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Numbers from a Blowout

• The C’s pulled down 50 rebounds last night. That’s a season high.

• The C’s out-rebounded Miami by +17, the team’s highest rebound margin of the season. (Their previous high was +11, which they pulled off twice, according to Basketball Reference game logs).

• Kendrick Perkins made a 19-foot jumper and an 11-foot jumper last night, according to ESPN.com’s shot charts. Perk only made 16 shots from outside of 10 feet all season before Game 2, according to Hoopdata.

• Perk was +41 for the game, which must be a Celtics season high, though I don’t know a good way to search this without going through every box score. Rasheed Wallace was a team-worst -12.

  • Johnny

    Rebounding was huge last night. I thought the guards did a nice job of preventing the Heat backcourt from sneaking in to get offensive boards last night, reducing Miami second-chance opportunities.

  • Jay P

    So much for Wallace being able to turn it on in the playoffs. My hate for him has reached new levels. Cut that check, right Sheed? Asshole.

    Thank god for Glen Davis, he was a man possessed last night. He was every bit the player we’ve been waiting all season to see.

  • http://loscy.com LOSCY

    I mean let’s be honest, the +/- statistics were just hysterically ridiculous last night. So awesome to see.

  • http://loscy.com LOSCY

    Can we just also mentioned that Sheed was the only Celtic with some “meaningful” and significant minutes (take both of those with a grain of salt please) that was in the far negative for the +/- stat. Ugh…

  • Jay P

    It is so unbelievably unfuriating to watch Sheed turn around on Beasley and shoot over him with such ease.

    I watched a couple possessions where he get in the post, and just effortlessly turned on Beasley and knocked down a 10 ft jump shot right in his face. I remember thinking, well that looked easy, he should be able to score there all day.

    What’s worse is we’re stuck with it for another 2 years. Danny, you’ve done great things for Boston in the past 3 years, and I think you’re a great GM, but my god did you screw the pooch on that deal.

  • Jason

    Just to play devil’s advocate here, wasn’t most of Sheed’s minutes during that small window where Wade hit four or five threes?

  • Nowayout

    The question to whisper is: does the rebounding have anything to do with KG’s absence?

  • Perry

    @Jay P

    Let’s face it, where Sheed is concerned there’s enough blame to go around. I mean it wasn’t just Danny knocking at his door last summer. I think most of us were doing a snoopy dance at the initial press conference. Sheed, Kevin, Ray and Paul…hey that was a table of power brokers.

    In fairness to his negative differential, it came in the first quarter where Miami made their only run. Then again in the 4th where the game was out of hand. As advertised Davis was real tight on his rotations, but never did I expect him to ring up those kind of offensive numbers.

    I’m convinced now that Zach is clairvoyant.

    I wonder if Doc gives Baby first nod off the bench in game 3? Probably so, but I know Sheed is going to be needed. If Grant Hill at 37 can play an extraordinary game as he did last night there’s no reason to think Sheed can’t either.

    I’m proceeding with caution. I expect home cooking will improve Mrs. Beasley and O’Neal’s collective 13-46 FGM numbers. So there will be a Need for Sheed. At some point on Friday Miami will land a punch to the Celts’ solar plexus, but I don’t see them going wobbly for long.

    Here’s where we are.

    Kevin’s suspension can now be filed under ‘inconsequential’ unless your name is Kelly Dwyer. My guess is Riley huddles his coach and troops around a campfire and tells them the story of the Memorial Day Massacre. Going into this series the Celts had the mental edge. After last night the Heat should be reaching out to Dr. Melfi.

  • http://celticshub.com Stephen

    @Perry—big difference between Grant Hill at 37 and Sheed. Desire; Grant still has some and Sheed has none.Until Sheed shows he still has some I think there is every reason to believe that an extraordinary game from him is totally unlikely.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    @JayP, @Jason : agree on sheed. i was (mistakenly) optimistic about him hitting the switch. no dice. worst player on the floor for either team in both games. but last night he looked actually ’embarassed’ at times, rather than his usual defiant posture……my impression is that for the first time since he got here, he actually realized he is the dragging anchor on a boat that has started cruising.

    last night was satisfying, very satisfying. a huge, and much needed boost in the confidence department. bring on queen bron.

  • slam

    Perk hit a couple of jumpers, but I didnt feel either of them were from 19 feet away!

  • http://www.celticshub.com Zach Lowe

    I am clairvoyant. Do not doubt me again!

  • Perry


    You know how hard it is to defend Sheed? And I’m not even billing him for my retainer fee.

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  • Ray Leighton

    Sorry Zach, but we have to continue to doubt your clairvoyance given your playoff predictions.

    @Nowayout — KG was our leading rebounder since the All-Star Break. And also was the team leader in defensive rebounding % for the entire season. KG has never been a particularly strong offensive rebounder, even when he was MVP or when we won the championship. Last night’s rebounding was terrific but it had more to do with Perk and Glenn playing exceptionally well (and rebounding their own misses), the guards helping to protect their own rim (for a change), and the defense causing the Heat to miss shot after shot after shot.

    I think that the really critical number, not just for rebounding but for the whole game was simply that the defense held the Heat to just 8 points during a 16 minute stretch. That’s incredibly good defense.

  • DRJ1

    The fact that Doc started Baby and not Sheed is significant. Does it mean that Doc and Danny have given up on Sheed? Hope not. Though I believe they have given up on him after this season, the team still needs him now. If they try to win it all without Sheed… it’s not clear they can succeed. On the other hand… it’s not clear they won’t.

    All we can say for sure is that so far, Sheed hasn’t thrown any switches. And when we come against the bigs of CLE and even LAL (if things get that far), an absent Sheed will hurt.

  • Perry


    In that second quarter Miami clunked 13 shots at the rim, and not one offensive board. No rebounds, no rings.


    Can I add you to my witness protection program since you and I are the only ones who are testifying on Sheed’s behalf?

  • donboc

    Jason, you’re right about Sheed. I actually didn’t think he played all that poorly. He looked good in the post. He’s just not fast enough on defense and not a good enough rebounder. But it looked to me like he was trying out there.

  • JP

    I hate Rasheed for that +/-, I mean the team wins by 29 and he’s a -12. C’mon

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