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After stepping up in the waning seconds of Game Three to put the Heat away, the Celtics were nowhere to be found when crunch time in Game Four rolled around.  The Celtics were so cold from the field in the fourth quarter, they did not score a single point in the last 2:35 of the game.  Every must-have basket the Celtics attempted could not find the bottom of the net including a wide-open layup by Rondo, a wide-open three by Paul Pierce, and three free throws by Ray Allen.

Despite playing extremely poorly on the offensive end, the Celtics still had enough fire power to overcome a plethora of early turnovers to make this game competitive.  The Heat were able to ride some hot shooting from Quentin Richardson early on en route to a 13 point lead by the end of the first quarter.  The Celtics countered in the second by running their offense to a T and locking down their defense en route to cutting the deficit to 6 at half time.

By the time the Third Quarter rolled around, the Heat had given up a commanding lead and started feeling a sense of urgency that accompanies a team on the edge of an unwanted offseason.  Wade locked in and started reeling off a barrage of three pointers that neither Allen could do much about.

Wade’s spectacular play and some timely hot shooting from his supporting cast were just enough to put the Celtics away in the fourth.  The Heat will have to try to come back from a 3-0 series deficit if they want to advance to the second round, but something tells me Boston will not allow that to happen- especially on their home floor.

Just a few bullets to finish us off:

  • Other than Wade’s stat line, the Miami box score is a bit unspectacular.  Richardson has been inconsistent all season and Miami continues to have trouble finding contributors in the post season.  All signs still point to an early exit for the Heat.
  • Kevin Garnett had an Allstar power forward game, scoring 18 points and pulling down 12 boards.  KG also had his outside shot going which bodes well for the rest of this series and beyond.
  • Nate Robinson made his first appearance in the post season and got a rebound. Good for him, bad for the C’s.
  • This game was sloppy over all by both teams combining to commit 30 turnovers.  When any team commits that many turnovers, it only looks like no one wants to win- which is extremely frustrating to watch.
  • The Celtics did a great job of keeping Dwyane Wade from getting to the basket, which is weird to say about a guy who put up 46 points.  He just decided to get insanely hot from the outside, going 5-7 from distance.
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  • I love Green

    If we don’t win game 5, I’ll be very very nervous.

  • The C’s will win Game 5. by double digits.

  • Jason

    Awful first 15 minutes. Awful 4th. Great 4th by them. Heat barely wins. Besides the 9 first Q TOs, this game didn’t piss me off. Sucks to lose, but Cs will be fine.

  • rob

    So dwayne goes off, we’ll take game 5 in boston and then it’s off to cleveland for us and off to millions and millions of dollars for wade, let’s hope he ends up in the west this time.

  • John

    Dwyane Wade can go supernova with the best of them, but he’s not that good an outside shooter. Despite the final score, it was mainly luck that led to the Heat win– some questionable threes from Wade that just happened to hit, missed free throws from Ray/KG, and a missed layup by Rajon down the stretch. Aside from a few possessions in the latter half of the fourth quarter when ball movement kind of broke down, was hard to complain too much about the Celtics’ play from the 2nd quarter onward.

    Was particularly impressed (dead serious here) with some of the double-teams on Wade down the stretch that deterred him from going to the basket– the quick rotations on the back end forced contested jumpers, awkward runners, or pass-outs/resets from the likes of Haslem and Wright.

  • DRJ1

    And getting one loss like this, when it’s virtually painless, is arguably a good thing for the Cs. It’ll offset their exasperating tendency to forget that every NBA team is dangerous and that you have to bring your A-game to every possession, in every quarter, to win a championship. No one ever wins 16 in a row, and this was one they could afford to give away… if only to remind themselves of that lesson.

  • @I love Green: Me too.

    @Zach: Bold prediction! No cautious optimism here!

  • I love Green

    We did win 19 in a row though

  • Jrmz

    Obviously the Cs were cold shooting. Hard to gain any rhythm when both Pierce and Ray were foul trouble plagued the whole game. And thats the disadvantage of not having a 6th man scorer today..noone on the bench stepped up to help relieve the scoring drought.

  • Sophomore

    This was the first game in the series where I thought the Cs looked ragged for a good part of the time on offense. Hope they get back to the form they showed the first three games.

    And that the entire Heat team doesn’t go berserk from 3-point-land again…

  • RBD

    This game is a good example of why we shouldn’t get too excited by our play until we beat Cleveland a few times. The Celtics team that showed up today bore an eerie resemblance to the one that staggered through much of the season. Anything less than an easy win Tuesday worries me.

  • Perry

    As remarkable as Wade played this game was there for the taking. At 96-92 they had two chances to tie or take the lead. When was the last time we saw Ray miss three consecutive free throws? To make matters worse Rondo missing a lay up after a Heat miss. Wow!

    Wade wouldn’t give into defeat, but I though the Celtic defenders were mesmerized by his three point barrage starting the fourth quarter. It seemed like TA was giving him just enough space, and that’s why he was pulled so fast. At that point they were so conscious and simply overplayed him. All the blitzing lead to some open looks, and when his teammates weren’t capitalizing they were getting the second chance shots. Celtics exerted a lot of energy in that 4th quarter, and maybe that’s why they were leaving some of their shots short.

    I would assume if both series end Tuesday each team will have 3 full days rest. Game one could start in Cleveland Saturday night or Sunday afternoon.

  • carlos rizik

    Let’s put this weird loss behind and win the next one by 20.

  • rav

    @ John:

    We should have let him go to the basket. He could only score 2s from there, not threes 😉

    But Ray missing three FTs in a row! Has he ever done that in his career?

  • Ray Leighton

    Yeah, we can hardly feel too badly when DWade has that kind of shooting from outside — neither Ray nor TA nor anyone else is going to stop him if his outside shot is going, and if you stick too close to him, then it is easier for him to blow past and break down the defense. And despite that, we still had our chances — although watching Ray miss three FTs in a row was really bizarre. I don’t expect that the combination of all of the Cs being that cold in the 4th — including at the free-throw line, and DWade being that hot from outside is going to happen in Game 5.

  • Princess Pierce

    Don’t you just love seeing KG getting dunked on.. Its absolutely sweet..

  • mitch

    wow, some tool made the screen name “princess pierce”…i bet you don’t even have a job you bum

  • zeus

    not really worried..agree with Ray ; think Cs played well other than for the first. First Quentin and then DWade got hot but we were still within range if not for for weird finishing ; think KG and Rondo made up for the loss of Ray, Pierce with foul trouble in the second qtr ; Cs actually cut their deficit significantly during that span