtics, I would pick magic to win

  • Perry

    Until further notice Magic are the best team in basketball. As for LBJ’s elbow…poor, poor baby.

  • Lebron is such a attention-starved drama queen. Pleeeease. I agree that the Magic are salivating. Whichever team survives this series has to play a pissed off from last year, well rested Magic team.

  • Jack Sprat

    I gotta agree more with Melas on the Jones that LeBron’s lefty shot wasn’t out of necessity so much as an attempt to have his “Jordan with his eyes closed” free-throw moment.

  • Jack Sprat

    *probably wasn’t

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