Post-game Reactions

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  • PierceTurth

    haha pictures speak a thousand words huh?
    lebron playing power forward with that lineup next year is probably not possible- right?

  • rob

    let’s make a statement

  • Dan

    Nah, LeBron at the 5 makes our front court too small. I’d take Perk any day.

  • Perry

    Great job by Doc switching Pierce to Wade. It saved Ray from fouling out, and his clutch 3 from never happening.

  • Chris O.

    Yea that Pierce on Wade move was great. Pierce is such an underrated D player. He’s done wonders in the playoffs against LeBron and Kobe at times as well.

  • Idaho

    Hey guys…bummed I am in the middle of nowhere and can’t keep up. Caught Pierce’s game winner and this game tonight. What a breathe of fresh air from this team and a treat.

    I thought rondo dominated the first half but got cute, was not the head of the snake in the 3rd, and almost cost them the game if it wasn’t for Davis charges, key and one and of course Pierce and ray’s shooting. Boston’s success will hinge on his (rondo) ability to control the game like he did in the first half but then realize when to set up the half court game and play SMART!!!

    I love rarely seeing guys other than our core on the floor (Big 4, perk, Baby, occasionally TA’s defense). They have really turned a corner.

  • Idaho

    Go Boston!

  • I love Green

    Woo! Yeahhh baby bring on the Lebronaliers! Lock down everyone and let Lebron drop 40 a game. Kind of what the Magic did last year to beat them

  • Chris O.

    Is Lebron injured?!?!? He hurt his elbow it seemed during the game.

  • matthew

    nah. james is a bigger actress than pierce. ;o)

  • Rav

    Nice pic.

    I’ve always thought of Lebron as buff, but look at how wide he is – even more than Pierce, who has a generally stocky build.

  • Rav

    @ matthew.

    LOL Nice.