Post-game Reactions

So good that when I read this tidbit in the Globe today

Allen put up 150 free throws when he got to the practice facility yesterday. He made 145.

…my first reaction was, “Only 145?”

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  • dslack

    Didn’t Dirk just make 88 straight?

  • Jay P

    I wonder if he missed those 5 in a row…

  • Pee J


  • Sami

    Iknow that was my reaction too, then again my reaction when he missed those three in a row on Sunday was What the hell? Is the world coming to an end?

  • JP

    maybe now that he missed 3 in a row he won’t miss another all postseason

  • Jason

    “the film study took three times as long as it usually does”


    Game 4 showed it takes a perfect storm of things for Miami to win, so I doubt there’s much to worry about in Game 5. However, noting the bunch of TOs, the stagnation with the zone D, the Wade explosion, the Wade on Rondo roaming and the support players having decent contributions, I’m very glad the film session was longer.

    For all of Doc’s faults, this team does come up with creative plays and good adjustments (well, not last year’s Magic series, but don’t get me started) to opponent tactics on both ends of the floor. Basically, if Spoelstra’s already pulled out all his tricks, then the C’s have now seen it all, prepared for it all and will have answers for it all. Unless everyone goes cold (which has happened), I don’t see the Heat having a shot of winning this game.

  • @Jason: Agreed on Doc/C’s creativity. Under-rated. Players must execute it, though.

  • Greg

    “Man, we’re talking about practice! Practice! Not a game, practice!”